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Autopilot Off release new song “Lining Them Up” for free download

Orange County,  NY rock act, Autopilot Off,  are streaming their new song “Lining Them Up”, and are offering it for a free download.

You can give it a listen, and download it if you so chose below.

The band released their latest album, “Make A Sound,” in April of 2004 through Island Records.

Autopilot Off offer free download of new songs “Alcologic” and “When I Was Young”

Orange County,  NY rock act, Autopilot Off, are offering free downloads of two new songs entitled “Alcologic” and “When I Was Young.” Here’s what the band had to say:

Here is a link to two new songs that we are releasing for free download. This has been an ambitious project for us, encompassing the past several months. We handled all aspects of production ourselves, working on weekends and whenever our collective personal schedules would permit. It has taken a long time to generate anything finished, but it has been worth it to us to do our songs our way. We hope you enjoy them, and hope that we can complete more in the future. -Chris J, Chris H, Rob, and Phil

The band released their latest album, “Make A Sound,” in April of 2004 through Island Records.

Autopilot Off give another update

Orange County,  NY punk act, Autopilot Off have given another update:

Day 2 of our recording process and we’ve got the drums wrapped up our first batch of new songs in almost 9 years. It almost seems impossible that 9 years have gone by without us putting something down on tape, but we’re just happy to be back at it and that there are people out there who are interested. In those 9 years we all have accomplished many different things that have fulfilled our lives in ways that we’d never imagined, but, through all that time, at all the different barbecues, weddings, and shows we’ve gone to together, the 4 of us have always talked about getting back to music when the time was right for all of us. I guess we should be happy it only took 9 years…

Since enough people have been asking, we thought we’d give the quick summary of our constantly evolving and changing ideas about where this stage of Autopilot Off is going to go and the answer to that question is: we don’t know. We do know this much, we’ve got no plans of stopping when it comes to writing and recording new music and sharing it with anyone who is interested. Anyone who plays music knows that there’s nothing better than getting together with friends, cooking some food, having some laughs, and playing music that you all love. That feeling isn’t our only motivation for getting together to put some new songs down properly on tape; we easily could have just gotten together a few times a month to play and been very happy with that. We never realized how many people out there still followed our band or had discovered APO after we had stopped performing and that really is what motivated us to get into the studio to do some new songs. Thanks to all of you for pushing us to this point.

So, back to the current recording, we’re doing everything in our home studio/rehearsal space and we’re doing it all ourselves. We were really enjoying doing everything the way just the four of us wanted and the freedom to do things on our schedule was just too appealing. We learned so much from all the great people we have worked with over the years and, even though there’s always more to learn, we’re enjoying the feeling of the way it was when this band started; just four people making music together. We do have to thank our good friend Mike Perri for engineering our drum tracks. Phil is the only one who really knows how to run all of this stuff and there’s no way for him to play and record, so Mike jumped in to help get it done.

We’ll keep everyone updated on how the process moves along; we’re hoping we can keep on a good pace of getting things done as time allows. We will leave you with this one piece of info that we hope will please anyone who is interested in hearing our new songs: when the recording process is complete will we immediately be releasing some music for you all to download. As soon as Phil gives the ok on it being finished, there will be songs up on our Facebook page for all of you to enjoy and share. Thanks again to everyone for giving us the motivation to get this done…we’re having a great time.”

The band released their latest album, “Make A Sound,” in April of 2004 through Island Records.

Autopilot Off to enter the studio tomorrow

Orange County,  NY punk act, Autopilot Off have announced that they will enter the studio tomorrow to record new music:

It brings us all great pleasure to say…..we are officially (..and finally) entering the studio tomorrow to begin recording a batch of our new songs! This is our first time recording since 2003, so needless to say we are excited. Stay tuned for updates and pics throughout the weekend. -Rob/APO

The band released their latest album, “Make A Sound,” in April of 2004 through Island Records.