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Watch this fan made video for Tony Sly’s “Toaster In The Bathtub”

Fat Wreck Chords recently uploaded a fan made video for Tony Sly’s song “Toaster In The Bathtub.”

You can check it out below.

“Toaster In The Bathtub” comes from Tony Sly’s 2010 solo record 12 Song Program.

DS Show Review: 11th Annual Amnesia Rockfest Review (NOFX, D.R.I., The Adicts and more)

If you are unfamiliar with Amnesia Rockfest now is the time to plan for next year’s festivities.

Alex Martel was only 17 years old when he had organized the 1st edition of Rockfest back in 2005 and since then his brain-child had grown into the largest music festival in Canada and one of the biggest in North America. This year marked the 11th annual Rockfest and there are no plans of stopping now.

Rockfest focuses on punk-rock as well as hardcore and metal acts, there is usually a rap group in the mix as well. In years past Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg performed, this year it was Ice Cube that had the crowd screaming “F**k the Police” but I’ve got to say the police in Montebello seemed pretty chill to me.

This small town has a population of under 1,000 residents but for one weekend out of the year the streets are flooded with tens of thousands of punk-rockers and metal-heads alike. I had arrived just about the time that the music was beginning but first things first, had to set up camp. I actually stayed at a host family’s house and camped in their yard with nearly 50 other party-goers. Now that camp was set up, I had to venture to the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello to get my press credentials.

Media check in was a couple of miles or so away from the concert (or I guess in Canada such and such kilometers away). To get to the fest I had to ride a shuttle boat and everyone on the boat was looking at their watches because we all wanted to see Against Me! As we hit the dock which was directly behind the main stage I could hear the lyrics to “Thrash Unreal”, “If she wants to dance and drink all night…” I may have missed the first half of Laura Jane Grace and her band but at least I got to see them perform and the one thing that was clearly visible from where I was standing was her smile. They appeared to be having a great time and it projected through the music and unto the crowd. Next time I will try my damnedest to be punctual but the half set I did see was amazing and fun.

NOFX as you may know already is one of my favorite groups of all time and this year they were to play Punk In Drublic from beginning to end. Yeah, well did you really expect the boys not to stray from this plan? El Hefe claimed “I didn’t get the memo” and the show started with “72 Hookers” which they announced as the first track from Punk In Drublic. Hey it’s a good way to weed out the posers from the die-hards. When the band attempted to play Scavenger Type they admitted they hadn’t rehearsed it, so instead they played these crowd favorites: Murder The Gov’t, Six Years on Dope, Fuck The Kids, Seeing Double At Triple Rock, Sticking In My Eye and Franco Un-American. So did they play Punk In Drublic in its entirety? You decide, either way they put on a fun show as always and everyone enjoyed themselves even though the band got sidetracked; I mean it’s NOFX we’re talking about here.

I’ll admit I haven’t really listened to Sum 41 that much over the years but seeing them live in Canada has changed my mind a bit. Not that I didn’t enjoy the tunes that they did with Iggy Pop because I did but it’s the pop-punk tunes that I tend to stray away from. However, I have to say they honestly killed it on the main stage and I have a new-found respect for the band. I am also really digging their new single “Fake My Own Death” which was just released with a video that takes aim at pop-culture, memes and emoji’s.

There were many acts that I regrettably had to miss because I have not perfected the act of being in two places at once yet. When it came to a point that I had to choose between Rise Against and DRI, I had to go with DRI. No offense to Rise Against but I have never seen DRI and I had to witness “Acid Rain” live. I believe I made the right choice. DRI has been around since 1982 and Kurt Brecht and Spike Cassidy are still rocking hard. They’ve been through a series of bassists and drummers over the years but I would say they sound better than ever.

Out of all of the groups that I had the chance to see English punk act The Adicts, were the highlight for me. According to one of the band’s stage managers they have been together for 41 years now. This particular gig was Monkey’s birthday and because of this the band sung happy birthday and presented a cake on stage. The set took place on one of the two Tony Sly stages and thanks to Tony Hawk’s Underground all of the kids in the crowd were singing along with “Viva La Revolution”. When the band played “Joker In The Pack”, Monkey tossed an entire pack of shiny purple backed playing cards into the crowd; I didn’t find the joker but I did pick out the 6 of diamonds.

For the last three years Tony Sly has been remembered and honored at Amnesia Rockfest. In 2014 there was a single Tony Sly stage and last year and this year there were two stages dedicated to the late musician. There also was a performance by No Use For A Name Tribute Band and Cokie The Clown ended the two days of performances with an acoustic version of “I’m Sorry, Tony” singing the lyrics “from coast to coast let’s raise our drinks and give a toast to Tony Sly”.

On the way back into the U.S. of A. my driver Russ and I were dreading the border patrol because they are usually pricks but surprisingly the officer at our window actually had a personality. “Where are you coming from?” He asked. “Amnesia Rockfest” was our response. Then what came out of his mouth just made the trip complete, he says “did you rock out with your cock out?”

“Yes, Yes we did!”

Fat Wreck Chords to release unplugged comp “Mild In The Streets”

This is pretty cool. Fat Wreck Chords are going to be putting out an “unplugged” compilation featuring a bunch of Fat bands (or their front men and women) doing stripped down versions of old classics and a few newbies. Here’s the announcement directly from Fat:

We have a new FAT comp! Mild in the Streets: Fat Music Unplugged will be released on July 1st. This is a collection of songs from punk bands and singers who trade in their blaring amps and distortion pedals for acoustic guitars and minimalist arrangements. Jammed with 16 soulful songs, including 5 previously unreleased, this comp is a great listen front to back, and just what we need to get the day rolling. Capped by a bonus track of a full symphony recording of NOFX’s “The Decline,” this new comp is a unique must-have. And a big thanks to all the Fat Record Store fans who appear on the cover! Find your face and tell your friends, you’re on the cover of a FAT record!

Check out the full track list and place a pre-order right here.

Video: NOFX play new song about Tony Sly

During their show at SXSW last week, NOFX broke out a brand new song about Tony Sly (R.I.P.) for the first time. Someone in the crowd was nice enough to post a video of them playing the song on YouTube, and you can check it out below.

The band didn’t say what the title of the song was, or whether it would be featured on their upcoming album. All we currently know about the follow-up to 2012’s Self Entitled is that it’ll be out “sometime soon,” so keep you eyes peeled for more info.

NOFX will also be releasing a new 7″ titled Sid & Nancy this Record Store Day. More details on that are available here.

Update: One of our readers, William Prewitt, has told us that the band’s set list for this show referred to the song as “I’m Sorry, Tony.”

Listen to an acoustic tribute compilation to Tony Sly

Here’s something that should provide some good listening while helping a good cause.  There is a new Tony Sly tribute album called Best Regards: An Acoustic Tribute to Tony Sly, which you can check out below.

If you like what you hear, you can download yourself a copy for just $5, and the proceeds will be donated to the Tony Sly Music Foundation for Kids.

Live Video: Lagwagon play “One More Song” in tribute to Tony Sly at “Hang” release party

Lagwagon payed tribute to the late Tony Sly by playing “One More Song,” which you may know as one of the more emotional songs on their new album Hang, at the record’s release party in San Fransisco earlier this week.

Footage of the performance has made its way online, and you can check it out below.

Hang was released this past Tuesday, October 28th through Fat Wreck Chords. We recently spoke with frontman Joey Cape about a myriad of things including the album, Mr. Sly, and becoming a bitter old man.

DS Exclusive: Joey Cape on Lagwagon’s new album “Hang,” remembering Tony Sly, and being a bitter old man

Once upon a time not long ago, the future seemed very much unclear for Lagwagon. The seminal California punk band played occasional tours and festival shows, but the members each had what seemed to be increasingly-mounting outside obligations (perhaps most notably frontman Joey Cape also had his own increasingly busy solo career, he and drummer Dave Raun staying active in Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, former bassist Jesse Buglione leaving the band and being replaced by Joe Raposo, and Chris Rest joining No Use For A Name). Though they never officially went away, there were no plans to record any new material after the band’s 2005 ode to late-drummer Derrick Plourde, Resolve.

But a funny thing happened on what seemed to be the road to Hiatus-ville (or at least ‘Extended Break-town’). The band embarked on a lengthy tour in support of their 2011 Putting Music In Its Place boxed set. Somewhere on that run, the creative juices got flowing again. According to Cape, “something happened during that period of time where I felt like we kinda got re-fired up. A lot of synergy and chemistry came back into the band through that process.” Over the ensuing several years, Cape would begin writing new music specifically for Lagwagon. In spite of nearing the quarter-century mark fronting the band (and his own half-century mark on this planet), the music that Cape found himself writing was arguably the most aggressive, heavy music of his career. “It seems to me like it’s heavier than anything we’ve ever done!” He continues: “I think it’s a matter of where the band is now. We always try to make records that are appropriate to the collective personality the band has at the time. We all grew up on different kinds of music, metal and punk and rock and really heavy stuff. I think that most of the guys in my band prefer the really heavy stuff.”

But it wasn’t just angry music Cape was composing; the lyrics he found himself writing were also amongst the angriest of his career. “But the basic, central theme of the record is just my view of the world that I live in now, that I’m raising my daughter in. This is just a series of rants that (you’d hear) if you were my pal and hung out at the pub with me on a Wednesday night.” Fatherhood may have softened Cape in some ways, but it’s also made him more frustrated in the world around him. “I think it’s a bit cheesy to say that ‘we’ve got to hold on to hope,’ you know, because I honestly don’t have a lot of hope. That said, I’m dealing with what I’m dealing with, so how do I make the best of it.”

The result of Cape’s frustration and, perhaps, lack of hope is Hang. Due out October 28th on their longtime label home of Fat Wreck Chords, Hang is a dozen of the heaviest, most earnest songs that Lagwagon have recorded to wax. While much of the material is no doubt focused on society’s woes, there’s also an ode to the band’s longtime friend and touring partner Tony Sly, whose 2012 death rang loudly throughout all corners of the scene. While you might expect “One More Song” to be a mournful, acoustic number, in reality, it’s anything but. “I had no intention of writing a song for Tony like this because I just didn’t feel in this case that words or melodies or anything would really suffice. I didn’t feel like anything would be deep enough or good enough to represent anything that I wanted to say or feel. And I didn’t for a long time, but that song just kinda came out of the blue one day. I just couldn’t deny it, I had to do it.”

Head below to read our full, in-depth conversation with Cape. It’s a long one, we’ll admit, but it finds the always good-natured Caper in an honest, thoughtful and increasingly candid mood. Be sure to check out Lagwagon on the road with Swingin’ Utters and This Legend later this fall; full tour details here. Who knows…maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch Hang start to finish!

Chris Rest (Lagwagon) talks about traveling and playing with Tony Sly

Since the tribute album to Tony Sly has been released, many personalities from bands who contributed to the Fat Wreck Chords comp have stopped by to explained how Tony influenced them or to talk about the song they covered on the album.

Most recently, Lagwagon guitarist and former No Use For A Name member Chris Rest has wrote a piece on how it was to play and tour with Tony Sly.

Here’s what he had to say:

“As a musician, once in a while you see a band and think, “Wow, I wish I was in this band.” No Use was one of those bands for me. It was always obvious to me that their songs and talent was beyond the level of an average punk band. But it was their personalities and overall dynamic that really made them so cool. Tony is one of the funniest and smartest people I’ve ever known. His talent was always obvious. One day, out of the blue, I received a call from Tony asking if I wanted to audition for No Use. Lagwagon was not doing much of anything at the time and I was working as a care giver for an elderly woman. I was initially surprised but flattered and I accepted. Our first tour was to Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Japan. I quickly realized even more than before, the extent of Tony’s talent and the band’s potential. None of us had ever been to Indonesia, Malaysia or China and we played many smaller cities in Japan that bands don’t normally go to, which made it a new experience for all of us. I can’t really recall many tours that I had a better time on. I quickly became very close friends with Tony, Matt and Rory. When Rory left the band I recommended my good friend, Boz Rivera to take his place. Matt and Boz playing together was an awesome thing to behold. They fed off of each other’s musical abilities. With that, combined with Tony’s songwriting, I was quite sure that the the next album to come out of this band was going to be something very special. To be a part of it, I’m sure, was going to be something I would have really been proud of. I am proud and grateful to have been lucky enough to have experienced the times that I did, playing, touring and just hanging out with Tony and to have had his friendship. I will Never Forget Tony Sly.”

Chris Rest and Lagwagon covered Tony’s “Discomfort Inn” on the tribute album “The Songs Of Tony Sly: A Tribute,” released on October 29th through Fat Wreck Chords.

Free download: We’re Closer Than You Think When We’re Apart (A Mexican Tribute To Tony Sly)

We already reported that a Mexican tribute in the honor of the late Tony Sly (No Use For A Name) was in the work. Living Dead Records, a label located in Mexico is now offering it for free download. You can stream/download the 25-tracks tribute album entitled We’re Closer Than You Think When We’re Apart – A Mexican Tribute To Tony Sly below. It involves, of course, Mexicans punk rock bands.

As you’re no doubt aware, the gone-but-never-forgotten Tony Sly passed away in July 2012.

The Hookline Riot launch second “Never Forget Tony Sly” fundraiser t-shirt

Last month, the rad dudes in UK Punk’n Roll act The Hook-Line Riot produced a “Never Forget Tony Sly” t-shirt fundraiser, with proceeds going directly to the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids.

Due to popular demand, a second fundraiser shirt featuring a brand-new design (pictured above) has been launched. The store will be kept open until the end of August – click here to order your very own. (Note: the first shirt is also still available.)

The Hook-Line Riot, as you should know by now, are working directly with Jonathan Sly and Brigitte Sly, Tony’s widow, on this project. The Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids will help to fund music programs for children. The foundation will establish and maintain a network of musicians and music industry professionals willing to donate talent and time towards musical education.

As you’re no doubt aware, the gone-but-never-forgotten Tony Sly passed away just over two years ago (July 31, 2012).

The Hook-line Riot launches “Never Forget Tony Sly” t-shirt benefit campaign

The rad dudes in UK Punk’n Roll act The Hook-Line Riot have recently launched through their Bandcamp a Never Forget Tony Sly t-shirt benefit campaign. All the profits from the sales will go to the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids. Check ’em out and place your orders over here.

Here’s what the band had to say about the project:

“We are working directly with Jonathan Sly and Brigitte Sly on this one. Let’s keep Tony’s name alive and support an awesome charity (pre-order only £9 with a free sticker for the first 50 orders)

The Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids will help to fund music programs for children. The foundation will establish and maintain a network of musicians and music industry professionals willing to donate talent and time towards musical education.”

As you’re no doubt aware, the gone-but-never-forgotten Tony Sly passed away almost two years ago (July 31, 2012).

Live video: The Flatliners – “Fireball” (Tony Sly) live in Quebec City (Official HD Video)

A really great live video of The Flatliners performing their rendition of Tony Sly’s Fireball in Quebec City last month has been uploaded to YouTube, you can watch it below. The song appears on the Tony Sly tribute album titled “The songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute” released through Fat Wreck Chords in 2013.

The Flatliners last released a full length album entitled “Dead Language” in September 2013 via Fat Wreck Chords.

Across the Justice (Melodic Hardcore) cover “Let Me Down” by No Use for a Name

Mexico City melodic hardcore act Across the Justice is currently streaming their cover of  “Let Me Down”, as a tribute to former No Use for a Name front-man Tony Sly. The song “Let Me Down” was originally performed by No Use for a Name, and it was featured on the band’s sixth studio album “Hard Rock Bottom.” You can stream/download the cover below.

Across the Justice last released “Changing attitudes” in May of 2012.

Coming Soon: A tribute book for Tony Sly

The memory of punk singer/songwriter and No Use for a Name frontman Tony Sly continues to live on. After Sly’s untimely death in 2012, Fat Wreck Chords released a tribute compilation featuring covers of his songs done by Strung Out, NOFX, Bad Religion, and many others.

Now, there is a Facebook page dedicated to an upcoming book about the fallen musician. Tony Sly: A Book in Tribute, written by Kevin J. Wells, will discuss the influence that Sly’s music had on the punk community.

You can check out the page right here, and we’ll bring you more details on the book as they are released.

Ryan Key (Yellowcard) talks covering Tony Sly’s “Already Won”

Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key wrote a piece for explaining his band’s cover of “Already Won” as featured on the Tony Sly tribute album The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute. Here’s what he had to say:

“First of all, being asked to be a part of this amazing tribute is such an honor. Tony and No Use For a Name were huge influences on all of us as musicians and songwriters. When Fat Mike contacted me about it he said he had a song in mind that he thought was right for Yellowcard, “Already Won.” Recording the song was amazing. We actually did the drums during soundcheck in Salt Lake City on our fall tour last year. Recorded them right from the stage. Then when we got in the studio to do the rest of the tracks, there was such an intense energy between us all because we wanted to do something great with the song. We wanted to make Tony proud. We were also stoked about the guest vocal we were able to get for the song.

In 2002 when we got the call that NUFAN wanted us to be direct support for their whole US tour our minds were blown. Those dudes are legends to us and we just couldn’t believe it. Also on the tour was The Eyeliners. The original version of “Already Won” featured background vocals from Karina Denike of Dance Hall Crashers. We thought it would be awesome to have Laura Baca from The Eyeliners come sing on ours. She did an amazing job and I think bringing us back together after all these years makes the recording that much more special.
We are in the company of some amazing artists on this compilation. Some peers, and some we’ve looked up to since we started playing guitar. Tony meant a lot to us as a songwriter, and I consider myself so lucky to have had the chance to know him”.

The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute, featuring covers of songs by No Use for a Name and Mr. Sly from NOFXBad ReligionStrung OutRise AgainstPennywiseThe Gaslight Anthem and many others, was released on October 29th, 2013 through Fat Wreck Chords.