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Choke Artist releases ska/punk/hardcore compilation “An Original Blend”

New Jersey label Choke Artist recently released a 17 track ska-punk compilation that seems to be a pretty good representation of the current state of the ska scene.  It features some bands that have been putting in time for over a decade, like Hub City Stompers and Mrs. Skannotto, as well as more recent favorites like Kill Lincoln, Survay Says, and Atrocity Solution.

You can stream the whole thing below and if you like what you hear, you can get the whole thing as a pay what you want download.

Pumpkin Records release 99 track retrospective compilation

To celebrate their 100th release, British music collective Pumpkin Records has just put out a massive 99 track compilation that features one track from each of their previous releases, including bands like The Infested, Atrocity Solution, Epic Problem, Moral Dilemma, Beng Beng Cocktail, and many more.

The whole thing is available as a pay what you want download, but for 99 tracks, consider giving them a few bucks to help out for the next 100 releases.  Give the compilation a listen below.

10 Small Town Bands with Big Time Talent

Strike Out Kid playing a trailer show

Having lived a largely nomadic lifestyle during my time on earth, I’ve had the chance to live in a variety of different types of places. From major metros to rural backwoods and everything in between, I’ve inhabited them all at one time or another. From this experience, I have garnered a love/hate relationship with Small Town, America. While there’s something to be said for the safety and familiarity that comes with living in a smaller community, it’s also usually accompanied by a tremendous amount of boredom and a constant feeling that you need to escape the mundane. One thing that can’t be argued is that these small towns aren’t known for contributing a plethora of bands to the scene. An overwhelming majority of punk bands are from large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Boston, NYC or the outlying suburbs surrounding these hubs. So when a great small town band comes along it’s worthy of note. For this list, we’ve defined small town as city/town that has roughly 300,000 or fewer residents and is far enough away from major metros so as not to be affected by their “sphere of influence”. I even included a place where I used to live. See if you can figure out which! Check out our nod to just a few of these superb small town acts, sorted by hometown population, below!

Discover new up and coming punk and skacore acts on “D.I.Y. In The Summertime” compilation

I started Dying Scene because I love discovering new punk music, which is why I love seeing comps like “D.I.Y. In The Summertime” being released.  It’s full of a ton of punk, hardcore and skacore bands I’ve never heard of.  A lot of them are terrible, I won’t lie, BUT there are definitely a few gems on this release, so if you’re one of those fringe diggers who get a thrill out of new band discoveries I recommend you give it a listen below.  Especially if you like bands like Leftover Crack.

Oh, and this comp was released for a good cause too.  It benefits the Manchester Hun Sabs. Association who fight back against the fox hunters in Manchester who are hunting illegally. All proceeds from the album will go to them.

New Music: Atrocity Solution (Wisconsin ska-punk) stream full-length “Lost Remedies”

Nothing is better than new music on a Hump Day evening, I always say.

At long last, Wisconsin-based ska-core act Atrocity Solution have released their debut full-length. It’s entitled “Lost Remedies,” and you can stream it for free here. If you dig it, throw the band a few bucks and buy “Lost Remedies” at the same link.

Atrocity Solution began writing “Lost Remedies” four years ago. Check in in the comment section and let us know what you think.

Atrocity Solution (skacore) announce new album “Lost Remedies”, stream new song “Panic State”

Wisconsin skacore act Atrocity Solution will be releasing their new full-length album “Lost Remedies” on December 17th.  To get a taste of what’s to come you can stream the absolutely kickass track “Panic State” below.

The band’s last full-length album “Melodies for a Massacre” is available for free downloading on their bandcamp page.

Atrocity Solution launch Indiegogo campaign to fund release of new album

Wisconsin skacore act Atrocity Solution have launched an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to fund the recording and release of their new full-length album, which is currently untitled.

If you wish to help the band out, you can do so by heading over to their campaign page and kicking a few bucks their way.

Atrocity Solution’s latest release was a 13-song split with French Group Beng Beng Cocktail in early 2011. Their last full-length album “Melodies for a Massacre” is available for free downloading on their bandcamp page.

Atrocity Solution working on new album, offer debut as pay-what-you-want download

Wisconsin skacore act Atrocity Solution are offering their 2007 debut album “Melodies For Memories” as a pay what you want download to help raise funds for the production of their next album, which they are currently writing.

The band states:

Here is our first full length album “Melodies For A Massacre” up for a free digital download! Although it is free, donations are encouraged and will go strictly towards recording our 2nd full length! So help us get to the studio and donate a buck or 2 if ya can. We know what its like to be broke thats why we do this type of thing.

You can stream and download the album here.

Their latest release was a 13-song split with French Group Beng Beng Cocktail in early 2011.

We the Heathens begin recording an EP

We the Heathens, a project featuring members of Atrocity Solution and Public by Default, have announced that they are in the studio recording an EP, which should be out sometime soon. They simply wrote:

“Recording….. Ep coming soon”

In other news, We the Heathens stated that they do not plan to tour anytime soon until they find a drummer.

Atrocity Solution streams new song “Pickin’ Up the Pieces”

Wisconsin ska-punkers Atrocity Solution have posted a new demo track titled “Pickin’ Up the Pieces” from their upcoming untitled album. You can listen to it right here.

No official release date has been mentioned for the new album, but we’ll keep you posted.

Their latest release was a 13-song split with French Group Beng Beng Cocktail in early 2011.

Beng Beng Cocktail and Atrocity Solution streaming new songs from upcoming split

French ska/punk/hip-hoppers (or crystalcore as they call it) Beng Beng Cocktail are releasing a split with Wisconsin ska/punk act Atrocity Solution and Scottish punk/ska act My Own Religion on Pumkin Records.  The album is titled “Track The Virus” and it will feature 4 songs from Beng Beng Coctail and Atrocity Solution and 3 from My Own Religion.  You can stream 2 of the contributions from Beng Beng Cocktail (“Jesus Drinks Absynthe” and “Two Towers Fall Down”) on their MySpace page, and you can stream Atrocity Solution’s “Watch The World Burn” (acoustic) on their facebook page.

You can check out the tracklist on the pre-order page.

Beng Beng Cocktail / Atrocity Solution releasing split

French ska/punk/hip-hoppers (or crystalcore as they call it) Beng Beng Cocktail are releasing a split with Wisconsin ska/punk act Atrocity Solution on Pumkin Records.  No information pertaining to the release date has been announced but you can stream the Beng Beng Cocktail contribution, Two Towers Fall Down, on their MySpace page titled Two Towers Fall Down.

Beng Beng Cocktail’s From The Swallow To The Bottle was released last July on Beer Records.