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Feudalism (folk punk) release new EP “Shrub”

New Jersey folk punkers Feudalism have released a new 3-song EP titled Shrub and you can check it out below. If you like what you hear, you can head over to their bandcamp to pick it up for a free download!

The band’s last EP, “Form/Function,” was released in 2013.

Feudalism (folk-punk) release ridiculous music video for “America’s Oldest Brewery”

New Jersey folk punkers Feudalism have released a pretty ridiculous music video for their song “America’s Oldest Brewery.”

Check it out below!

“America’s Oldest Brewery” appears on the band’s latest EP “Form/Function,” which was released on March 1st and is available for free download right here.

Feudalism (folk-punk) release new EP “Form/Function” for free download

New Jersey folk punkers Feudalism have just released their new EP “Form/Function” and you can stream the accordion infused madness right here.  If you dig it, snag it for free on their bandcamp.

The band released their last EP “Consonance/Dissonance” last last year and were one of the many awesome folk-punk bands featured on our “Too Punk To Folk” compilation (free to download here).

Feudalism (folk-punk) releasing new album “Form/Function”

Looks like New Jersey folk punkers Feudalism will be releasing a new album titled “Form/Function” this Spring.  Here’s what they posted on there facebook page:

“By the looks of it, our new record Form/Function will be released sometime in early March instead of February. Watch dis video for now”

The band released their last album “Consonance/Dissonance” EP last year.

Feudalism perform new song “Yellow Teeth Suite” live

New Jersey folk punkers Feudalism have been incorporating a new song into their live sets lately. The song is called “Yellow Teeth Suite” and it continues in Feudalism’s brand of folk punk goodness.

You can check out a video of the band performing “Yellow Teeth Suite” right here.

Feudalism self-released their “Consonance/Dissonance” EP earlier this year.

Album Review: Feudalism – “Consonance/Dissonance”

The latest release by Feudalism has everything I love about folk punk: Blaring accordion, sing-along choruses, and playfully cynical lyrics; not to mention slightly creepy album artwork.

This record does a great job of illustrating some musical complexities not often seen in punk music. Polished (albeit unexpected) transitions, an eerie use of diminished accordion chords, and a skillful use of musical suspension/tension/release are all pieced together to bring this album up a peg from your run-of-the-mill punk or folk punk release.

On that same note, whenever I hear a spoken word intro to a song, it’s usually a quick line from a movie deployed as a clever or gimmicky intro (examples: ‘We Called It America’ by NOFX, ‘Failed Invasion’ by Direct Hit!, or ‘Big Plans of Sleeping In’ by Bomb The Music Industry!) . In contrast, the monologues here are used as a stylistic preview and a verbalization of some common lyrical themes, which I’ll discuss a bit more down below. By far the best example of this is in the 4th track ‘An Exploration Of Dissonance’ (it actually takes up most of the entire song, but still).

One of my favorite tracks ‘Pestilence’ is bound to become an awesome live shout-along, in between the back-and-forth rocking of accordion’s polka-style treble/bass, all wrapped up quite nicely with a gloomy waltz. And if the polka punk is your thing, the next song “Venture Capitalist” follows a similar roadmap, with an added slide-heavy trombone for an added demented circus feel.

“Consonance/Dissonance” is aptly representative of common lyrical threads here, in addition to musical motifs and reoccurrences. I interpreted this album as a musical narrative of humanity’s constant grasping for social, economic and technological advances, at the expense of humanity, kindness, and goodwill. The whole thing is a cynically ironic affair that makes a twistedly lovable concept album.

My Rating: 4.5/5.

Best track: Venture Capitalist/Midlife Fucking Crisis (can’t decide)

What I’d like to hear on the next album: Perhaps a broader instrumentation with some more strings and horns.

Feudalism offer free download/stream of new album ” Consonance​/​Dissonance”

New Jersey folk punkers Feudalism are offering their new 7-track album “Consonance​/​Dissonance” for you to stream or download for free. The album was produced and recorded by engineer Jeremy Cimino and Feudalism.

Hit the link here to check out the tunes.

Feudalism offers free download of “Indie Acoustic Rebellion” session (if you like accordion, this is for you)

I’m not entirely sure how to describe the sound of North Jersey punkers Feudalism, but let’s just say… “different.” Folky punk with heavy use of the the accordion going on here.  The band is offering a free download and/or stream of their recorded live tracks from the “Indie Acoustic Rebellion” here.

They will be in their home studio re-recording these tracks and a couple of new ones this December.