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Red Scare announces Red Scare West Coast Roast tour

California punk label Red Scare Industries has announced some upcoming tour dates featuring Elway, Ramona, and Sam Russo.  You can check out all the dates and locations below.

Elway performs “Better Whenever” at Live From the Rock Room

Colorado-based punk band Elway stopped by the Live at the Rock Room studio recently and performed “Better Whenever.” The song comes from their recent LP For the Sake of the Bit in April via Red Scare Industries.

Watch the video below.

Album Review: Elway – “For The Sake Of The Bit”

Elway return with their fourth full length release with the chaps opting for quality over quantity, delivering 25 minutes of mid-western tinged punk rock over 8 tracks.  The album is self produced and released by the mighty Red Scare Industries who seem to have handled all of their output since 2011’s Delusions.

For The Sake Of The Bit starts brightly with Inches, a mid tempo lambasting of music critics (gulp!) which suggests those who share their opinion online “GET FUCKED”.  From here, we dive straight into Hold On, the albums only real fast paced ripper and it’s a beauty. Next track, Crowded Conscience, slows things down a bit but builds to a beautifully crooned chorus which you’ll find yourself singing to anyone who’ll listen until they roll their eyes at you and walk away – or is that just me?  Selfish Masochistic Psychic Trauma starts with a jangly little intro which leads into a chugging, heavy chord progression drenched in melancholy and we are deep in classic Elway territory. The instrumentation dials back to let Tim’s vocals take centre stage and the song builds to a resounding chorus which impressively includes the name of the song in the lyrics.  Eating Crow and Perfect Silence continue the theme, mixing touches of melancholy with big, sing along choruses that keep the album ticking along nicely. Paper Guitars is a bit of an odd one for me, it’s a decent enough song and in keeping with the rest of the album but the final minute and a half is an instrumental with an inaudible woman’s voice talking over it. Interesting enough I guess but I don’t quite get the point of it, either make the talking understandable or don’t bother…but what do I know. The album finishes with Nobody Goes Into Meteorology For The Sunny Days which rounds things off nicely, walking the tightrope between positivity and pensiveness in the way Elway do best.

At this point these guys have crafted their own sound and are not really directly comparable to many others, however if you’re into Red City Radio, The Lawrence Arms or The Menzingers you are probably going to dig the fuck out of this.


DS Exclusive: Elway’s “Inches” off their new album “For the Sake of the Bit”

We’ve got a stream of the opening track off Elway‘s new album, “For the Sake of the Bit” for you!

“Inches” is about super important people who write about music on the internet and how much their opinions matter. Tim Browne (guitar/vocals) had this to say about the song:

“‘Inches’ is dedicated to those among us whose ‘contributions’ to art or music are either unworded shit talk or obsequious brown-nosery found sandwiched between Hello Fresh and T-Mobile banner ads.  If you read enough of these vapid kissasses’ bullshit, you might find yourself thinking their opinion somehow means something.  I wrote this song to insist that, no, your shitty, disaffected review of a band you don’t like and your 25,000 word rim job of a band you do like don’t mean shit, and you create nothing but ad revenue.  All art, but especially punk and indie, belongs to those who create it and support it – not those who can’t even conjure enough creative impulse to start a lousy punk band and can only criticize and lick boots.  Fuck all y’all.”

You can check out “Inches” below, and the rest of the album on your streaming service of choice. The album will be out on vinyl and CD this Friday. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have important things to say on the internet about music, and people are dying to hear them. ELWAY I LOVE YOU YOU ARE THE GREATEST PLEASE LOOK AT ME!

Elway release music video for “Hold On”

Colorado punks Elway have released a music video for their new song “Hold On.”

You can check it out below.

“Hold On” comes from the bands’ upcoming album For The Sake Of The Bit, which is set to be released on April 27th (digitally) and May 4th (physically) via Red Scare Industries.

Elway announces new album “For The Sake Of The Bit”

Colorado punks Elway have announced that they will be releasing a new album titled “For The Sake Of The Bit” via  Red Scare Industries on April 27th (digitally) and May 4th (physically). Pre-order the album here.

Here’s what the band had to say about the release:

“After three years of one-off shows, threadbare weekend tours, and deliberation about whether or not we should stop playing altogether, we here at Elway decided that it was best if we stay the course and put out an album.  You need us.  This one’s called “For the Sake of the Bit”, and it’s dedicated to those who create, cultivate, and support art without pretense, competition, or self-obsession.  Buy it from us with your money when you see us on tour this spring with Dead To Me, or use the internet for something other than whining and buy it there.”

This will be Elways’ first new release since Better Whenever was released in 2015 also through Red Scare.

Check out the new album’s track list along with the band’s upcoming tour dates with Dead To Me below.

Red Scare artists list their “Best Of 2016”

You know what they say; “Best Of… lists are like a box of chocolates”. When Red Scare Industries co-founder Tobias Jeg asked if we wanted to publish some Top 10 lists from Red Scare artists on Dying Scene I said “Hell, yeah!” but I definitely had no idea what I was going to get.

What follows is a schizophrenic compilation of the “Best ‘Whatevers’ of 2016” according to some of the lovable characters from your favorite Red Scare bands. Enjoy!

Elway joining Propagandhi & Teenage Bottlerocket on fall tour

Colorado punks Elway have announced they will join Propagandhi on their fall tour with Teenage Bottlerocket. The short tour will stop in Colorado, Texas, and at The Fest in Florida.

Check out the tour dates below to see if there’s a show near you.

Elway’s latest album Better Whenever was released in 2015 through Red Scare Industries.

Your Loss (members of Elway & Chumped) stream debut album in its entirety

Your Loss, a new band featuring Tim Browne and Brian Van Proyen of Elway and Drew Johnson of Chumped, have made their debut full-length Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation available to stream.

If you’re a fan of the bands these guys have played in, I recommend giving the album it a listen below.

Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation releases this Friday, May 6th on Anchorless Records. Head over here to pre-order.

Albums Punk Forgot: Osker – ‘Idle Will Kill’

Idle Will Kill

Albums Punk Forgot is a look back at excellent or important records within our community that, for one reason or another, have been lost or forgotten. It’s a tribute to those bands and releases that deserved to be heard, but maybe for some reason dropped off our radars too soon. We at Dying Scene hope to give these records the credit they deserve.

Today DS writer Robolitious takes a look back at Oskar’s Idle Will Kill and its vast, if not subtle, influence on modern punk. You can read his take on the album below.

Album Review: Elway – “Better Whenever”

What is it that draws us to punk rock? There are plenty of answers to that question, without a doubt, but for me personally I can say that it’s the sense of belonging. It’s a place that will accept losers, misfits, and even the biggest of fuck ups. It’s a club for those who feel like they can never be perfect. Even when the scene feels over-saturated with bands doing the same things, it’s comforting to know that other people are also trying their best to just get by. That’s where Elway comes in. Better Whenever, their third full length album (fourth, if you count …Too Bad, their sole LP under the name 10-4 Eleanor), is a crash course in attempting to be a decent human being and falling short.

On the surface, Better Whenever isn’t much of a departure from Elway’s previous output. The tempos vary a bit, but there are still plenty of sing-along moments that sound would fit on a playlist with The Lawrence Arms or any of their side projects. But Better Whenever shines lyrically, and is easily the band’s strongest effort to date. Vocalist Tim Browne has always had a hint of self-deprecation in his lyrics, but on Better Whenever he opens up and is actively trying to improve in spite of himself. On the album’s title track, Browne admits he “thought [he] meant it when he said [he’d] age with grace” while shrugging that he’ll get “better, whenever” before turning that same apathetic statement into a declaration.

There are a lot of bright spots throughout the disc’s ten tracks, from the aforementioned title track and the devastatingly confessional “Lunatic Thirteens”, to the camaraderie of “Frequent Wind” and the chilling finale of “Orphan Histories”. Not all of them are winners: “Shown Me to the Moon” pales in comparison to the tracks that it is sandwiched between, and “Delano” feels less like a closer and more like the victory lap to the finality of “Orphan Histories”, but on the whole the album truly understands that no one actually understands what being human is about.

Better Whenever isn’t a perfect album, but that’s also kind of the point. It belongs here.

4 / 5 Stars. Stream the album below.

RIYL: The Lawrence Arms, The Holy Mess, Off With Their Heads

Elway stream 2 new songs from upcoming album “Better Whenever”

Colorado punks Elway have made 2 new songs from their upcoming album Better Whenever available for streaming. Head over here to listen to “Ten Letter Word” and “Third Coast Temple.”

Better Whenever is set to be released on July 24th through Red Scare Industries. Three previously premiered tracks from the album can be also be heard below.

Elway streaming “Lunatic Thirteens” off upcoming album “Better Whenever”

Colorado punk rock band Elway are currently streaming a new track off their upcoming fourth full-length album “Better Whenever”.

The track is entitled “Lunatic Thirteens” and you can have a listen below.

“Better Whenever” will be released on July 24th through Red Scare Industries. Pre-order the album here. Elway last released “Leavetaking” in 2013, also through Red Scare Industries.

Elway stream title track off upcoming album “Better Whenever”

Colorado punk rock band Elway are currently streaming the title track off their upcoming fourth full-length album Better Whenever. Listen to”Better Whenever” below.

Vocalist/guitarist Tim Browne on the song: “I wrote this song while really roughing it at a house on the shore of Big Spirit Lake, Iowa. It is my favorite song that I’ve ever written and I couldn’t be happier with it. I sincerely hope you dig it.”

Better Whenever will be released on July 24th through Red Scare Industries. Pre-order the album here. Elway last released Leavetaking in 2013, also through Red Scare Industries.

Elway streams “Albuquerque Low” off upcoming album “Better Whenever”

Colorado punk rock band Elway are streaming “Albuquerque Low”, the first new song off their upcoming album “Better Whenever” and you can check it out below.

The record is out July 24th via Red Scare Industries and Elway is scheduled to play Riot Fest Denver, Riot Fest Chicago, and The Fest in Gainesville. Catch them live while you can!