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Former Members of Dag Nasty form new group Field Day

Peter Cortner and Doug Carrion performed on Dag Nasty’s iconic recordings Wig Out at Denko’s and Field Day and played some 300 shows with the band in the late 80’s.  The guys wanted fans to be able to hear these classic songs live as much as possible, but due to scheduling and geographic conflicts, this was becoming much harder than everyone would have liked.  After a conversation with Brian Baker, it was decided that Doug and Peter would forge ahead under the name Field Day along with Mark Phillips from Down By Law.

The group has announced that they plan play a select number of East Coast and West Coast shows in late August 2019, and they will also be releasing new music in 2020.  We will be sure to keep you all updated once those dates have been announced, as well as any new music that comes from the group.

Dag Nasty announce Northeast shows

Washington DC punk veterans Dag Nasty will be playing 4 Northeast shows in late December. All 4 shows will see the band joined by Loud Boyz, and the first 2 will also feature Iron Reagan.

Check out the dates and locations below to see if they’re stopping near you.

Having reunited in late 2015, Dag Nasty released a new 7″ titled Cold Heart earlier this year through Dischord Records. It’s the band’s first new music since their 2002 LP Minority of One.

Punk Rock Bowling Festival: Day Three – Flogging Molly, Face To Face, Dag Nasty, Strung Out, Off With Their Heads, Giuda, Louise Distras, Sic Waiting, Rayner

Partying ’til the wee hours had apparently caught up with everyone on Day Three as the early afternoon kicked off to lightly attended Punk Rock Pool Parties and pre-fest shows all around Downtown Las Vegas. Hell, most folks didn’t show up to the festival proper until closer to 4pm, well after the opening acts had completed their sets. Some of our staffers were also moving a little slow that morning as well. Luckily they made it in time to cover almost all of the acts. Check out our coverage of the third and final day of Punk Rock Bowling 2016 below!

A first timer’s impressions of Punk Rock Bowling 2016

Punk Rock Bowling came and went this Memorial Day weekend in a sun-seared flash and for the first time, I was burning with it. I dragged my pretty green eyes out of the pretty green city I call home and took my first step to a weekend of firsts. First fest, first plane trip, first time in Vegas.

This won’t be a thorough recount of setlists. I don’t know enough of every band’s catalog to make that happen. This is intended as a way to capture what Punk Rock Bowling is, for those of us who haven’t themselves to first yet. This is about the experience, because the experience transcends a festival lineup.

You can read the tale of my first trip to Punk Rock Bowling in its entirety below.

Musings and stuff to watch for at Punk Rock Bowling

Two of our Scenesters are going to Punk Rock Bowling this year with big plans to lose some hearing and party till Memorial Day is yesterday. As one would suspect, they are pretty stoked. We had them write out what they were looking forward to this year to share with you the excitement and spectacle of one of punk rock’s biggest fests. If you plan on going yourself, or just want to gaze longingly from afar, here are some thoughts, musings, hopes, and dreams from our two Vegas-bound writers.

So, here it is: Carson Winter and AnarchoPunk weigh in on what to be amped about at this year’s Punk Rock Bowling.

Dag Nasty announce new 7″, stream songs

Dag Nasty is back!  The classic DC punk act have recently been announcing some reunion shows and tours, but today, they have announced that they are also putting out new music, featuring the original lineup.

The band will be releasing a two-song 7″ on May 20th via (who else?) Dischord Records.  You can listen to both tracks – “Cold Heart” and “Wanting Nothing” – below.

Dag Nasty last released an album of old, unreleased recordings Dag With Shawn in 2010 via Dischord Records.

PEARS announce European tour with Dag Nasty

New Orleans punks PEARS are taking their act on the road again, this time across the pond to Europe. They’ll be joined for a handful of shows by Dag Nasty, before playing some festivals and other shows across the continent in April and May. See the full list of dates/locations below.

The tour comes almost immediately after the band’s month-long tour of Australia and New Zealand with Fat Wreck Chords label mates, Strung Out.

PEARS released their debut album, Go To Prison, in 2014. Their sophomore album, Green Star, is due out April 1st on Fat Wreck Chords.

Dag Nasty in the studio?

Long-running DC punk act Dag Nasty are reportedly in the studio. No word on whether they’re working on new material or not, all we have to go on is an Instagram post by Brian Baker of Dag Nasty vocalist Shawn Brown and Minor Threat/Fugazi front-man Ian MacKaye with the hashtag #dagnasty.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.

Dag Nasty last released an album of old, unreleased recordings, Dag With Shawn, in 2010 via Dischord Records.

DS Interview: Brian Baker on Bad Religion’s “Battle of the Centuries” tour and his place in the punk history books

So it’s sometime in the waning days of 1979. Somewhere in Los Angeles, a group of high school kids get together and, inspired by a love for loud, fast music and pissing people off, they do something that has happened a million times over in the years before and since; they start a band. Their sound and their anti-authoritarian message inspire a legion of similarly disenfranchised youth, and a movement was born. In spite of more than their fair share of lineup changes (and a temporary early hiatus), said band continues to inspire and provoke audiences well into their fourth decade together.

Around the same time at a high school 2700 miles away in our nation’s capital, a similarly-minded four-piece inspired by a knack for being outspoken about similar causes. That band’s star burns out in a few years, but not before leaving a legacy as one of the most inspirational sounds and messages in the world of DIY punk and hardcore music.

It’s probably no secret that the two bands loosely alluded to above are Bad Religion and Minor Threat, respectively. No matter when you first made your way into this scene, odds are pretty good that at some point, you immersed yourself in the catalog of at least one but probably both of those bands (and you probably became at least casually familiar with bands like Dag Nasty along the way).

To follow the career of Brian Baker is to essentially have followed the arc of influential American punk music. Baker was the bassist-turned-rhythm-guitarist-turned-bass-player-again for Minor Threat before their all-too-early demise in 1983. He started Dag Nasty a few years later and after that project (and a couple others) ran its course, Baker rather famously turned down a high-profile touring spot in R.E.M. to join Bad Religion after that band’s founding guitarist and co-songwriter Brett Gurewitz departed in 1994.

Fast-forward more than two decades and Bad Religion remains as vital to the scene as ever. Some of the parts have changed since Baker joined; Gurewitz signed back on in 2001, Brooks Wackerman replaced Bobby Schayer that same year, Mike Dimkich officially took over for long-time guitarist Greg Hetson last year. Now in the latter part of their fourth decade, however, the band seems to show no real signs of slowing down. They’re about to depart on a US tour that features a handful of dates being billed as “Battle of the Centuries” shows. In certain locations like Boston, New York, Denver and Berlin, Bad Religion will play back-to-back nights in the same venue. Night #1 will feature a setlist comprised of songs from 1980 to 2000, while Night #2 will feature a setlist comprised solely of songs from 2000 and forward. Dying Scene had the privilege of catching up with Brian Baker to discuss the “Battle of the Centuries” shows and his roles not only in Bad Religion itself for the last twenty-one years, but the punk scene in general over the last 35. Head below to check out our conversation, and check out Bad Religion’s tour dates here.

Blast from the Past: Dag Nasty – Live in Washington D.C.

Here’s a great one for all of you Dag Nasty fans out there. Someone has uploaded a whole set from a 1986 performance by the influential melodic punk band in their hometown of Washington, DC.

You can watch the whole thing here.

The band last released an album of old, unreleased recordings, entitled “Dag With Shawn,” in 2010 via Dischord Records.

Live Video: Dag Nasty’s one-off show at the Black Cat in Washington, DC (full set)

As some of you may recall, back in September it was announced that Dag Nasty would be playing a one-off show at the Black Cat in Washington, DC, which would also act as the premiere of Salad Days: The Birth of Punk in the Nation’s Capital – a documentary about the 80’s vibrant punk scene. Well, a video of the band’s full set at the show has surfaced onto the interwebz.

Click here to check the video out.

The band last released an album of old, unreleased recordings, entitled “Dag With Shawn,” in 2010 via Dischord Records.

Blast From The Past Video: Dag Nasty at The Anthrax in 1988 (full-set)

If you’re only familiar with Dave Smalley’s more current bands (DYS, Down By Law, All) here’s something to educate you on his earlier work in the legendary Dag Nasty. It’s a VHS recording of a full-set from 1988 at The Anthrax.


Interview: Dave Smalley (DYS, Down By Law, Dag Nasty, All) on WFMU

Dave Smalley (currently of DYS and Down By Law, former frontman of Dag Nasty and ALL) recently sat down to do an interview with Dave was a guest on Diane “Kamikaze” Farris’ Fun Machine show on WFMU. During the talk, he also got to play some songs that were of huge influence to him as well as discuss current and previous projects.

You can listen to the interview here.

Dag Nasty announce one-off show in DC, premiere of ‘Salad Days’ DC punk documentary

 Legendary hardcore punks Dag Nasty will be performing an original line-up, one-off show in Washington, D.C. at the Black Cat Dec.28th. At the show, the premiere of Salad Days: The Birth of Punk in the Nation’s Capital, a documentary on the 80’s vibrant punk scene, will be shown. Other performing acts include Government Issue, Black Market Baby, and Kingface. Interviews in the film include Dave Grohl, Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins, Fred Armisen and a handful of other punk-rock icons. The filmmakers have been raising funds on Kickstarter, with an original goal of $32,000. The goal has now been raised to $42,000. People who donate $750 will get two “VIP” passed to the show and an autographed copy of Dag Nasty’s 85-86 7″ Box Set. Regular tickets will also be released though details have not been announced on those yet.

You can watch the trailer for the video here.

Free Comp Download: Revelation Records – “Crash Course” (Sick Of It All, Nerve Agents, Dag Nasty, etc)

Revelation Records seems to have been pretty quite lately, but the old school label has recently reared its head to offer a free digital compilation called “Crash Course.”  It features over 20 bands young and old so there’s a good chance everybody will find at least a couple gems on there.

Check out the contributing artists and snag a free download here.