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Tour: Get Dead are headed back to Australia

Head’s up, Aussies…Get Dead are coming your way!

The Bay Area homies kick things off THIS FRIDAY – OCTOBER 4th – in Brisbane and will head across the country for eight shows, wrapping things up on October 9th in Bendigo. Check out the full itinerary below!

Get Dead have also been hard at work on new material of late. Here’s an update: After a killer recording experience with Fatty and engineer Chris Dugan at NuTone studios, we are finally done tracking our new album – 12 dance-heavy heaters you can cut a rug to! We’re in the mixing process so stay tuned for a release date. This week we head down to give the fine folks of Australia the business! See you in the bush, mate!”

Get Dead’s last album, Honesty Lives Elsewhere, was released on Fat Wreck Chords back in 2016, and is still a personal favorite of yours truly.

Get Dead Working on New Material

Get Dead have announced that they’re recording new material. The news comes via the group’s Instagram page. You can see for yourself below.

The tunes will be the latest from the band since their 2016 full-length effort Honesty Lives Elsewhere released via Fat Wreck Chords.

Get Dead announce European Tour

Get Dead has recently announced a two week long European tour. The tour begins in Israel on April 19 and wraps up with SBÄM Fest in Austria on May 5. For the full list of dates, click below.

Get Dead’s last release was “Honesty Lives Elsewhere” in 2016 via Fat Wreck Chords.

Pouzza Fest 8 announces final lineup

Canadians rejoice! Pouzza Fest 8 has announced the full lineup. Let’s be honest it was already pretty stacked but adding punk legends Face to Face, Canadian punk legends Chixdiggit!, Get Dead and so many more awesome acts. I don’t want to jump the gun but I think Rockfest has some serious competition. The festival runs May 18th to the 20th in lovely downtown Montreal.

For more information about the lineup or tickets head on over here.

Get Dead get set for a trip through Europe

West Coast punk veterans Get Dead are packing up and headed out on a European tour. Then a Mexican Tour. With a brief stop off in Canada for Pouzza Fest.

Check out the plethora of tour dates below.

Get Dead’s latest release was “Honesty Lives Elsewhere” released on Fat Wreck Chords in 2016.

Get Dead announce European tour

West Coast punk legends Get Dead are hitting the road. The band has announced tour dates throughout Europe. The tour will begin July and stretch through mid-August.

You can find the complete list of tour dates below.

Get Dead’s most recent release “Honesty Lives Elsewhere” was released in July of last year on Fat Wreck Chords.

Get Dead perform “Monte Carlo,” “Shook” and “$1000 Bender” on Bridge City Sesisons

During a recent trip through the Pacific Northwest, the Bay Area’s Get Dead performed three songs for the upstart Portland-based Bridge City Sessions. Head below to check out their performances of “Monte Carlo,” “Shook” and “$1000 Bender.”

“Monte Carlo” and “Shook” appear on Get Dead’s most recent album, Honesty Lives Elsewhere, which was released last year on Fat Wreck Chords and is one of the best releases of 2016 according to a handful of your friendly neighborhood Dying Scene staffers. “$1000 Bender” appears on their pre-Fat (2010) self-titled album.

The Bouncing Souls announce West Coast tour

New Jersey punk icons The Bouncing Souls have announced dates for a west coast tour, which will take place this March. The band will be supported by AJJ, Get Dead and The Bombpops.

Dates and locations can be found below.

The Bouncing Souls released their latest album Simplicity in July, 2016. It was their first album in 4 years, serving as the follow-up to 2012’s Comet.

DS Staff Picks: Midwest Punk’s Top 10 Albums of 2016

There’s been a lot of talk about how shitty 2016 has been, but I don’t get it at all. It was a pretty damn good year for me for the most part, and I think 2016 was an excellent year in music. I was lazy and late in 2015, so I didn’t get a list up, so I figured I better get it done this year. Three or four of my top five bands (depending on where my top five sits on any given day) released new albums this year, and one of them didn’t even make the list, because the year in punk music was just that good.

Whatever you thought of 2016, you can see my full top 10 list below, for whatever it’s worth.

Guttermouth add dates to West Coast tour with Get Dead, The Cryptics

California punk veterans Guttermouth have added a few dates to their upcoming West Coast headlining tour that kicks off a couple weeks from now in Los Osos, California. Check out the new itinerary down below. Fat Wreck hellraisers Get Dead and New Hampshire’s The Cryptics will serve as support for this run.

Guttermouth released their Got it Made EP on July 15th through Bird Attack and Rude Records. The band’s latest full-length Shave the Planet came out in 2006 via Volcom Entertainment.

DS Interview: Get Dead’s Sam King on the band’s new album, “Honesty Lives Elsewhere”

Of all of the bands newly signed to Fat Wreck Chords over the last half-dozen-or-so years, San Francisco’s Get Dead probably come the closest to exemplifying a perfect combination of the sound that launched the label and the direction that the scene is hopefully headed in. Elements of skate punk, ska punk, folk punk, rap punk (is that a thing?) and more combine to create a sound that is fresh, tight, and uniquely Get Dead, like the illegitimately conceived lovechild of Swingin’ Utters and The Falcon. Frontman Sam King has the type of raw, gravelly voice that lends instant credibility to the songs of despair and depravity and the underbelly of society about which he sings.

The Get Dead boys are in the midst of a busy couple of months that will find them on the road throughout the States and Europe pretty much through early-December. The newly-married King was kind enough to take a few minutes out of the band’s recent drive East from Nebraska to Missouri to talk about the band’s phenomenal new album, Honesty Lives Elsewhere, among many other topics. Check out our interview below, and head here to see where you can catch Get Dead on the road through the end of the year, including an upcoming three-week run with Guttermouth! While you’re at it, you can read our review of Honesty Lives Elsewhere here.

Album Review: Get Dead – “Honesty Lives Elsewhere”

I’m going to start with a bit of a huge mea culpa that’s owed to the Get Dead boys.

The San Francisco quintet’s latest full-length, Honesty Lives Elsewhere, was released back on July 29th, and marks their second full-length for Fat Wreck Chords. It made its way to my inbox and immediately rocketed toward the top of my eventual “Year End Ten Best” list…and then I totally spaced telling all of you how awesome and different and truly enjoyable it is. So, my apologies to Sammy and the boys (Mike McGuire and Moki Moreno on guitar, Tim Mehew on bass, Scott Powell on drums), because this album rules and you should all know about it.

Honesty Lives Elsewhere starts off with “Silence,” the chorus of which contains one of the more straight-forward punk efforts that you’ll find amongst the album’s dozen tracks, and finds frontman Sam King at his full-throated best, telling a tale of leaving a situation out of frustration and despair. King has the type of gravelly, sincere voice that lends instant honesty and credibility to the emotion he’s trying to convey, making the album’s title somewhat curious.

You see, Honesty Lives Elsewhere is one of the more brutally honest albums that you’ll find in this or any year. The honesty that the Get Dead boys are referring to, then, exists outside the lives of the depraved and at times degenerate characters whose stories they’re telling. Perhaps nowhere is that more apparent than on Side A’s closing track (and the album’s lead video), “She’s A Problem.” In just over 2.5 minutes, King and company give a no frills rundown of what it’s like to be stuck in love in a disastrous relationship (in this case, with a drug addict who uses sexual favors as a means to further her habit), and yet to feel unable to leave that relationship. Can you save her? Probably not. Is it your responsibility to save her? Probably not…but you love her anyway.

Side B’s closer, “Ordnance” is equally as poignant, though it’s much different sounding and finds King’s pen directed inward rather than outward as on “She’s A Problem.” The track begins with a simple yet somewhat hauntingly sparse piano line before King begins telling a story about sitting in a foxhole waiting for the enemy to strike. What starts seemingly as a song about the trials and tribulations of actual war quickly becomes something different, a metaphorical war that we wage when our backs are against the wall and we’re faced with a ‘fight or flight’ decision.

King’s voice is perhaps at its most raw and pained than in “Dyin’ Is Thirsty Work,” a three-minute track that is somewhat difficult to classify from a sonic perspective (a recurring theme with Get Dead…more on that later), to the extent that you find yourself more than a little concerned for his well-being when he’s gutterally conveying that he’s got a “sneaking suspicion that the walls will keep caving in until the pressure kills” him. Yet the track ends with a bit of a hopeful tone that finds us as listeners searching for stable, solid ground.

Produced by Fat Mike and the band, Honesty Lives Elsewhere plays as a focused, cohesive follow-up to 2013’s Bad News, and honestly blows that debut Fat Wreck release out of the water. The tempo and style changes throughout the album keep Get Dead from being pigeon-holed into any one genre, and reflect what can only be described as a sound reminiscent of whatever the outcome would be if the Swingin’ Utters and The Falcon had a coke-fueled orgy behind a dumpster in a California parking lot. There are hints of skate punk and post-punk and acoustic or folk punk or whatever we call it now, plus the above-mentioned piano driven ballad (for lack of a better term, though I’m sure there is one). “Grandiose,” a personal favorite, showcases some of King’s former musical life as a bit of a rap artist, with him laying tongue-twisting staccato lyrics over a pseudo-ska upbeat verse. And don’t worry, the lyrical content isn’t TOTALLY about people ruining their lives or the lives of others. “Monte Carlo” is a veritable ode to growing up on the wrong side of the tracks and finding unity in some of the reckless behaviors of our younger days.

All in all, Honesty Lives Elsewhere is one of the most enjoyable albums of the year, and it may not even be that close. The varied sounds and tempos make the album almost endlessly listenable on a loop, because it never falls victim to relying on a certain formula to keep the listener interested. And yet, it all sounds cohesive and flows seamlessly, a credit to the fellas’ myriad influences and the conviction they play with. Honesty certainly lives within the dozen tracks here; it might be intense and gut-wrenching and painful and more than a little uncomfortable, but it’s also no less than perfectly, enjoyably honesty.

4.5 / 5 Stars

Get Dead expand tour dates

To promote their new album, “Honesty Lives Elsewhere”, San Francisco’s Get Dead are setting out on an extensive tour this fall.

The band begins their journey September 23 with a string of East Coast dates.

Check out their entire US and European schedules below.

Get Dead touring Midwest & east coast

Before heading overseas for their European tour, San Francisco punks Get Dead will embark on a short run of Midwest and east coast shows. Check out the dates and locations below.

Get Dead last released Honesty Lives Elsewhere on July 29th through Fat Wreck Chords.

This Is My Fest releases free comp (ft. unreleased songs from Civil War Rust & more)

The organizers of This Is My Fest have released a free sampler compilation featuring previously unreleased songs from bands like Civil War Rust, The Lucky Eejits, and Crab Legs, as well as tracks by Get Dead, Dan Potthast , Heartsounds & more.

Give the comp a listen below, and download it for free on Bandcamp.

Featuring 40 bands in total, This Is My Fest will take place in Oakland, CA from September 15th-18th. For more info and tickets, check out the festival’s website.