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Army of Champions streaming new album “Animal Versus Man”

Brisbane’s Army of Champions are streaming their new album “Animal Versus Man” online and you can listen to it here.  This is definitely one of my own “most anticpated” albums of 2012.   The album is available on a very limited amount of vinyl through Arrest Records Australia.

Army of Champions stream “Shake Out The Moan” from forthcoming album “Animal Versus Man”

Brisbane’s Army Of Champions are streaming “Shake Out The Moan” from their upcoming release “Animal Versus Man.”  You can listen to the track here.  The album will be available digitally from Arrest Records on the 30th of May and will be the bands first release on vinyl which will be available from mid-June.

DS Photo Gallery: Stolen Bikes Ride Faster, Easy Company, Army of Champions @ Basement 243, Brisbane, Australia (05/12/11)

Last month we sent our favourite photographer, Stephen Goodwin, along to the Stolen Bikes Ride Faster comeback (and probably last ever) show at Brisbane’s Basement 243.  Along for the ride were Sydney locals (and personal favourites), Easy Company and a band that just gets better every time they play, Army of Champions.  Check out the photos here.

Photo credit: Stephen Goodwin

DS Photo Gallery: Army of Champions, Friends With The Enemy @ The Globe Theatre, Brisbane, Australia (09/10/11)

We recently sent friend of Dying Scene and great photographer, Stephen Goodwin along to The Globe Theatre in Brisbane to capture the highlights of an evening with Pour Habit and Smoke or Fire but first we got to enjoy the local acts, Army of Champions and Friends with the Enemy.  Army of Champions played for the first time with their 3rd guitarist.  Check out the shots from the evening here and stay tuned to Dying Scene as we bring you the Pour Habit and Smoke or Fire gallery.

DS Exclusive Interview: Army Of Champions, stream “Songs To Die By”

With Spoonfest only 5 days away we talked to Matt Haora who is a guitarist and lead vocalist in Army Of Champions to find out just how the band works.  Army Of Champions was born from the ashes of a punk band but they never limit their music style to that of just punk.

We spoke to Matt about exactly who Army Of Champions are, how their music comes to life and criticisms handed out by a vervet monkey.  True story.  The band and Arrest Records Australia are pretty amazing in our books and are allowing us to stream their tune, “Songs To Die By.”  Great band, great track and you can check it all out here.

Army of Champions play Spoonfest this Saturday (May 21).   Grab yourself a ticket here and why don’t you let us know you’re coming by heading over to the Facebook event here.