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With the Punches reunite, announce first show in three years

After going on hiatus back in 2013With the Punches have announced that they are back together, and will play their first show in three years at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey on January 23rd, 2016. That show is a celebration of the 7th anniversary of Panic State Records, where Catch 22 will headline and perform their 2000 album Alone in a Crowd in its entirety. Tickets are available here.

With the Punches currently have no plans for any more shows or to release any new material, but we’ll keep you posted as more details on their reunion come to light. The band’s only proper album Seams & Stitches was released in 2012 on Doghouse Records.

With The Punches to go on hiatus; announce farewell shows

New York pop-punk outfit, With The Punches, has announced their hiatus from being a band. Here’s what they had to say:

“After 5 years, 2 EP’s, 1 LP, 3 Continents, 4 Vehicles, and a few hundred shows, With The Punches is sad to announce that we will be going on hiatus for a while. We would like to thank everyone who ever took the time to listen to our band, everyone who supported us in any way, and those of you who went above and beyond and helped us keep it together at times where falling apart could have so easilly happened. We will be doing a run of last shows in August (the dates of which are listed below) in which we will be playing as many of our songs as time will allow. We would love to see as many friends at these shows as possible and will post the individual show information via all our social networking sites. Thank you for making this everything it became and so much more than we ever dreamed.

In conjunction with the final shows we are proud to announce that we have partnered with our friends at Panic State Records to release a limited farewell pressing of our first two EP’s on 12″ Vinyl. Supplies will be very limited and pre-orders will be announced in the coming weeks. We will have any remaining copies for sale at the merch table at the shows

Thank you for everything this became,
With The Punches”

We wish them the best of luck in their future musical endeavors. To view a list of farewell tour dates, click here.

Video: With The Punches – “Face Value”

New York pop-punkers With The Punches filmed a video for their song “Face Value” during a stop in the UK last December. Check out the final product right here.

“Face Value” appears appears on the band’s July 2012 album “Seams & Stitches,” released through Doghouse Records.

With the Punches announce change in supporting acts on tour

New York pop punkers With The Punches have announced that Far From Proper will be supporting the band on their upcoming tour, replacing the previously announced Me Vs. Hero. Also opening is Divided by Friday.

You can check out the tour dates right here.

With the Punches released their debut album Seams And Stitches in July 2012 through Doghouse Records. The band also has plans to begin recording for their sophomore full length album once the tour is through.

Video: With The Punches cover City And Colour’s “The Girl” with Matty from A Loss For Words

New York pop punkers With The Punches are currently on the road with A Loss For Words, Hit The Lights and State Champs. During a stop in Joliet, IL, WTP played an acoustic session for the folks at Neck Deep Media, and covered City And Colour’s “The Girl.” As a bonus, Matty from A Loss For Words helps out on vocals. Click here to check it out.

With The Punches’ last album, “Seams And Stitches,” was released back in July through Doghouse Records.

Video: With the Punches do acoustic versions of “Postcards” and “I Told You Already”

New York pop punkers With the Punches are the latest band to appear on the Punks in Vegas Stripped Down Sessions.

The guys played acoustic renditions of “Postcards” and “I Told You Already,” both from their album “Seams & Stitches” behind The Box Office in Las Vegas.

Check out the vids here.

“Seams and Stitches,” was released on July 3rd through Doghouse Records.

Hit The Lights announce U.S. tour dates

Lima, Ohio’s Hit The Lights have posted dates for their new Northeast tour, featuring A Loss For Words, With The Punches, and State Champs. Click here to see the tour dates.

The band’s latest release, “Invicta,” which was released on January 31st.

I Call Fives announce co-headlining tour with With The Punches

New Jersey pop-punkers I Call Fives have just announced an upcoming headlining tour with With the Punches. Check the dates out here.

With the Punches last released “Seams and Stitches” on July 3rd through Doghouse Records. I Call Fives released their self-titled album July 10th through Pure Noise Entertainment.

With the Punches post tour video

New York pop punkers With the Punches have posted a tour video documenting their time on the PropertyOfZach Tour.

You can watch the video here.

The band’s latest album, “Seams and Stitches,” was released on July 3rd through Doghouse Records.

Watch a full live set from With The Punches

New York pop punkers With the Punches have posted a full live set from Illinois.

You can watch the full set here.

The band’s latest album, “Seams and Stitches,” was released on July 3rd through Doghouse Records.

Album Review: With the Punches – “Seams & Stitches”

For those readers who are unfamiliar with them, With the Punches is a pop punk band from Newburgh, NY. Their style falls in line with the modern pop punk that’s so popular with the kids these days- there’s a definite hardcore influence on their music, but there are also layers upon layers of melodies and a keen sense of pop music driving their songs. After four years of playing shows together, the band has just released their debut LP, “Seams & Stitches”, on Doghouse Records.

“Seams & Stitches” plays it relatively safe. Twelve songs about girls, heartbreak, wanting to ‘get out of this place’, and betrayal. The music is also fairly standard: lots of fast chugging, steady beats, and guitar leads that appear to be present at all times. In many ways, “Seams & Stitches” sounds a lot like New Found Glory’s self titled and Valencia’s “This Could Be a Possibility” had a child. I don’t mean that in a bad way- it’s just a way of saying that a lot of what is on this album has been heard before.

Still, “Seams & Stitches” has its moments, even if it’s been done before. The true highlight is probably the intensity of lead singer Jesse Vadala’s vocals. At times he sounds a little similar to Valencia’s Shane Henderson, but there’s an aggressiveness in Vadala’s voice that is definitely a integral part of With the Punches’ sound.  It’s that harshness that sometimes enters his voice that really sells the bitter attitude in tracks like “Postcards” and “Face Value” (which happen to be two of the strongest tracks present on the album).

In the realm of pop punk, whether it’s been done before or not should be irrelevant- there are only so many ways to experiment with the sound before you’re playing a different genre. With the Punches don’t try to be anything that they’re not- and it works out well for them. The band may not be reinventing the wheel on “Seams & Stitches”, but why would they want to reinvent something that works perfectly fine?


RIYL: New Found Glory, Valencia, The Story So Far

With The Punches stream new album “Seams & Stitches”

New York pop punkers With the Punches are streaming their entire upcoming full length, “Seams and Stitches” right here.

The album was released today (July 3rd) through Doghouse Records.

With The Punches debut new song “Cags”

New York pop punkers With the Punches have debuted “Cags,” a new track from their upcoming full length, “Seams and Stitches.” The track can be heard right here!

“Seams and Stitches” will be released July 3rd through Doghouse Records.

With The Punches posts studio video

New York pop punkers With the Punches have posted a behind the scenes video in which they discussed their upcoming album “Seams and Stitches.”

You can check it out here.

With the Punches will be released their debut “Seams and Stitches” on July 3rd through Doghouse Records. The band will be touring the U.S. this summer.

With the Punches announce US tour dates

New York pop punkers With the Punches are set to head out this summer on the Property of Zack tour with support from SoCal’s Forever Came Calling and Albany, NY’s State Champs.

You can check out the tour dates right here.

With the Punches will be released their debut “Seams and Stitches” on July 3rd through Doghouse Records.