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Music Video: Old Man Markley – “Train of Thought”

San Fernando Valley bluegrass punks Old Man Markley have just released their music video for “Train of Thought”, a track off of their latest release, Down Side Up, which was launched last year via Fat Wreck Chords. You can check out the video here.

The footage was taken this summer when the band visited Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas.

On the relationship between the song and footage, the group commented:

The song “Train of Thought” seemed appropriate to film at PRB… With so many activities to pull you in any direction – bowling, shows, pool parties and things we shouldn’t mention here. In this video we captured anyone that crossed our “trains” path and included them in the filming! This song was written by Joey Garibaldi and Todd Fenton, who aptly describes the song: “Control is an illusion, except when you’re out of it. Same could be said for perception. The mistakes of the past and pressures from the future are what make us the same, not different.” We hope the video reflects the chaos and serendipitous nature of crossing paths with people and being open to the experiences that follow such interactions.

The band is currently taking a post-tour break, and the aforementioned track certainly captures the weary exhaustion of life on the road.

Video Interview: Old Man Markley discuss recipes, high school years, comics and more

Bluegrass punks and Fat Mike faves Old Man Markley, were interviewed on Rocket From Russia. During the interview they discussed recipes, high school years, comics and more.

You can watch the interview below.

Old Man Markley’s last full-length release, “Down Side Up,” came out in March 2013.

Old Man Markley announce “Stupid Today / Reeko” 7-inch

Bluegrass punks and Fat Mike faves Old Man Markley have announced details for a brand-new 7-inch.

It’s called “Stupid Today” (see the cover art above) and it’s due out May 6th via, you guessed it, Fat Wreck Chords. The title track is a new OMM tune, and it’s backed up with the band’s cover of the NOFX track “Reeko.” Head over here for pre-order options.

Old Man Markley’s last release, “Down Side Up,” came out in March 2013.

HD Full Set Video: Old Man Markley live in Paris

If you’re an Old Man Markley fan and you’ve got 47 minutes to kill, you’re in luck!

A well-filmed, HD video of the band’s full set from a show they played in Paris, France last month recently hit the net, and you can check it out below.

Old Man Markley’s sophomore full length release “Down Side Up” was released in March via Fat Wreck Chords.

Video: Old Man Markley interview and intimate show

Mostly Harmless with Dammit Damian, the weekly podcast talk show based out of Denver, has released it’s newest episode of Live events this week with Fat Wreck Chord’s bluegrass punk group Old Man Markley.

The event was recorded on New Year’s Eve at Illegal Pete’s in Denver before the band’s support slot for the Reverend Horton Heat. The band answers a few questions about Joey Garibaldi clogging toilets, the family aspect of the group, and whether or not making your own instrument makes you a better musician.

The short interview segment is followed by a twenty minutes performance by the band, playing many songs not seen on tour. For the band’s final number, “For Better For Worse,” the musicians bring up the small children from the all ages crowd to join them in singing and dancing.

Check it all out below.

Old Man Markley’s sophomore full length release “Down Side Up” was released in March via Fat Wreck.

Old Man Markley announce west coast shows

Bluegrass punk group Old Man Markley have announced some west coast shows.

You can check out the dates and locations here.

Old Man Markley’s sophomore full length release “Down Side Up” was released in March via Fat Wreck Chords.

Old Man Markley premiere music video for “Too Soon For Goodnight”

Bluegrass punk group Old Man Markley have premiered the music video for their song “Too Soon For Goodnight.”

You can watch it here.

Old Man Markley’s sophomore full length release “Down Side Up” was released in March via Fat Wreck Chords.

Old Man Markley debut “Down Side Up” tour video, hit the road with Dropkick Murphys

Blucgrass punk crossover group Old Man Markley have just unveiled a video that chronicles their late winter 2013 tour in support of their album “Down Side Up.” The eighteen-plus-minute compilation is set to the tasty sounds of six tracks from that very album. Click here to check it out; to jog your memory, click here to read Dying Scene’s review of OMM’s March gig in Asbury Park, NJ.

Old Man Markley also just hit the road with Dropkick Murphys for a few weeks, and they’ll open their own Canadian tour immediately thereafter. Click here for dates.

“Down Side Up” was released in March via Fat Wreck Chords.

Old Man Markley did a Daytrotter Session

Bluegrass/punk rock scene, Old Man Markley are the latest to do a Daytrotter Session in which they perform their songs “For Better For Worse”, “Beyond The Moon”, “Party Shack” and “Up Side Down”.

Check it out here.

Old Man Markley’s sophomore full length release “Down Side Up” was released in March via Fat Wreck Chords.

Free Comp Download: Suburban Home Records -“We Are The Kings of This Friday Night”

Suburban Home Records  has posted a free download of “Suburban Home Mix Tape Vol 8, “We Are The Kings of This Friday Night.” The comp features songs by Swingin’ UttersOld Man Markley and much more!

You can snag it here.

Show Review: Old Man Markley at Asbury Lanes (3/16/13)

Cross-over bands have been gaining popularity in recent years and bluegrass punks Old Man Markley are clearly one of today’s standouts.  Topping Billboard’s bluegrass charts while being predominantly accepted by the Fat Wreck Chords crowd, OMM have pulled off what would have seemed impossible five years ago.

The band recently found made their way to the Asbury Lanes, in Asbury Park, New Jersey in support of their new album “Down Side Up” and I was lucky enough to cover the occasion.  You can check out my full review and phone camera quality pictures here.

Album Review: Old Man Markley – “Down Side Up”

I don’t know if I’m merely getting older and my once angst-ridden punk rock sensibilities have softened, or if my musical tastes have simply shifted and/or matured. I prefer the maturation explanation (no, I didn’t intend to rhyme that), as I still do so love the whiskey-fueled nights spent screaming at the top of my lungs, fist raised, surrounded by a sea of sweating pre-pubescents and “elders” such as myself on the outskirts of a mosh pit silently nodding in agreement towards one another that we no longer care to partake of such boisterous activities.

I have loved and will always love the music and ideology that is punk rock. These days, however, I’ve come to appreciate and understand the myriad facets of a musical genre once presumed to be nothing more than four chords and a galloping drum beat.

Fifteen years ago, anyone with a collection of Fat Wreck Chords albums or a Strung Out tattoo would have punched you in the face for using the phrase “bluegrass punk.” These days, however, the incorporation of a banjo and/or any other musical instrument generally associated with country or bluegrass has become almost par for the course. But why stop at a banjo? Fuck it… Why not throw in a fiddle, washboard, autoharp and an upright bass fashioned out of an old washtub? And no, I’m not referencing Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree, idiots. I’m speaking of none other than L.A.’s Old Man Markley, who just released their latest full-length, “Down Side Up”, on Fat Wreck Chords; and all I have to say is “yee mother truckin’ haw!”

Down Side Up picks up right where their previous album, Guts N’ Teeth, left you desperately craving more of this strange new genre of punk rock that has you instinctively tapping your toes and desperately wanting to impregnate your cousin.

The banjo-laden ditty, “Blood on My Hands”, sets the tone of the band’s sophomore release and showcases the signature punk/folk/country sound OMM has both pioneered and perfected. “Come Around Here” presents a more rag-timey vibe, which segues seamlessly into the more signature OMM-sounding “Blindfold”.

Taken as a whole, however, Down Side Up is arguably more country and bluegrass than punk, but a solid release nonetheless. It may not be one of those albums you play to get fired up for a show, but it certainly would go well sitting on the porch, chewing tobacco and sippin’ an ice cold lemonade or whiskey on the rocks. Fat Mike and OMM front man, Johnny Carey, left no stone unturned in terms of their respective production prowesses.

The fact Down Side Up was the first Fat release to be reviewed by CMT Edge speaks volumes about the genre which most of the album exudes. It may be on a wholly punk rock label, but it’s far from what you’d expect. And that suits this old man just fine…

3/5 Stars

Old Man Markley stream new album “Down Side Up”

At the forefront of the bluegrass/punk rock scene, Old Man Markley‘s long-awaited sophomore full length release “Down Side Up” is available today via Fat Wreck Chords.

Fans are invited to stream the album in full on both AOL and MSN.

The band is currently touring the US with Dropkick Murphys until mid-March when they will continue through the country on their own headlining tour. For a  list of tour dates, click here.

Old Man Markley premiere “Train of Thought” from “Down Side Up”

Bluegrass punk group Old Man Markley have premiered another new song from their upcoming album “Down Side Up.” The song, “Train of Thought”, is a reminder to “…above the beautiful rush of sound, to remember to slow down and look around. Smell a rose. Watch a train go by. Take the scenic route.” Listen to it here.

“Down Side Up” is due March 5 via Fat Wreck.

Old Man Markley stream new song “Rehearsal” off upcoming album “Down Side Up”

Bluegrass-punks Old Man Markley are streaming a new song entitled “Rehearsal,” which will be appearing on their upcoming full-length album “Down Side Up.” Click here to check it out. Here’s what the band’s fiddle-player Katie Weed had to say about the song:

“Rehearsal tells the tale of an immigrant who came to the U.S. at the turn of the last century and eventually found work at a funeral home. He worked as a musician at night also, and his band would drive to shows in his hearse since it was the only vehicle that could accommodate all the members and their gear.

His story really struck me: the dedication to his family and his music, in spite of the dangers and travails of working both day and night. Life is short–and he saw death on a daily basis–yet (or maybe because of that) he really seems to have filled his to the brim. I learned his story while working with my dad Joe Weed on his documentary The Waltz to Westphalia, which adds another level of personal meaning to the song for me.

The song wound up with kind of a different groove than usual for Old Man Markley, but the instruments are all there. I love what John does with the banjo, and Joey’s bass lines hold it together. Johnny sang beautifully, as did his spirit flute. A lot of our voices made the track. I hope people like this song even half as much as we enjoyed recording it.”

“Down Side Up” is set to be released on March 5th via Fat Wreck Chords. You can download the album’s opening track “Blood and Guts” for free here.