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Ringpull call it a day

After 6 great years of entertaining Brisbane and Australian audiences, pop-punkers Ringpull have decided to call it a day.  There is no doubt that Ringpull were not only one of most energetic live bands that Brisbane had to offer but they also carved out a spot at the top for being one of the funnest and funniest.  Here’s what singer, LT  posted on their Facebook profile earlier today.

“Hey all, after 6 years of good times and punk rock I’ve decided to call it a day! Cheers to everyone who has supported us over the years, much love! We will be announcing a farewell show soon!! Cheers and beers LT. RIP. Ringpull.”

Thanks for all the memories Ringpull.

Ringpull streaming new tracks, “Happy Ramp (2011)” & “Not Going Back” from new album “Old Stories”

Ringpull have posted “Happy Ramp (2011)” and “Not Going Back” from their new album “Old Stories” and you can listen to it here.  The band released the album on the 1oth of September through Your Daughters Records.  The skateboard lovin’ Ringpull play pop-punk of the old school variety, the kind of pop-punk that is cool.

Funnily enough, Ringpull’s last album was also titled “Happy Ramp” and was released back in 2008.

Ringpull post artwork and track list for upcoming album “Old Stories”

Brisbane based punkers Ringpull have posted the artwork and track list for their new album, “Old Stories.”  The artwork you can see in the picture to the story or click here for the full size.  The band, being the champions they are, have also given Dying Scene the exclusive details of the albums track listing.  In true punk rock style, the album clocks in at 8 songs, see below for all the track names.  “Old Stories”  will be available from the 12th September 2011 through Your Daughters Records.

Track list:
1.  Little Piece Of Me, There
2.  Happy Ramp (2011)
3.  Cool By Association
4.  Not Going Back
5.  Livin’ The Dream
6.  On My Own…….
7.  Saturday
8.  One by One

Ringpull post teaser video for upcoming album “Old Stories”

Brisbane pop-punk outfit Ringpull have posted a movie trailer video for their upcoming album “Old Stories.”  The video is in the style of Mission: Impossible (circa 1996) and includes both live and tour footage of the band and a little back story about the album.  You can check it out here.

The band is set to release “Old Stories” later this year but haven’t yet set an official date other than Winter 2011.