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DS Photo Gallery: Night Two of Street Dogs Wreck The Halls 2017 (w/Pinkerton Thugs and The Abductors)

Last weekend marked the twelfth installment of Boston street punk veterans Street Dogs‘ annual Wreck The Halls festivities. The shows have taken a variety of shapes and sizes over the years, but remain one of the annual occasions where all of the old punks and skins and hardcore kids get together for a few debaucherous nights to celebrate the holidays and the music and the scene (oh, and to raise money and toys for a few good causes). This year, Wreck The Halls took place in a new spot, Sinclair in Cambridge, and spanned three overwhelmingly successful nights. Street Dogs guitarist Lenny Lashley’s other main project, The New Darkbuster, opened the first night (Thursday) alongside Boston hardcore act Taxi Driver, though sadly, we weren’t in the house for that night. We were, however, in the house for nights two and three and somehow lived to tell the tale!

The Abductors got things off to a flying start on night number two (Friday). The Connecticut based outfit have spent most of their eight-year history as a four piece, but they’ve recently added none other than Ritchie Bruiser of the seminal New Hampshire hardcore band The Bruisers on second guitar, beefing up their already beefy, high-powered Oi!-infused street punk sound.

Continuing the throwback New England-centered punk rock theme of the weekend, next up to bat were none other than The Pinkerton Thugs. The four-piece have been on-again and more typically off-again over the years, but have been newly reformed around Paul Russo and recently released their final LP, 2000’s End Of An Era, on vinyl for the first time. The Pinkerton Thugs came of age in the mid-to-late 1990s, the last real formative golden era for the Boston area punk music scene, and yet somehow, according to the spreadsheet I keep from all my show-going years, I don’t think I’d ever seen them before (even though a kid I went to high school with played drums for the Thugs for a while). It took 21 years, but another one off the old time bucket list!

Which brings us to Street Dogs. After an interlude that consisted of a live rendition Bruce Springsteen covering timeless Woody Guthrie classic “This Land Is Your Land” proudly leading the show-goers in a singalong, the band came flying out of the gate with “Savin Hill,” the ode to frontman Mike McColgan’s formative stomping grounds. The Street Dogs lineup has varied a little over the years, but I’ll be damned if the roster we’ve been graced with the last four or five years (McColgan and longtime bassist Johnny Rioux backed by Pete Sosa on drums and Lenny Lashley and Matt Pruitt on guitar) isn’t the tightest and most powerful edition to date. The band obviously earned their stripes as a true blue collar, working-class punk rock band and have the pedigree to back it up, but they are also underrated as a straight-up rock-and-roll band. Sure McColgan spends a fair amount of the set at the barricade, surrounded by fans singing in unison and not only invites but takes part in crowd surfing and making old-fashioned circle pits, but there are also equal shades of Roger Daltrey and Keith Richards and Brad Delp in the way he struts and jives and belts out primal-level screams when necessary.

The setlist on this particular night was probably the deepest I’ve seen them play in this lineup, ranging from a fairly obscure early demo (“Locked and Loaded” which, I must point out, was predicted by my good friend Nick Gold in a pre-show chat) to a brand-new song, “Stand For Something.” The latter is slated to appear on the band’s forthcoming full-length, which is slated for release probably early in the springtime via Century Media, and is destined to be an instant classic, as evidenced by the volume of the people that had heard the song the previous night and were chanting the song’s singalong chorus in unison already. CJ Ramone hopped on stage to assume lead vocal duties for a rousing rendition of the Ramones’ classic “53rd & 3rd,” during the encore, and half the crowd (including the same luchador-masked crowd surfer I mentioned in the Bouncing Souls show review a couple weeks ago) hopped on stage for the set-closing “Borstal Breakout,” originally penned by Sham 69 and adapted for the Boston scene by the Street Dogs themselves years ago.

Head below to see our photo gallery, and stay tuned for our shots from the Wreck The Halls finale, featuring Michael Kane and the Morning Afters and A Wilhelm Scream! Oh…and we’ll also have more to say about that coming Street Dogs full-length coming down the ‘pike very soon!

State Line Records to release Ducky Boys “Dark Days” and The Pinkerton Thugs “The End Of An Era” on vinyl

If we’re all on the same page here (and I take it that we are), we can all agree that the mid-to-late 1990’s were the Golden Age of street punk in the greater Boston area. (Okay, maybe a strong Silver Age at worst.) Two of that Age’s quintessential albums are finally making their way to vinyl for the very first time, thanks to our friends (friend?) at State Line Records.

As the cover photo indicates, one of those releases is “Dark Days,” the sophomore album from The Ducky Boys, initially released in 1998 on GMM Records. The other release is none-other than “The End Of An Era” from Ducky Boys’ friends and frequent collaborators The Pinkerton Thugs (who I guess were technically from southern Maine, but that still counts as greater Boston for purposes of this writing). “The End Of An Era” was initially released on Go-Kart Records in mid-2000, more than a year after it was recorded (and a few months after the band first broke up).

Both albums are in the process of being mastered for vinyl as we speak. Stay tuned for more release information (including pre-order details) as it becomes available. In the meantime, refresh your Ducky Boys/Pinkerton Thugs memories below!

Punk Aid unveils cover art and band list for massive “Boston Strong” compilation

It’s not secret that the support pouring in to the Boston area in the wake of the Marathon Monday bombing and the related lockdown of much of the metropolitan area has been staggering. The punk community, as to be expected, has picked up the “Boston Strong” rallying cry in fine fashion (note stories that we’ve already brought you on benefit efforts by Dropkick Murphys, Man Overboard and The Gaslight Anthem, among others). Today, we’ve got news of a massive benefit compilation being planned.

Details surrounding “Punk Aid: Boston Strong” are still emerging, but we can point out that the cover art has been confirmed (see above in all its awesomeness). While the total band roster and tracklist have not been finalized, we can tell you that there are 80 (yes…80!) bands confirmed. At present, the roster includes a handful of Boston-area bands like the Pinkerton Thugs and The Unseen, as well as bands like Evacuate, Government Issue, The Briggs, The Adicts and more from across the rest of the US and, frankly, the world; I think I lost count around a dozen countries represented. Click here for the full rundown as of this writing, and remember to check back for updates before the final list is announced.

“Punk Aid: Boston Strong,” like it’s “Aceh Calling” predecessor, will be available for download in June for $6. All proceeds will benefit TUGG, a charity put together by the large Boston technology community. Click here to check out the charity’s website, and click here to for more information on the Punk Aid project in general and how you can still help.

Pinkerton Thugs detail split 7-inch with The Ducky Boys

New England’s Pinkerton Thugs will be releasing their 7″ split with longtime friends Ducky Boys through Jailhouse Records on August 21st.

The release contains new tracks from both bands:

A. Pinkerton Thugs: “Running Through My Veins”
B. Ducky Boys: “Pretty Bad Year”

This follows the bands successful two month summer come back tour, and is a pre-cursor to the upcoming Pinkerton Thugs full length studio release, due out early 2013.

The band is about halfway done with writing for the new album, and two new songs were played frequently on their tour.

Full tour dates for Pinkerton Thugs/The Scarred posted

The Pinkerton Thugs have announced full tour dates for this summer. They will be touring with labelmates The Scarred, and select dates with Violent Affair.  Check out the full routing schedule here.

The Pinkerton Thugs recently came out of a lengthy hiatus, and their new label, Jailhouse Records, is getting their back catalog back in print, in addition to brand new material in the form of a split with longtime friends Ducky Boys.

The band is planning to release their first new full length of new material in over 10 years this fall.

Violent Affair recently released “Call To Arms”. The first new release on Jailhouse Records. The Scarred will continue to support their November release “Live Fast Die Poor” and plan to release a new 7″ this summer as well.

Violent Affair stream title track off upcoming 7-inch “A Call To Arms”

On April 24th Oklahoma City punk outfit Violent Affair will be releasing their long awaited (and admittedly oft-delayed) 7″ record courtesy of Jailhouse Records. The record will feature two brand new tracks, “No Way Out” and the title track “A Call To Arms” which you can stream here.

The band is currently back in the studio again working on material for new upcoming releases and will be touring this summer in support of them with label mates The Scarred and The Pinkerton Thugs (ex-Unseen).

For tour dates, check the bands facebook page.

Ducky Boys planning on releasing split 7″ with Pinkerton Thugs….again?

Via Facebook, both Jailhouse Records and Ducky Boys, have posted that a split 7″ of brand new material from both Ducky Boys and The Pinkerton Thugs is in the works.

If you are old enough to remember, this will be the second time the two bands have have appeared on a split together. The last being “Another Day, Another Story”, which was released in 1998.

The new split will be available exclusively at this summers’ Pinkerton Thugs tour, and via Cobraside Distribution in July/August.

The Pinkerton Thugs, recently signed to Jailhouse Records, and are working on their upcoming full length. The label is re-issuing “Pain and The Pinkerton Thugs, for release in June.

Full U.S Tour dates will be posted in April.

The Pinkerton Thugs sign to Jailhouse Records, recording new album

Old school Maine punks The Pinkerton Thugs have just signed to Jailhouse Records where the band plans to re-release some of their older albums before putting out a brand new full length in June of 2012.

Prior to that, the band will be heading into the studio next month to record their first new material since 2000’s “End Of An Era,” which will be released in the form of a split 7-inch with an undisclosed band in early 2012.