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Video: Justin Sane performs acoustic version of “For Pat”

The fellas at PunkVideosRock caught up with Justin Sane of Anti-Flag to record a little acoustic performance of his song “For Pat”.

Check it out right here.

Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) releases song celebrating six months of Occupy Wall Street

Yesterday, Occupy Wall Street celebrated its six month anniversary. In honor of the milestone, Justin Sane of Anti-Flag, who performed at OWS back in October, released a song, “Don’t Call It Zuccotti; Call It Liberty.” Check it out, plus the lyrics, here.

Anti-Flag’s new album, “The General Strike,” drops on Tuesday via SideOneDummy.

Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) announces “Gas Land Terror”

Justin Sane, the charismatic front-man of long-running punk act Anti-Flag, has announced that he will be releasing a new 7’inch titled “Gas Land Terror”. The release will see the light of day on September, 9th of this year via Flix Records.

Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) posts new song about G20 protest – “Solidarity In The Face Of Anti-Progressiveness”

Anti-flag frontman Justin Sane has posted a new song called Solidarity In The Face Of Anti-Progressiveness. The song was inspired by the G20 protest and you can give it a listen here.

You can also check out Justin’s blog about it on his MySpace.

Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) recording solo album and performing solo at an Earth Day even in New York

justin-saneAnti-flag frontman Justin Sane will be performing at an Earth Day event in New York City on the 23rd as well as recording a solo album within the next few months, according to the band’s website.

Justin plans on being active online and interacting with fans. Here’s what Justin had to say about joining the social revolution.

You can keep up to date on my progress on my newly created MySpace page. In little time I’ll be working on a Facebook page and a Twitter feed as well…For those of you who can’t travel to NYC, I’m eager to connect with you and hear your voice. Post your comments on my MySpace as a first step towards us connecting with each other. As much as I miss rocking with the lads in Anti-Flag, I’m psyched to have the opportunity to play some solo shows, record a solo record and have a chance to better connect with all of you via cyber space and in person. Don’t be a stranger!

Justin’s last album Life, Love and the Pursuit of Justice was released in 2003, as well as a six-track EP These are the Days, released in 2001.