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DS Exclusive Interview: The Quickening, stream “Pistolaz”

The Quickening are veterans of the Brisbane music scene and are one of the hardest working, adhering to the DIY work ethic that punk rock forefathers instilled in the scene many years ago.  For those who aren’t aware of The Quickening then this is the time to get acquainted.  Known for their face-melting guitar work, exceptional musicianship and for being all round nice guys, we sent them a few questions to get more information.  We are also streaming “Pistolaz.”  The track was taken from their self-released 2009 album, “White Blossoms” which you can listen to in its entirety here.

We talked to Matt about the bands history, The Highlander series, the current state of live music and he touches on how “the internet is the new printing press.”  Check out the full interview here.  It’s a great read.

The band will be wowing crowds and melting faces at Spoonfest on Saturday (May 21) at The Step Inn.  You can pick yourself up a ticket here.

Dying Scene Presents: The Nation Blue added to Spoonfest 2011

Well, shit!  We’re totally chuffed to announce that Australian legends, The Nation Blue will be head-lining Spoonfest 2011.  The band will join the likes of the The Quickening, Local Resident Failure, Headaches and Friends With The Enemy and a bunch of other awesome bands for one massive night of Australian punk-rock.  Have a look at the full line-up here.

The show will take place on the 21st of May at The Step Inn in Brisbane, Australia.  For those of you who can’t make it, we’ll be there and we’ll be reporting back.  Get excited!

Dying Scene Presents: Spoonfest 2011 (Brisbane, Australia)

Here at Dying Scene we’re all about getting out and supporting the local music scene which means we are totally stoked to announce that we’re in cahoots with AMG Entertainment and Your Daughters Records to bring Spoonfest 2011 to life.  Well they did all the hard work, we’re just along for the ride which is totally punk if you ask us!  The cream of Brisbane and Australia’s punk rock crop will converge on the Step Inn in Brisbane, Australia, on the 21st of May 2011 for one night of outrageously good music, abhorrent behaviour and best of all, pub priced beers.  Check out a full size poster here.

Now in its 3rd year, Spoonfest has, and continues to, feature some of the countries most talented punk rock musicians.  The line-up for 2011 includes:

The Quickening

Local Resident Failure (NSW)


Army Of Champions

Friends With The Enemy (GC)

Luca Brasi (TAS)

Dementia 13

The Blasted Heath


The Flangapanis


That’s a pretty sweet deal right right there!  In our eternal punk rock quest we’ll be bringing you all the updates on the show, interviews with the bands plus some other punk delights.  We know a lot of you won’t be able to get to the show but fear not!  We’ve got your back with full coverage of the event including event reviews and hell, we’re even going to throw in a photo gallery  of the night to peak your jealousy.

Stay tuned to DS for all your Spoonfest needs.