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The Slaughterhouse Chorus premiere “Wellsville” off upcoming farewell album “…In The Name of Progress”

*whistles in americana*

The Slaughterhouse Chorus are an ameri-kinda punk band from Albany, New York who many Dying Scene readers have come to love and cherish over the years. They offer a slice of something different… a folkier side that showcases the roots of American rock and roll music with a punk rock (detre)mentality. The pace is snappy and upbeat, never lingering too long on the classisized roots stylings of dual guitarists Chris Jordan and Jay Bonafide albeit allaying due credence in thought out swampy blues signatures at times while at others laid out in freewheelin’ heartland cow punk vibra-tones. 

The bands new album …In The Name of Progress  is set for release on May 31 on  Built4BBQ Records, a co-operative label co-pioneered by members of The Slaughterhouse Chorus amongst other well-meaning musicians from the Empire State. Sadly, this will be the band’s final release, as they plan to part ways at the closing of this year. …In The Name of Progress is available for pre-order on vinyl and digital download here.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus has gifted us faithful fans with another early release, this time for the song “Wellsville” which is the final song on the upcoming EP and one which the band expects to represent the culmination of their time together and with their listeners in a grand finale. It is a song about “the American dream and the accompanying suburban nightmare. We’d have to assume it’s also the only rock ‘n’ roll song that references both Van Morrison and ‘The Adventures of Pete & Pete’. It’s the longest, heaviest, and somehow most exhausting thing we’ve ever done, and a song that we collectively feel is the best we’ve ever written and recorded. As the closing track on our last record it seems like a good high point to go out on.” And then, as they say, The Slaughterhouse Chorus will ride off into the sunset.

Check out the exclusive early stream for “Wellsville” below.

Stream new track “Greenplates” from Americana Punkers The Slaughterhouse Chorus

After 10 years as a band, Albany Americana punkers The Slaughterhouse Chorus are calling it quits at the end of 2019. For this longtime fan that’s a hard pill to swallow. The only thing that makes it go down easier is the fact that as a parting gift the group is leaving us with a new EP , …In The Name of Progress, via Built4BBQ Records. Having heard the entire release I can attest to the fact that it represents the fellas’ best material to date and you can get yourself a taste via the new track “Greenplates” below.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus set to release one final EP, pre-orders for “…In the Name of Progress” available now

After 10 years as a band, Albany Americana punkers The Slaughterhouse Chorus are calling it quits at the end of 2019. However they plan on going out with a bang with one last EP, …In The Name of Progress, brought to you by Built4BBQ Records. ...In the Name of Progress will be the band’s first release since 2014. Pre-orders for that album are available here… also available in vinyl.

Free Compilation Download: “The Entree” (Slaughterhouse Chorus, Stuck Lucky, Radicals, etc)

Albany, New York based record collective Built4BBQ are streaming their newest compilation The Entree in its entirety below.

The comp includes 19 previously unreleased tracks  by bands such as The Slaughterhouse Chorus, Stuck Lucky, The Radicals , Bridge Under Fire, The Kimono Dragons, Bad Friends, and many more. It was released on July 4th and you can download it for free on bandcamp.

The Entree will be Built4BBQ’s second compilation album. They released their first one in 2013 which was titled The Appetizer.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus release new EP “Pedestrians”

NYC’s The Slaughterhouse Chorus have released a new EP titled Pedestrians and you can check it out below.

The band’s self-titled debut was released in 2012. They also released a split with Bridge Under Fire in 2013. Both of these albums are available on their bandcamp.

All We Got Records streams new “Your Wrongs, Our Rights” compilation (punk, folk-punk, hardcore)

The folks at All We Got Records have released the second volume in their Comps For A Cause series.  This one is titled “Your Wrongs, Our Rights” and it features a bunch of pretty solid punk, pop-punk, folk-punk, hardcore and indie bands including but not limited to Entropy, Tear Them Down, Chewing On Tinfoil, The Slaughterhouse Chorus, and more.

Here’s what the label had to say about the release:

“In the past few years we have seen quite a bit of forward momentum in fixing the inequalities between the ‘straight’ population and the ‘LGTBQ’ population. Of course when it comes to equality around the world, some countries still have a ways to go.

Forward momentum is great, but we cannot in good conscience, overlook the horrific events happening to our friends and neighbors around the world. People are murdered and imprisoned for love, and this has to stop!

“Your Wrongs, Our Rights”, is a compilation of bands from around the world, who believe that love is love! Together, we are taking a stand for equality on an international level, and invite you to join us. All proceeds will be donated to support international LGBTQ rights. So order your copy, share with your friends, etc, etc.

Thanks to all the bands involved for your musical donations. Thanks to Ryley Rayne for your design donations. Thanks to Colin Jay, for naming this damn thing! Thanks to the AWG! Team. Thanks to all of you for supporting the things you believe in. (don’t ever stop doing that).

All the music heard on this compilation has been graciously donated. Your $10 will not only get you 21 great tracks from various independent artist but your $10 will also go to a great cause. All net proceeds will be donated to help support LGBTQ rights internationally. This compilation is the result of a lot of heart and we are so pleased to offer this to you.”

You can stream the comp in its entirety below.

Slaughterhouse Chorus announce a U.S. tour with The End Men

Twangy folk punk band, The Slaughterhouse Chorus have announced a ten-date U.S. tour with The End Men and you can see the dates and locations here.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus released their self titled EP in December of 2012.

Album Review: The Slaughterhouse Chorus – s/t

With a band name the likes of “The Slaughterhouse Chorus”, one would expect the music composed and performed by said individuals to reside somewhere in the neighborhood of death metal and/or perhaps speed/black metal. Thankfully, for those fortunate enough to have discovered The Slaughterhouse Chorus, the band’s musical stylings more closely resemble punk rock than anything else (no offense to the metalheads in the crowd).

Truth be told, The Slaughterhouse Chorus is a blend of twangy, down-home hillbilly rock infused with a heavy dose of punk and a tinge of folk. (Not exactly what you’d expect from a band hailing from New York City.) If the Supersuckers fucked Larry And His Flask, or vice versa (as I haven’t a clue who would be giving or receiving), The Slaughterhouse Chorus would be their illegitimate love child.

The band’s inaugural self-tilted EP is a 13-track hell-bound hayride through the heart of America via the streets of The Great Apple; and is just as unpredictable. The album sways seamlessly, yet purposefully, like “Amber Waves of Cocaine”, the opening track (which sets the stage for the ensuing managed mayhem). The following three songs, “A Month Without”, “Built for BBQ” and “Let’s Get Invisible” exude more country-esque qualities than punk, but “For God and Country” rekindles the rock ‘n’ roll fervor. “The Full Nelson” is nothing more than pure, unadulterated rock, replete with ample baby-makin’ guitar solos; which ironically segues into a grab-your-partner swing-type instrumental affectionately dubbed “All My Mistakes are Your Fault Tonight”. Coincidental? I think not.

“Fish in a Barrel” is arguably the standout track on the album; a nice little ditty fans will thoroughly enjoy whilst fending off a hillbilly horde in a sweaty mosh pit. “May 21” and “Guns N’ Cattle” draw the album to a close on a honkey-tonk high note, while lucky number 13, “Eviction Day”, sends the self-titled EP off slowly and steadily into the desert/city/backwoods/bayou/country night.

Bringing such a wide array of genres together on a single album, let alone a band’s first effort, is an achievement in and of itself. Cowboy hats and flatbills alike off to The Slaughterhouse Chorus for a job well done.

4/5 Stars

The Saughterhouse Chorus releasing split 7-inch with Bridge Under Fire

Upstate NY punk rockers The Slaughterhouse Chorus and Bridge Under Fire announced details today for an upcoming split 7″, due in January on L.R.S. Records. Limited to 200 copies on randomly mixed color vinyl, the split features two songs by each band. A third track from each group will also be available via a digital download card included with the record.

Just in time for National Shopping Day, L.R.S. Records has posted a pre-order for the 7″ here.

Hailing from the capital of the Empire State, Albany dudes The Slaughterhouse Chorus marinade their rapid fire punk rock in country twang and classic rock swagger. The band issued its self-titled, debut full length in April. The Slaughterhouse Chorus was also featured on Dying Scene’s “Too Punk to Folk” compilation earlier this year.

Syracuse NY post-hardcore band Bridge Under Fire play catchy, hard-hitting punk that should make fans of Hot Water Music, Dear Landlord and Smoke or Fire take notice. Since forming from the ashes of a handful of revered Syracuse bands in 2010, the band has toured throughout the U.S. and released two albums: 2011’s “The Nightcourt Sessions” EP and the 2012 full-length “Why Wait?”

Pre-orders will ship in early January.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus stream 2 new songs off ucpoming album

Albany, NY folk-punk act The Slaughterhouse Chorus are streaming 2 fresh tracks off their upcoming self-titled full-length.  “Fish In A Barrel” can be streamed here and “The Wagon” here.

h“The Slaughterhouse Chorus” will be released on April 6th. Check out the track listing here. You can also pre-order the album here.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus last released a 2010 demo EP released via New Orleans’ Community Records.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus release details for self-titled debut album

Albany, NY roots-punk act The Slaughterhouse Chorus have just released the album art, tracklisting and release date for their self-titled debut album. “The Slaughterhouse Chorus” will be released on April 6th. Check out the tracklisting here. You can also pre-order the album here.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus last released a 2010 demo EP released via New Orleans’ Community Records.

The Slaughterhouse Chorus releasing debut full-length, announce Southeast tour dates

Albany, NY roots-punk act The Slaughterhouse Chorus will be releasing their 13-song, self-titled debut album in March. Self-produced by the band at their home studio, the John Wilkes Sound Booth, the full-length follows a 2010 demo EP released via New Orleans’ Community Records.

The band will be hitting the road with fellow folk-punkers Henry’s Rifle, taking their barn-storming Americana sounds to the Carolinas, Florida, New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville over the course of ten beer- and barbecue-fueled days.  Check out the dates and locations here.

Introducing new Americana/Folk/Punk act The Slaughterhouse Chorus

Here’s something new and different for you fans of the folkier/Americana side of Punk Rock.  In their own words Albany’s The Slaughterhouse Chorus serve up American punk rock like “an ice-cold Budweiser wrapped in an American flag” and that sounds about right to me.

The band is currently working on a new full-length album, but you can stream their demo EP right here. I highly recommend you check it out.