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DS Exclusive: Strange 90’s – A Benefit for Jerry Bryant of JBTV

Friday, March 8th, on the North side of Chicago, almost but not quite directly across the street from Wrigley Field saw a night all about love. Love for Jerry Bryant, love for his creation, JBTV, which ranks the longest running music television program in the US. And by extension love for all those fighting or have fought cancer. Love this night was expressed by two words, “Fuck Cancer.” A chant repeated multiple times throughout one of the city’s most famous music venues, Metro.

Jerry Bryant founded JBTV in 1984 and since that time has been awarded Billboard Music Awards for “Best Local/Regional Alternative Modern Rock Show,” as well as numerous Emmy Awards. Performances are taped in front of a live audience and then broadcast. Green Day and Chicago’s own Smashing Pumpkins were among the countless acts who gained some initial exposure on JBTV. In fact, the latter band made its very first television appearance on JBTV.

On August 20, 2018, JBTV announced that its founder, Bryant, had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer. The diagnosis was followed by six months of chemotherapy. And so there was never any doubt that there soon would be a benefit for Jerry Bryant and this one was a joyous celebration of the man who has done so much for music. The MC for the night was Lauren O’Neil, Q101 personality. It was a night to give him thanks. Another chant heard throughout the night was “Jerry, Jerry.” And when the guest of honor took to the stage, he spent the majority off his time urging everyone to take care of their health, get their tests done and most importantly stay positive in the face of a cancer diagnosis.

Bryant urged everyone in attendance to make sure that last action was taken. He did spent his entire time on stage with a huge smile and as JBTV President Michael Harnett told me by email a few days after the show, “Jerry was thrilled by the turnout and the support of the Chicago Music community.” Harnett added his own take on the night, “It was a great evening and event, very pleased.” JBTV’s partner in making this night such a success was the event, Charity Bomb. Harnett of JBTV credited Charity Bomb with having “…produced the great event.”

A few days after the show I spoke with Charity Bomb founder Matthew Leone by email. In 2010, Leone, bass player for Madina Lake, was brutally assaulted in Chicago near his bandmate/twin brother Nathan’s apartment while attempting to help a woman being beaten by her husband. He suffered brain swelling, a broken jaw, a broken nose and a fractured skull, and was in and out of consciousness for several days. His attacker was later acquitted of the resulting attempted murder charge in a bench trial. Leone described the founding of Charity Bomb. “We launched Charity Bomb because I was severely injured a few years back was the recipient of the same magnitude of love and that we were able to procure for Jerry. In my case, the Smashing Pumpkins stepped up and did a benefit show at the Metro for me.”

The brothers Leone and their Madina Lake bandmates also performed at the benefit, and he also related to me the genesis of this particular event. “Greg from Kill Hannah contacted me and asked for help. This occasion exemplifies our purpose for existing, so it was in immediate yes. It should also be stated that Chicago is a very supportive scene. Everyone in the room was either friends or fondly aware of each other.”

After the benefit for Matthew Leone’s recovery, he was inspired to keep it going. “Subsequently we devoted our lives to giving back for that wonderful experience. We have done several shows in Los Angeles and have five in the calendar for a variety of causes and constituents. Namely our Strange 80s annual benefit for mental health sufferers in the music realm.”

Head below to check out our photos and rundown of the truly memorable night.

Andrew W.K. streams “Music Is Worth Living For” off upcoming album “You’re Not Alone”

Party expert extraordinaire Andrew W.K. will be releasing a new album titled You’re Not Alone on March 2nd. The first single “Music Is Worth Living For” is streaming now, and you can check it out below.

This is his first studio album in over 8 years, following 2009’s 55 Cadillac.

Andrew WK Announces Fifty State “The Power Of Partying” Speaking Tour

Well, well, well. It seems that Andrew W.K. has a pretty cool idea for this otherwise soul-crushingly depressing election cycle. The one-man travelling party machine is taking his act on the road this fall for a pretty unique touring experience. Entitled “The Power Of Partying,” the tour will touch all fifty States, and instead of a full band performance (though it seems some select dates will still feature his band), it’ll be an evening of public speaking and audience Q&A.

Here’s part of what W.K. has to say about the concept, which is sponsored by his previously announced Party Party:

“This is not a political party rally, it’s a rally about partying with the political elements set aside. This is my attempt to add something positive and unifying to the divisive atmosphere surrounding us in so many different forms. Without targeting or preaching to any one side, I want to see if we can party together in our common humanity. We will have a party about being people.”

Check out the full tour itinerary below and stay tuned for more details as they become available. Tickets will be available this Friday, July 15th.

Andrew WK announces formation of new political party – The Party Party

Party expert extraordinaire Andrew WK is taking his partying to an entirely new level, by forming an actual political party. The goal of The Party Party is “to remove the disillusioning aspects of politics and just have the party.” It seems it’s all more than just a bit of fun; according to a news release, the relevant paperwork is being filed with the Secretary of State in order to qualify as an actual, legitimate political party.

Andrew says, “This polarizing form of government has contributed to an adversarial mentality among voters and politicians. The binary ‘Us versus Them’, ‘Red versus Blue’, ‘Right versus Left’ mindset has been a perpetual distraction and distorted our shared quest to make tangible improvements to our country and ourselves. Constantly battling and blaming each other has hindered our ability to collectively and individually contribute towards the true destiny of the United States of America: the complete and total liberation of the human spirit.” 

Hear more from Andrew WK on the new party, and check out The Party Party’s first ad below.

Depressed fan reaches out to Andrew WK, Andrew WK gives fantastic response

Party expert Andrew WK wrote a nice editorial to a fan who reached out a while back. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend doing so. It turns out another fan saw the article and told Andrew WK that it saved their life. Andrew’s response is neat and I figured it was worth sharing.

Also, make sure you catch Andrew WK and his band if you’re going down to Gainesville for The Fest this year!

The Fest 14 announces even more bands (Andrew WK, Government Issue, and more)

The FEST 14 has announced a few more additions to this year’s lineup.  The newly announced bands include Andrew WK, Government Issue, Beltones, Mean Jeans, Radon and more.  You can see the full list of new announcements as well as the entire lineup here.

Fest 14 is set for October 30th through November 1st in Gainesville, Florida, with the Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor 3 party on October 28th and 29th in Tampa, Florida’s Ybor City neighborhood. Tickets, hotels, etc. are all set to go on sale June 1st. You can find all the info on that here.

Andrew W.K. to get his radio show “America W.K.”

Glenn Beck has given Party guru Andrew W.K. his own weekend radio show on his channel TheBlaze Radio Network, which will be called America W.K. and will premiere on Saturday, May 2nd.

“America W.K. is a weekly two hour program and debuts on Saturday, May 2, 2015. Andrew will host a raw and penetrating discussion of what it is to be alive – meaning, motivation, mindset, and making dreams come true, all included in a celebration of life itself – and all with a positive and honest outlook. Andrew will also field questions and input from the audience, adding an engaging interactive component.”

Andrew W.K. hasn’t been releasing much music lately, his last album being the Japan-only release, The “Party All Goddamn Night” EP, released in 2011.

Y Not Festival (UK) announces lineup: Reel Big Fish, Andrew W.K., Cerebral Ballzy

Y Not Festival has announced the first batch of bands that will be performing at the fest which takes place August 1st-3rd in Derbyshire, UK. The lineup includes Reel Big Fish,  Andrew W.K.Cerebral Ballzy, and many others. Check out the official video announcement below.

Andrew W.K. announces Canadian tour dates

Party guru Andrew W.K. has announced he will be playing a small run of Canadian tour dates this March.

You can check out a full list of dates and locations he’ll be playing below.

Andrew W.K. last released a deluxe edition of his groundbreaking debut album “I Get Wet” in August of 2012 through Century Media.

Andrew WK gives fans life advice in weekly column for Village Voice

In the mood for a good laugh? Looking for some guidance in this confusing world? Look no further, for Andrew WK now has a weekly column in New York’s Village Voice solely dedicated to giving fans a little more direction in their lives!

You can read one of two questions he answered in the first installment of “Ask Andrew WK” below.

Mr. WK is currently in the process of penning an exquisite novel entitled “The Party Bible,” which is being released by Simon & Schuster. His last musical release was the 2011 reissue of his groundbreaking album “I Get Wet,” put out through Century Media.

Andrew W.K. announces the “Party Hard Holiday Tour”

Party guru Andrew W.K. has announced he will be hitting the road this December for the “Party Hard Holiday Tour”.

You can check out a full list of dates and locations he’ll be playing below.

Andrew W.K. last released a deluxe edition of his groundbreaking debut album “I Get Wet” last August through Century Media.

Video: Marky Ramone and Andrew W.K. discuss Phil Spector, getting attacked by hornets, fans stealing soiled underwear, and more

Former Ramones, Voidoids, and Misfits drummer Marky Ramone sat down with professional partier Andrew W.K. for an interesting discussion about Phil Spector, pets, Ronald Reagan, getting attacked by hornets, crazy fans stealing soiled underwear, and more.

Click here to check out the video.

For those of you who don’t know Andrew W.K. is also currently the vocalist for Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, which is a Ramones tribute band featuring former Ramones’ drummer Marky Ramone. Before Andrew W.K. became the vocalist of Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg the band was fronted by former Misfits’ vocalist Michael Graves.

Andrew WK to publish “The Party Bible”

Andrew W.K. will be releasing The Party Bible, a book explaining the world of partying that is being distributed via Simon & Schuster. You can read details about The Party Bible below, and check out its trailer here.

“The Party Bible will take readers on an unforgettable voyage in search of truth, wisdom and party bliss,” said Michael Szczerban, the editor who acquired the book. “In it, every feeling will be permitted, every thought will become prophecy and humanity’s surging life force will be harnessed and ridden into the abyss.” 

Picking up where the Book of Revelation ends, The Party Bible will provide insight into mankind’s purpose on earth and the inspiration to celebrate all of existence. Readers will come to fathom the complete spectrum of feeling in every moment, embrace the taboo and the transcendent, and experience ecstatic pleasure in an explosion of nonstop party power. The Party Bible will be the partying manifesto for generations to come. 

“This book is the culmination of my entire career as a professional partier. In fact, this book is the culmination of my entire life,“ W.K. said. “Everything that has ever and never happened has led to me being in the perfect position to receive the contents of The Party Bible and write it down, once and for all. This is a powerful and dangerous feeling, but it is definitely meant to happen. I’m grateful to all my party friends for requesting this book. This is our book.” 

Andrew W.K. last released a deluxe edition of his groundbreaking debut album, I Get Wet, last August through Century Media.

Andrew W.K. announces “The Party Messiah” US fall tour

Andrew W.K. is a busy guy! Though he is already supporting Black Sabbath on their summer tour, W.K. has announced he will be hitting the road for “The Party Messiah” tour, set to take place in the US around his fall tour dates as the frontman of Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg.

Click here for dates and locations on “The Party Messiah” tour.

Andrew W.K. last released a deluxe edition of his groundbreaking debut “I Get Wet” through Century Media. He also recently broke the world record for “Longest Drumming Set in a Retail Store.”

Andrew W.K. to DJ on Black Sabbath’s upcoming North American tour

Everyone’s favorite world record-breaking party animal Andrew W.K. has announced he will be supporting Black Sabbath on their upcoming North American tour by kicking off every show with a DJ set, which will apparently feature “a rabble-rousing selection of classic riffs, heavy jams, and crowd pleasing favorites spanning every era of hard rock and metal.”

When asked how he felt about being chosen as the opening act on the tour, W.K. replied:

“I’m just shocked. It’s just the most incredible dream come true! This is the greatest honor I could be given. I remember when the phone rang and I first heard that Black Sabbath wanted me to be their exclusive opening act. I was really in a state of disbelief – almost sick with amazement and excitement. It took about 3 days until I fully mastered the reality of this opportunity and realized it was really going to happen. Black Sabbath’s music changed my life from the first time I heard it, and this tour will change my life all over again. I couldn’t be more thankful or humbled by this one-in-a-billion miracle. Can this really be real!? What kind of adventure will this be!?”

Click here to check out the dates and locations the (most-likely overpriced) tour will be stopping at.

Andrew W.K. last released a deluxe edition of his groundbreaking debut “I Get Wet” through Century Media. I don’t know what the hell Black Sabbath last released. Shit, I didn’t even know they were still a band!