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Rejectedkids (melodic-hardcore, Indonesia) release new album, “Home”

Indonesian melodic-hardcore outfit Rejectedkids have released their newest album “Home”. The emphasis here is definitely on the hardcore and the band deliver their fast, frantic tracks with a real sense of urgency. That’s not to say they forget about the melody and aggressive hardcore passages are punctuated with sweeping, post-rockesque instrumental sections, giving the record a truly epic sound. “Home” is going to appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners and each track seems to offer the audience a slightly different take on the hardcore sound.

You can enjoy “Home” in all its progressive glory below.

Free Download: Rejected Kids (skate punk) release new song “Home.”

Indonesian skate punk band Rejected Kids have released a new song titled “Home.” You can give the track a listen below, and download it for free on their Bandcamp page.

This is the band’s first new material in quite some time, as their latest album A New Chapter Has Begun was released in 2011.

Rejected Kids stream teaser of Much The Same cover for upcoming tribute album

Indonesian pop-punk act Rejected Kids are streaming a teaser for their cover of Much The Same‘s “Still Falling” and you can listen to it right here.

The cover will appear on the Much The Same tribute album in the works by Japanese label Torch Of Hope Records.  No release date yet but you can see a list of the contributing bands and the tracks here.

Much The Same started in 1999 and announced their breakup in 2007.

Cover Art of the Week Winner: Rejected Kids – “A New Chapter Has Begun”

The votes are in!  Congrats to last week’s Cover Art of the Week winner, Rejected Kids, for the Da Vinci meets “Dark Crystal” the movie artwork featured on the cover of their new album, “A New Chapter Has Begun.”  They will now move on to the “Cover Art of the MONTH” battle, which begins July 5th.  Stay tuned!

The polls are now open for this week’s “Best Cover Art of the Week Battle” where Taking Back Sunday, White Wives, Set Your Goals, Pulley and more are going head to head.  Go cast your vote here.

Album Review: Rejected Kids – “A New Chapter Has Begun”

In a world where pop stars reign supreme, it isn’t hard to imagine that the members of Rejected Kids were the odd ones out in high school. After all, what’s weirder than the ability to craft good music and to *gasp* actually be able to play musical instruments? Rejected Kids have these talents in spades, and show them off on their latest effort, “A New Chapter Has Begun.”

Rejected Kids manage to combine musical influences like Slick Shoes, Autopilot Off, Rufio and New Found Glory, leading listeners to expect them to hail from California, or from a tiny American Midwestern town. You’d be wrong on both counts, as Rejected Kids are actually from Tangerang, Indonesia. In fact, most listeners probably wouldn’t realize that the band aren’t from North America until digging through the album’s liner notes to decipher song lyrics.

Sadly, like the many of the bands that Rejected Kids resemble, they manage to fall into one major trap of the style of music they play: there is little differentiation between the songs. While each individual track is well-written, cohesive and melodic and the album as a whole certainly isn’t bad, it is perhaps a little difficult to listen to in one sitting.

Where Rejected Kids manage to stand out is in the fact that the band is a cohesive unit of very competent musicians. They have a tight rhythm section, and great technical guitar work shines out on the album. To top it off, the band are singing in not just one but two different languages which, at the very least, definitely sounds neat.

The album starts off with the track “Too Early To Rise,” which has the classic hardcore instrumental opening- the ‘impending doom on your eardrums’ build up that leads into frenzied guitar work and fan headbanging. The second track has a very New Found Glory-esque chant going on in the background, while the vocals then take over much of the song. This isn’t a bad thing, as it gives rejected Kids a chance to show off what they do best.

The heavy focus of the track tends to be the instrumentation, and vocals typically to take a backseat. The track “Dystopia” sounds like it came right off a NFG b-sides album, especially with the group chanting. The lead singer’s vocals sound very Rufio-influenced, which could get grating if the vocals were much more prominent.

All in all, Rejected Kids appear to have a very good idea of their strengths and weaknesses, and know how to play to those strengths. It is a very solid effort from the band, and can definitely become the album that you can’t bear to take out of your CD player in time.

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