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Riverboat Gamblers release music video for “Massive Fraud”

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have released a music video for their song “Massive Fraud,” which is the 3rd installment in their 2016 singles series. You can check it out below.

Each installment in the band’s singles series is being released through End Sounds. “Massive Fraud” is available on 7″ and cassette here.

Riverboat Gamblers stream “Massive Fraud”

Riverboat Gamblers have returned with a track called “Massive Fraud.” Also included was a b-side cover of “Hate The Police” by the Dicks. The tracks premiered on Noisey with an interview of Mike Wiebe that you can check here. The tracks, as always, are below.

Riverboat Gamblers’ last release was the “Time to Let Her Go”/”I Wanna Destroy You” single in 2015.

Riverboat Gamblers announce new single “Massive Fraud”

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have announced the release of the band’s next single “Massive Fraud” on Friday, June 24, 2016 as part of their single series on End Sounds. The band (who appear in Richard Linklater‘s movie Everybody Wants Some) recorded “Massive Fraud” before singer Mike Wiebe suffered a collapsed lung and broken ribs at the band’s March, 18th SXSW 2016 show. You can help Mike pay his medical bills through GoFundMe here.

You can pre-order the single here.

Riverboat Gamblers released their latest album, The Wolf You Feed, in 2012 through Volcom Entertainment.

Video: Riverboat Gamblers frontman punctures lung and breaks ribs after crowd fails to catch his “trust fall”

Mike Wiebe, singer of the Texas native punk band Riverboat Gamblers, attempted a “trust fall” at the band’s recent SXSW performance. Unfortunately things didn’t work out (seriously no one caught him). Wiebe suffered from broken ribs and a collapsed lung. This of course didn’t stop the singer. He finished the rest of the set before making a trip to the hospital. All future shows have been cancelled but the band will resume playing once the singer is healed.

A video of the incident can be seen below.

Riverboat Gamblers stream Soft Boys cover “I Wanna Destroy You”

Riverboat Gamblers just released their cover of the Soft Boys “I Wanna Destroy You” which is the B-side of their upcoming single “Time To Let Her Go.” You can stream the song here.

The single is the first in a series the band will be releasing over the next year on End Sounds. You can pick up the single here.

Riverboat Gamblers released their last album The Wolf You Feed via Xtra Miles Recordings


Riverboat Gamblers stream new song “Time to Let Her Go”

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have released a new single titled “Time to Let Her Go.” The song will not appear on a new album (at least that’s not the plan right now), but will be on an upcoming two-track single on End Sounds, featuring a cover of “I Wanna Destroy You” by the Soft Boys as the B-side. The single will be available digitally, and on cassette and vinyl. You can pre-order it here.

The band has also updated their upcoming tour schedule. You can listen to the song here and see the tour dates and locations below.

Riverboat Gamblers released their latest album, The Wolf You Feed, in 2012 through Volcom Entertainment.

Riverboat Gamblers announce west coast tour dates

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have announced west coast tour dates.

You check them out below.

Riverboat Gamblers released their latest album “The Wolf You Feed” in 2012 through Volcom Entertainment.

Drakulas (ft. members of Rise Against & Riverboat Gamblers) announce debut EP

Drakulas, a new band out of Austin, TX featuring members of Riverboat Gamblers and Rise Against, have announced their debut 7-inch OWOWOWOWOWOWOW. The record is due out on May 12th (digital), and June 30th (physical) through Red Scare.

Check out the tracklist below, and head over here to get your pre-orders in!

Red Scare Industries announce new signings Success, The Drakulas, plan 2015 releases

Looks like 2015 is shaping up to be a busy one for the Red Scare Industries family!

Toby Jeg and the crew announced a couple new signings today. First and foremost is Seattle-based punk rock outfit Success, who recently wrapped recording on a brand-new full length entitled “Radio Recovery.” While no firm release date is available, “Radio Recovery” is due out sometime next Spring, and serves as a follow-up to Success’s March 2014 release, “Life On The Rocks.”

Next up is The Drakulas, the Texas-based project featuring at least two members of Riverboat Gamblers and at least one member of a little band called Rise Against. The Drakulas will have their debut Red Scare four-song EP due out early next year as well.

In addition to those announcements, Red Scare announced plans for new releases from The Brokedowns, Nothington, Elway, Sam Russo and maybe even The Falcon(!!!) in the coming year. Stay tuned!

Seattle punk rockers Success

Riverboat Gamblers release 2-track vinyl

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have just announced that they will be releasing a 7″ vinyl with two tracks, “Dead Roach” and a cover of “Sound on Sound” by The Big Boys. Only 500 copies are available in total, although this is only the first offering in a series of 7″ releases which the band promises to release via End Sound. You can snag a copy here.

Riverboat Gamblers released their latest album The Wolf You Feed last May through Volcom Entertainment.

Riverboat Gamblers premiere music video for “Gallows Bird”

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have premiered the music video for their song “Gallows Bird.”

You can watch it below.

Riverboat Gamblers released their latest album “The Wolf You Feed” last May through Volcom Entertainment.

DS Show Review and Photo Gallery: Altercation Punk Rock BBQ 2014 in Austin, TX (3/15/14)

The Postal creed states that “Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Gloom Of Night” will keep the Postal Service from doing their job. Well I don’t know how true that is… but I do know the people of Altercation Records must stick to the same creed, because the rain that hit Austin, Texas last Saturday didn’t seem to slow down their annual ALTERCATION PUNK ROCK BBQ one bit. Nor did it keep some 600 punks from showing up to watch a dozen or so kick ass bands bring the punk to possibly the most celebrated outlaw punk rock showcase in Austin during SXSW.

Every year the Punk Rock BBQ impresses me and this year was no exception. Free admission for all ages, free beer and free food (while it lasts) coupled with stellar performances by amazing bands is an awesome recipe for a great afternoon, and the folks at Altercation Records know how to throw a party.

This years line up started with an affectionate punch in the face by DC Hardcore band Walk the Plank who were followed by The Grizzly Band out of Houston TX who do a country laced punk thing that is top notch, keep an eye out for this band as I expect you will be hearing of them again sometime in the future. Next on the bill was another Texas band out of Corpus Christi, The Avenue Rockers, who got the BBQ rocking with a Punk/Ska set that was undeniably fun, then came a rather surprising set by a new band called The Obvious who at first appeared to me to get ready to do some sort of Indy/Hipster stuff, but about halfway through their first song the front gal Angie Sugrim ripped into a fit of rage and I could tell why they were part of this line up (note: never judge a book by it’s cover or it’s pretty front woman in a polka dot dress)…Next to take the stage was an all out Country band called The Beaumonts complete with heavily embroidered cowboy outfits and big hats, these boy’s did traditional country music, the twist was the lyrics, with words like “If You Don’t Love Jesus You’re Fucked” and “Let’s Fuck Until Something Better Comes Along” they also fit the bill for this day of punk mayhem.

One of my favorite acts who I fell in love with two years ago at this very same event American Pinup returned to deliver up some of their Punk/Ska/Rockbilly tinged songs and were absolutely wonderful. After American Pinup came a high energy punk & roll act called The Sharp Lads out of Brooklyn NY who shook the place with their set and brought the energy level almost to peak when New Red Scare took the stage and front man Billy Gwynn worked the crowd in to a fevered frenzy with his on & off stage antics. Next up was probably the most intense band I have ever seen, the Svetlanas a punk/hardcore band out of Russia whose front woman Olga mesmerized the crowd with her deadpan stare that could cut through a Sherman tank like a hot knife through butter. This amazing band was followed by Fishbone‘s Angelo Moore’s new band The Brand New Step, who combined a fun reggae based set with Moore’s theatrics, forcing the crowd to dance with abandon. Rising star pop punkers, Lost in Society delivered an absolutely awesome set raising the bar for the last band of the day The Riverboat Gamblers who most certainly rose to the occasion. Bringing yet another amazing set to this already amazing show, and finishing up the BBQ like the cherry on top of the most tasty punk rock Sunday you ever tasted.

Big thanks to the Altercation crew for putting together one of my favorite shows of the year, and the best punk show at SXSW bar none, for the free beer and for the new bands…Where do you find them? Can’t wait till next year! Check out our photo gallery below.

Riverboat Gamblers, Lost In Society, and American Pinup added to Altercation Punk Rock BBQ

Our friends at Altercation Records have just announced that three more bands will be attending this years Altercation Punk Rock BBQ to be held on March 15th in Austin Texas and those bands are:

Texas’ own Riverboat Gamblers, New Jersey’s Lost in Society, and New York’s American Pinup…The Altercation Punk Rock BBQ now in it’s 4th year has become the must attend event for all fans of punk & roll during the SXSW music conference…admission as always is free for all ages.

Doors are at 12 Noon at The Vortex in Austin TX…for more info go to the official website.

Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers) talks about comedy, his new band with Zach Blair (Rise Against) and more

Mike Wiebe of Riverboat Gamblers was recently interviewed on the “Going Off The Track” podcast. During the interview he discussed comedy, Riverboat Gamblers, his new band with guitarist Zach Blair of Rise Against and much more.

You can listen to the full interview right here.

Riverboat Gamblers released their latest album “The Wolf You Feed” last May through Volcom Entertainment.

Riverboat Gamblers announce 2014 European tour

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers will be hitting the road for a lengthy European tour early next year. Select dates will also feature support from Austria’s The Forum Walters.

Details on when and where the band will be playing can be found below.

Riverboat Gamblers released their latest album “The Wolf You Feed” last May through Volcom Entertainment.