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Heartless Breakers (ex-Daytrader) release video for new acoustic song “Burn and Bury”

Salt Lake City pop-punk band Heartless Breakers, featuring former Daytrader guitarist Matt Mascarenas, have released a music video of sorts for a brand new acoustic song entitled “Burn and Bury.”

You can watch the video and find details on the band’s upcoming winter tour below.

The track will be appearing on Heartless Breakers’ new all-acoustic EP “Lighter Doses,” which is set to be released on January 14th. The band’s debut EP “Prescriptions” is available for free download on Bandcamp.

Daytrader contemplating playing shows once again

As it turns out, the fellas in NY-based emo act Daytrader never considered themselves “broken up” despite the numerous press reports stating otherwise. In a recent Facebook update the band not only confirms that they never officially (that’s the key word here) broke up and ask if anyone would be interested if they started playing shows again. Naturally, the post garnered lots of “likes” and comments.

No updates have been posted since, but this could be a sign that the world has not seen the last of Daytrader. We’ll keep you posted if any new information surfaces.

Daytrader released what was thought of as their only album, Twelves Years, in 2011 via Rise Records. The band’s members have gone on to perform in acts such as Heartless Breakers, and Some Stranger, or, in some cases, returned to Crime In Stereo.

Acoustic video: Heartless Breakers – “Girlfriend in a Coma” (Smiths cover)

Heartless Breakers, a pop-punk band from Salt Lake City featuring ex-Daytrader guitarist Matt Mascarenas, have released an acoustic video for their version of The Smiths classic “Girlfriend in a Coma”.

You can check it out below.

The band released their debut EP “Prescriptions,” which you can download for free via bandcamp.

TYM (Some Stranger, ex-Daytrader) details “Third Acts” EP; streams new song “Chasing Ghosts”

Tym, the vocalist of Some Stranger, as well as former Daytrader frontman has revealed a new solo project simply called TYM. He plans to release a new three-song EP titled Third Acts some point soon in the future. He has released the first single from the EP, titled “Chasing Ghosts”.

You can check out the song and the EP’s track list here.

Third Acts will follow the eponymous debut EP of Tym’s other band, Some Stranger, which came out in April of this year.

Video: Hostage Calm – “Woke Up Next To A Body” (Feat. ex-Daytrader, Some Stranger frontman)

At a recent show in Rhode Island, Hostage Calm performed their song “Woke Up Next To A Body” featuring Tym(formerly of Daytrader and Some Stranger). Check out a live video here.

Hostage Calm last released a 7″ split with Anti-Flag in February through Run For Cover Records.

Some Stranger (ex-Daytrader) releases new song off upcoming debut

In November, Ex-Daytrader vocalist Tym announced a new band called Some Stranger. They have now premiered their first song “Points East.” You can give it a listen over here.

The band hopes to release a debut EP in the spring.

Tour: Such Gold/Major League teaming up for German tour

It’s already been announced that Such Gold will be teaming up with Funeral For a Friend for an extensive UK tour early next year. It’s now been announced that a handful of Such Gold dates have been tacked on to the beginning of the tour, and that Major League have been added as opener to the new dates.

Click here for the full updated Such Gold overseas tour rundown.

Such Gold’s debut album, “Misadventures,” was released on August 14th on Razor & Tie Records.

Tym (ex-Daytrader) forms new band Some Stranger

Ex-Daytrader vocalist Tym, has moved on and formed a new band called Some Stranger. You can check out a studio update and statement from Tym here.

Daytrader announce break-up

Just a month after announcing the departure of their vocalist Tym, New York emo act Daytrader has broken up.

As such, they will no longer be part of the planned tour with Such Gold and Funeral For A FriendMajor League will replace them.

Daytrader’s last full-length, “Twelve Years,” was released on May 8th via Rise Records.

Crime In Stereo lives once again

Big news today folks! Barely two years after their dissolution, Long Island melodic hardcore group Crime In Stereo has announced that they are ending their break-up. In a Facebook status posted today, the band wrote:

“Hiatus rescinded. We are immediately returning to work on recording / releasing new music. We know. We were “only” broken up for two years. Two years was long enough. We loved making music together. Its’ absence was felt deeply by all of us. So we return.”

The band has also announced that they will be playing a reunion show with I Am the Avalanche at The Gramercy Theater in New York City on November 24th, 2012. You can read the full statement here.

Crime In Stereo went on hiatus in 2010. Since then members have gone on to play in bands such as Daytrader and Debtor’s Union. Their final album, I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone, was released on Bridge Nine Records in February 2010.

Daytrader announce departure of frontman; release final song recorded with him “Rita”

New York emo act Daytrader have parted ways with their frontman, Tym. To coincide with the announcement, the band is streaming the last song they recorded with him, entitled “Rita,” which you can stream here.

Here’s a statement from Tym:
So it goes. Another band succumbs to the ups & downs of rock n roll. Personal and creative differences have come to a head and have made it so I cannot finish the current tour Daytrader is on. I have no malice towards anyone in the band and I wish Gary, Matt, Derrick, and Robert the best. I think they are going to make music together in the future and I’m sure whatever they do will be great.

thanks to everyone who let us sleep on their floor, helped us make our records, sang along to my stories, and to anyone who cared about this little rock band. It meant the world to me

…but I’m sure I’ll see you again


The band’s last full-length, “Twelve Years,” was released on May 8th via Rise Records. We’ll keep you posted as more details on the fate of the band surface.

Daytrader & The Jealous Sound extend North American tour

Just yesterday we announced that Rise Records artists Daytrader and The Jealous Sound would be releasing a split 7-inch and heading out on a short run of North American tour dates in support of the release. Well, today the bands have extended the tour.

You can check out all of the new dates and locations here.

The split 7-inch will only be available on the tour. We’ll keep you posted as more details on it surface.

Daytrader, The Jealous Sound announce 7″ EP available only on tour

Rise Records artists Daytrader and The Jealous Sound are getting ready to head out on a little tour for the month of August.

The bands will be hitting the road with a little 7″ EP that is available to attendees of their concerts, exclusively.

More information on track listing will be available soon, but you can check out a list of tour dates and locations here.

Silverstein announce North American tour dates with Such Gold, Daytrader and Lions Lions

Canadian screamo/hardcore act Silverstein have announced North American tour dates with Such Gold, Daytrader and Lions Lions.

You can check out the dates and locations here.

The band’s most recent release, “Short Songs,” earlier this year on Hopeless Records.

Album Review: Daytrader – “Twelve Years”

In January 2011, Daytrader released their debut EP, Last Days of Rome to much critical acclaim. Taking cues from the emo bands of the 90’s and turn of the century, Daytrader had released a short collection of songs that harnessed a powerful sound that had been long since absent in the current scene and, quite frankly, it was a breath of fresh air for many. Now a year and a half, and several drummers, later Daytrader finds themselves releasing their debut album, “Twelve Years,” on Rise Records as a part of their ever-growing diverse roster.

If this album sounds like an emo album from the early aughts, it’s because Daytrader has enlisted producer Mike Sapone, whose credits include the first two Taking Back Sunday albums and more or less the entire Brand New discography. The songs sound bigger and more refined, but just because it’s not as raw sounding as the band’s previous output does not mean that it hits any less hard. The guitars are crisp sounding, and vocalist Tym Nolastname (not his real last name) is a force to be reckoned with. The drums are provided by Derrick Flanigan, the new guy who takes up the mantle after Daytrader’s last few drummers either choked on a mysterious stranger’s vomit (it’s not something you can really dust for, so the guilty party remains unknown) or spontaneously combusted. {Author’s Note: None of that is true. If you don’t get the joke, what’s wrong with you? Go watch Spinal Tap.}

Twelve Years begins with the slow chugging of “Deadfriends” before exploding into a sonic fury that owes just as much to Brand New as it does Sunny Day Real Estate. At first it seems like an odd choice as the starting track, but it couldn’t have been a more perfect selection. “Deadfriends” combines elements of the Last Days of Rome EP with the sounds that the band has developed in the past year, introducing listeners to what should be expected on the rest of the album. While some tracks, such as “If You Need It”, and “Struggle With Me” are a continuation of the familiar territory that the band has walked before, Daytrader finds themselves walking new ground for a good portion of the album.

Lead single “Firebreather” takes the band’s energy and amplifies it to a level that would almost be fitting for an arena anthem, or at the very least, a medium-to-large sized venue. Similarly, “Lost Between the Coasts”, “Silver Graves”, and album closer “Letter to a Former Lover” follow suit in showcasing the band’s ability to extend their emo and punk roots to the fullest extent without completely shifting genres. On these tracks, the band uses their new-found amplified energy to create the types of powerful and emotional songs that have been far and few between from most newcomers in the Long Island emo scene. In the exact opposite manner, the moody “Skin & Bones”, and the mid-tempo “After-Image” find the band slowing down in a manner somewhat reminiscent of early Jimmy Eat World or even the Pink Album, while the acoustic “Heard It In a Song” utilizes strings and acts as a nice cool down from all the high energy songs that precede it.

The songs on Twelve Years are great songs, but one of the things that really makes the album work so well is Daytrader’s ability to make it sound fresh. There are tons of influences that can be picked up, ranging from the Sunny Day Real Estate and Jimmy Eat World to Saves the Day and the Get Up Kids, but Daytrader pulls it off without ever sounding exactly like those bands. They’ve managed to avoid the common practice of sounding too much like their musical forefathers, and by doing so they’ve given themselves a platform to stand on to rise above most other bands in the modern scene. It’s been awhile since an album like Twelve Years has been released, but it’s more than welcome to stay and become the Deja Entendu for a new generation.

4.5/5 Stars

Recommended Tracks:
Struggle With Me
Letter to a Former Lover