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Midwest Ska Fest and Skappleton announce 2016 line ups.

Returning for its 4th year, Midwest Ska Fest is pairing up with Skappleton this year to bring Rude boys and girls, and other ska fans a full weekend of both local and national Ska bands.

Skappleton will be taking place on August 13, 2016 at Tanner’s Grill & Bar in Kimberly, WI. The Hub City Stompers and Dan Potthast (of MU330) will be headlining alongside Keep Flying (formerly Survay Says), Max and the Invaders, Run and Punch, The Bishops, 4 Aspirin Morning, Beat the Smart Kids, Be Like Max, The Holophonics, and Fairhaven.

Midwest Ska fest is being held at the Double Door in Chicago on August 14, 2016, and will be 18+. The Hub City Stompers and Dan Potthast (of MU330) will be headlining, with The Crombies, Keep Flying (formerly Survay Says), Something To Do, Run and Punch, Beat the Smart Kids, The 9 Spot, The Bishops, 4 Aspirin Morning, Evil Empire, and Bumsy and the Moochers.

Weekend passes for Skappleton and Midwest Ska Fest are currently available here. Single day tickets for Midwest Ska Fest will be available on Friday May 27, 2016.

DS Photo Gallery: Mustard Plug, Dan P & The Bricks, Monkey at Thee Parkside SF (1.23.16)

Last weekend was a crazy busy concert weekend in San Francisco, and it actually involved picking and choosing which bands to see, and which to reluctantly shelf for next time. When I saw that Mustard Plug, Dan P & The Bricks, and Monkey were sharing the same bill though, there was at least one easy decision. ‘Twas to be a night of ska and horns, skanking and slipping, and a visit to one of my favorite venues in the city, Thee Parkside.

San Jose-based Monkey took to the stage first and played to a still-warming-up crowd. The band brings classic ska with a voice that reververates through the whole dance hall. I say that because the band has this old-school classiness supported by powerful organs, driving horns, and that traditional ska stroke we all love (and of course Curtis’ voice). The guys most recently released “Bananarchy” last April through Asian Man Records and it has become a major staple of their set. With tracks like “Blind Faith”, “Bicycle”, and “Bad Neighbor” (to name a few), the band has once again proven why they have remained a cemented force in Bay Area ska.

Next up was local supergroup of sorts Dan P & The Bricks, featuring members of Slow Gherkin and of course frontman Dan Potthast from MU330. Dan is legitimately one of the consistently nicest and genuinely positive, upbeat individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and that positivism resonates through his music, which always gets the crowd bouncing. The way the ska is sped up, slowed down, and can maintain and energy to delight the crowd is a great moment of which to be a part. Besides the actual set of course, is the obligatory opening freak-out session to get all the jitters out (so says Dan). With “Mess It Up” and “Watch Where You Walk” topping the list, there’s no wonder why I always leave a Dan P show with cheeks hurting from smiling and legs weak from dancing.

The set from headliners Mustard Plug was definitely a pleasant surprise and left me wondering why these guys have fallen off my radar. I remember seeing them last year or so and thinking that the set lacked something – some energy, or je ne sais quoi. This night was more of the Mustard Plug that I remember loving as a teenager, and indeed the band sampled from all of their albums, but played my favorites including “You”, “Lolita”, and “The Beer Song” to name a few. It had the energy almost of like a Voodoo Glow Skulls or old school Blue Meanies set and it was an amazing way to spend a Saturday night. Not a frown in the house.

Have a look at all of the photos from the night’s sets below.

Thank you to Curtis, Jordan, and Audra for a great horn-filled, skarrific night at Thee Parkside.

DS Photo Gallery: Kemuri, Dan P & The Bricks, and Monkey 20th Anniversary Party Bottom of the Hill SF

The night had finally come! KEMURI!!! Japanese ska-punk band Kemuri was arrived stateside, celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band, and their first time in San Francisco in 17 years. The anticipation was enough to cause a heart attack as we awaited the Nipponjin’s takeover. San Jose-based Monkey opened the crowd, with Santa Cruz-ish Dan P and The Bricks warming the stage for the long-awaited Kemuri. It was indeed to be a night of moon stomping, floor bouncing, and legs kicking. OH! By the way…Mike Park (founder of Asian Man Records/member of Skankin’ Pickle, Bruce Lee Band, Chinkees, etc) started the night off with DJ Mike Park samplings of many popular AMR tracks (of course).

Monkey just recently released their newest album “Bananarchy” through Asian Man, and has been on the road fervently promoting the new work. It seems as though it was just yesterday that I saw them at Thee Parkside back in February. I can’t say enough good things about these guys. Not only is there an amazing stage presence, but the music lifts you off your seat. Horns, dropping bass, and soulful, resounding vocals create depth and a vibe that you can’t help but move your feet to. If you don’t yet know this group, get your lesson on here.

Dan P. AKA Dan Potthast. AKA the man, the myth, and the legend behind Mu330 (with the help of Jerry and others), is now Dan P & The Bricks – a Santa Cruz-based ska group that includes members of that old band Slow Gherkin. The set was a great prep for Kemuri and showcased Dan, AJ, and company at their finest. It’s always great to look out and see nothing but smiling faces in a crowd.

Kemuri. It’s possible that I may have gotten so overwhelmed with this band that my review of the show may be a bit clouded. This was my first time seeing the famed Japanese septet, but not without desire. The last time Kemuri played in SF I was a struggling 12 year old kid, mail-ordering to AMR, Hopeless, Epitaph and others trying to find something I could believe in.  This has been a band that ranks up there with Less Than Jake, Blue Meanies, and others, in terms of THAT formative ska/punk band, Shoot vs. dance – that is always the question. Thankfully, with a healthy crowd, I was able to squeeze both in. The band played some amazing favorites like “Ato-Ichinen”, “New Generation”, and one of my all-time favorites “PMA”. It was one of those shows where my legs were sore the next day from too much dancing! Not only does the band rock the house, but all the members are some of the nicest musicians I have ever met. A real class act. Maintain a “Positive Mental Attitude”. Always and forever.

Thanks to Mike, Fumio, Bottom of the Hill, and everyone who came out to celebrate an absolutely incredible night of ska/punk, horns, smiles, and Japanese Invasion!!!

Have a look at all the photos from the night’s festivities below.

Mike Park (Asian Man Records), Dan P. (Mu330) supporting final Streetlight Manifesto tour

Two of the most influential and iconic pioneers of 3rd wave ska, Asian Man Records founder Mike Park (Skankin’ Pickle, The Chinkees, Bruce Lee Band, Maguma Taishi,many more) and Dan Potthast (of Mu330 and Dan P. And The Bricks) have been announced as the supporting acts for the last remaining leg of the final Streetlight Manifesto tour.

You can check out the dates here. After the tour, billed as “The End Of The Beginning, the band will no longer be a full-time touring band, but will continue to play and record sporadically.

Streetlight last released their 4th studio album “The Hands That Thieve” in April via Pentimento Music Company and Victory Records. Mike Park recently revealed plans to release a long-awaited album with The Bruce Lee Band, who last released an EP in 2005. Park is also intends an all-ska children’s album with Asian Man Records kid’s music label affiliate Fun Fun Records, as well as a solo acoustic record in 2014. Dan P. And the Bricks most recently released “Watch Where You Walk” in 2011 via Asian Man Records.

Slow Gherkin releases Christmas EP

Santa Cruz ska group Slow Gherkin has just released a 2 song Christmas EP. While cooking your holiday dinner, let your ears nibble on the bands songs “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)” and “Christmas Wrapping.” You can get it here.

Death of a Ska Band: Rarities 1994-2002, the band’s latest album, was released in June 2011 on Asian Man Records.

Album Review: Dan P. And The Bricks- “Watch Where You Walk”

It seems to be that ever since the fall of mainstream 3rd wave ska in the late 90’s, every band who survived has done everything possible to bring a new, refreshing, unique spin on the genre. Streetlight Manifesto’s albums have gotten increasingly more folk/punk/progressive, and other bands like Less Than Jake and Big D & The Kids Table are continuing to morph their sound in different ways. That’s not a bad thing, at all. But the debut album by Dan P. and The Bricks, “Watch Where You Walk,” (on Asian Man Records) doesn’t do that. It’s a throwback to straight 3rd wave, and sometimes earlier ska. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either.

I imagine it’d be fun music to dance to. I it seems like it would be a good addition to an indie rom-com soundtrack. Track 12, “Quit For Me,” is now on my driving playlist.  But unfortunately this record is just not that fun to sit down and listen to more than once. There’s nothing lyrically, musically, or stylistically to keep me coming back to any of the songs.

(Read the full review here.)

Cover Art Battle (November 29th): Kepi Ghoulie, Dan P & The Bricks, Acid Drop…Vote NOW!

Whether bizarre, beautiful, thought provoking, or hilarious, each Tuesday we will present the most interesting album covers from the albums released that week and let you readers vote on which one you think should win “Best Cover Art of the Week!”

It’s a pretty slow week (November 29th), but there are still some solid entries Acid Drop, Dan P and The Bricks and Kepi Ghoulie. Start the cover art slideshow here to get a closer look at the artwork.

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Also, don’t forget to vote for October’s Cover Art of the Month battle, which is still raging right here (winner announced first week of December).

New Music: Dan P and the Bricks – “One Reason”

Santa Cruz ska act, Dan P And The Bricks (featuring members of MU330, Slow Gherkin, Slow Gherkin, The Bubonic Brass and Larry), are debuting the track “One Reason” from their upcoming album “Watch Where You Walk.” Check it out here.

“Watch Where You Walk” drops November 29th on Asian Man Records.

Full-Album Stream: Dan P And The Bricks – “Watch Where You Walk”

Santa Cruz Ska act, Dan P And The Bricks (featuring members of MU330, Slow Gherkin, Slow Gherkin, The Bubonic Brass and Larry), are streaming their entire debut full-length, “Watch Where You Walk.”

Check it out here.

“Watch Where You Walk” was released last week via Asian Man Records.