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Show Review: Two Fisted Law’s final show with Jukebox Romantics & Lost In Society (August 12, 2017)

Eventually everything comes to pass, even we as humans will reach the inevitable end and have to face our own mortality…I have often wondered if it would be better to go quickly and silently without any notice of my own end. Or if it would be better to know ahead of time and be able to get all of my affairs in order, say good bye to all my loved ones, enjoy the pleasures of my favorite meals or films one last time and I don’t know maybe have one last party before my eventual demise.

Bands for the most part break up or give up after an internal dispute over art, or money or some personality conflict. And although it may not always come as a surprise to the band members themselves it often is a surprise to the world and to the fans. Well this Saturday I was able to witness a spectacle of punk rock love and brotherhood few have ever been able to experience…After over fifteen years of cross country tours, numerous lineup changes, on stage fistfights, and hundreds of drunken booze soaked practices and shows the boys from Two Fisted Law decided to call it quits in early spring of this year. Professionals that they were they kept every date they had booked on their calendar during 2017 and added one more…The Official Final Show which could not be held in their hometown of Danbury Connecticut due to the closing of their local venues Cousin Larry’s and The Heirloom Arts Theater so was held in neighboring New Milford Connecticut at the surprisingly large and well equipped Fast Eddies Billiards.

Upon arrival I was able to catch the last few frantically fast paced songs by Danbury locals and longtime Two Fisted Law friends Social Standards. The speed and aggression of their front man made me kick myself for missing most of the set and reminded me of my own mantra about always checking out every band at a show.

Next up in the lineup was a crowd favorite The Jukebox Romantics who quickly whipped everyone into a frenzy with front man Mike Terry screaming anthemic vocals to an audience of well-versed fans who sang along to every song while shaking fists into the air while slamming into one another…between songs the band would crack jokes and trade insults while sharing Two Fisted Law stories with the audience, this performance alone was worth the hour and a half drive I had to get to New Milford for this show.

After The Jukebox Romantics left the stage Asbury Park New Jersey’s Lost In Society who have just completed a tour with Face To Face and soon leave for tour with Unwritten Law took the stage and unleashed a super tight set of fast paced pop punk songs that again had the entire place dancing and singing along song after song as front man Zach Moyle leaped all over the stage like a man possessed…It was a truly exceptional performance and I can see why these guys are so popular at the moment.

After Lost In Society had finished the feel of anticipation grew as did the crowd which pushed out of the band area of the venue and crept into the main bar and pool playing sections of the club. In attendance was a who’s who of Northeastern punk bands including members of Damn Broads, Cry Havoc, Enziguri, The Lost Riots and others I’m sorry I recognized but could not identify.

It was now about 11:45 pm Two Fisted Law took the stage and current front man Lance thanked everyone for coming out and thanked the band for having them adopt him into the family and the set began…it was tight it was loud and it was fast as they blazed through song after song Lance screaming into the microphone as if his head was about to burst right off of his neck.

In between every other song Lance or Kyle would tell a little anecdote from a past show, or share some love for someone in the room, they thanked the opening acts all of whom have shared in the long and proud history of Two Fisted Law both on and off the stage. Then maybe 25-30 minutes in Lance invited Big Jym the previous and longtime front man up on stage to do a duet, and both men laid into 3-4 songs together the crowd going completely insane then Lance left the stage and the show continued on with Big Jym singing more fan favorites, another pause and the original drummer Matt Rosenzweig, original bassist Dave Haug and original Guitarist Ricky Foster took the stage with much adulation from the crowd of longtime fans they all shared a couple of jokes and insults back and forth and then Ricky sang a never before performed on stage song from the very first inception of the band from some 15-16 years ago before they all went back into the full show with Jym on vocals and the old lineup still in place the band rocked for over two hours in total playing possibly every song off of every release they had done…and in the end every member got on stage including once short term member Mike Terry of the Jukebox Romantics. Kyle Trocolla then again gave a short thank you speech to all in attendance and explained how the song Late Nights And Bar Fights Was indeed written for, and about, every fan who ever made it to any of their shows, they all shared a shot of whiskey and saluted one another and the crowd and then they all…5 Guitarists, 2 bassists, 2 drummers on 2 drum kits, and 2 front men all playing and singing in unison belted out that song. And they tore the house down…I have seen many great shows, I have seen many touching moments on stage, and I will say that as of today this one song at this one show, with everyone onstage playing their hearts out, and managing with all the booze and emotion to be so fucking tight and deliver the wall of sound that they delivered with that many people on stage playing together was bar none one of the greatest moments in punk rock history and I only which everyone in our world was able to experience that one song…It was truly the thing legends are made of.

R.I.P. Two Fisted Law.

Check out photos from the show by Just Vibe below.

Upstart Industries announce punk rock weekender

The good people over at Upstart Industries, The ones responsible for Upstart Punk Rock Radio, Upstart Fest and Upstart Magazine, are at it once again; This September 9th and 10th they will be holding an all punk weekender that they’ve named the UPSTART ANTISOCIAL CAMPOUT …This event will be held at an old resort in East Durham NY featuring over 30 Punk, Hardcore and Ska bands, comedians, vendors, and even a haunted house…bands will include Sheer Terror, Svetlanas, Big D And The Kids Table, The Dead Boy’s Cheetah Chrome, Mephiskaphiles, Two Fisted Law, New Red Scare, American Pinup and many  more…Bands will play all day and all night…this show is all ages and kids under 12 are free!

Attendees may book a room for the weekend at the Blackthorne Resort 518-634-2541 Campsites are also available and campers are welcome.

Tickets are only $20 in Advance for the whole weekend and are available at

A full list of the acts can be viewed below.

Kyle Trocolla premieres video for “Three Chords and the Truth”

Folk-punk singer-songwriter, Kyle Trocolla, just premiered his video for “Three Chords and the Truth” on Blank TV. The song, calling to the history of punk rock, and remembering those who have passed, is the fifth track on his debut album, The Stranger, which was released on Altercation Records.

Straight from Newtown, CT, Trocolla combines country roots with punk rock lyrical content to make for a unique sound. He also plays with punk band Two Fisted Law. The video was directed by Tamboia.

You can check out the video below.

Upstart Fest 2015 Invades Brooklyn’s Grand Victory

The fifth annual Upstart Fest boasts 9 days and 8 states, and the heart and soul of this rolling punk rock circus is to highlight bands you should totally be checking out. It also featured the most eclectic group of punk rock outfits I’ve seen so far. Everything from folk-punk to hardcore was showcased and it seemed intentional. All your favorite bases were thoroughly covered.

To check out coverage of the show in Brooklyn, keep reading below.



Two Fisted Law, The Turbo ACs, Trophy Lungs & more added to Upstart Fest 2015 lineup

Two Fisted Law, The Turbo ACs, Trophy Lungs, American Television, Ray’s Occult, Hopeless Otis, and Enziguri have been added to this year’s Upstart Fest lineup. Previously announced performers include Avenue RockersCry Havoc!Two Man Advantage, Posers, Hudson FalconsOC45Lost in SocietyA Minor Revolution, Legally Fucked, Kyle TrocollaThe VibratorsThe Obvious, InCircles, and Iron Chin.

The tour runs between Portland, ME and Baltimore, MD in late September/early October. You can check out the full list of dates and locations here and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more bands are announced.

Two Fisted Law release music video for “The Ballad Of Forgotten Souls”

Connecticut punks Two Fisted Law have a new video out for their song “The Ballad Of Forgotten Souls.” Check it out below.

The song is the second track on the band’s upcoming new EP, Brother’s Keeper, which is due out Friday (August 14th) on Altercation Records. You can stream the whole five-track EP here.

DS Exclusive: Two Fisted Law stream upcoming EP “Brother’s Keeper”

New England punk outfit Two Fisted Law have just announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new EP titled “Brother’s Keeper” on August 14th and today we’re very pleased to bring you a stream of all five of its heavy and rhythmic tracks. Check it out below!

Brother’s Keeper is being released via Altercation Records, and is a follow-up to their self-titled album released last February.

Upstart Fest 2015 announces dates, locations, and first wave of bands

The dates, locations, and first wave of bands have been announced for the 5th annual Upstart Fest. The tour will run from September 24th to October 4th and you can check out the full list of dates and locations below.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated when the bands are announced.





Show Review: Altercation Punk Rock BBQ 2015

So how do you take a miserable fucking day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?

You grab an umbrella, a raincoat, or wrap yourself up in a trash bag and make it over to the 5th annual Altercation Punk Rock BBQ where hundreds of punks show up year after year regardless of the unbelievably shitty weather to hear some great bands and grab some beers and BBQ.

This fifth year of punk rock fun sponsored by Altercation Records was again held at Vortex in Austin Texas and coincided with the SXSW Music conference where thousands of bands and music types from all over the world converge for a week of meet and greet music industry madness, and where anybody who is anybody in punk rock makes their way over to the BBQ that the folks over at Altercation Records throw every year…“What more could you ask for? We have the best fans and the best scene in the world! Look at all these people coming out in the rain to see these bands…and zero assholes, it’s great, just great!” exclaimed Altercation Records co-owner and party host JT Habersaat.

Despite the downpour hundreds of punks descended on the Vortex to check out this years show. Upon arrival there were over 80 people lined up waiting to get in, and even with the rain they just kept coming. This years line up consisted of 12 bands although a few had cancelled due to family emergency, illness, or the rain. But being that it was the Altercation Punk Rock BBQ and there is always a flood of bands who come down to Austin every year eager to play SXSW, those slots were quickly filled and the show went off without a hitch.

With high energy performances by The Sharp Lads who donned dresses and Halloween masks. Alt country by The Grizzly Band, Killer street punk sets by Sniper 66, Riverside Riot, and Three’s Away, along with some old school hardcore punk by fan favorites Two Fisted Law, and a truly stellar set by the American roots band Blackeyed Vermillion the Altercation Punk Rock BBQ once again turned out to be a well balanced meal of punk rock fun with a little something for everyone. This was my favorite event of SX and personally look forward to making it back next year, hopefully under dryer and less muddy conditions.

Below are a few photos of this years event taken by Dave TV, to show you what you missed or remind you of what you experienced.

Two Fisted Law announce S/T

Connecticut punk act Two Fisted Law have announced that they will be releasing their self-titled album February 1st.

“Late Nights and Bar Fights”, was released February 2012 through Altercation Records.

Upstart Fest 2014 adds four more bands

The 4th Annual Upstart Fest, also known as “The Northeast’s biggest Punk Rock Party,” have just announced the addition of four more bands to the lineup. Joining the tour will be Connecticut’s Two Fisted Law, Philadelphia’s Pulling Punches, Boston’s  Trophy Lungs, and Poor Lily from the Bronx, NY.

Upstart Fest will continue to announce more details and more bands, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the list of venues and tour dates here.

Kyle Trocolla of Two Fisted Law on how he got into Punk and how it has shaped his life

Kyle Trocolla plays guitar in Connecticut punk act Two Fisted Law.  Here’s the story on how he got into Punk Rock & how it shaped his life.

My earliest memories of music where of listening to whatever my parents listened to. While today I have a huge appreciation for the music my parents introduced me to, it was never really my music.

The first cassette tape I ever chose for myself was Licensed to Ill by the Beastie Boys and although this was not an underground diy punk album by an obscure band that could only be obtained if your friend had an older brother who was screaming anarchy in the UK on the back of the school bus, it was for me the beginning of finding my own music. I lived licensed to Ill, I studied the Beastie Boys and discovered they got their start playing hardcore punk taking their inspiration from some band called the Bad Brains. So I had to find the Bad Brains somehow, and in a pre-internet world this was harder than it sounds.

When I did finally find a copy of Rock for Light I had finally found music that I could call my own. This wasn’t my parents music, this was mine. That first album hunt was quickly followed up by a hundred others, countless shows, and the discovery of a scene that, most of the time, accepted me for the awkward little smartass that I was.

Why punk rock still? Growing up punk teaches you to think for yourself, question authority and accept good people for good people, regardless of how they may be different from you, and that is as good a reason to dedicate your life to something as I can find.

Two Fisted Law

photo by Leslie Aufieri.

Interview: Two Fisted Law talk touring, new video and new album

Punk Journeymen Two Fisted Law released a video this week for their version of “Folsom Prison Blues,” its an aggressive take on a classic that we are sure would make Mr. Cash proud.  I was recently able to catch up with guitarist Kyle Trocolla for a brief interview to get a little background on the band and their future plans for 2012 and beyond.  Check it out here.

Two Fisted Law release music video for “Folsom Prison Blues” (Johnny Cash cover)

Our friends at BlankTV have premiered a new music video by Connecticut punk act Two Fisted Law for their cover of Johnny Cash’s classic hard-time lament “Folsom Prison Blues.” Check it out here.

The track is off the band’s latest album, “Late Nights and Bar Fights”, which came out this past February through Altercation Records.

Music Video: Two Fisted Law – “Late Nights and Bar Fights”

Danbury, Connecticut punks Two Fisted Law have just posted a new music video for their song “Late Nights and Bar Fights”.

The song is the title track off the band’s latest album, “Late Nights and Bar Fights”, which came out this past February through Altercation Records.

Check it out here.

Two Fisted Law will be among the traveling gypsy punks performing at this year’s Upstart Fest in August. Head here for more details.