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DS Photo Gallery: TSOL, Left Alone, The Croissants at Thee Parkside SF (1.16.16)

The past couple of weeks has been quite busy on the concert front, as bands are coming off the holidays rested and ready to hit the road. While I was unable to attend the first string of shows featuring Rancid, I made it up two weeks later with a little TSOL action. The band was headlining at the favorite local punk dive bar, Thee Parkside, and had Left Alone and The Croissants as crowd warm-up duty.

The Croissants is garage punk at its finest. The Sacramento-based trio plays a distorted, simple, melodic style of punk mixed with 90’s garage/indie, with a classic NorCal sound. The band is riding the heels of their latest 7-inch “We’re In The Basement”, and was a great warm-up to what was to come. Tracks like “Things Have Changed” and “Don’t Wanna Live” definitely got feet moving and hearts beating, ready for Left Alone.

I always enjoy seeing Left Alone because they mix several styles into one set. Punk, ska, a little blues and folk – the band spreads its love all over so everyone in attendance is sure to hear something they like. I became a fan of the band a whole decade ago with their release of “Dead American Radio”, and the band has solidified songs from that album as part of their most popular repertoire. Some of my favorites include “Done Wrong”, “City to City”, and of course (my favorite shirt as well) “I Hate Emo”. The band also sampled heavily off their latest album, “Harbor Area”, which came out last year through Hellcat and the band’s own Smelvis Records.

The air was ripe with sweat and beer, the room a cozy 95 degrees, and the crowd well lubricated as the SoCal legends TSOL took the stage. Quite the small stage for Jack & co. but they made do, at points sharing the space with exuberant fans. A TSOL set has become a little predictable (as the band hasn’t released much of any new material as of late), and you can bet you’ll hear a little “Love Story”, “Wasted”, “Property Is Theft”, and if you’re lucky, the fan favorite “Code Blue”. It’s incredible and a little hilarious that one of the band’s most popular song deals with the taboo subject of necrophilia – but hey, the crowd eats it up (and so do I (who can forget Punk-O-Rama II).

A great night was had – and you can view all the photos from the night’s sets below.

As always, big thanks to all the guys at Thee Parkside for a good time.

Rancid to play two shows in Southern California in April

Bay Area punk legends Rancid have announced they are going to play two shows in Southern California in April with Left Alone, and one of them will also feature support from Lower Class Brats. The dates and locations are below.

Rancid have reportedly been back in the studio working on a new album, which will be their first since 2014’s Honor Is All We Know. We’ll keep you posted as more details on new music from Rancid come to light.

Video: Left Alone’s “Black Derby Jacket” off Rancid tribute album

California ska-punks Left Alone have premiered a music video for their cover of Rancid‘s “Black Derby Jacket” and you can check it out below.

The cover is off of Smelvis Records‘ Rancid tribute album titled Hooligans United, which was released last week. Left Alone’s last album was 2014’s Harbor Area via Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records.

“Black Derby Jacket” originally appeared on Rancid’s 2000 self-titled album.

Voodoo Glow Skulls, Left Alone, The Phenomenauts & more to play release shows for Rancid tribute album “Hooligans United”

Smelvis Records have announced not one, but two release shows for their upcoming Rancid tribute album Hooligans United. Night 1 will take place on Friday, April 10th at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA. Bands playing include Voodoo Glow Skulls, Left Alone, The Phenomenauts, and a few others. Head over here for more info and tickets.

Night 2 will take place on April 11th at Dipiazzas in Long Beach, CA, and will see The Phenomenauts making another appearance alongside Oceanside Sound System, Motel Drive, and The Triggers, among others. More details and tickets can be found here.

Hooligans United is set to be released on April 14th. Pre-orders for the vinyl, CD, and digital releases are available on Smelvis Records’ webstore.

Music Video: Left Alone – “Leather Bound Book”

California ska-punks Left Alone have just revealed their music video for their new track “Leather Bound Book”, and you can check it out below.

The song was taken off the band’s new album Harbor Area, which was released in September via Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records. Head over here to stream the record, wish serves as a follow-up to their 2013 EP Hate The Day.

Punk Rock Foodie Fest (Costa Mesa, CA) will feature 11 bands and punk rock chefs

If you like punk and food (and live in Southern California), this is the event for you! On December 12th, 2014, the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, CA will be hosting the Punk Rock Foodie Fest.

For the punk portion, 11 different bands will be performing including Left Alone, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, DC Fallout, Joey Briggs, Eken is Dead, and more. Check out the full lineup on the poster above.

For the foodie portion, during the earlier acoustic part of the evening, Punk Rock chefs will be preparing food for the guests. Get there early!

Check out the promotional video for the fest below.

Video: Left Alone live at Upstart Fest’s stop in Portland, Maine

A few videos from California ska-punk act Left Alone‘s set at the Portland, Maine stop on the 2014 Upstart Fest tour have made their way online, and you can check ’em out below.

The band’s new album Harbor Area was released on September 23rd through Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records. Head over here to stream the record, wish serves as a follow-up to their 2013 EP Hate The Day.

Left Alone stream new album “Harbor Area” in its entirety

California ska-punks Left Alone are streaming their new album Harbor Area in its entirety on Spotify. Give it a listen below, and head over here to pick up a copy of the record.

Harbor Area was released on September 23rd through Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records. The album serves as a follow-up to the band’s 2013 EP Hate The Day.

Left Alone release another teaser video for upcoming album “Harbor Area”

California ska-punks Left Alone have released another teaser video for their upcoming album Harbor Area, and you can check it out below.

Harbor Area is set to be released on September 23rd through Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records. It will serve as a follow-up to the band’s 2013 EP Hate The Day.

Left Alone announce new album “Harbor Area,” release teaser video

California ska-punk veterans Left Alone have announced their new album Harbor Area will be released on September 23rd through Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records.

You can check out a teaser video featuring a clip of new song below, and get your pre-orders in over here.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on Harbor Area come to light. Left Alone last released an EP titled Hate The Day in early 2013, and they will be appearing on the upcoming Rancid tribute album Hooligans United.

4 more bands added to the Upstart Fest lineup

More bands have been added to the lineup of the 4th Annual Upstart Fest, also known as “The Northeast’s Biggest Punk Rock Party.” Joining the already-impressive lineup are California ska-punks Left Alone, Jersey’s female-fronted hardcore act Ides, Vermont’s As We Were, and Albany’s New Red Scare.

Check out all the Upstart Fest tour dates and locations here.

DS Photo Gallery: The Toasters, Voodoo Glow Skulls & more in St. Pete, FL (10/11/13)

I’m not too good when it comes to this whole reviewing shows thing but I do have one thing to say about this one in particular… It was fucking great! Okay, I guess I have more to say than that…

Surprise opener Jay Tea (formerly of The Arrogant Sons of Bitches) kicked things off in all the right ways with his quick wit, hilarious songs playfully poking fun at Rancid, along with many other bands I can’t recall, and a request-fueled set list (yes, someone shouted “Freebird” and yes, Jay played it).

Local ska powerhouse UNRB played an unsurprisingly phenomenal set and got the whole crowd moving, and Wilmington, California’s Left Alone kept everyone dancing with their blazing fast ska-tinged street punk anthems.

Though I thought it was impossible for the show to get any more energized, longtime SoCal skankers Voodoo Glow Skulls proved me wrong, blasting through their 1995 classic “Firme” and quickly transforming The Local 662 into a raging cyclone of drunken madness.

Last but certainly not least, legendary New York ska veterans The Toasters brought the show to a close with a lengthy set of two tone favorites, including “Weekend In LA,” “Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down,” “Two Tone Army,” and many others; all of which kept the crowd dancing and singing along.

Oh, I took pictures too! You can check ’em out below. If you wanna see if this awesome tour is coming to a venue near you, simply click here and all of the information you could possibly need will be displayed on your computer screen.

Hellcat Records announces “Dale La Bota” (Give ‘Em The Boot) Tour part 2 feat. The Toasters, Voodoo Glow Skulls & Left Alone

Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records have announced the dates for the second “Dale La Bota” (Give ‘Em The Boot) Tour, which will feature New York ska legends The Toasters, as well as California ska-punk bands Voodoo Glow Skulls and Left Alone.

You can check out a full list of dates and locations on the tour, which will be taking place throughout most of October, right here.

The Toasters released their ninth studio album “One More Bullet” in 2007 on Stomp Records, Voodoo Glow Skulls’ latest release was “Break The Spell,” which came out in 2012 via Smelvis, and Left Alone’s new EP “Hate The Day” was released on March 19th through Smelvis/Hellcat.

Album Review: Left Alone – “Hate The Day” EP

Despite kicking around Cali since 1996 and self releasing a handful of records, Left Alone sprang into the wider punk consciousness in 2005, when their debut Hellcat Records release ‘Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts’ announced the arrival of what at first sounded like another in a long line of Rancid copies, something Hellcat is no stranger to. And while they weren’t as shameless in their attempt to emulate Armstrong & Co. as say, Time Again, the blueprint was there down to the finest detail. The record was a good one though and with every subsequent release, Left Alone sounded less and less like their famous forefathers, tweaking their unique brand of ska/reggae/punk/country tunes to ever more entertaining results. Plus, singer/guitarist Elvis Cortez started sounding less like he was trying to sound like Tim Armstrong trying to sound like Joe Strummer and began to come into his own on the mic. These elements came together most impressively on Left Alone’s 2009 self titled record, perfecting the sunny, ska-pop rhythms set against lyrics of desperation, depression and heartache, a dichotomy that has always been at the core of the band.

This cocktail is present in their new EP ‘Hate The Day’ which is less a progression of their sound than an extension or continuation of it.

The song ‘Hate The Day’ is a catchy, feel good sounding ska bopper with angry, feel bad lyrics. It has hip swinging bass lines, fast, upstroke guitars and some silky smooth organ. It’s the perfect summer song, if you ignore the message and ride the melody. The sentiments of the song are so simple, they’re almost silly; Elvis hates the day he met his ex, loves the day she left and doesn’t miss her. That’s it.

‘Stuck In A Haze’ is a straightforward punk rocker. I’m not exactly sure what it’s about, cruising around bored with nothing to do I guess. There are a handful of these puppies on every Left Alone record and they do them almost as well as they do the ska songs. Make no mistake though, Left Alone is a ska band first and foremost and it doesn’t take them long to get back in the skank of things with ‘Jen.’

‘Jen’ is almost certainly about the same person that ‘Hate The Day’ is about. A girl Elvis met ‘on the Horrorpops tour in 2005’ a tour which I was at. In some ways it’s one of the most optimistic and positive songs in Left Alone’s repertoire. Sort of. On the one hand, Elvis has resigned himself to the fact that nobody loves him, or ever will. On the other, he’s made peace with that, realizing that the only person he needs to love him is himself. It has a similar sound and feel as ‘Hate The Day,’ catchy ska punk that will stick to the insides of your head like peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth.

‘Wall Street’ on the other hand, is a rare foray for the band into politics, an indictment against the crumbling fat cat mentality and lifestyle of New York’s infamous financial epicenter and a call-out against police brutality. The song is noticeably harder than the rest of their stuff, a hardcore punk song that sticks out like a sore thumb in relation to the poppy ska and skate punk of the rest of the band’s catalogue, particularly from the ‘Lonely Starts’ record onward. It’s not a bad song at all, but not something that established fans will readily cling to.

Left Alone haven’t really gone anywhere since their eponymous 2009 high point, keeping themselves busy with compilation tracks and split 7” releases. But as their first official release on Hellcat in three years, one can only hope a full length isn’t far behind. The band do absolutely nothing new here, with the exception of the harder, more political ‘Wall Street’ and fans should relish the familiar ska and punk rhythms and broken hearted lyrical content the band is known for.

As fans of Pennywise will go to their grave telling you, sometimes not changing one iota is the best course of action a band can take.

4/5 Stars

Hellcat Records announce “Dale La Bota” (Give ‘Em The Boot) Tour feat. Voodoo Glow Skulls, Left Alone

Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records have announced their “Dale La Bota” (Give ‘Em The Boot) Tour, which will feature punk-ska bands Voodoo Glow Skulls and Left Alone, both of which appeared on the popular Hellcat compilations of the same name. The tour will feature local bands as well.

Click here to see a list of dates and locations.