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Bankrupt (Punk Rock, Hungary) release video for “Green Light, Blue Lambo”

Hungary’s Bankrupt (FFO Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder and Mean Jeans) have released a music video for their song “Green Light, Blue Lambo”.
The track, which was recently released, is also available on Bandcamp and Spotify and follows their “welcome to 2019” track “Happy New Year”. Check out the video using the player below.

Bankrupt (punk rock) release second end of year song ‘Green, Light Lambo’

Hungarian band Bankrupt have released a new song ‘Green Light, Lambo’. Earlier in December, this site posted about their song ‘Happy New Year’ for which they have now released a video.

Check out the new song and the video below.

Bankrupt (punk) streaming brilliant new holiday tune “Happy New Year”

Hungarian punks Bankrupt are streaming a delightfully punk rock holiday song “Happy New Year”. Nothing gets me into the holiday spirit more than a great original holiday tune. Bankrupt doesn’t disappoint with “Happy New Year”, it’s delightfully angry yet cheerful and full of spirit, regardless of its tone.

Enough yule tide cheer, check out the song for yourself below.

This is the first new music from the Hungarian punks since Paranoia, Panic, Propaganda was released in October. 

Bankrupt (punk) release video for “Need Your Brain”

Budapest punk rock act Bankrupt have released a video for their new song “Need Your Brain”. The video which is clearly in season, features a mash-up of some horror films.

Check out the all new video below.

This is the first new music from Bankrupt since they released “Christmas is Cancelled” in November of last year. If you’re a fan of The Ramones or The Manges these guys are for you.

Bankrupt (old school punk) release video for “Christmas is Canceled”

Budapest based punk act Bankrupt have just released a new video for their track “Christmas is Canceled” in light of the ever approaching holidays which are coming whether or not you want to think about it.

Check out the video below.

Bankrupt (old school punk, Hungary) Stream “Christmas is Canceled”

Budapest-based Bankrupt are allowing fans to stream their latest single for free. Entitled “Christmas is Canceled” (typo theirs), it should excite all fans of that classic Ramones-esque pop punk sound, as well as anyone dreading the festive season.

The single is the first music from the band since they released their track “Sid and Nancy Do NYC” in August. Fans can check out “Christmas is Canceled” below.

Budapest’s Bankrupt release new single and lyric video for “Sid and Nancy Do NYC”

Hungarian old-school pop-punks Bankrupt have released “Sid and Nancy Do NYC” and its lyric video. If you’re a fan of the Ramones, Teenage Bottlerocket, the Manges, or Sid Vicious, this is for you.

You can grab the song for a buck at bandcamp, and stream it and the video below!

Bankrupt streaming new single “Creepy Stalker”

Hungarian punks Bankrupt are streaming the new single “Creepy Stalker”. It’s the bands third new single this year, and has fans looking forward to the first new full length release since 2016.

You can give the new song a listen below.

Bankrupt release new video “Tronald Dump”

Hungarian pop-punks Bankrupt have a released a new video. Hot on the heels of last week’s “Tony Montana“, they have released the ska tune “Tronald Dump”. You can probably guess the tone of the video.

You can watch the video below.

Bankrupt release lyric video for “Tony Montana”

Budapest old-school pop punkers Bankrupt have released a lyric video for their new single “Tony Montana.”

You can check it out below.

Bankrupt last released Outsiders in March, 2016.

Bankrupt release music video for “Birthday”

Once again Budapest old-school pop punkers Bankrupt are combining pop-punk with well endowed bikini clad females to convince you to watch their most recent music video. This one is for the track “Birthday” and you can check it out below.

“Birthday” appears on the band’s most recent album “Outsiders” released in March.

Bankrupt (pop-punk) release music video for “Fifteen Minutes”

Budapest oldschool pop punkers Bankrupt have released a video for “Fifteen Minutes” off their brand new album “Outsiders”.

The video takes the piss out of talent shows by mixing vintage footage from the Gong Show and Russ Meyer movies.

Check it out and stream “Outsiders” in its entirety below.

Bankrupt (pop-punk) release music video for “Party Capital”

Hungarian pop-punks Bankrupt have released a music video for their song “Party Capital”. It’s pretty much a compilation of pictures of outrageous party moments, you can check it out below.

The song is a single but if you want to more you can watch their recently released video for “Gone to Bangalore” here.

Music Video: Bankrupt – “Gone to Bangalore”

Hungarian pop-punkers Bankrupt have premiered a music video for a song called “Gone to Bangalore”. You can watch the video below.

“Gone to Bangalore” is one of the five songs that Bankrupt released separately this year, the others being “The Legend of Lee Martin“, “Disco Apocalypse“, “Diamond Blonde” and “Bipolar Bear“.

Bankrupt post music video for “Bipolar Bear” full of cute polar bears and gorgeous women

Hungarian pop-punkers Bankrupt know how to create a watchable music video. The trio has just premiered a new one for their song “Bipolar Bear” and it 100% doesn’t matter if you like their music because if you like cuddly polar bears or well-endowed females running in slow motion you’re going to stayed glued to your screen from the moment you hit play.

See what we mean below.