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Ska Weekender Interview: Son of Dad

If you remember a little from last year’s Ska Weekender it’s that Son of Dad packed up and backed up for all three dates on the tour.  This year though punters will only have the chance to catch their antics in Adelaide, one of biggest parties on the tour.  We caught up with Craig and Matthew to see what they are bringing to the table in 2012, other than being one of the horniest bands on the bill.  Read the full interview here.

Head here for all the info on this years Ska Weekender and pick up your ticket stat!

Dying Scene Presents: Ska Weekender Festival 2012

Dying Scene is incredibly chuffed to announce that, for the second year running, we’ll be presenting the Ska Weekender Festival held over the 8th, 9th and 10th of June.  Also for the second year running the tour will take in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney over three crazy nights / hungover days.

In tow this year is a man who is no stranger to the Ska Weekender Festival and no stranger to Ska. Better known for his vocal contribution to MU330 but these days focussing on his solo material, Dan Potthast never leaves a crowd unsatisfied.

Then we’ve got the rest of the line-up which includes a raucous pool of talent from Australia and NZ.  The festival includes The Bennies, God God Dammit Dammit, Son of Dad, Phat Meegz, Roofdog (NZ), Give or Take, Area-7, The Operators, Admiral Ackbar’s Dishonourable Discharge, Chris Duke & The Royals, Backy Skank, Kujo Kings, Sublime With Billy, The My Tys, Steel City Allstars, Jobstopper and Handball Deathmatch.  Get your head around these line-ups here.  Stay tuned to DS as we do another “all-ska-all-the-time” interview series with the bands.

Dying Scene Presents: 2011 Ska Weekender Festival wrap-up

Finally!  The 2011 Ska Weekender Festival is only one sleep away so we are going to re-live the Ska Weekender Festival magic that we’ve been working on for the past few weeks.  We spoke to a few bands that are hitting the stage this weekend and some came to the party early letting  DS stream their tracks.

If you’ve missed anything Ska Weekender related then this the place and the time to catch-up before the Festival hits Adelaide on Friday.  As we found out through out interview series, Adelaide is the Ska hotspot of Australia so here at DS we expect the standard for the weekend to be set high, early.  Melbourne and Sydney you’ve been warned!  Check out all the 2011 Ska Weekender goodness HERE.  Now let’s get this show on the road!

DS Ska Weekender Interview: Son of Dad

It’s funny that Son of Dad considering themselves a lazy ska band considering they will be gracing the stage at all three stops on the Ska Weekender Festival 2011 tour.  We spoke to them about being lazy, free downloads, ska music and it’s critics and coordinating schedules.  In the past, the band has received some criticism for sounding “too American” so we also asked for their thoughts on the Australian ska scene which they state “needs to mature a bit.”  Read the full interview here.

For all your Ska Weekender information needs head here and let us know you’ll be coming on Facebook here.

Dying Scene Presents: SKA Weekender Festival 2011

What is better than one massive night of ska?  A WHOLE WEEKEND OF IT, that’s what.  Here at Dying Scene we are totally chuffed to be in cahoots with our good buddies over at Chopdog Promotions to bring the 2011 SKA WEEKENDER FESTIVAL to the good, rockin’ folk of Australia.  The second annual SKA WEEKENDER FESTIVAL will hit the road in 2011 encompassing Adelaide, Melbourne then finally winding up in Sydney with a boat cruise to take in the beautiful sights of Sydney Harbour.

The line-up includes the cream of the Australian ska crop with Son of Dad, The Bennies, Hightime, Loonee Tunes, The Kujo Kings, The Resignators, Sticky Fingers, Gogo-a-Rama, Irie Knights, Menage-a-Ska, The Tabasco Junkies, Ebolagoldfish, The Kamikaze Thundercats and Chris Duke & The Royals.  Check out each dates full line-up below.

9th September 10th September 11th September 11th September
Enigma Bar The Tote Harbour Cruise Lansdowne HotelAfter Party
Son of Dad

The Bennies


The Kujo Kings

Irie Nights

Finger Cuffs


Son of Dad

The Bennies

Loonee Tunes


The Resignators

The Kujo Kings


The Tabasco Junkies

Sticky Fingers

The Bennies

Covering Rancid & Operation Ivy

Son of Dad

Covering Reel Big Fish’s “Turn The Radio Off


Covering The Police

Chris Duke & The Royals


The Kamikaze Thundercats


Adelaide: Tickets available through Moshtix.  Click here to buy.

Melbourne: Tickets available through Oztix.  Click here to buy.

Sydney Harbour Cruise: Tickets available through Oztix.  Click here to buy.

Dying Scene Ska Weekender Interview Series

Here at Dying Scene we’re all about the horn section so as part of our 2011 Ska Weekender Festival coverage we are getting to know the bands on the line-up.  You can check out all the interviews so far below and be sure to come back regularly as we’ll be posting more as we get closer to the weekend.

The Bennies, stream “Acid on Me Brain”

Finger Cuffs, world premiere stream “Taylor Swift”

Hightime, stream “Lay Low”

Loonee Tunes, stream “Only You”

Menage-a-ska, stream “Don’t Go”