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Bandit Blotter: Days N Daze’s Whitney Flynn on the DIY struggles of losing everything

When a band goes on tour, there’s the potential to see humanity at its greatest. Whether the venues are massive stadiums or tiny basements, there’s the chance to witness people basking in their shared, undying love of music. Unfortunately, there’s also the potential for some rat-bastard to screw everything up. When that happens, there’s nothing left to do but to pick up the pieces, take stock of what went missing, and try to learn some lessons for next time.

Today, on the highly awaited, second installment of Bandit Blotter, I had a chance to talk with Whitney Flynn, Trumpeter and Vocalist of the Houston folk-punk outfit Days N Daze. After a bit of back and fourth, she managed to take time out to talk about their terrible experiences in Cheyenne, as well as their new GoFundMe campaign that will not only let them recover, but break ground in a whole new continent. You can read the interview below, and if you want to help out, check out their GoFundMe here.

Album Review: Night Gaunts – “Conversations With Creation”

I’ve always found the Night Guants’ particular sound a little hard to settle to. On the one hand, I always love it when a band takes ska and tries to do something new it; Skacore was a genre that absolutely killed it this past year. At the same time, even if you’re fairly accustomed to Ska at its kitschiest, Night Gaunts can be a little overwhelming. I remember once trying to listening to “Love, Life & The Devil,” and the whole experience felt like someone had just slipped me Ecstasy before shoving me into the Circus casino from Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas. The band’s style is just so overly-hyperactive, that it wasn’t until I heard their cover of the Dayz n Daze song “Post Party Depression” that I started to understand their rather unique approach to their genre. I think the problem I had with their previous albums is that they were taking so many different musical styles- punk, rap, ska, sing-a-long pop- and trying to compress them into a single, eclectic unit. In contrast, Conversation With Creation mostly works because it has the patience to experiment with different combinations. Sometimes it’s focused more on punk and rap, other times it’s using dub influences to create something that’s borderline pop, but the end result is definitely something unique.

The album definitely gets off to a weird start with the super sugary and psychedelic tune “Tripping In The Basement” which, while fun at first, definitely overstays its welcome by replaying a lot of the same guitar riffs and electronic loops, and isn’t really helped by just how unintelligibly fast and distorted Paul’s rapping is. But what’s strange, is that this song is followed by “Welcome To The Show”, which begins with a squeakily voiced Paul welcoming listener to the new album. With this track, the tempo’s a lot slower, which eases the listener into the band’s weirdly charming idiosyncrasies such as the electronic instruments, the reggae rhetoric, and the general noisy clutter of their whole sound. I can’t for the life of me figure out why this track didn’t come first, especially seeing as so little of “Tripping In The Basement” sticks with you, aside from the overly repetitive chorus.

It’s with “8 Dollars” that things really pick up. There’s something hypnotic about just how much is going on within the song, with separate riffs on the guitar, bass, and keyboards, along with furious drumming and Paul’s fast, high-pitched rapping. It would be overwhelming if it didn’t have a funky consistent rhythm that grounds the song to a certain level of consistency. That said, at three and a half minutes, it does run a bit too long. From there, you’ve got “Apple Tree”, which definitely takes things in more of a pop direction, placing greater emphasis on a slow, peppy chorus that you can sing-a-long too. What’s interesting, is that while the melody and singing give the song an upbeat tone, the lyrics actually skirt around issues of death and failure in an endearingly intelligent and optimistic way.

From there, we move onto “We Are Not Afraid (We’re Terrified),” which is the definite highlight of the album. The flow of the rapping weaves in with the bass and guitar perfectly, meanwhile the electronic input is reigned in, just jumping in every now and then to add some pop to the rhythm. I’d also say that the guitar playing is at its strongest here, as the other instruments know when to reign it in and give the guitar solos the attention they deserve. Combine all this with a genuinely endearing lyrics of love, and you’ve got a winner.

Unfortunately, none of the songs that follow have the same impact, as a lot of the melodies just feel too similar. The electronic opening of “Nights & Daze” sounds just like “Tripping In The Basement”, likewise “W.A.S.P.S” has almost the exact same steady guitar driven rhythm as “Sunday,” its successor. These are all good songs that share the band’s trademark endearingly hyperactive positive energy, but they’re just too homogenized to leave a mark. The one exception to this being “Coaster,” which really drags things out to a slower, swampy tempo, incorporating moody horns and dreamily swinging guitar riffs to perfectly encapsulate the feeling of stumbling home drunk on a 4 a.m.

“Blink,” the final track, is simultaneously a nice farewell of the album, and an indictment of some of the longer running problems. The song starts out entirely electronic-free, with just some sweet shredding guitar riffs, before switching to a slower tempo, then suddenly adapting an entirely new rhythm. All of these moments work well, but the song’s ever-changing pace is just hard to keep up with. What’s ironic is that even though things keep switching up, these moments of transition also feel cloned from other moments within the album. It’s as if, to keep trying to bridge the gap of the same sub-genres, the songs find themselves treading the same paths to get to the repeated destinations.

Ultimately, this is one of those albums that works best in small doses. All the songs range from pretty-good to fantastic, but only in isolation. Listening to too many is like shoving a whole handful of Skittles into your mouth at once; it all just devolves into something indefinably sickly sweet.

3.5 / 5

Night Gaunts stream new album “Conversations With Creation”

New Zealand’s ska-punk/hip-hop band Night Gaunts released a new album today. “Conversations With Creation” is a 12-track, high energy album that makes standing still while you listen impossible. In fact, I was dancing around to it right before I wrote this. You can check it out below and if you like it, pick up a download for 8 bucks on Night Gaunts’ bandcamp page.

Night Gaunts’ last release was a split with folk punk act Days N Daze back in April.

It’s time for a new episode of Dying Scene Radio! This week’s guest: fun-punk New Zealanders – Night Gaunts

This week on Dying Scene RadioBob Noxious and Bobby Pickles are back after a one-week hiatus – so that Bob could comfortably celebrate his Cinco de Mayo birthday, while hosting a cordial Mother’s Day for his fifteen baby-mamas, as proclaimed (and miscounted) by Bobby. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Night Gaunts – ska/hip-hop/fun-punk prodigies from AucklandNew Zealand. The two Bobs interview guitarist/lead singer/OCD-engineer-producer Paul Jonassen via the internet from a conference room sixteen hours into the future. Episode 15’s recurring theme: Shameless Plugging.


Night Gaunts and Days N Daze stream split EP

New Zealand’s ska-punk/hip-hop band Night Gaunts are streaming their split with folk punk act Days N Daze.

You can give it a listen below.

Days N Daze’s last full length was Rogue Taxidermy, which was released last August and can be found here.

Music Video: Night Gaunts – “8 Dollars”

New Zealand’s ska-punk/hip-hop band Night Gaunts have released a music video for their song “8 Dollars.” You can check it out below.

The band recently finished recording their new full-length album, which we’ll keep you posted on as details come to light.

Discover new up and coming punk and skacore acts on “D.I.Y. In The Summertime” compilation

I started Dying Scene because I love discovering new punk music, which is why I love seeing comps like “D.I.Y. In The Summertime” being released.  It’s full of a ton of punk, hardcore and skacore bands I’ve never heard of.  A lot of them are terrible, I won’t lie, BUT there are definitely a few gems on this release, so if you’re one of those fringe diggers who get a thrill out of new band discoveries I recommend you give it a listen below.  Especially if you like bands like Leftover Crack.

Oh, and this comp was released for a good cause too.  It benefits the Manchester Hun Sabs. Association who fight back against the fox hunters in Manchester who are hunting illegally. All proceeds from the album will go to them.

Watch: Night Gaunts release video of their 2013 US tour

New Zealand’s ska-punk/hip-hop band Night Gaunts recently released video footage of their 2013 U.S. tour, featuring their song “Money Money Money.”  Check it out below.

The band is currently working on a new album.

Night Gaunts release album teaser

New Zealand’s ska-punk/hip-hop band Night Gaunts have a new album in the works, and they have released another sneak preview video called “Coaster.”

You can watch it below.

The album will be released later this year.

Night Gaunts (ska) release new “Trippin’ In The Basement” album teaser video

New Zealand’s ska-punk/hip-hop band Night Gaunts have a new album in the works, and they have released another sneak preview video called “Trippin’ In The Basement.”  Check it out below and look for the album towards the end of 2014.

You can watch the group’s first teaser video “Nights and Daze” here.

Night Gaunt post new teaser trailer for new album

New Zealand’s Night Gaunts have posted a second teaser trailer for their album due out at the end of the year. You can check out the video below.

If you need to listen to some Night Gaunts to hold you over until then, you can listen to their entire discography for free from their Bandcamp page, but feel free to throw a few bucks their way.

Night Gaunts (ska) releases teaser video for new album

New Zealand’s ska-punk/hip-hop band Night Gaunts have a new album in the works, and they recently released a sneak preview of what you can expect.  Check out the video below, and look for the album towards the end of 2014.

Night Gaunts sat down for an interview a few months ago, and you can check that out by clicking here.

Video Interview: Night Gaunts discuss their upcoming album, touring, the band’s name, and more

New Zealand ska-punk/hip-hop act Night Gaunts recently sat down with an interviewer from “Music Nation” to discuss their upcoming album, touring, the origin of the band’s name, and more.

You can check out the interview below.

Night Gaunts are set to release their new album in May. In the meantime, you listen to/download their entire discography for free from their Bandcamp page, but feel free to throw a few bucks their way.

Night Gaunts announce US tour dates, post Indie GoGo fundraiser for new album

New Zealand ska-punk outfit Night Gaunts have just announced a string of US tour dates for this summer. The band has also posted an Indie GoGo fundraiser page to help cover funds for their upcoming tour, a new album and merch.

You can check out the tour dates here, as well as the Indie GoGo fundraiser here. If you can donate, please do so. The band is also looking for help with booking some dates, so if you or anyone you know has a connection, please email the band at [email protected]

Full Album Stream: Night Gaunts – “Full Body Tourettes (Pt.2)”

The New Zealand ska-core act, Night Gaunts, have posted their brand new album up for your streaming pleasure and is also offering it as a free download. You can listen to the album, titled ” Full Body Tourettes (Pt.2)”, over here. The free download link appears to be down at the moment but we’ll update the story when the link is up and running again.