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No!se announce reissue of “The Scars We Hide”

As an extra treat coming to you from the Washington act No!se, which follows the recent release of their full length “The Real Enemy,” the quartet have reissued their debut LP “The Scars We Hide” via Pirates Press Records. 

According to Pirates Press, “Start to finish, the album solidified the band’s sound – pairing those rivitting drums, insane basslines, and great leads with a true verbal assault.” 

You can check out the track list for the LP below!

NOi!SE working on new album

Tacoma, WA streetpunks NOi!SE have posted a video update of them working on a new album.

You can watch it here.

“The Real Enemy” the band’s first full-length came out October 21, 2016 through Pirates Press Records.

Reinstated streaming new video for “Run Johnny Run” featuring Matt Henson of No!se

Seattle punks Reinstated have released a new music video for their song “Run Johnny Run”. The foursome was able to enlist Matt Henson from Noi!se to help out with the backup vocals on the new video and you can check it out below.

“Run Johnny Run” comes off the band’s first album “Eleven Minutes on 11th Street” released in December.

NOi!SE release video for “The Real Enemy”

Tacoma, WA streetpunks NOi!SE have released a video for “The Real Enemy”. The track features Al Barr of Dropkick Murphys and is taken from the band’s album of the same name, released via Pirate’s Press Records/Randale Records back in October.

You can watch the video below.

Noi!se streaming entire new album “The Real Enemy”

Tacoma, WA street punks Noi!se have a new album on the way, and now you can stream the entire new work here.

“The Real Enemy” is the band’s first full-length in more than two years, and is due out October 21st through Pirates Press Records.

You can pre-order it on vinyl here (US) or here (Europe). You can also check out a few planned release shows here.

Noi!se streaming new track, “Passing Time,” off upcoming new album

Tacoma, WA street punks Noi!se have a new album on the way, and now we’re hearing a new song from said album. Listen to “Passing Time” below.

The track comes from the band’s upcoming album, The Real Enemy. The album, the band’s first full-length in more than two years, is due out on October 21st via Pirates Press Records. You can pre-order it on vinyl here (US) or here (Europe). You can also check out the album’s tracklisting below the music, along with a few planned release shows.

New Music: Noi!se – “Dull The Pain” & “Betrayed”

Good news for all of you Noi!se fans out there. As bassist/co-frontman Matt Henson told us in our interview last month, the band has a new album in the can and waiting for your ears. Today, you can listen to two new tracks from that very release.

The songs are called “Dull The Pain” and “Betrayed,” and they were actually released on double A-side format 7-inch earlier today through Pirates Press today. Give them a listen below.

“Dull The Pain” and “Betrayed” will both appear on the band’s upcoming full-length The Real Enemy, due out later this fall (also through Pirates Press).

Noi!se (Street Punk) set to release 7″ on September 2nd in anticipation of fall full length release

Tacoma Washington is a blue collar town, the perfect breading ground for working class street punk. Tacoma mainstays Noi!se have announced a September 2nd release date for their highly anticipated “Double A-side” 7″ entitled, “Dull The Pain”.

In addition to this release, the band will also be putting out a new full length album “The Real Enemy” in the Fall.

Both records will be released on San Fransisco Bay Area’s Pirate’s Press Records.

Check out more information about these releases below.


DS Exclusive: Matt Henson talks new Noi!se, Stadium Way, US Army, family life, and much more

Anyone familiar with Matt Henson, whether through “real life” or social media or some combination thereof, will no doubt be aware that he’s one of the more compelling people in the punk rock scene. For the uninitiated, here’s a quick synopsis in runon sentence format: In addition to playing bass and handling half of the lead vocal duties for Noi!se, Matt tackles vocals and acoustic guitars for Stadium Way, is a devoted husband and father to a young son and an infant daughter, and is a Master Sergeant in the United States Army where he’s in charge of roughly a hundred soldiers.

It’s that last bullet point that has a tendency to draw the most raised eyebrows amongst the traditional “fuck the man, fuck the system” mentality of the punk rock set. To hear Henson tell it, that’s a mentality that he personally grew up with. “There’s an inclination when you’re young and you’re angry and you’re pissed off to say “fuck the man! Fuck the establishment!” And that’s perfectly normal. I was like that, and I think it’s perfectly acceptable to be angry now. I think the political and social climates that we live in right now foster an environment of anger and frustration, and if you care at all about your family or your country, you’re going to be frustrated right now.”

There comes a point in the life of many a young, nihilistic punker at which the progression of time and the culmination of one’s life experiences provides a certain amount of added perspective that forces you to broaden those those earlier views. So while you try to hold on to some of those anti-establishment principles, you also do things like “get a job” and “pay taxes” and “start a family” and “buy a car.” Or, in some cases, you join the Army. “People seem to mistake serving in the military with a blind agreement with everything that the government does,” says Hanson, stating that people assume that “essentially a robot who’s been brainwashed to follow orders and you’re completely devoid of right and wrong and your self and free thought. And that’s certainly not true.”

If you’re like Henson and you take the heart of an idealistic punk rocker and add to it all that comes along with a lifelong military career, you end up with more than enough material to pull from when trying to write music as anything more than just a hobby. “In the Army, we have a phrase “target-rich environment,” explains Henson. “Lyrically, I would say that the United States is one of the most target-rich environments on the face of the planet, if not the universe.” While the problems experienced in the United States don’t necessarily compare to some of the more rigid environments that Henson has experienced abroad, that doesn’t make our problems any less frustrating, particularly given our quintessentially American way of losing sight of the forest because of all the damn trees in the way.

“The rhetoric on both sides (is) less about fixing any of the problems and more about demonstrating how the other side is going to make the problems worse,” explains Henson in a way that will invite anyone with even a modicum of common sense to nod in approval. “It’s almost impossible to have any sort of dialog about any sort of social issue with anyone anymore because everything’s become so divisive that if you make a suggestion or a criticism in any way, shape or form, it almost has to be met with a response from the other side. There can’t be a healthy discussion about how we can fix it and what we can do. It’s more about whose fault it is and who’s making it worse.”

He continues in such a way that yours truly will pull back from editorializing and just stick to the quotes: “There’s definitely other countries that are going through much worse social upheaval and social unrest, and that doesn’t negate what’s going on here. But being away from family, more than anything, shows you what’s important. With that in mind, you look at what’s going on here and your first thought is “how is this going to affect my family”? I have a son and a daughter and the thought becomes less about how annoying this change is for me and more about how this could potentially affect my kids and my grandkids down the line.”

With that as motivation, Henson and his Noi!se bandmates (Nate Leinfelder – vocals/rhythm guitar, Jesse O’Donnell-lead guitar and Kenny Dirkes-drums) set to work on brand new material soon after the release of their last full-length, the stellar-if-underappreciated The Scars We Hide. “It was actually our goal to (get to work) quicker, because I think Nate and I are two of the most impatient people on the face of the planet as it pertains to just about everything, music especially.” Early writing sessions would get interrupted, however, by a call from Uncle Sam. For a one-year period beginning in late 2014, Henson would find himself on deployment in Korea.

But while being seventeen hours ahead might pose some challenges, that doesn’t mean that Henson and the boys rested on their laurels. “Right now, if I had a song idea, the longest I’d have to wait is until next Tuesday so that I could take it to the band,” explains Henson. “In Korea, I would have to wait until I could get into my room, get a decent recording on the acoustic, send it to them, then call them and whistle the other leads and fills and vocal progressions so that they understood what I was talking about.”

When he returned Stateside, Henson took a brief respite to recharge and reconnect with his son and then-pregnant wife, before he the Noi!se gang got right back to work. “I was home for two weeks before we started recording,” says Henson. Why such a quick decision to get back at it? “Anybody that’s got a band probably feels the same way; once it has you, it becomes such a big part of your life. You’ve got all of these things that are pent up and trying to get out.”

The result of those post-Korea writing and recording sessions was the dozen songs that will soon be revealed to the masses as The Real Enemy, the sophomore full length that finds Noi!se raising the proverbial bar while staying true to their street punk roots. “The content is a little bit darker than we normally do, but there are some subjects that have hit pretty close to home with us recently that we really, really felt like we needed to address,” says Henson.

Chief among those things is post-traumatic stress disorder, which is experienced by roughly 8% of all American adults but more than double that rate amongst Veterans. “The War Inside,” for example, tackles the subject of PTSD in rather direct fashion, opening the album’s b-side while serving as a bit of a departure. Not only does the music veer away from traditional three-chord punk, but it also features a guest voice; Aimee Allen of the Interrupters. “Aimee’s voice and perspective add an essential element to the song that I think would be lacking without her in the mix. The backing vocals that (Aimee’s Interrupters bandmates) the Bivonas provide are incredible, also.”

With any luck, The Real Enemy will garner the band more recognition than the criminally-underappreciated The Scars We Hide did a couple of years ago. “What we’re hoping is that if the availability of this record is what we think it’s going to be, and people do us the honor of picking it up, maybe people that haven’t had a chance to listen to Scars discover it and listen to the music,” says Henson. Because Noi!se are unavailable to tour for the bulk of the year for somewhat obvious reasons, connecting with fans both new and old through recorded music takes on even greater importance. “You’re just trying to get someone else to feel what you were feeling when you wrote that,” says Henson, explaining the dividends that can still be paid in spite of the band’s inability to exist as a regularly touring entity. “That’s as quantifiable a feeling as you can get, other than playing and sharing the stage with some of your musical heroes and getting a nod from them, and the validation that you’re on the right track…if our music can get other people through the same things that music did when we were kids…it’s just a good feeling for a person to be able to help someone out in any capacity.”

Head below to read the full text of our Q & A, in which we expound on a lot of the subject matter above. Oh, and stay tuned for more news from Noi!se and Stadium Way in the coming weeks!

Off With Their Heads, Noi!se, 88 Fingers Louie added to Punk Rock Bowling

Punk Rock Bowling 2016 is shaping up to be a pretty damn good one (but really, it kind of always is). The festival just announced the addition of Off With Their Heads, Noi!se, and 88 Fingers Louie.

Off With The Heads will be playing both festivals (Las Vegas and New Jersey), while Noi!se will only be in Vegas, and 88 Fingers Louie will only be in Jersey.

Previously announced bands include MillencolinFace to Face, BuzzcocksDescendentsCock SparrerFlogging MollyFLAG, and Dag Nasty.

The tradition Las Vegas portion of Punk Rock Bowling 2016 will take place at the traditional time, Memorial Day weekend (May 26-30), and the festival takes over Asbury Park, New Jersey the next month (June 10-12). You can find more info on the PRB website.

Noi!se (street punk) release music video for “Pawn In The Game”

I’m a big fan of street punk.  I run Dying Scene so obviously I’m familiar with the band name Noi!se but even I can’t figure out how the hell I didn’t realize how awesome this band was until literally 10 minutes ago.  The Tacoma based foursome just released a music video for their song “Pawn In The Game” and it is hands down the best “new” punk song I’ve heard in months.  Check it out below.

The tune appears on the band’s most recent full-length, The Scars We Hide, released last September on GMM Records.

Noi!se release music video for “Two Faced”

Washington punk act, Noi!se, have released the music video their song “Two Faced.”

You can check it out below.

The song appears on “Oi! Ain’t Dead Vol.3” which was released on Rebellion Records.

Album Review: Noi!se – “The Scars We Hide”

With a bevy of 7” singles, EP’s and a compilation album under their belts, not to mention their almost ceaseless touring schedule, it’s hard to believe that The Scars We Hide is Noi!se’s first proper full length. The Seattle (Tacoma) foursome have made a mighty imprint on the punk scene the past few years considering they’re more or less just getting started. With loyal fans among their peers as well as in the general public, Noi!se is fast becoming one of the more exciting bands in the scene to keep an eye on.

The Scars We Hide is twelve songs of blistering punk rock power with a sharp melodic sensibility and some of their tightest arrangements we’ve heard from the boys thus far.

This band has established a precedent of beginning their releases in a big way. One of Noi!se’s best songs, ‘Rising Tide’, kicks off the EP of the same name, while another one of their best songs, ‘Idle Action’, kicks off the compilation release Pushing On, from 2012. In the same way, The Scars We Hide’s first song, ‘Rank and File’ is another of the band’s best compositions, with a simple bass line feeding into a frenzy of crushing guitars (both rhythm and lead), before (vocalist/bassist) Matt’s easily identifiable vocals introduce us to the record. 
The song features the bands trademark gang vocal’d chorus’ and blistering guitar breaks.

This is a blueprint the band follow throughout the album, keeping things at an absolutely breakneck pace, with Matt and (guitarist/vocalist) Nate trading verses back and forth, with each succeeding delivery more aggressively impassioned than the last.

Drummer Kenny and lead guitarist Jesse round out the band nicely, not only with the addition of their voices to the fat, delicious chorus’, but with their raw talent. The drumming is particularly impressive on tracks like ‘Silenced Voices’, an anthemic rave up that makes one want to find the nearest mosh pit and start slamming bodies. As well as closing track ‘The Future’s Warning’. Take it from someone who hit skins in a punk band years ago, it isn’t always an easy genre to drum to. Jesse’s guitar is evident and front and centre in nearly every track on Scars, with particularly memorable appearances in the impossibly catchy ‘Pawn in the Game’ and the crusher ‘So I Drift Away’.

Elsewhere, ‘How We Made It Through’ is a great song about coming through the shit, living to tell the tale and rather than letting it get the best of you, choosing instead to craft a more meaningful existence from it. While ‘Statistics’ impressively charges from nail gun Agnostic Front-like hardcore in its verses to catchy The Business-like street punk in its chorus’.

Street Punk/Oi! music isn’t the most inventive subgenre in punk rock, but it is among the most exciting. A genre born in the streets of the U.K., it has had a steady and ever growing batch of impressive North American bands flying its flag since the 80’s. Noi!se impressively straddles the line between being a band that sound like the best of classic 80’s Oi! music, mixed with the sensibilities and gritty sheen of today’s street punk elite. They’re hands down one of the best bands in punk rock right now and The Scars We Hide is not only their finest moment, but may be the best punk rock record of 2014 so far. A record my needle will be licking the grooves of on an almost consistent basis for the foreseeable future.

Noi!se is a band that makes me want to drop everything and start a punk band of my own again. And what higher praise can you give a group than that?

5/5 Stars

New Music: Noi!se streaming new track “The Bottom Rungs” from upcoming Street Dogs split

Don’t let the image fool you, boys and girls; this is not a double post.

Washington punk act, Noi!se, are streaming a new song entitled “The Bottom Rungs” off their upcoming split with Street Dogs.

You can check it out below.

The six-song split will be released by the kind folks at Pirates Press Records on CD and 10-inch vinyl on Record Store Day (April 19th). Online versions will only be available after Record Store Day, so get out and support your local indie shop.

Noi!se streaming new song “Chameleon” off upcoming split with Street Dogs

Washington punk act, Noi!se, are streaming a new song entitled “Chameleon” off their upcoming split with Street Dogs.

You can give it a listen below.

The six-song split will be released by the kind folks at Pirates Press Records on CD and 10-inch vinyl on Record Store Day (April 19th). Online versions will only be available after Record Store Day, so get out and support your local indie shop.