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Album Review: Mixtapes – ‘These Are Us’

During their four years as a band, Mixtapes released a lot of music. I mean, a lot. If my count is correct (and I do this every time I review a Mixtapes album), during their short time together, the band recorded two LPs, two mini-LPs, four EPs, three split EPs, two singles, and contributed exclusive tracks to at least five compilations. With so many songs out there, it might be hard for anyone who wasn’t following the band at the beginning to keep track of everything. That’s where their new compilation, These Are Us, comes in.

These Are Us gathers almost all of Mixtapes’ b-sides, covers, and splits, and packs them into a convenient, nearly hour-long package. To its credit, rather than simply throwing the songs in chronological order, the album attempts to create some kind of cohesion and for the most part it works. The band’s songwriting stayed relatively consistent over their career, which helps this compilation to largely avoid sounding like it was hastily thrown together. Thematically speaking, “A Million Bad Bands” and “Grenadine” (two unreleased songs, as far as my understanding goes) go hand-in-hand with songs like “I Was a Teenage Poltergeist” and “Coffee Party” (both from separate recording sessions themselves).

Unfortunately, These Are Us has its faults. There are some dips in audio quality during “It Can’t Get You Everything” (from their split with Jabber) and “Doin’ Laundry” (a live cover of the Nerf Herder song), that will even distract a non-audiophile, and there’s an advertisement for 2012’s The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore at the end of “Right Where to Find Me”, which is just as jarring (you’d think it would have been easy enough to get the song without the ad). The collection’s final two songs, “Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka” and “Silence, The Last Stand” are more novelty than anything else; just stuff recorded for the fun of it during the Even on the Worst Nights sessions. The former is pretty dumb, but too short to be offensive, while the latter is a completely improvised tune that gets more absurd as it goes on, but at 15 minutes long there isn’t much replay value after the first listen.

Curiously, These Are Us is missing both the joke single “To My Friends (I Stand By You)” and the band’s cover of Descendents’ “We” (released in 2014 on Animal Style Records’ Wedding split 7-inch). Presumably these omissions are due to licensing issues / trying to bury the songs, but it’s still a shame that they’re missing because: 1. This collection is so close to being 100% complete, and 2. They’re both great songs.

Missing tunes and varying audio quality aside, These Are Us is still pretty damn comprehensive. Die-hard fans probably have most of these songs already (a lot of them were given away for free when originally released), but in the event that any of these songs slipped through the cracks, now everyone can catch up while we wait for Mixtapes to come back.

4 / 5 – Download the album for free here.

RIYL: Broadway Calls, House Boat, Fireworks

Free Download: Mixtapes rarities album “These Are Us”

Paper+Plastick Records are offering a free download of “These Are Us”, a collection of unreleased songs, B sides, covers and everything else from Ohio pop-punk act Mixtapes.

Here’s what the band had to say about the release:

“…..I was at Eric’s house the other day, who is the guy that recorded and engineered all of the Mixtapes records. We were going through stuff and joking around and realized we had quite a few songs no one had ever heard,including myself more than once or twice. A few of them I thought “why on earth didn’t we put this on a record?”. Then I remembered that Weezer also didn’t put Susanne on a record and we all make mistakes. At that point I decided we should put out a free download of all of our unreleased material, rare material, splits and just things in general that might not be so easy to get anymore. After clearing it with the suits and tracking down all of the songs, in part thanks to some listeners I did it. So here it is, sequenced with artwork and ending with something very special. We are really proud of the songs and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be available if you like our band so please download it, share it, post it etc etc. The last song on this record is something near and dear to me. One day while recording “Even on the worst nights” everyone went to breakfast. I stayed behind, clicked record in the studio and put myself in the mindset of a high school non conformist goth kid. What came out was 15 minutes of completely freestyled angst that I could never repeat or pull off again, so please while listening feel my pain. But really, we are excited to release this all on one record and thanks to Vinnie for putting it out and being the best, we love you!”

Download the album for free here.

Mixtapes went on hiatus last year and released their second, and as of now, final, full-length album Ordinary Silence on June 25th, 2013 through No Sleep Records.

Mixtapes announce final pre-hiatus tour dates with Direct Hit!, Lipstick Homicide & Elway

It was announced back in July that Mixtapes would be going on an indefinite hiatus following their appearance at The Fest 13.  Now they’ve announced 4 more shows they will be playing with Direct Hit!, Lipstick Homicide, and Elway on their way to Gainesville.

Details on all of the shows the band has coming up this fall can be found below.  They seem to be unsure if they’re ever going to play again after this, so if you’re a Mixtapes fan and you wanna catch ’em live one more time, now’s the time to do it.

Mixtapes released their second, and as of now, final, full-length album Ordinary Silence on June 25th, 2013 through No Sleep Records.

Mixtapes frontman forced to take break from Warped Tour after getting in two serious car accidents

Mixtapes frontman Ryan Rockwell has decided to take a short break from playing on this year’s Warped Tour, due to injuries he sustained after being involved in two serious car accidents on the tour. Rockwell posted the following updated on the band’s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hey everyone Ryan here. Two days ago at a Warped Tour stop I was in a car and got cut off and got into a pretty serious car wreck. Aside from some bad injuries I also got a concussion which I didn’t know yet. Fast forward to a day later and I was driving and didn’t realize the concussion and basically blacked out and hit a curb/tree so basically I’m an idiot. My doctor and many people at Warped Tour said not to play because I’m in pretty bad shape right now so as of now Maura, Paul and Boone are playing without me and getting some friends to fill in, I hope to rest for a few days and come back and finish. I go to my doctor tomorrow at home and will let everyone know, everyone please come to warped, sing along, and thanks for all the awesome support, I will see you soon.”

We hope Ryan has a smooth recovery and that he’s able to get back on stage sooner than later.

Mixtapes released their second full-length album Ordinary Silence last June through No Sleep Records, and have since announced plans to go on hiatus after playing The Fest.

Mixtapes to go on hiatus in the fall

Cincinnati pop-punks Mixtapes have announced via Facebook that they will be going on a hiatus this coming fall after their appearance at The FEST. You can read the band’s statement below.

Mixtapes released their second, and as of now, final, full length album, Ordinary Silence on June 25, 2013 through No Sleep Records

Mixtapes offer “Ordinary Silence” up for free download

Cincinnati pop-punks Mixtapes are offering their latest album Ordinary Silence up for free download! You can stream it and snag your free digital copy below.

Ordinary Silence was on June 25th, 2013 through No Sleep Records. Mixtapes are currently on the road with the Warped Tour – more details on when and where that will be stopping can be found over here.

Ryan Rockwell (Mixtapes) forms Youth Culture, releases ‘I Hate How Normal I’ve Become’

Ryan Rockwell, guitarist and co-vocalist of the Ohio-based pop punk act Mixtapes, has started up a new project called Youth Culture. The band has released their debut album, I Hate How Normal I’ve Become, as a pay-what-you-want download.

You can stream the album below, and download it over on at the Youth Culture Bandcamp page.

Free Compilation: No Sleep Records – “Death to False Music: Volume 1”

No Sleep Records have released a new compilation album called Death to False Music: Volume 1.  The album features 28 tracks from bands such as The Swellers, Mixtapes, Drug Church, Broadway Calls, and more!

Give it a listen below, and if you like what you hear, you can download it for free.

More acts added to Slam Dunk Festival

Another  group of bands have been added to this years Slam Dunk Festival in the UK including :ChiodosGnarwolves and Mixtapes along with a ton of previously announced acts.

You can check out a list of all the bands just added to the festival below.

Animal Style Records releases charity compilation

Animal Style Records have released a charity compilation with proceeds going to benefit  The comp features four cover tracks by four of the bands on the label’s roster including; Mixtapes, Born Without Bones, We Are the Union and Wolves At Bay.

You can give it a listen below, and if you feel charitable, well you know go here.

Vans Warped Tour ’14 starts Indiegogo campaign for Unite the United foundation

People at Vans Warped tour have recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 for the Unite The United foundation, a non-profit organization created by Vans Warped tour producers. Their Indiegogo page states:

“We are looking to raise $10,000.00 that will be used to support, fund and cultivate various non-profits throughout the year that are doing good and making a difference.

All funds raised will go to the Unite The United Foundation who will distribute funds to be donated directly to grass roots organizations that are making a difference in our national community.”

So far 15 bands have been announced for the ’14 edition of Warped tour, including Teenage Bottlerocket, MixtapesStray From The PathFor Today, and more. Go here for an up-to-date list of acts.

Mixtapes releasing “Making Of Ordinary Silence” documentary

Mixtapes have released a short making-of documentary about their newest album “Ordinary Silence.” Check it out below.

The band released “Ordinary Silence” on June 25th via No Sleep Records

Teenage Bottlerocket, Mixtapes, Stray From The Path & more to play Warped Tour 2014

The first lineup announcement for Warped Tour 2014 has been posted! Bands include Teenage Bottlerocket (holy wow!), Mixtapes, Stray From The Path, For Today, and Air Dubai.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more details on the lineup for Warped 2014 come to light. For now, head over here to find tour dates and ticket links.

No Sleep to release “Warehouse Sessions: Vol 1” LP

Huntington Beach indie record label No Sleep Records has announced plans to release a limited edition vinyl LP for Warehouse Sessions: Volume 1 on November 19th. The release will feature intimate, acoustic performances taken from the label’s “Warehouse Sessions” video series (watch them here).

Warehouse Sessions: Volume 1 will be limited to only 250 copies. 200 will be available on Coke Bottle color through the label’s 2013 Vinyl Subscription and the remaining 50 will be available on Coke Bottle w/Coca Cola Splater through the bands featured on the record.

The release features rare acoustic performances from Jon Simmons of Balance and Composure, Francesco Mentesanto of Sainthood Reps, Nick Diener of The Swellers, Reba and Kimi of Adventures, State Faults and Mixtapes.

Mixtapes perform for No Sleep’s “Warehouse Sessions”

Cincinnati pop-punks Mixtapes recently appeared on No Sleep Records‘ acoustic ”Warehouse Sessions”. You can watch co-vocalists Ryan Rockwell and Maura Weaver perform an acoustic version of “Happy and Poor” off of the band’s sophomore album, Ordinary Silence, and then watch as the whole band just kind of goofs around with some a capella performances.

This is the sixth installment of the sessions where artists stop by the No Sleep Records office to perform. You can check out the video below.

The bands latest release, Ordinary Silence,was released June 25 on No Sleep Records.