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Warped Tour announces SEVEN more bands to 2015 lineup (Koo Koo Kanga Roo, Transit and more)

It’s Wednesday evening again, and you know what that means, kiddos…it’s Warped Tour announcement day!

Today’s announcement brings with it notice of not two, not five, but SEVEN more bands. Without further ado…please hold your applause until all names have been mentioned…they are: Koo Koo Kanga Roo, Transit, Black Veil Brides, Metro Station, Night Riots, and Juliet Simms! Check out the full rundown of bands below…and get stoked for the potential collaborations that could result from having Kosha Dillz, Riff Raff, Koo Koo Kanga Roo and Black Veil Brides on the same lineup!

Tickets for Warped Tour 2015 went on sale last month (December 12th). Get yours online here. The 2015 Warped Tour kicks off June 17th in Anchorage, Alaska, and runs through August 8th in Auburn, Washington.

Black Veil Brides frontman rips heckler a new one

During a recent performance on the Van’s Warped Tour, Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Biersack took some time after a song to deliver some words to a heckler in the crowd. While the hecker’s words are unheard, judging by Biersack’s response we can assume that it wasn’t very pleasant.

You can watch Biersack’s response right here.

Black Veil Brides released their third album, Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones,  in January 2013 via Lava Records.

Black Veil Brides announce art exhibit

Black Veil Brides has announced that Exhibit A Gallery in Los Angeles will be housing “Revelation In Black” which will feature an art exhibit dedicated to the band. Artwork by vocalist Andy Biersack will be showcased as well.

You can check out a flyer for the event here.

Black Veil Brides releasing “Rebels” EP

Looks like Black Veil Brides will be releasing a brand new EP titled “Rebels” sometime next month.  Not much more info has been released but according to this “teaser” video one of the songs will be titled “Coffin” and it was supposed to be the 13th track on the band’s last album “Set The World On Fire.”

The band released “Set The World On Fire” on June 14th via Lava Records.

Music Video: Black Veil Brides – “Rebel Love Song”

Black Veil Brides have posted an interesting music video for their song “Rebel Love Song,” off their latest release, “Set The World On Fire.”

Check it out here.

“Set The World On Fire” was released on June 14th via Lava Records.

Tours: Falling in Reverse to tour with Black Veil Brides

New Epitaph signees Falling in Reverse are set to hit the road with Black Veil Brides at the conclusion of a run with For All Those Sleeping and Eyes Set to Kill. The dates with Black Veil Brides start November 10th, and you can check the dates here.

Falling in Reverse’s debut “The Drug in Me is You” came out this year via Epitaph, while the Black Veil Brides’ latest, “Set the World on Fire”, came out in June via Universal.

Cover Art Battle (July 26th): Heartsounds, Black Veil Brides, Bomb The Music Industry, more… VOTE!!


Remember when buying an album meant something more than adding a dozen audio files to an already endless collection of impersonal mp3s? It was a time when liner notes actually got read and there was something really special about the art that graced an album’s cover. Today, in an industry dominated by iTunes and Pandora, it seems the cover art of an album is getting a little under-appreciated.

Well, we here at Dying Scene aren’t letting the art form die off so easily. Whether bizarre, beautiful, thought provoking, or hilarious, each Tuesday we will present the most interesting album covers of the week and let you readers vote on which one you think should win “Best Cover Art of the Week!”

Check out the offerings for the week of July 26th right here and get voting!

Music video: Black Veil Brides- “Fallen Angels”

Click here to watch the new Black Veil Brides video for their song “Fallen Angels.” The song will appear on the band’s upcoming album “Set The World On Fire,” due out June 14th via Lava Records.

The band will be appearing on the 2011 Warped Tour. For their full list of dates, click here.

DS Exclusive: Mike McColgan (Street Dogs) comments on snubbing allegations made by Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides)

A couple days ago Black Veil Brides front-man, Andy Biersack, did a video interview with BlankTV in which he tells a story about being snubbed by singer Mike McColgan of Street Dogs.  Biersack, who claims to be a huge Street Dogs fan, doesn’t get specific but insinuates that McColgan was less than friendly when Andy met him after a Social Distortion show back in 2005.  In response to these snubbing allegations, McColgan issued the following statement exclusively to Dying Scene.

“Andy seems like a nice enough guy and it appears that Spielman [BlankTV host doing the interview] led him down the primrose path and had him concoct some false story about me snubbing him. It was hilarious as well when Andy said he waited in line to meet me back in 2005 when we were the opening band for Social Distortion. There were no lines to meet me or anyone else in Street Dogs on that tour! With the exception of a few Murphys fans here and there no one knew who we were! My message to Andy is simple: pick your friends better and don’t operate in this business with snake oil salesmen!”

You can watch the original BlankTV interview with Andy Biersack right here (jump to minute 6:05 for part about McColgan).

Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides) talks getting snubbed by Mike McColgan (Street Dogs)

In another candid interview with BlankTV Andy Biersack (formerly Andy Sixx) of Black Veil Brides answers a bunch of random questions from fans and also talks about how Mike McColgan of Street Dogs hurt his feelings when he went to see them as a kid (Andy is a huge Street Dogs fan).  Check out the entire interview here.

Black Veil Brides recently signed to Universal Records and will release their upcoming album, “Set The World On Fire,” June 14, 2011.



Less Than Jake + more added to Warped Tour

Vans Warped Tour has announced the addition of Less Than Jake, We’re Doomed, Ionia, So Long Arletta, Planet Smashers, Electric Touch, Motionless In White, Tess Dunn, and Black Veil Brides.

VersaEmerge and Black Veil Brides on tour this Spring

Florida based rockers VersaEmerge will join Black Veil Brides, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, I See Stars, and Conditions on the 2011 AP Spring Tour.  Running from March 18th to May 6th, you can find out when the action hits your town on the official tour page.

VersaEmerge last released “Fixed At Zero” June 22nd, 2010 on Fueled By Ramen Records.  Black Veil Brides released “We Stitch These Wounds” on Standby Records last year as well.

Video: Andy Six (Black Veil Brides) answers random questions from fans

Andy Six, vocalist for Los Angeles metal act Black Veil Brides, recently sat down in all his stage makeup glory to talk with BlankTV about dreams, stage makeup, being bullied, gay marriage, fans, punk rock shows, influences, horror films, selling out, and what his stripper name would be.

Check it out here.

The band released their album “We Stitch These Wounds” last summer on Standby Records.



Black Veil Brides announce headlining “Entertainment Or Death” tour dates

Los Angeles metal act Black Veil Brides have announced the dates for their headlining “Entertainment Or Death” tour with William Control and Motionless In White. The month-long tour will see the band hit up most of the country, so click here to check out the full dates.

If you’re not yet familiar with the band, you can check out a few songs on their MySpace Page.Their upcoming debut album We Stitch These Wounds was released July 20th on Standby Records.

Music video: Black Veil Brides – “Perfect Weapon” off upcoming debut album “We Stitch These Wounds”

Los Angeles metal act Black Veil Brides have released the music video for the song Perfect Weapon, the first off of their upcoming debut album We Stitch These Wounds. You can watch here. The album is set to drop July 20th on Standby Records.

If you’re not yet familiar with the band, you can check out a few songs on their MySpace Page. The band is hitting the road this summer, hitting up the entire country and even Canada. The tour starts July 2nd in San Diego and ends August 15th in Los Angeles. You can check the rest of the tour dates here.