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The Dwarves release video for “Devil’s Level”

The Dwarves recently released the video for “Devil’s Level”. It comes off their 2018 Burger Records release ‘Take Back the Night’ .

The Dwarves also have a few upcoming shows they are playing before supporting The Bronx at the Friday Punk Rock Bowling club show on May 25. You can check out the video and list of shows below.

New Punk Rock Bowling show announced

A new show has been added to Punk Rock Bowling for Friday, May 25th. The Bronx and Dwarves will headline the Bunkhouse stage, with Fireburn & Sciatic Nerve the inside stage. The Shrine will join the Bunkhouse stage and One Square Mile the inside.

Check out the flyer below for more details!

The Dwarves stream new album “Take Back The Night”

Today marks the release of legendary punk band The Dwarves‘ new album Take Back The Nightthrough Burger RecordsYou can give the record a listen below, and buy it here.

This is the band’s first LP since 2014’s The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll.

The Dwarves stream new song “Devil’s Level”

Punk legends The Dwarves are streaming another song off their upcoming album Take Back the Night. The song’s called “Devil’s Level”, and you can check it out below.

Take Back the Night is due out on February 9th through Burger Records.

The Dwarves stream new song “Forget me not”

Legendary punks, The Dwarves, are streaming a new song! Check out “Forget Me Not” below.

The song comes off their upcoming album “Take Back the Night”, due out in February of 2018 via Burger Records.

The Dwarves stream new song “Here’s Looking At You”

Punk legends The Dwarves are streaming a brand new song from their upcoming EP Julio which is due out on November 17th via Riot Style. The song is titled “Here’s Looking At You” and you can listen to it below.

The band have a number of shows coming up in the next couple of months; you can find the full list below.

The Dwarves release video for “Sluts of the USA”

The Dwarves have released a video for “Sluts of the USA”, their contribution to the soundtrack of the film “Fuck Off I Love You“.

You can watch what is, apparently, the cleaner version of the video below. Unless YouTube have taken it down by the time you read this.

The Dwarves announce new album “Take Back the Night”

Punk legends The Dwarves will be releasing a new album titled Take Back the Night next February. Burger Records is handling the LP’s release.

They will also be releasing a new 7″ titled Julio this October through Riot Style. Listen to a clip of the title track below, and head over here to pre-order the EP.

DS Photo Gallery: JFA returns to Chicago (w/The Dwarves, The Bollweevils, I Attack, and Decent Criminal)

JFA returned to Chicago for their first Windy City show in more than 2 decades

Skate punk legends, with origins in Phoenix, AZ, and Southern CA, JFA (Jodie Foster’s Army) return to Chicago for the first time in more than two decades.  The Dwarves put on a great set as for first time live they ripped though their classic album “The Dwarves are Young + Good Looking,”and then rumbled through other songs as well as the night’s headliner. Local punks The Bollweevils got a rowdy summer send off; I Attack, another local punk band, attacked ferociously; Decent Criminal played a set far more than merely decent.

Taking nothing away from The Dwarves and their terrific set; however, it was JFA that appeared to garner the most excitement and whip the crowd into their most frenzied. And not just from fans in the crowd, but numerous fans in the bands sharing the bill as well. Some other musicians expressing that JFA was THE inspiration for them to get into the punk rock game.

Brian Brannon shares the mic with a fan.

JFA lead singer Brian Brannon frenetically covered most of the stage, dancing and jumping on every bit of stopping only for the briefest of moments here and there to catch his breath, this allowed band mates, Don Redondo on guitar, Corey Stretz on bass; and drummer Carter Blitch to shine in their own moments. The set was dominated by classics from their early days. JFA was officially (according to their cited history) formed just 10 days prior to the attempted but failed assassination of former President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley Jr. Hinckley Jr.  famously admitted the reasoning for attempting to kill Reagan was to impress actress Jodie Foster. Guitarist Don Redondo explained that they were partially inspired by the Dead Kennedys’ political tweaking in choosing a band name.  Redondo also added that the climate of increased political and social division also inspired a new track on their as of yet scheduled upcoming release. They played the new track “N/Tolerance” on Friday, with the simple credo of “Just Don’t Be A Dick.”

Corey Stretz of JFA

As noted, perhaps the biggest admirers were in the other bands on the bill, and Redondo spent much of the evening offstage engaged in conversation with drummer Pete Mumford. Mumford is a member of the legendary Chicago punk outfit, The Bollweevils, which lit the stage on fire once again immediately prior to JFA. Redondo and Mumford had a continuing dialogue about the best drummers and bass players in rock history, or at least their favorites (which included drummers Keith Moon, Neil Peart and John Bonham; and bass player John Entwistle.)  Redondo spoke of his belief in the best way to craft a new band, “Start with a great drummer and a great bass player and build from there.”

Don Redondo also spoke of the reasons for the long absence from Chicago: busy lives, other jobs (including Brannon’s other career, as Senior Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy Reserve), families; and added that while the band is not changing its name from Jodie Foster’s Army, its motto as of late could be  thought of as Jodie Foster’s National Guard. That is, “one weekend once a month.”Judging from the reception they received at Reggies Rock Club, the crowd may be asking for far more than that, but were ecstatic and grateful for the band’s return.

As mentioned, The Dwarves and The Bollweevils both lit up the stage as expected. And in the case of Daryl Wilson, the lead singer for beloved Chicago legends The Bollweevils (and namesakes of a 2016 IPA  collaboration with 350 Brewing, “Weevil Wobble”) lit most of the area off stage on fire as well He repeatedly threw his 6′ 5″ frame into the welcoming arms of the crowd.

The Bollweevils are not scheduled to play again in their home region until they return from their journey to Blackpool, United Kingdom. They are confirmed for Rebellion Festival 2017, taking place in early August, along with their friend sin another Chicago favorite, 88 Fingers Louie.

Decent Criminal

Decent Criminal, from Northern California,  started the night off strong fashion with straightforward punk, proving that a show can be solid and rowdy from first note by the opening band to last note from the headliners.

Rob V. of I Attack

I Attack, led by the one man wrecking crew of Rob V. “Jak,” may have been be the cause of the most colorization of the crowd members, as in ending up black and blue; and purple.  Many showing their colorful souvenirs from the set seemed to have smiles on their faces, accompanied by expressions of half disbelief. If there was a Richter Scale equivalent in Circle Pits, the pure rowdiness whipped up by I Attack might, conservatively speaking, hit the 7 plus to 8 range.

This show had a bit of everything for from start to finish and may very well have thrown down the gauntlet for top to bottom billed, non-fest punk shows this summer. It is s summer is still in its infancy with many promising such events on tap, but judging from this night, it will hopefully be long and hot in the very best ways. Head below to check out our full photo gallery from the intense evening!

The Dwarves announce Australian tour

Punk legends The Dwarves have announced they will be touring Australia this spring. Check out the tour dates below to see if there’s a show near you.

The Dwarves last released a split 7″ with Svetlanas in 2016 through Altercation Records. Their latest studio album The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll came out in 2014.

Denizen Records stream compilation “Punk Against Trump”

Denizen Records have released an anti-Trump compilation. The record features twenty-two tracks of political punk rock and hardcore from the likes of Dwarves , Second In Line, and OC45.

You can enjoy the full compilation below.

Janky Fest (Los Angeles) Adds Dead Fucking Last to Line Up, Opening For The Dwarves

LA based indie music blog Janky Smooth is celebrating it’s two year anniversary with the inaugural Janky Fest in Downtown Los Angeles on November 18th. The festival will be headlined by Chicago punk legends The Dwarves with veteran SoCal hardcore act Dead Fucking Last just added to the line up to open for them! The festival starts at 3pm, ending around midnight and features over a dozen incredible local bands. The location is currently set for LA Space Camp’s ‘Outer Space’ but  as with anything in Smog City, there may be last minute changes so check their website before heading out! If you’re in SoCal , you gotta get out to this one. $10 admission and $2 tall boy PBRs?!? Insane!!!

The Dwarves embark on European tour

Punk legends The Dwarves are embarking on a European tour, which kicked off tonight in Madrid, Spain. Check out the dates and locations below to see if there’s a show near you.

The band last released an EP titled Gentleman Blag in November, 2014 through Fat Wreck Chords. Their latest full-length album The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll came out in August of the same year on Recess Records.

Brakrock Ecofest full lineup announced: Strung Out, The Dwarves, A Wilhelm Scream and more

Set beneath the majesty of a Belgian castle, amidst the beauty of a river that runs through Duffel, Antwerp will once again be taken over by riotous punk rock hooligans, as it is the site of Belgium’s Brakrock Ecofest. The festival lineup has been finalized and the festivities are a mere 18 days away. Headlining this year’s Brakrock Ecofest is Strung Out, The Dwarves and A Wilhelm Scream.

Attendees are encouraged to set up camp amongst the Belgian scenery, where they’ll only be a short stroll from the handful of events and bands that await them on the festival site.

Running consecutive to Brakrock Ecofest is Punk Rock Holiday, Europe’s fastest growing and highly anticipated festival where Brakrock-goers can hop a bus from Duffel, Antwerp to Tolmin, Slovenia where PRH is held. Though, as of now, tickets for the bus ride are sold out, you can still purchase tickets to Brakrock Ecofest here.

Check out the Brakrock Ecofest poster with full lineup below

Punk Rock Bowling Festival: Day Two – Descendents, Buzzcocks, Millencolin, Dillinger Four, Dwarves, Sainte Catherines, Night Birds, Be Like Max, Negative Nancy’s

photos by milhouse

In the shadows of the Pump N’ Shack Convenience Store, at the intersection of Stewart and 7th in downtown Las Vegas, hordes of punks descended upon the asphalt arena which is Punk Rock Bowling for what was arguably the best line up of the three day festival. The intense, desert sun, which radiated back up from the concrete below, fully enveloped the festival goers in an oven of near unbearable heat while they packed in to see punk rock legends like The Dwarves, Decendents, and Buzzcocks. The oppressive heat did nothing to temper the excitement surrounding the impressive lineup for the second and most anticipated day of the event.

Leading things off was The Negative Nancy’s. This all lady, local act plays simple, repetitive three chord, surf pop. The set was upbeat but a little low energy, most likely due to the high temperatures. The early acts were tasked with fighting through the muggiest part of the day and these lass’ did an admirable job of plowing forward through the hellish conditions, even if it did call for the conservation of energy. I’m not as familiar with these vixens from Vegas as I probably should be, having only heard a few tracks from their appearances on Squidhat Records comps. But I did recognize most of the songs they played as being from their debut LP, Sorry, Not Sorry. One of the guitarists wore a nice blouse and skirt, next to her more traditionally clad, punk rock bandmates, she looked like she’d fit in more with Sleater-Kinney, but I’m betting she was the most comfortable! Overall, a very good start to the days events.

There’s just something about the sound of some sharp brass that seems to get me going. Thank god Be Like Max was up next! Another local Vegas act, these Sin City skanks have been on the rise lately and provided an instant energy boost. Lead singer, Charley Fine was grasping the mic stand, thrusting it to and fro, like a marching band conductor as he stomped around the stage. Between songs, a joke was made about how excited they were to play “to a sellout crowd” (the crowds for the early shows weren’t very  dense on most days). The highlight of the set for me though was the organ player. There were a few organ solos that sounded out of place in a good way as they echoed through the festival grounds. It made the band stand out from the other acts of the day. The set was quick and energetic, concluding with the frenetic front man stage diving into the crowd from the press pit. As the band exited the stage the organ player treated us to an old school, movie theater intermission tune. Good shit.

Next up, Night Birds! The dudes from ‘down the shore’ took to the stage and instantly started in on their set which consisted of songs from their most recent album Mutiny at Muscle Beach. As soon as the opening chords started, I saw people literally sprinting across the tarmac to get to the stage, adding credence to the myths of their rabid and ever growing fan base. The first pure punk rock act of the day, the performance was violent and brash, drawing influence from classic 80’s hardcore. I love acts that feature a lead man who doesn’t play an instrument. It frees them up to go a little nuts on stage during shows. The boisterous Brian Gorsegner is just such a front man, teetering on the edge of total bedlam while the band shreds behind him. This brutal pace caused the lively lead singer to remove his flannel over-shirt about four songs in, god knows why he was wearing it to begin with. By all accounts the newest Fat Wreck Chords stars didn’t disappoint. To break things up a little, the jabrones from Jersey also managed to toss in a cover of of John Carpenter’s “Escape From New York Theme Song”. Is there anything these guys can’t do?

The Sainte Catherines have been one of my (many) favorite bands for awhile now. Something about the simple, honest lyrics set to antagonistic, hard hitting old school punk that reminds me of the halcyon days of our beloved genre. I’ve had a hole in my heart for a few years now since their apparent dissolution, so out of all the acts on Day Two, I was probably most stoked to see these contentious Qubecois (despite the Flyers back patch adorning the denim vest of front man Hugo Lundie…C’mon man!). Their forty minute long set consisted of songs from their Fat Wreck Chords magnum opus, Dancing for Decadence to celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary. “Burn Guelph Burn”, “Ring of Fire = 4 Points” all played with a studio like precision through the exceptionally  active set, using 100% of the stage as they all bounced around like pin balls off of bumpers. Between songs the French Canadian front man stopped to tell stories about their long overdue trip back to the US. The best one was about someone in the elevator at the hotel asking him where he was from stating that he “didn’t speak good American.” He also took the time to break my heart once again, stating “Our last trip to America was many years ago, this one will probably be our final trip ever.” Let’s hope not.

I’ll probably lose what little punk rock credibility I have, but here goes: I’ve never seen The Dwarves live. Nothing against them, I just don’t normally get into schticky bands. That being said, if for nothing else you have to give credit to these sadistic fucks for their staying power, so I was still pretty damn excited to see the curmudgeonly Chicagoans. The first part of the set was reserved for a performance of  their 1990 classic Blood, Guts & Pussy. Upon completing that set, Blag stated with a little animosity “That’ll do it for the old nasty, punk Dwarves that everyone hates. Now time for the poppy Dwarves that everyone loves!” The second part of the performance featured newer material along with guest appearances by the stunning Stacey Dee from pop punk sensation Bad Cop/Bad Cop for a performance of “Fake ID” (if memory serves). Also joining them for a song was Leftover Crack‘s STZA who lent his pipes (heh…) for a great version of “I Will Deny”. As if that wasn’t enough, the venerable veterans also played a brand new song, “Forget Me Not” which is about the recent rise in school shootings. Throughout the set I kept laughing to myself thinking that He Who Cannot Be Named was perfectly dressed for the heat, of course wearing nothing but a jock strap and his patented gimp mask.

Every once in awhile, for one reason or another I forget about awesome bands, negative side effect of the job, I reckon. Then I’ll hear them again and get flashbacks to my youth. When I saw that Dillinger Four was on the card, I thought “Fuck! How have I not fit these guys onto a playlist in 10 years?” and knew they would be an instant throwback to my younger years. As they opened with songs from their 2002 Fat Anthology Situationist Comedy, sure enough I was transported back to the good ole days of low paying, low responsibility jobs and late night binge drinking. They did a good job of mixing it up, also playing through a few songs from 2008’s Civil War making sure to include crowd favorites “Parishiltonisametaphor” and “Gainesville”. Lead man Patrick Costello kept the harmonies tight, never missing a note while keeping the energy high throughout the performance. Crowd banter was entertaining, not invasive. These ‘four portly dudes from Minneapolis’ were probably the best surprise of the festival for me. It was fantastic to see them again after falling off the map a little from their heyday in the 2000’s. I really hope they keep their head above ground for a bit longer.

The pride of Örebro, Sweden, Millencolin has been in the upper echelon of the skate punk scene for over two decades now. Despite that, I’ve never caught them live. Needless to say, I was pretty amped to finally do so. The sensational Swedes covered the spectrum, From Life on a Plate on up to True Brew, everything expertly performed with a high level of accuracy. I must have listened to “Bullion” a thousand times in high school. I know every note of it and the boys performed it impeccably, never missing a beat. By far the cleanest set of the night, lovable lead man, Nikola Sarcevic broke between songs on occasion to talk to the audience while other members tuned their guitars. He always comes off as such a sweet and genuine guy in interviews and such and his live performance did nothing to change that image of him. The band’s positive, upbeat image and carefree attitude almost seems ill-fitting at a modern day punk festival, hearkening back to a time when our scene wasn’t as gritty and divided.

Pop punk pioneers, Buzzcocks hit the stage to an ever swelling crowd. Without much fanfare or introduction they started into their set which included all of the hits you’ve come to expect, “Ever Fallen in Love” and “I Don’t Mind” among the many. The old guys took few breaks but never truly let up, their stamina seemingly unaffected by their accelerated age. After hearing their music in it’s more polished, studio recorded state my entire life, it was wonderful to hear them perform live, with the minor flaws and imperfections. The crowd reached a fever pitch with the opening chords of the classic punk anthem “What Do I Get?” as the lads from across the pond, rounded out this extremely solid set.

Descendents is another one of those ‘must see’ acts. Even if you’re not the biggest fan, everyone knows and enjoys at least a few songs from these miscreants from Manhattan Beach. Milo and the boys were set and ready to go right at 10pm and proceeded to emphatically kick their set off with “Everything Sucks” to the roar of the capacity crowd. The geriatric geniuses proceeded without too much haste on into “Hope” which was met with even more cheers. The festival goers had been pretty vocal and engaging throughout the day, but after these guys started in, it reached another level. Unfortunately, I had to split to cover a club show, so the last song I got to enjoy was “Rotting Out”, but I could still hear the raucous mob screaming incessantly for more as I strolled down Stewart Ave back towards Fremont.

**note from the photographer** I stayed for the duration of the set, enlisting the help of fellow photographers to watch my gear as I bolted to the pit the moment “I’m Not A Loser” began. I would say it was one of the best Descendents sets I’d ever seen, with a huge chunk of the set coming from “Milo Goes To College”. During the thrash, my beloved scally cap got knocked out of my hand, into the abyss of the pit. Despite my best efforts for the remainder of the set, I was unable to find my baby. My heart was crushed and I spent the entire rest of the festival looking to no avail until, as the crowd was clearing out, I saw a sweaty, tattooed stranger holding my cap! I ran up to him and snatched it out of his hand and thanked him. Too bad so sad for his new found cap, but my baby was back where she belonged.

Have a look at photos from Dillinger Four, Millencolin, Buzzcocks, and Descendents below, and stay tuned for more photos from club shows and Day Three in the coming days.