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The Atom Age release video for new single “Walk Through Walls”

California “maximum R&B surf stompers” The Atom Age have released a video for their new single “Walk Through Walls”. The song comes from the band’s upcoming album Cry Til’ You Die, which is due out August 23rd via Tiger Dream and Asian Man Records. The video features shots of the band playing, as well as some BDSM between a leather clad human-dog and an actual dog, at least that’s my take on it.

Check it out for yourself below.

This is the first new music from The Atom Age since Hot Shame which was released back in 2015. 

The Murderburgers announce west coast tour with Bad Cop/Bad Cop & The Atom Age

Scottish pop-punks The Murderburgers have announced they will be touring the west coast this summer with California’s Bad Cop/Bad Cop and The Atom Age. Check out the dates below.

The Murderburgers will be releasing a new album titled The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People sometime this fall through Asian Man Records and Round Dog Records. It will be the band’s first LP in 3 years, serving as a follow-up to 2013’s These Are Only Problems.

DS Photo Gallery: The Atom Age and Vicky & The Vengents at The Knockout SF 2.12.16

Last Friday I woke to a Facebook notification about a show at a local bar The Knockout here in San Francisco, featuring Bay Area favorites The Atom Age, Vicky & The Vengents, and The Krypters. The Teenage Dance Craze night began with help from local DJs Russell Quan, Okie Oran, and dX The Funky Granpaw, however I had my own little spinning party getting ready for the show, so I didn’t roll up until just at the end of the The Krypters’ set.

Vicky & The Vengents are a new one for me, and vocalist/frontwoman Vicky Tafoya commands control of the stage, bellowing out powerful lyrics with a little ‘Amy Winehouse’ style. The band bills themselves as “psychedelic maltshop punk/pop/ rock n’ roll…qith a love for all thangs dramatic, melodic, and loud, the girl-groups, guitars, grease and garage are all in the blender”. You can have a listen to the title track of their most recent release “You Used To Be My Baby” here.

I had most recently seen The Atom Age a couple weeks ago as they opened the stage for Agent Orange at DNA Lounge. Tonight they were headliners, and the openers did quite well to warm the crowd. Although, the band’s music does well enough on it’s own to get the coldest of crowds moving. In case you are unfamiliar with The Atom Age, the band has spent the last several years edging out an un-tapped niche in the punk sound, featuring strong saxophone, organ/keyboard, and guitar riffs that evoke a space-age, rocky, cosmic world where everyone is dressed in their dancehall best and dances til the last chord.

You can have a look at photos from The Atom Age and Vicky & The Vengents’ set below.

Big thanks to Peter, Ryan, Brandon, and the whole Atom Age crew, as well as the guys at Knockout for a good night of rock and dance. And sorry to Jello for disturbing you with my flash.

DS Photo Gallery: Agent Orange, Atom Age, Civil War Rust at DNA Lounge, SF (1.22.16)

I began last weekend’s string of shows Friday night with a band I had never seen before, and was extremely excited to do so – Agent Orange. The band first came into my consciousness when I started playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and the band’s famous “Bloodstains” was part of the soundtrack. Those games were as influential as Punk-O-Rama, Mailorder Is Fun, Fat comps, or any other large collection of punk, in forming my love for the music I hold so dear.

DNA Lounge owner Barry Synoground is not just a business owner, he’s also a rad dude with an affinity for good music – specifically punk. The line-up last Friday epitomized that sentiment, with local Civil War Rust opening the night to a relatively full and eager crowd. I had seen the band a couple months ago with Dying Scene’s Yankee Brutal, and was excited for another raucous night. I love bands that exude passion on their sleeve, that show the drive and energy through their live performance, and Civil War Rust is just that band. The band is touring on the heels of their latest release “Help Wanted” which just came out last November (you can listen to it here). The guys really have it all – melody, grit, drops, breaks, bridges, gang vocals, and a fan-base that isn’t afraid to get their feet moving, and keep them moving, the entire set. I’m a huge fan of these guys and look forward to seeing more success from the quartet.

Keeping the energy flowing, and the local blood playing, next to the stage was Oakland-based The Atom Age (whom DNA owner Barry is a huge fan). The band released their latest album “Hot Shame” last summer and of course played their hit song “It’s A Mess”. I first saw the band six years ago, and since then I have witnessed a true development as the guys have really come into their own. Rocky, punky, funky, with a saxophone that reverberates through the entire venue. Guitarist/vocalist Peter Niven has become somewhat of a punk heartthrob it seems, as female fans woo over his every move.

The main event had finally arrived – Agent Orange. I was so excited to see the band and as they took to stage and opened with “Miserlou”, I know I was in for one treat of a set. If you could pick a handful of albums that really defined and drove punk back in the day, and have remained influential to this day, “Living In Darkness” is one of those albums. The band knows it, and samples heavily off the 1981 release, including “Too Young To Die”, “Everything Turns Grey”, “No Such Thing”, and of course “Bloodstains” to name a few. The band is timeless and sounds just as good today as they did 35 years ago. Seeing these guys was a real treat and definitely an early highlight to the year.

Have a look at the night’s photos below.

Thank you to Barry, Peter, Alan, and everyone else who contributed to this awesome night.

New episode of Dying Scene Radio: The Bobs interview Gavin McInnes (Co-Founder, VICE) then Bob Noxious quits the show and Elena Venetia jumps in his grave – this one’s a doozy!

This week on Dying Scene RadioBob Noxious quits the show LIVE ON AIR, but not before he and Bobby Pickles welcome Gavin McInnes (Co-Founder, VICE) by way of the interwebs to discuss how punk rock helped shape his successes. An accomplished entrepreneur, writer, radio/tv host, McInnes is living proof that English majors can accomplish a lot more than just being a teacher, not that being a teacher isn’t a great accomplishment or anything. Then a new co-host jumps directly into Bob’s grave! Her name is Elena Venetia and she’s a hot, tatted, New York City punk rock chick, who does not want to be known as the “hot, tatted chick co-host” – just “co-host” (but she’s far from a feminist and wants to make that clear right now). Episode 31’s recurring theme: EVERYBODY is replaceable.

Hear all the incessant blathering, plus all the latest new music and headlines, below.

Dead Ahead – Berzerker
Free Children of Earth – No Broken Circles
Gavin McInnes – Interview Part 1
Behind Deadlines  – Office Party
Less Deceived – I Used To Own A CRASS T-Shirt
Chilled Monkey Brains – The Tale of Ramirez DePietro
Quarter Tank – Grenades
The Best of the Worst – Ctrl-Z
Still Alive – Shadow Anthem
Gavin McInnes – Interview Part 2
Lucky Stars – All Lies
The Atom Age – It’s A Mess
Smokey Bastard – Archipelago

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The Atom Age release music video for “It’s a Mess”

Oakland rockers The Atom Age have released a music video for their song “It’s a Mess,” and you can check it out below.

The band’s new album Hot Shame came out on August 28th through Asian Man Records.

The Atom Age release music video for new song “Wasteoid”

Oakland rockers The Atom Age have released a music video for new song titled “Wasteoid,” starring someone I can only assume is a random Elvis impersonator they picked up off the street. Check it out below.

The band’s upcoming album Hot Shame is set to release on August 28th through Asian Man Records. Head over to the label’s webstore to pick it up on your choice of wax or plastic.

The Atom Age premieres “It’s A Mess” off upcoming album “Hot Shame”

Berkeley surf/space-age punk rockers The Atom Age have just premiered the first material from their upcoming album “Hot Shame” due out later this summer.

The track is entitled “It’s A Mess” and you can have a listen below.

“Hot Shame” is set to be released August 25th through Asian Man Records and will be the band’s latest release since their 2014 split EP with Grand Tarantula.

The Atom Age and PEARS announce west coast tour

This November, The Atom Age and PEARS will descend upon the west coast of this great country, bringing rock ‘n’ roll to the cities of San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, and many others. Details on when and where the face melting will ensue can be found below.

The Atom Age last released a split with Grand Tarantula in January through Asian Man Records. PEARS self-released their debut album Go To Prison in June, and they have since put it out on vinyl via Off With Their Heads frontman Ryan Young’s label Anxious & Angry.

The Atom Age kicks off US spring tour

Berkeley punk rockers The Atom Age will be kicking off their spring tour this week, hitting a number of cities across the United States. You can check out the dates and locations of their tour below.

The latest release by the group was a split with Grand Tarantula. The EP was released in January 2014 via Asian Man Records.

The Atom Age released a free split with Grand Tarantula

Californian punk rockers The Atom Age have teamed up with Grand Tarantula to release a split EP.  Each band contributed two songs, and will be doing a mini-tour together in California.  The EP was put out today by Asian Man Records.

You can download the split for free here and you can find details on when and where the tour will be stopping below.

The Atom Age release new EP for free on Asian Man Records

Today marks the release of Berkeley punks The Atom Age‘s newest work. The new EP is being released on Asian Man Records, and is available for free digital download here.

The band has announced they will be supporting The Queers and The Dwarves on select dates of their upcoming North American tour.

The Atom Age last released “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool” in 2012 through Asian Man.

The Atom Age to release new EP for free on Asian Man Records

Berkeley punks The Atom Age will be releasing a new EP for free digital download next week on Asian Man Records.  To get you psyched you can check out a video featuring some of a new song right here.

If you didn’t already know, the band have announced they will be supporting The Queers and The Dwarves on select dates of their upcoming North American tour.

The Atom Age last released “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool” in 2012 through Asian Man.

The Atom Age to support The Queers and The Dwarves on upcoming North American tour

Berkeley punks The Atom Age have announced they will be supporting The Queers and The Dwarves on select dates of their upcoming North American tour.

For a full list of dates and locations they will be playing on that tour in August and on a tour of their own in September, click here.

The Atom Age last released “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool” in 2012 through Asian Man Records.

The Atom Age announce US tour for May and June

Berkeley punks The Atom Age have recently announced dates and locations for their upcoming May/June US tour.

We recently reported on the search for a new drummer for the tour, so it seems they may have found someone.

The band’s most recent work is their 2012 album, “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool”, which was released through Asian Man Records.

Head here to view a list of tour dates and locations.