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Visa Application for Ska Nation: The Kujo Kings

There are few things that go without saying and one of those things is that The Kujo Kings can make or break a party.  So when it was their turn to apply for entry into Ska Nation we pretty much had already chalked them up.  In true Kujo style, they threw us a few curveballs and now we aren’t sure what to think.  Check out their application here.

Why don’t you tell us you are coming to Ska Nation on Facebook and we’ll be giving away double passes to each show on The Planet Smashers tour including “The Planet Smashers Experience” where one lucky person will be able to go backstage at Ska Nation to meet and greet the band.  Stay tuned nightly to our Facebook page to win!

DS Ska Weekender Interview: The Kujo Kings, stream “Wolfman John”

The Kujo Kings are a staple in the Melbourne music scene making hugs, laughter and an all round good time a guarantee at their live shows.  The seven piece are playing the Melbourne and Adelaide stops of the 2011 Ska Weekender Festival and since they are always a barrel of laughs we thought we’d jump into bed with them for just a little bit.

We spoke to The Kujo Kings as part of the Ska Weekender interview series to find out what they’ve been up to since they release “Kujo Kuddles,” what it’s like being in an “amazing, ridiculously awesome band” and what they do (or more likely don’t do) for birthdays.  Check out the full interview here.

The band has also been kind enough to let us stream “Wolfman John” which you can listen to here.

For all your 2011 Ska Weekender Festival information (including tickets and previous interviews) head here and leave The Kujo Kings a request for a cuddle on the Facebook event here.