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10 Not-So-Well-Known Side Projects by Well-Known Punks

Who says you can only be in one band? Side projects are a great way for rock stars to try a new sound while not compromising the reputation of their main band and for this, we are eternally grateful. Check out 10 side projects you might not have know about that were started by some of your most beloved punks below.

Fun Factoid Friday: Lead singer of Authority Zero (Jason DeVore) has a celtic-punk side project

Every Friday the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene unleash some punk rock trivia. Today’s “fun factoid” is about a very little known side project of Authority Zero lead singer Jason DeVore.

If you don’t know Authority Zero you should familiarize yourself immediately.  For the rest of you, you know they play fast, reggae infused punk rock.  What you might not know is that the group’s front-man has another band by the name of The Bollox that plays straight up Celtic punk, with a definite folk influence.  The band has put out one self-titled album and you can have a listen to a handful of their tracks on the their MySpace.  It aint half bad!

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