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The Bogarts announce West Coast tour dates

Thousand Oaks, California, punks The Bogarts have announced a bunch of new tour dates that’ll have them covering large portions of the western US. The tour kicks of May 24th in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and runs through June 10th in San Francisco. Oddly enough, no Fresno date. Anyway, click here for the full rundown.

The Bogarts’ self-released “Nothing To Call Our Own” last year. You should listen to it; click here.

The Bogarts get their stuff stolen; need your help

We had hoped that bands getting their vans broken into and their shit stolen was so 2012. Apparently, the trend continues…

The victims this time are Thousand Oaks, California’s The Bogarts. While in Fresno (go figure) for the first night of their current West Coast tour with Moonraker, The Bogarts had the driver’s window of their van smashed and some of their shit stolen. Among the lost items are a laptop, GPS, iPod, and all of vocalist/guitarist Nick Waite’s clothes.

The band are asking people to donate by buying music via their bandcamp page in order to offset some of their losses. Click here to help out.

The Bogarts released their latest full-length, “Nothing To Call Our Own,” last year.

Free compilation: Artistic Integrity Records – “We’ve Got You Covered, Vol.1”

There’s nothing better than free music for a post-New Years Hump Day, I always say.

Today, we’ve got a free 23-track compilation featuring a bunch of up-and-comers like The Bogarts and Devon Kay & The Solutions covering a wide spectrum of artists, from Hot Water Music and Frank Turner to Kenny Rogers and Dogjaw.

The comp is called “We’ve Got You Covered, Vol.1” and you can download your own copy here thanks to the folks at Artistic Integrity Records.

10 songs that made me fall in love with punk – Alex Johnson (The Bogarts)

We recently caught up with The Bogarts,  vocalist / guitarist Alex Johnson to get his take on the songs that got him in to punk rock.  Check out his list here.

The Bogarts and Moonraker announce January 2013 tour dates

Thousand Oaks, CA, punks The Bogarts are teaming up with fellow California punks Moonraker for a brief West Coast tour kick off just after New Year’s. Click here for the rundown.

The Bogarts released their latest full-length, “Nothing To Call Our Own,” earlier this year. Here’s our review. Moonraker, meanwhile, released an EP entitled “Pathetic Little Arsenal” earlier this year. Check it out here.

Post-Tour Interview: The Bogarts speak of self-indulgence, growing up and a potential return to the road

The Bogarts, a four piece punk band from Thousand Oaks, California are something of an enigma. When last seen on Dying Scene, the band had recently released a brand new full-length album, “Nothing To Call Our Own”. Having gone on their fourth tour this summer with Moonraker, The Bogarts have returned to their all too quiet home town, but with all too riotous intentions. I was fortunate enough to have a sit down with Alex Johnson, vocalist and guitarist, upon their return.

Enigmatic though they may be, The Bogarts are well known for being down to earth guys. In the way of bands that come from a suburb in Southern California, it’s hard to find humble, friendly acts like this. Along with humility, this foursome from T.O. are well known for their sense of humor. Alex let no exceptions fall through, when, as we began our interview he exclaimed, “Hold on! Lemme piss real quick….I’m dying.”

After a short piss break…here’s what we discussed.

Album Review: The Bogarts – “Nothing To Call Our Own”

When last we heard from Thousand Oaks, California’s The Bogarts, the youngsters had put out a solid-if-occasionally-flawed EP (2011’s self-released “Ideologies” – read our review here) that played like you’d expect to hear from an upstart band with SoCal skate-punk chops beyond their years.

A little more than a year has passed since “Ideologies,” and the time has served the fellas well. Their self-released debut full-length “Nothing To Call Our Own” finds the sound and the lyrics more focused and aggressive than ever. Okay, I’ve gotta stop focusing on how young the Bogarts are, because their sound obviously belies their age. While other early-twenty-somethings are busy refining their Cookie Monster vocals and cookie cutter screamo acts or bastardizing pop-punk into a shadow of its former self, a select few are proudly carrying the high-intensity skate punk flag forward for the new generation. The Bogarts are placing themselves at the head of that pack.

Album-opener “Bridge Burners” finds co-vocalists Alex Johnson and Nick Waite taking turns pouring their hearts out. It can be the proverbial kiss of death for younger bands (particularly those comprised of guys who can’t legally drink in the States yet) to tackle themes like isolation and betrayal and political unrest and self-medication. It’s a dangerous tightrope that leaves most sounding either painfully pedestrian and out of their league or pathetically simple and naïve. Or worse: emo.

The four-piece list Against Me!, AFI and Anti-Flag as influences, and while those are certainly valid, I can’t help but draw comparisons to Screw 32, one of the more underappreciated bands from the mid-1990s whose demise was all-too premature. Musically, there’s was a particularly dark take on the skate punk sound, and that seems to be The Bogarts wheelhouse as well. The music is aggressive and close attention is paid to melodically crafting songs that actually build on themselves in triumphant crescendo (“Living,” “Tempe AZ” and “The Offensive Rhyme” chief among them), or at least change tempo enough so as to avoid too much “sameness.” Rambunctious chant-along backing vocals abound, creating visions of sweat-filled basement punk show group choruses.

The aforementioned Waite doubles as the band’s bass player and teams in lockstep with drummer Moritz Kaltenbrunner to serve as a formidable anchor for the dueling guitars of Johnson and Liam to alternate between swirling leads (is that an Iron Maiden inspired riff I hear on “Greetings From”?) and layered power chords. There’s not a lot of polish involved on Nothing To Call Our Own, and that’s probably a good thing. Equal parts aggressive and melodic, the music brings with it a heaping helping of tempo and key changes. The occasional muddiness supports the lack of clarity and direction that is eloquently evoked in the lyrics “Heavy Head,” which is the album’s most down-tempo track. It gets off to a little bit of a sputtery start and the lyrics a tad clumsy in the second verse (too many syllables, not enough spaces). It’s obvious enough what they were going for, however. Plus, the instrumental section is pretty solid, so they get a pass.

All told, “Nothing To Call Our Own” is a better-than-solid release that finds The Bogarts taking a huge leap forward in progressing their sound without reinventing themselves. A little more focus in a few areas and they’re laying the foundation for a solid career as a punk rock force to be reckoned with.

Album Review: The Bogarts – “Nothing To Call Our Own”

Let’s talk about a group of individuals who are anachronistic in every sense of the word. Out of time, out of place… The Bogarts, a four piece hailing from Thousand Oaks, California are angry about all the right things in their latest release, “Nothing To Call Our Own”. Now, let’s talk about the material. Albeit a bit different from the former two releases from the group, the album is a fantastic full-length. Perhaps it’s a slight change in the line-up that brought around the differences, or…perhaps it’s just a step in a new direction. Whatever the case, that step is certainly the right one. For their newest release, The Bogarts seem to be stepping into a fast grunge-esque genre. The punk roots are still very obvious, of course, but something is different.

My first impression? 90’s Alice In Chains minus Layne Stayley plus Wattie Buchan minus the English accent plus Dave Grohl x2. (That last bit can’t even begin to hold a candle to Moritz, the impressive Bogarts drummer.) Were Chains to amp up the speed a little bit and ever-so-slightly adjust the gain on the amps, you might come face to face with this monster of an album.

My only complaint (and it is small) is the lack of guitar solo in differentiation to Ideologies, their 2011 E.P. The guitar work is still fantastic. The progressions are stellar, and vary from your everyday “4 chord anthem”. The solos, well, they’re still there, but they’re different.

A few songs to look out for: Bridge Burners, a good example of the speed and anger that has stayed omnipresent in the bands entire career. The song serves as an EXCELLENT intro to the album. Another, and most likely my favorite at the time of this writing is Half Empty. This song is reminiscent of their former E.P.’s, and for this reason, I like it a lot. I still see much to come in the future for this Southern California quartet.


Cover Art Battle (May 29th): Millencolin, Future Idiots, The Bogarts and more…VOTE NOW!!

Whether bizarre, beautiful, thought provoking, or hilarious, each Tuesday we will present the most interesting album covers from the albums released that week and let you readers vote on which one you think should win “Best Cover Art of the Week!”

We’ve got an international battle this week (May 29th), featuring new releases from Dogjaw, Millencolin, The Bogarts, The Atom Age, Margate and Future Idiots. Check out the slideshow here and cast your vote now!

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The Bogarts offer “name your price” download of new album “Nothing To Call Our Own” (Recommended)

Thousand Oaks, California’s The Bogarts are offering a “name your price” download of their their new album “Nothing To Call Our Own.”

You can snag it here. (Recommended)

Also, click here to check out our recent interview with The Bogarts’ Alex Johnson, in which we discuss things like “going all Skiba” and getting molested at gunpoint. Fun times!

The Bogarts stream new track “Greetings From…” from upcoming album “Nothing To Call Our Own”

Thousand Oaks, California’s The Bogarts are set to unleash a brand new album entitled “Nothing To Call Our Own” on the masses.

To entice you (as though you needed it), the former Dying Scene Spotlight band are offering up the new track “Greetings From…” for stream or ‘name-your-price’ download. Click here to check it out.

“Nothing To Call Our Own” hits the streets tomorrow (April 29th). Somehow, they remain unsigned.

Video: The Bogarts and The Braces post-tour highlight video, featuring new song by The Bogarts

Former Dying Scene Spotlight band The Bogarts and their homies in The Braces went on tour this past winter. To give you a taste of the good times had by all, the two bands have teamed up to release a post-tour highlight video.

As an added bonus, the clip features a new song by The Bogarts. Entitled “The Offensive Rhyme,” the track is due to appear on the band’s upcoming full-length “Nothing To Call Our Own.” Click here to check it out.

The Bogarts announce tour dates with Moonraker, The Flatliners, Heartsounds

Former Dying Scene Spotlight band The Bogarts have announced a slew of tour dates that will take the Thousand Oaks, CA, band further east than they’ve been before.

First up is a gig with the likes of the Flatliners and Heartsounds. The remainder of their tour dates will feature Oxnard, CA, punks Moonraker. Take a look at the itinerary here, and maybe even help the band book a show where indicated!

Also, click here to check out our recent interview with The Bogarts’ Alex Johnson, in which we discuss things like “going all Skiba” and getting molested at gunpoint. Fun times!

The Bogarts recently finished recording their debut full-length, “Nothing To Call Our Own.” It serves as a follow-up to their 2011 “Ideologies” EP, and it’ll melt your face when you hear it. We’ll keep you posted on release information.

Interview: The Bogarts talk new album, “going all Skiba”, and getting molested at gun point

Astute readers will recall that Thousand Oaks, California’s The Bogarts were a Dying Scene Spotlight band last Spring. Apparently they weren’t ready to walk into the sunset with that as their high-water mark, so they’ve been busy working on material and they are due to head in to the studio in April to record the full-length followup to last year’s “Ideologies” EP. We caught up with co-frontman Alex Johnson to chat about what’s new in The Bogarts’ camp, the direction of the new material, growing up in Thousand Oaks, and “going all Skiba.” They also revealed the title and tracklisting of their forthcoming release, and detailed a few upcoming shows (including one with the Flatliners). Check it out here.

Video: The Bogarts do acoustic versions of “Ideologies” and new song “Half-Empty”

Thousand Oaks, California’s The Bogarts recently did an acoustic session with Punks In Vegas in which they perform two songs: the title track to their 2011 EP “Ideologies” and a new song “Half-Empty,” which is from their upcoming, as yet untitled full-length.

Give it a looksie here.

You can stream “Ideologies” in its entirety on the band’s bandcamp page.