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Ted Leo releases video for “Can’t Go Back”

Ted Leo has released a video for “Can’t Go Back”. The track is taken from his new album “The Hanged Man”, which came out last week following a Kickstarter funding campaign.

You can watch the video below – and get yourself a copy of the album from his website.

New Music: Ted Leo teases upcoming solo album via Kickstarter campaign

The inimitable Ted Leo has announced plans for a brand-spankin’-new solo album, the first to bare his name since the last album with The Pharmacists, 2010’s The Brutalist Bricks. Having parted ways with previous his previous label home, Matador Records, Leo is going the way of Kickstarter for the new project. Here’s the man himself:

I’ve thought a lot about this. I’ve always had my hands deep in the processes of making a record, promoting a record, touring on a record, etc. And I’m going to carry that knowledge, gained in the trenches, forward to keep doing this – keep making records, keep touring, keep speaking out, keep singing about all of the things that are important to us; and as part of that, keep challenging MYSELF to keep growing, keep evolving.

Leo is planning on getting the new material out in September. Kickstarter options include signed LPs, Skype chats, private concerts, and a vegan meal with Ted and your friends! Check out all of the options right here, and preview five minutes of the upcoming material while you’re there!


DS Photo Gallery: Bob Mould w/Ted Leo, Boston, MA (5/1/16)

Now that the debut Ramones album has officially celebrated its fortieth birthday, the little corner of the world that we refer to as the punk rock scene as now officially entered its fifth decade. Perhaps more than most subcultures, ours has obviously had its fair share of artists burn out quickly and catastrophically. Some of those that held on did so for a hair (or a decade) too long, continuing to tour as sad or comical shells of their former anarchic selves. But we’ve also got a small-but-growing list of artist whose influence and importance has reached iconic status AND who are still putting out music and performing at such a high level that they’re arguable as vital now as they’ve ever been. If you’re mentally compiling that list in your head and you get through half a dozen names without reaching Bob Mould, you’ve undoubtedly got some serious reevaluating to do.

Mould is presently touring in support of his latest release, Patch The Sky, which marks not just his twelfth solo album since the late-80’s breakup of Husker Du, but the third album in what’s been billed as a bit of a late-season resurgence for Mould and his career. Following 2012’s Silver Age and 2014’s Beauty & Ruin, all released on Merge Records, Patch The Sky features Mould and his current power trio lineup (Jason Nardusky on bass, Jon Wurster on drums) firing on all cylinders for the third time with another dozen blistering, emotionally charged anthems that have been Mould’s trademark for more than a quarter-century.

The Patch The Sky tour came through Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on May 1st and found Mould and company somehow able to blitz through close to two dozen songs (twenty-three, to be precise) in just a hair over 70 minutes. Aside from introducing the band, there was very little stage banter involved, meaning that the songs followed each other in rapid-fire succession, with barely a tuning or water break to be had. Half of the setlist (which you can see here) came from Mould’s three most recent releases, with three-quarters of Patch The Sky making appearances. A handful of Sugar songs naturally made the setlist, and the main set naturally finished with four Husker Du songs. While the tracks from Mould’s previous bands may qualify as the “crowd favorites,” there really isn’t much of a dropoff, as his solo material fits in quite seamlessly in both musical and lyrical intensity.

A quick break brought the band back out to the stage, accompanied by show-opener Ted Leo manning the drumkit, moving Wurster to frontman status for a rousing rendition of the Ramones’ classic “Beat On The Brat,” in honor of the aforementioned 40th anniversary of Ramones. The evening closed with the Husker Du rendition of “Love is All Around You,” perhaps better known as “the theme from Mary Tyler Moore,” and, of course, “Makes No Sense At All.” Catching Bob Mould live circa 2016 is a bit of a surreal experience on some levels. While there is a bit of well-earned “living legend” status bandied about by fans of Mould’s, the man himself seems to be nowhere near ready, willing or able to rest on his laurels, instead opting to play just as loud and frantic as ever.

As mentioned above, support on this night came from Ted Leo, performing solo on this particular run. Leo, primarily through is Ted Leo And The Pharmacists project, has always been one of those indie darlings that been just a hair below the mainstream radar for whatever reason. Leo is no doubt best known for his Pharmacists or, more recently, The Both projects (the latter with Aimee Mann), so it was fun to watch him perform as a one-man act, filling the instrumental voids with his own vastly underrated guitar abilities.

Check out our photo gallery below.

The Sidekicks begin writing new album, announce U.S. tour dates with Ted Leo and The Pharmacists and The Gaslight Anthem

Ohio pop-punk/indie rock act, The Sidekicks, have begun writing a new album and announced some U.S. tour dates with Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, and The Gaslight Anthem.

You can check out the tour dates here.

The band’s newest album “Awkward Breeds,” was released in 2012 on  Red Scare Industries.


Chaos In Tejas lineup announced (The Dopamines, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Toys That Kill, more)

The lineup for this year’s summer-kickoff Chaos In Tejas Gig in Austin has been announced, and they’re bringing in some great punk and hardcore acts from all over the country, as well as newcomers from Canada, The UK, Australia, Sweden, Japan, France, and more. Bands include: The Dopamines, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Toys That Kill, and many more.

Check out the lineup above, with more bands to be announced.

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists announce Fall tour of the Eastern and Southern states

Indie-punker Ted Leo and his band have announced the dates for a Fall tour of the Eastern and Southern states. Click here to see where they’ll be playing.

The band released their latest album “The Brutalist Bricks” in March 2010.

Video: Ted Leo covers Minor Threat’s “Filler”

Ted Leo covered Minor Threat’s “Filler” as part of the Our Concert Could Be Your Life show in NYC on Sunday night to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Michael Azerrad’s book “Our Band Could Be Your Life.” The show was a collection of current indie bands covering the works of punk and indie’s early greats like Black Flag, Fugazi, Sonic Youth and Nirvana.

Leo recorded the backing music prior to the concert and sang over the pre-recorded track. He also played a whole set of Minor Threat songs like “Look Back and Laugh,” “Minor Threat,” “Stand Up” and “Salad Days.” The entire concert is available for streaming over at NPR. Check out the video of Leo here.

Even more bands added to The Fest 10

  • As if The Fest wasn’t already looking damn appealing, the notorious punk festival has gone and added even more bands to their gigantic line up.  Some of the new acts announced are Ted Leo + The Pharmacists, Defiance Ohio, Franz Nicolay, Mercury Program, Regents, Bangers, Astpai, Run Forever, Street Eaters, the Holy  Mess, Cutman, Junior Battles, Dude Jams, Beast Of No Nation, The Outsiders, Building The State, Tubers, The Tim Version, The Future Now, The Magnificent, Toby Foster, Restorations, Jumpers, Larry And His Flask, P.S. Elliot, Little League and Averkiou, with more still in the works.

If none of those bands appeal to you already I’m sure you can find something you like in the full line-up here. The Fest 10 will take place in Gainsville, Florida on Oct 28, 29 and 30th.

Ted Leo to record solo music at Third Man Records

Indie-punker Ted Leo will be playing a solo show at Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville on May 10. It’ll just be him and his electric guitar (no Pharmacists), and the show will be recorded for the Live at Third Man series. If you’re in Nashville, tickets are only $4 and are available at the Third Man website.

Leo is currently on tour, with and without the Pharmacists. A full list of dates (and, for funsies, the band’s video for “Bottled in Cork”) is here.

Album Review: Ted Leo and The Pharmacists – “The Brutalist Bricks”

Disclaimer: This is not a new album (it was released a little over a year ago) However, I’m writing this because it’s a great album and deserves a little promotion.

The first Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (who I will refer to as TL/rx) song I listened to made me skeptical. My regular playlist consisted of NOFX, Bad Religion, and the Dead Kennedys. I was never one for this indie-mod-rock sort of thing. But the more I listened, the more I found that this band had something to offer that drew me in.

Maybe it’s the fact that TL/rx isn’t your average indie band. Ted(vocals/guitar) has a diverse background that includes punk, hardcore, and a touch of dub. Drummer James Canty brings a colorful mix of rock genres to the table as well. The group finds a way to blend their individual sounds together in a way that, well, in a way that just sounds good. This album, “The Brutalist Bricks,” is a perfect example of that blend.

The album pumps a subtle current of punk rock under the lighter stuff throughout the album, starting right from the get-go with “The Mighty Sparrow.” It’s a solid opener that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Tempos change, guitars go acoustic, and the volume fluctuates, but there’s still a certain energy that holds throughout the entire album. From start to finish, you can tell that these dudes are really into what they are playing. And in the sometimes repetitive indie rock genre, that’s something rare and refreshing.

Personally, my favorite tracks are “The Mighty Sparrow” and “Bottled In Cork.” The latter has a pretty funny music video, too, featuring comedians Paul Tompkins and John Hodgman (of The Daily Show). The whole thing is a not-too-subtle jab at Green Day, and I enjoyed it.

I still listen to NOFX, Bad Religion, and the Dead Kennedys, and I doubt there will be a day when that stuff gets old for me. But, thanks to “The Brutalist Bricks,” I’ve adopted Ted Leo and the boys to my playlist.

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Ted Leo reschedules solo tour

Ted Leo was scheduled to do a solo tour of the U.S. earlier this year, but most of those dates were canceled for reasons unknown. Well, the tour is on again, with almost all of the original dates rescheduled. He’ll be hitting the East Coast, Midwest, and the South, without his band The Pharmacists. However, the band will still be joining him for their European tour in April. For a full list of dates, check the band’s tour page.

At Ted’s last solo show of the tour, in New York City on May 14th, he will be playing a Minor Threat set.

The band released their latest album, The Brutalist Bricks, in March 2010.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists cover Bad Religion’s “Against the Grain”

Another song has surfaced from the upcoming Bad Religion tribute album, “Germs Of Perfection.” This time Ted Leo And The Pharmacists are covering “Against the Grain” off Bad Religion’s 1990 album of the same name, and you can give it a listen on their MySpace page.

“Germs Of Perfection” is an exclusive Bad Religion tribute album featuring 15 or so contributing artists.  Over the next three weeks, MySpace will be posting one song a day (barring weekends) to stream. Then, on October 19th, they will offer up the entire album as a free download on both MySpace Music’s homepage and through

So far you can stream additional contributions from Polar Bear Club, Tegan And Sara, Frank Turner, Cobra SkullsNew Politics, and Riverboat Gamblers.

Music Video: Ted Leo And The Pharmacists – “Bottled In Cork”

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists are probably more on the indie rock side of pop-punk but this video was too entertaining to not post.  Besides, it’s probably one of their punkiest songs.  It features the band putting on a “punk rock musical” and has a bunch of interesting cameos.  Check it out here.

The track comes from the band’s most recent release, “The Brutalist Bricks”, released last March on Matador.