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DS Staff Picks – Jamie’s Top 10 Albums of 2017

Jamie here, as a relatively new writer on Dying Scene I feel a certain level of responsibility and excitement with giving my first top 10 albums article. Most of you know me as Goldfinger, and if you’ve had the opportunity to catch any of my articles you’ll notice I’ve got an unhealthy love for my home-grown punk rock. Fortunately 2017 was a banger year for Canadianity as we were spoiled with several home-grown Canuck classics. Anyway, enough with the filler. Check below to find out if we can be friends or not.

Album Review: The Riptides – “Canadian Graffiti”

The Riptides, Canada’s answer to The Queer’s. The Boys from the nations capital are back with a little taste of surfer pop-punk Canada style. I’ll admit I have a soft spot for The Riptides. I grew up in a small town outside of Ottawa and we didn’t have bands tour our town, but fortunately for us we had The Riptides. Coming to play for 20 or 30 kids at the local youth center probably didn’t seem like much at the time but 20 years later there’s a whole generation of small town punks who saw them as their introduction to a live punk rock show.

Without a doubt Canadian Graffiti is a testament to the awesomeness that is old school surfer pop-punk. Songs like “Goodbye Hawaii” and “Waterloo” are throwbacks to bands like The Queers and the Ramones. Simple riffs mixed with witty, sarcastic lyrics are what made this Dying Scenester fall in love with punk to begin with. It’s not all surfer punk though, if you dig a more heavy, angry sound. Tracks like “Whimpy Goes to Washington” and “Homing Missle” fill the void. Slightly more distorted guitars with a grungier lyric delivery, it’s a good contrast to the bouncy surfer jams.

The Riptides even get Bif Naked to sing a tune on the new album. “Someone Just Like You” was a particularly good track, the contrast between Andy’s throaty singing and Bif Naked’s lovely growl is a perfect mix. As with every Riptides album there’s a ton of comedy. I particularly enjoyed “Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Tardis” as well as the throwback “Beam Me Up”. Anyone whose followed the Riptides from the start will remember “The Creature that Ate My Brain”, the song “Beam Me Up” brings you back to those early days of The Riptides, fun, punk music.

If nothing else The Riptides are fun music, it comes through in their lyrics, it’s no doubt helped this band carve out a 20 year career. They have fun, they don’t take themselves too seriously, it’s what makes Canadian punk music great. Without a doubt my favorite Riptides album to date. Top to bottom this album cuts the mustard, a good mix of heavy, surf, pop-punk, comedy and honesty are what make this album great. All in all I give this album 4.5 stars it’s without a doubt the best Riptides album to date, and is a world away from the California Reamin’ years.

Canadian Graffiti was released via Something To Do Records and you can scoot on over here to get yours.


The Riptides release “Goodbye Hawaii” video

Ottawa pop-punks The Riptides have released a music video for “Goodbye Hawaii”, taken from their brand new album Canadian Graffiti. Check it out below.

Canadian Graffiti was released on September 12th through Something To Do Records. Listen to the album and grab a digital copy on bandcamp, or head over here to buy it on vinyl.

Riptides streaming new album “Canadian Graffiti”

Ottawa pop-punks The Riptides are now streaming their new album Canadian Graffiti. You can give the record a listen below, and buy it on vinyl here / digital here.

Canadian Graffiti was released on September 12th through Something To Do Records. It’s the band’s first album in 8 years, following 2009’s Tales From Planet Earth.

The Riptides (pop-punk) announce new album “Canadian Graffiti”, stream new track “Goodbye Hawaii”

On September 12th Ottawa pop-punk act The Riptdes will be unleashing their new album “Candian Graffiti” with the help of the good folks at Something To Do Records. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a good “doo wop” pop-punk song and The Riptides knocked it out of the park with their first single, “Goodby Hawaii,” which we’re pleased to premiere for you below. If the rest of the album is this good its going to make a great soundtrack for the end of summer.

Vinyl lovers, pre-order your copy here – there are only 500 physical copies being made.

The Riptides to release split 7-inch w/ The Apers; release music video for new song “I Don’t Wanna Go to the Movies”

Ottawa pop-punkers The Riptides have announced they will be releasing a new split 7-inch with Dutch pop-punk act The Apers. To make this announcement even more awesome, The Riptides have also released a music video for a new song, entitled “I Don’t Wanna Go to the Movies,” which will be appearing on the split.

You can check it out, along with the cover art for the split here.

The split is set to be released sometime in the Spring of 2013 on Asian Man Records, and we’ll keep you posted as more details surface.

The Riptides 7-inch splits with The Queers and The Dwarves now available

We told you a month ago that Ottawa punk rockers The Riptides would be releasing two separate splits, “Stillborn in the USA” (with The Dwarves) and “Buy It You Scum” (with The Queers) in December on Asian Man Records, and that more details would come.

Well, they’re here! Both releases are limited to 500 copies each and will apparently never be repressed. Also, they are on swirled, colored vinyl. Click here to get your own.

The Riptides releasing split 7-inches with The Queers and The Dwarves, streaming new songs

Ottawa punk rockers The Riptides will be releasing two separate splits, “Stillborn in the USA” (with The Dwarves) and “Buy It You Scum” (with The Queers) in December on Asian Man Records. Both of these records will be limited to 500 copies each. More details to come on the vinyl…

In the meantime, stream the new tracks “Wise Up” and “Agent Silhouette” on The Riptides‘ Facebook page.

Andy gets a little too close to Doug for comfort in this sorta funny interview with The Riptides

This short “interview” video with The Riptides is worth a watch if nothing else than for the fact that Doug is so clearly uncomfortable with how close Andy is to him the whole time.  Plus they talk about recording plans for the future.  Check it out here.

The Riptides last album, Tales From Planet Earth, was released October 13th on Asian Man Records.

Asian Man Records release free digital compilation

The folks at Asian Man Records have released a compilation album titled “Asian Man Records Vol. 1” and you can download it for free right here.  A lot of great bands are on the comp including and it’s definitely worth a download.

Here’s what the label had to say about the release:

We are really excited to put this up for you. We been working hard on it and we hope you like it as much as we do.  Pretty much this is a collection of all our favorite music (new and not so new) that has inspired us here at Asian Man Records. It’s great and crazy because this is what we are surrounded with.

New Song: “Friday The 13th” from The Riptides 7-inch “Tough Luck”

riptides-tough-loveThe Riptides added another track from their new 7-inch Tough Luck to their MySpace page.  The song is called Friday The 13th and it’s definitely worth checking out.  Imagine Pennywise meets Screeching Weasel.

Tough Luck was released a couple weeks ago via Rally Records on Interpunk.

New Song: “Johnny’s Back In Vietnam” from The Riptides new 7-inch “Tough Luck”

riptides-tough-loveOttawa punk rockers The Riptides released a new 7-inch titled Tough Luck yesterday via Rally Records on Interpunk.  The release features four new songs and you can check out one of them – a tune called Johnny’s Back In Vietnam – on the band’s MySpace page.  The song is really good – very Pennywise-ish.

The Riptides last album, Tales From Planet Earth, was released October 13th on Asian Man Records.

The Riptides releasing limited edition 7-inch “Tough Luck”

riptides-tough-loveOttawa punk rockers The Riptides are releasing a new 7-inch titled Tough Luck next week (Janary 26th) via Rally Records on Interpunk.  The release features four new songs recorded at Sonic Iguana studios and was produced by Mass Giorgini.  They’ve limited the release to only 300 copies so make some moves now.

The Riptides last album, Tales From Planet Earth, was released October 13th on Asian Man Records.

New Song: The Riptides “I Can’t Have A Merry Christmas” off latest album “Tales From Planet Earth”

riptides-tales-from-planet-earthThe Riptides have uploaded a new song to their MySpace music player from their latest album Tales From Planet Earth. The song I Can’t Have A Merry Christmas is appropriate now for this time of year, however it’s a bit puzzling as to why they’d record a Christmas song in October which was when the album was released. Either way, you can give it a listen by visiting their MySpace page.

Video: The Riptides document their lives while recording “Tales From Planet Earth”

riptides-tales-from-planet-earthWhile recording their latest album, “Tales From Planet Earth” at Sonic Iguana the fellas from The Riptides did an amazing job of documenting the amount of screwing around that goes on while a band is in the studio.  Check out their fart-filled video footage that has everything from blue-flaming to granny porn watching on the Full Story page.  It’s ten minutes long but it’s immensely entertaining.

“Tales From Planet Earth” is slated for release October 13th on Asian Man Records.