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Free Music: Jared Hart (The Scandals) releases new EP, “Past Life Regression”

Hopefully you haven’t put the finishing touches on your “Best of 2017” album lists yet, because we’ve got ourselves a pretty solid contender added to the field from seemingly out of nowhere! Well, out of New Jersey, but still.

It comes to us from none other than Jared Hart, probably best known for his role as frontman of Garden State punk band The Scandals. He released his first solo album, Past Lives & Pass Lines, a couple years back and went on tour both as a member of Brian Fallon’s band, The Crowes, and as a solo artist, where he performed alongside the likes of Frank Iero, Cory Branan and a bunch more. While on those shows, he had the occasion to perform a few of his solo songs alongside a full band, and got the bug to re-record some of the more standout tracks with a band in a studio setting. The result? A four-song EP called Past Life Regression…which is not only officially out today, but is officially available for “pay-what-you-want” download below. Check it out!

Past Lives & Pass Lines was released in November 2015 on Say-10 Records.

Jared Hart (The Scandals) announces solo European tour, US full band dates with Racquet Club

As evidenced in part by his debut album, 2015’s Past Lives & Pass Lines, Jared Hart has been busy carving out a pretty legit niche for himself as a solo artist…that is when he’s not occupied by either his duties as founder/frontman of New Jersey punk band The Scandals or filling out the guitar and vocal sounds in Brian Fallon’s band, The Crowes.

Most recently, Hart has announced a run of solo European tour dates that’ll keep him busy from late September through mid October. The twelve-date run kicks off September 28th in the Netherlands, and finishes up just in time for Hart and a full backing band — some of whom will look familiar to all you fans of the larger Jersey punk scene –will support Racquet Club, the new band featuring (among others) Sergie Loobkoff from Samiam/Knapsack fame on their first run through the northeastern US.

Head below for the full rundown of Hart’s tour dates, and stay tuned for news on upcoming Hart solo music in the very near future!

Past Lives & Pass Lines hit the streets in November 2015 on Say-10 Records.

DS Photo Gallery: The Scandals’ “Lucky Seven” Record Release Show w/Gates, Dead Swords, Nine Eighteen and D’Arcy – Garwood, NJ

The Scandals

When we caught up with Jared Hart, frontman for New Jersey punk band The Scandals, about a year-and-a-half ago, one of the things we chatted about was that the band’s then-long-finished EP was finally hopefully due for release in the upcoming months. As should be readily apparent given the tone of that run-on first sentence, the slow-moving wheels of an increasingly bogged-down music industry had other plans for the Bayonne-based quartet. At long last, the Brian Fallon-produced five-song EP, entitled Lucky Seven, officially found itself with an April 28, 2017, street date, a split release from the good folks at New Jersey’s Panic State Records and Richmond, Virginia’s Say-10 Records. The following day brought the official record release show, an Andy Diamond-booked barn-burner of an affair at The Crossroads in Garwood that was equal parts party and punk show. The night’s heavy emphasis on the unity and the camaraderie in the North Jersey scene was palpable, so much so that other scenes should take note.

The Scandals

The Scandals had a bit of a tumultuous go of it a handful of years ago (maybe someone will tell that story someday in greater detail), but with founding member Hart at the helm, the current lineup (Sean Carney on bass/vocals, Anthony Iarossi on guitar, Paulie Yaremko on drums) has been in tact for somewhere around four or five years now, and the band have never sounded better live. The band’s hour-long headlining set was high-energy from the word “go.” With the addition of his solo career and his more recent spot as a member of Brian Fallon’s touring band The Crowes, Hart has been on a bit of an upward trajectory of late. Still, The Scandals have long been Hart’s baby, and he repeatedly displayed his appreciation for the names and faces that have helped and supported the music along the way. The crowd seemed to reciprocate that appreciation as an endless barrage of crowd surfers made their respective ways toward the stage, met on multiple occasions by Hart himself mid stage-dive. There may have been a couple of technical malfunctions along the way — not the least of which was the untimely demise met by the on-stage margarita machine — but that did little to hamper the positive, extended-family-like vibe that was present really from the time the doors opened.

Nine Eighteen

The support lineup on this show was deep and very much Jersey-centric. d’arcy and Nine Eighteen kicked things off in that order, each one a high-energy trio offering a slightly different but no less uptempo and throwback sort of sound. The former band play a feedback-heavy brand of rock heavily influenced by the good parts of the alternative scene two decades ago (think Smashing Pumpkins before Billy Corgan became…well…Billy Corgan). As a native of the greater Boston area, I couldn’t help but notice sonic similarities between Nine Eighteen and another band of The Scandals’ frequent showmates (from my neck of the woods) Burning Streets. Scandals’ bassist Carney joined the trio on stage for a well-received, and pitch perfect, cover of the Hot Water Music staple “Wayfarer” (pictured above).

Dead Swords

Dead Swords followed and served as a compelling change of pace, albeit one that may have seemed a bit confusing to the more mainstream punks in attendance. The duo is comprised of Alex Rosamilia (The Gaslight Anthem/Brian Fallon and the Crowes)  and Corey Perez (Bottomfeeder, ex-I Am The Avalance and Let Me Run), and they were making their first US appearance on this particular evening. Rosamilia handles main vocal duties in the band, with Perez providing the occasional backing harmony, but the real emphasis in Dead Swords is, as you might imagine, guitars. Heavy guitars. Loopy, distorted, swirling, gloom-and-doomy, plodding guitars. The set featured minimal stage lighting, allowing even more of the focus to be on the sludgy sonic experience. They aren’t really like anything I’ve seen live, at least not in a long time, though there are moments that are vaguely reminiscent of Face To Face bass player Scott Shiflett’s side project, Viva Death, at least in my frame of reference.


Gates proved direct support and, if you’re not overly familiar with Gates’s live show (as I’ll admit, rather embarassingly enough, I wasn’t) and you have a chance to catch them live in a club like Crossroads…get off your ass and go! The five-piece are difficult to pigeon-hole into even a small handful of genres. They’re a dynamic rock band that plays and performs to the very back of the room, and are more than capable of filling rooms many times larger with their sonic landscapes. They’re at times delicate, at times swirling, at times explosive and at times, frankly, beautiful. Seriously, check out their summer tour dates here and make it a point to go.

While you’re at it, pick up Lucky Seven here, and check out our full photo gallery below.

The Scandals stream new EP “Lucky Seven”

New Jersey punks The Scandals have made their new EP Lucky Seven available to stream. You can give the 5-song release a listen below.

Lucky Seven is set to release on April 28th through Panic State and Say-10 Records. The EP was produced by The Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon.

The Scandals (punk) stream new track “Hostage” from upcoming EP “Lucky Seven” (Prod. by Brian Fallon)

New Jersey punk rockers The Scandals have released a new song entitled “Hostage” in which you can listen to below. “Hostage” will be featured on their upcoming EP “Lucky Seven” which will be released April 28th via Panic State/Say-10 Records.

“Lucky Seven” was produced by Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem fame. The Scandals released a previous single entitled “Lucky Seven” last June. You can stream that track here.

The Scandals frontman Jared Hart announces UK solo tour dates

Jared Hart, frontman of New Jersey punk band The Scandals, has announced he will be playing some solo shows in the UK. The 7-date tour kicks off on August 29th in London.

Check out the tour itinerary below to see if there’s a show near you below.

Hart’s debut solo album Past Lives & Pass Lines was released in November, 2015 through Say-10 Records.

The Scandals stream new song “Lucky 7’s”

The Scandals have released their new single “Lucky 7’s” which you can stream here for your enjoyment. The single will be featured on a new flexi single via Panic State Records.

This is the newest release of The Scandals since their split release with Jaguar Shark back in 2015.

TSOL on tour with The Scandals

TSOL and The Scandals have just embarked on a tour that started yesterday. At least, The Scandals have; TSOL joins the tour tomorrow. You can check out all of the dates below.

TSOL’s last release was 2009’s “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Free Downloads” and the Scandals’ last release was 2014’s “The Sound Of Your Stereo” which was recently put out on vinyl for the first time by Say-10 Records.

Full EP Stream: Sean Carney (The Scandals) – “Structure Sounds”

Photo credit – Jay Stone for Dying Scene

Brand new EP stream for your earholes this Hump Day evening. It’s for “Structure Sounds,” the latest release from Sean Carney, perhaps best known as bass player from New Jersey punk band The Scandals. Check out the EP right here. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order “Structure Sounds” in digital and cassette formats right here.

The Scandals just wrapped up a brief run in support of The Falcon; check out Dying Scene’s pictures of Sean and the fellas from night number one right here.


DS Photo Gallery: The Falcon, The Scandals, The Lippies and Trophy Lungs, Cambridge, MA (3/31/16)

It didn’t make it into the interview we published a little over a month or so ago, but when The Falcon frontman Brendan Kelly and I were chatting about his band’s then-anticipated run of US tour dates and yours truly mentioned that he would be at the Cambridge/Boston stop, the inimitable Kelly remarked in his inimitably tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek style: “that’s the first night of tour…that’s going to be the real dick-in-the-mud show!”

And so it was with those comically tempered expectations that the presently solidified  incarnation of the at times historically fluid four piece “supergroup” lineup (we’re allowed to call Brendan Kelly, Dan Andriano, Neil Hennessy and new recruit Dave Hause a supergroup, right? That meets the criteria?) strode to the stage of the upstairs room at the legendary Middle East club in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to begin their first run of non-Chicago shows. What followed, though, was a performance that was anything close to worthy of the “dick-in-the-mud” label that Kelly predicted.

Anchored by the criminally underrated backbone (can you use “anchor” and “backbone” in the same descriptor for a drummer or is that lazy? It’s lazy, right?) that is Neil Hennessy on drums, Kelly and his wingmen ripped through an impressively lengthy setlist (18-ish songs by this writer’s count) that covered all of the band’s releases, paying particularly close attention to the brand-spankin’-new Gather Up The Chaps (released March 18th on Red Scare Industries). There was a certain amount of depravity and comic relief, to be sure; it’s punk rock and it’s The Falcon after all, so not taking one’s self to seriously is written in to the job description. (One particularly comedic between-song exchange found Andriano mocking Hause’s customized denim jacket, to which Hause returned fire with a comment about taking fashion advice from a guy who dressed like a bat for fifteen years.) And though the music is occasionally designed to sound a bit like a multi-car pileup at freeway speeds, the sheer number of years of professional musicianship on stage kept the tempo up and the melodies tight and kept matters from hurling themselves too far into the abyss. It’s worth noting that watching The Falcon live, one could easily be fooled into thinking that the project had been doing this together for quite some time. It’s also worth noting that they seemed to be having enough fun that maybe, just maybe, the problem will remain a fairly regular project going forward. (Also, as a bit of a related aside, Hause, who has made a career out of crafting tight, catchy rhythms and personal, heartfelt lyrics absolutely shreds on guitar, applying layer after layer of tone and texture to the milieu; seriously…who knew?)

Direct support on the evening came by way of The Scandals, who, in spite of hailing from New Jersey, continually receive a hometown welcome in the greater Boston area. Jared Hart and his cronies (drummer Paulie Yaremko, for what it’s worth, is single-handedly this writer’s favorite drummer to photograph) wasted little time and energy with small talk and banter, however, and filled their half-hour-ish set with their group singalong-heavy brand of street punk. It really is genuinely impressive to watch a non-hometown band fill an opening slot at a sold out show with such a high level of uptempo audience participation (including a guest spot from Burning Streets’ Drew Juliano who took Hart’s guitar so the latter could launch himself into the audience himself).

Grand Rapids-based four-piece, and Falcon Red Scare labelmates The Lippies were second out of the gate on the evening. Led by frontwoman Tonia Broucek, the self-described feminist pop punk act served as a bit of a welcome change of pace on the evening, with a style that has drawn obvious comparisons to such influential bands like The Avengers and mid-90s riot grrrl acts like Bikini Kill. Sadly, for time reasons that were not of their own making, the band’s set got cut one song short at the last minute in unfortunate anticlimactic fashion.

Boston’s own Trophy Lungs kicked the evening off, and if you’re going to look for a Boston-area melodic punk band to kick off a show for a national touring act, you could do a hell of a lot worse than the now four-piece band (drummer Brendan Guerin and co-frontmen Kevin Bogart and Kelly McGuire are now joined by second guitarist Dave Isolender, playing only his second show with the band on this particular evening). It’s been fun to watch the buzz build for these dudes, who finally put out their debut full length, Day Jobs, toward the end of last year, and continue to garner positive acclaim, based in large part on their tight, high-energy live show.

Head below to check out our photo album from the legitimately memorable evening.


New Video: Jared Hart (The Scandals) – “Heads Or Tails”

As you should no doubt be aware by now, Jared Hart, frontman of Jersey-based street punk band The Scandals, put out his pretty stellar debut solo album, Past Lives + Pass Lines, late last year. Today, Hart debuted the first video from that very release. It’s for the track “Heads Or Tails,” and you can check it out below.

Past Lives + Pass Lines was released was released back in November on Say-10 Records. It’s pretty awesome; check it out here. You can also catch Jared pulling double duty on with Brian Fallon on an eastern US tour that kicks off tonight. Check out dates here.

Zero Holds announce east coast tour with Sean Carney from The Scandals

Massachusetts rockers Zero Holds have announced an east coast tour with Sean Carney from The Scandals. They’re calling it the “Beer Mugs and Bear Hugs Tour”.

They will be hitting a bunch of basement spaces and dive bars to promote the recent release of Zero Holds’ debut EP “The Struggle” and Sean’s special limited edition solo acoustic material.

It promises to be a good show so check out the dates below

Live Videos: Jared Hart (The Scandals) performs “Totem” and “Run Around”


Longtime The Scandals frontman Jared Hart recently branched out to the world of singer-songwriter with the release of his solo debut, “Past Lives + Pass Lines.” He recently sat down at New Jersey’s Audio Pilot Studio and performed a couple stripped down versions of his tracks “Totem” and “Run Around.” Check out the pretty stellar video that resulted below.

“Past Lives + Pass Lines” was released back in November on Say-10 Records. It’s pretty awesome; check it out here. You can also catch Jared pulling double duty on with Brian Fallon in March, both as opening act and as a member of Fallon’s band, The Crows. Dates are below the video.


Jared Hart (The Scandals) looks back and branches out on solo debut, “Past Lives + Pass Lines”

There comes a point in the life of many a songwriter where the pull to move outside the comfort and familiarity of their “day job” band becomes too strong to ignore. It seems increasingly as the music industry continues to change in the post-Napster era that we find ourselves in that this occurs now more than ever as working class artists, especially in the traditionally DIY corners of the scene, continue to try to eke out a consistent living in spite of ever-dwindling record sales.

The latest to throw his hat into the solo singer-songwriter ring is Jared Hart, frontman for long-running New Jersey street punk band The Scandals. Though the band’s output of recorded music has waned a bit in recent years for one reason or another, the band have kept busy on the road, finding themselves regular touring companions of their fellow New Jersey brethren in The Gaslight Anthem. The last several years have also found Hart taking to the solo act thing, lumping his acoustic guitar and some Scandals merch into a car and playing shows primarily across the Eastern half of the country. “That’s one of the most fun parts about the whole thing,” explains Hart, speaking specifically of a group of New Hampshire natives that made the trip to a recent Hart gig in Boston. “On one of my first acoustic tours, I played in their living room. There were maybe 30 or 40 kids there, and it was crazy. It was one of those experiences where you realize there’s no other way you’d be hanging out with these people unless you were on tour with your guitar in their fucking living room. I would have never been friends with them, let alone would they have heard my music, if I didn’t just grab an acoustic and hop in a car.”

While many of these were of the one-off or “long weekend tour” variety, Hart is presently in the midst of a nationwide tour opening for another Jersey rocker turned solo artist, My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero. The present tour kicked off at the above-mentioned Boston show on November 1st, with Hart taking the stage solo less than 24 hours after playing a rousing full-band Scandals show at FEST 14 in Gainesville. Cutting ones teeth in sweaty, dingy punk rock bars comprises a vastly different audience than playing for the MCR faithful, who continue to come out in droves and who still tend to trend younger and more evenly split along gender lines than one’s normal punk rock show. “It’s a different kind of crowd, and it’s been a different experience from the shows I’m used to playing, but it’s all positive,” says Hart.

While much of Hart’s solo live set is still peppered with time-tested Scandals staples (“Avalanche,” “Four Seventeen,” etc.), he’s touring now primarily in support of his forthcoming debut full length. Entitled “Past Lives & Pass Lines,) the album is culled from a  series of tracks written over the last several years that didn’t quite fit as Scandals tracks, but that were worthy of seeing the light of day nonetheless. “Every song on the record can kind of be related to a point in my life where something fucked up happened,” Hart explains.  What started as a couple songs recorded for a split 7-inch release turned into ten of the more personal songs from Hart’s songwriting catalog. “I didn’t want to have a downer song on a Scandals record, so I’d save them. And then I started pocketing them and pocketing them and pocketing them and all of a sudden I had all these songs…”

As more solo shows lined themselves up as the months continued, Hart found his stockpile of songs not only growing, but trending in a particular direction allowing closure for some of the above-mentioned “fucked up” events. The songs, says Hart, are “kind of bookmarks. I think that as things happened and progressed and things happened, I realized there’s a common theme with all of them. They were very cathartic to write in the sense of “I’m saying this, I have this point in time, and I can put this here and leave it here.” Though some of the tracks date back to 2010, thematically, they began to “lump together as a whole and become an entity together instead of just one song.”

If you’re worried “Past Lives & Pass Lines” finds Hart wandering down the road-more-traveled that is typical for the punk-frontman-goes-solo set, fret not. While certainly centered around the acoustic, there’s more than enough experimentation to keep things sounding newer and different.  “My buddy Frank (Marra, the album’s producer) was super experimental,” explains Hart. “From day one, he said “I want to get weird on this. I want to throw some stuff out there.”  So we just did that and we’d layer it and look at each other when it sounded bad and delete it right away!”

It can be a bit of a tenuous decision to announce to one’s bandmates that you’re going to put out an album of material that doesn’t include them. A great many people who’ve come before opted for the solo direction when things had blown up, or just dried up, with the bands that they cut their teeth with.  Luckily for Hart, and for fans and friends of The Scandals, things are presently all good on both fronts. “They’ve seen me working on this for a year-and-a-half and they’ve been super supportive. So there wasn’t a need for a sitdown where I had to break to them that I was putting (The Scandals) on hold. So I’m lucky in that sense. They’ve all been pretty stoked about it,” says Hart with a sense of relief and happiness in his voice. “So if the Scandals can do six months and I can do six months, it’s perfect. If the Scandals can do ten months and I can do two months with this, that’s great!”

More than a decade into plowing ahead a decision to make a living as a working musician, Hart continues to be about as busy as he’s ever been, a sign that a long-shot gamble might become closer to paying off. The EP that The Scandals recorded with Brian Fallon close to a year ago is finally, hopefully, about to see the light of day early next year, which will hopefully parlay into another Scandals full-length. In the mix, hopefully, will be solo and full-band trips across the pond. “The Scandals and the solo thing definitely have to get out there,” says Hart hopefully. “I have some friends that are going to be releasing the solo record over there, so that’s big on the radar right now, trying to plan the year around that, because those are big chunks of time. Hopefully it’s another busy one; that’s all I’m asking for!”

Past Lives & Pass Lines is due out November 27th on Say-10 Records. Pre-orders are available here. In the meantime, you can stream the album here, and read our full conversation below.

Jared Hart (The Scandals) announces solo debut, “Past Lives and Passed Lines”

Jared Hart, perhaps best known for his role as frontman for New Jersey punk act The Scandals, has been doing the solo act thing at live venues for quite some time now, and he’s finally announced plans for a solo album of his very own.

The release is entitled “Past Lives and Passed Lines,” and it’s due out for release next month. Hart posted a fairly brief teaser video to his solo act’s Facebook page; check it out here, and stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.