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Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds stream video-cover of The Lillingtons’ “All I Hear is Static”

If you know anything about Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds, then you know that any news from them means you’re in for something a little different. The band is absolutely killing it right now with the release of this new music video/cover of the the great Lillingtons‘ “All I hear is Static”. Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio, and Suicide Machines fame not only played on the track but directed the video as well. It’s a cover that originally appeared on Red Scare Industries: 15 Years of Tears and Beers. That compilation is available for purchase here through Red Scare Industries. Stream the new video below.

Red Scare to release comp with unreleased Brendan Kelly, Broadway Calls, Sundowner and more

Red Scare Industries is celebrating their 15th anniversary with the release of “Red Scare Industries: 15 Years of Tears and Beers,” a compilation featuring new, previously-unreleased songs from Brendan Kelly (covering The Lillingtons), Broadway Calls (covering The Menzingers), the first new Sundowner song in years, the first new Lippies song since they reunited, as well as tracks by Sincere Engineer, The Copyrights, Elway, The Bombpops, Tightwire, Ramona, MakeWar, Billy Liar, and more. Here’s what the label says:

Fifteen years?!? Now that Red Scare has overstayed its welcome for a decade and a half, we figure we better celebrate it… ‘cuz no one else will! We’ve got the label’s past, present, and future represented on this album: fifteen Red Scare artists with fifteen brand new, unreleased songs. Good ones too! The keen observer will recognize some Red Scare covers in the mix. That, along with some cool artwork/liner notes and a bonus poster with the vinyl make this a pretty sweet package. Needless to say, it requires a lot of support from listeners and the underground music community to last this long, and these fifteen hits are the best way we can repay y’all. Crank it or spank it, comrades.

The comp comes out September 27 via Red Scare (pre-order digital or physical). Check out the full tracklist below.

Chicago’s T1 Fest to feature Smoking Popes, 88 Fingers Louie, Brendan Kelly, Lillingtons & more

The inaugural T1 Fest will take place on Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th at The Forge in Joliet, IL. All proceeds from the shows will go to the JDRF, (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) to assist in their fight against type 1 diabetes. Organizer Jim Costanzo felt compelled to establish the event after his family was affected by the disease. He explained, “My nephew Joey was diagnosed at the age of three and like so many others, we had no understanding of it, but we quickly learned that this is a very serious illness.” He continued, “Working with the JDRF to learn what lied ahead for him, we saw so many families that were not able to handle the financial burden of providing care for their child. We have since made it a goal to raise as much money as possible to assist the JDRF in their mission to raise awareness and find a cure for type 1 diabetes.”

Costanzo cited his experiences growing up in Chicago’s punk scene as motivation for coordinating this fest. When reflecting on those times, he said “What we found was a community, a scene where even as teenagers we could make a difference. Whether it was playing shows against racism or gathering coats for the homeless, we saw that through music change was possible. One day we were discussing ideas on how we could do our part and we thought it would be great to put on a benefit show like back in the day.”

After setting his idea in motion, Costanzo was able to assemble a lineup that features numerous noteworthy acts. Friday night is headlined by Flatfoot 56 with support from Brendan Kelly, (Lawrence Arms/Wandering Birds) The Brokedowns, and Andrew Thomas. Saturday’s festivities begin at 3:30 PM, with the following bands playing: The Smoking Popes, The Lillingtons, 88 Fingers Louie, Dan Vapid & The Cheats, Vandoliers, Kali Masi, The Reaganomics, and Cap Gun Heroes. Tickets for each individual night are available, as well as weekend passes, and can be purchased here.

Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds premiere music video for song “The Ballad ofBuffalo Bill”

Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds (Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms) recently premiered a brand new music video for their song, “The Ballad of Buffalo Bill.” The track is one off of their new album, Keep Walkin’ Pal. 

You can take a look at the full clip below.

Keep Walkin’ Pal was released on November 23rd, 2018 via Red Scare Industries.

Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms) announces solo tour

Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms has announced a solo tour, and it’s a windy road, if it were. There’s a couple dates on the East Coast before a short stint through the Midwest and into California. Check the dates below to see if you’re one of the lucky ones!

Stream the new Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds album “Keep Walking Pal”

Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds (side project of Lawrence Arms frontman) are releasing a new album titled “Keep Walking Pal” on Black Friday 11-23 via Red Scare Industries.

This album is electric, and upbeat, with an oddly funky pop punk sound instead of the darker tones of his previous one. It’s definitely not your normal “solo guy” record.

Check it out below.

Brendan Kelly (Lawrence Arms, Falcon) and the Wandering Birds release lyric video for “Black Cat Boy”

Brendan Kelly’s project ‘Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds‘ have released a lyric video for the song ‘Black Cat Boy’.

Give it a listen below.

The first release from the band since 2012 was released on October 26 via Red Scare.

Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds release lyric video for “Shitty Margarita”

Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds have released a lyric video for their new song “Shitty Margarita,” which comes from the bands’ upcoming album Keep Walkin’ Pal, which is set to be released digitally on October 26th, and on all physical formats on November 23rd via Red Scare Industries.

You can check out the video below.

Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds last released I’d Rather Die Than Live Forever in 2012.

DS Exclusive: “There’s Nothing I Love More Than Seeing If I Can Pull Something Off!” – Brendan Kelly on The Lawrence Arms, punk rock Champions Of The World

When last we chatted with the inimitable Brendan Kelly – at an upstairs table at a firehouse-turned-swingers-club-turned-music-venue in a sketchy Providence, Rhode Island, neighborhood – his The Falcon project was winding down its year-long revival and there was talk of working on a new Wandering Birds album and firing the engines of the USS Lawrence Arms up again. It may have taken a tad longer than expected, but last Wednesday in the Boston area (see our photos and review of that show here), The Lawrence Arms kicked off the first of three scheduled twelve-day tours in the  in support of their latest album, We Are The Champions Of The World.

If you’re not familiar with WATCOTW, it’s a Fat Wreck Chords-released 29-song retrospective culled from the band’s nearly twenty years in the game. We caught up with Kelly again on release day (March 30), to discuss how a band without any bona fide “hits” – at least in the traditional sense – could pull together a “greatest hits” album. The idea, believe it or not, came from their Fat Wreck Chords boss himself.  “I would love — LOVE — to take credit for masterminding this,” explains Kelly, “but as with everything in punk rock, Fat Mike came up with the idea!” As you may have noticed, Fat Wreck has gotten in the “greatest hits” game in recent years, with bands like Swingin’ Utters and Me First And The Gimme Gimmes and No Use For A Name getting the treatment. According to Kelly, Fat Mike reached out directly with the proposal. “He hit me up and he was like “hey, we like you guys, I seem to recall you guys liking us a lot. We’d love to do a greatest hits record.” I was like “that seems like an odd thing to do!” Like, really? When No Use For A Name puts out a greatest hits record or NOFX puts out a greatest hits record, I get that. But we’re the fucking Lawrence Arms…it seems like an odd thing.” Ever the businessman, Fat Mike of course had a method to his madness. Says Kelly: “He made a good point, or at least I’m attributing this point to him. (He said) ‘the way people consume music these days is that they just go on Spotify and check something out. Wouldn’t you like to have a bunch of good songs in one place so everybody can just go there and you can make sure they’re not getting something that’s not that representative of your band? A greatest hits record is a great way to do that!

With that, Kelly and his longtime TLA comrades Chris McCaughan and Neil Hennessy set to figuring out exactly what songs to include on such a retrospective. Individual fans might take issue with a particular favorite of theirs not making the cut, but the album is largely representative from the best parts of each of the band’s albums. Well…almost the best parts. Never one to pine wistfully on the olden days, Kelly isn’t the kind of guy who listens to his own catalog with any regularity. “I didn’t go back and revisit the old recordings at all, which MAYBE kinda bit us in the dick a little bit on this release, because there is a song on the record, that’s not supposed to be on there.” If you’re one of the lucky ones who already obtained one of the first pressings of the album, you may have already caught the mistake. While it is listed on the album’s official tracklist, the song “The Northside, L & L, and Any Number Of Crappy Apartments” does not actually appear on the record. In its place is “Someday We’re All Gonna Weigh 400 Lbs,” the track immediately before “Northside…” on the band’s debut album, Guided Tour Of Chicago. The mistake’s roots trace back nearly twenty years, as when Guided Tour… was being put together, not only did Kelly pull the album’s artwork and layout together, but he and an old engineer did the digital markings for the tracks as well. “This is so boring…” laughs Kelly without realizing exactly how big a dork I and many of the band’s rabid fans are. “We both didn’t know what we were doing, which is why there’s that five seconds at the beginning of Guided Tour Of Chicago that’s Track 1. So all the tracklisting is pushed as a result, and so when whoever either at Asian Man or at Fat was sending the .WAV files, I looked at them and said “oh, Track 6 is “Northside…” and it was labelled as “Northside…”when they sent it over, but it was actually “Someday We’re All Gonna Weigh 400 Lbs” instead. If you’re lucky enough to get a physical copy that has that song on it, hold on to it, because someday nerds will be fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on it!:

While We Are The Champions Of The World contains snapshots from each of the band’s studio albums – full-length and EP – it also contains five previously unreleased songs, all culled from the recording sessions for what would be their highly-regarded 2006 full-length, Oh! Calcutta!. Curiously enough, they also represent the only real unreleased music from the band’s vault’s, save for one song that the only existed on cassette tape. “(Oh! Calcutta!) was a unique record for us,” says Kelly. “We were in the studio for like three months. We were writing like crazy. I had a broken kneecap, so I was in a full leg cast. My songs kept getting angrier and angrier at the time…because I was fucking angry from being in a cast for six months! We just had this huge amount of material, and at the same time, as the record started coming together, we started to see a real vision of what it was becoming and how it was cohesing (sic).

As you’re reading this, the band’s first twelve day run in support of WATCOTW is about halfway over; after a two-week break, the second leg fires up in Seattle on April 27th and runs through May 6th in Denver. Both runs feature the likes of highly-regarded Red Scare Industries acts Red City Radio and Sincere Engineer. Both put out stellar releases within the past couple of months. And while most readers here are well versed on the likes of Oklahoma’s Red City Radio, the buzz behind Sincere Engineer’s Deanna Belos is intense and still growing. “Deanna is awesome, man,” states Kelly with the tone of a proud older brother. “She’s just like this weird kid from Chicago that grew up listening to all the bands that played with us and she really did her own thing, man. It’s really neat. I balk at taking credit for things that turn out well! But she’s been influenced by a lot of the things that a lot of my friends and peers have done, and she’s really synthesized it into something very cool and unique. I’m really happy to be part of Red Scare to give her a platform and I’m really happy that we’re taking her out on tour!”

Head below to check out our full Good Friday (the punkest of holidays!) chat with the always entertaining Brendan Kelly. There’s also more than a little bit of information on that aforementioned still-in-the-works Wandering Birds record!

Brendan Kelly (Lawrence Arms, Falcon) recording new Wandering Birds album

Good news, everyone! Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, and (obviously) Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds fame, is recording a new Wandering Birds album.

Kelly made the announcement via his Twitter account.

Fuck yeah.

DS Exclusive: Brendan Kelly on The Falcon taking a break, firing up the Lawrence Arms and the Wandering Birds…and punching babies in the face?

Dying Scene last touched base with the inimitable Brendan Kelly back in early February. At the time, we discussed the budding relaunch of The Falcon, a band that had already been a pseudo-supergroup and was now adding Dave Hause to the lineup. The band’s first album in close to a decade, Gather Up The Chaps, was still a month-or-so from being released. The band’s first-ever tour dates were booked, but hadn’t kicked off yet. Donald Trump hadn’t yet won so much as a primary, his Presidential bid still widely considered a punchline.

When we learned that The Falcon were going to take a break of indeterminate length after their recent bunch of tour dates, we decided it would be the perfect time to catch up with Beex again to bookend what some (read as: nobody but me until just now) have referred to as The Year Of The Falcon. As it turns out, an awful lot can happen in nine fucking months. Gather Up The Chaps was released to stellar reviews. The initial run of a dozen-or-so tour dates ended up extending to close to four-dozen dates in three countries over the better part of the year. And Personified Fart Donald J. Trump is President-Elect of the United States of America. Talk about taking the good with the bad…

We caught up with Beex in person prior to The Falcon’s recent gig at Firehouse 13 in Providence as a bit of a postmortem on the latest incarnation of the band. “This is it for a while,” says Kelly rather diplomatically, before quickly pointing out that it is not, by any means, the end of The Falcon as we know it. “This is just the last tour on the album cycle. And while there may not be any pending Falcon plans in the near future, don’t you dare use the ‘H-word’ to describe the break in the action. “You know what annoys me?” asks Kelly before diving immediately into the otherwise rhetorical question. “So many bands make these giant proclamations where they’re like (*mock rock star voice*) ‘We’re going on hiatus now.’…It seems to me that it’s just simply a press release so that they can still maintain a little bit of juice while they’re not active on the road. I don’t need to get into any of that nonsense.”

So instead referring to that-which-shall-not-be-named, we’ll call it what it ultimately is: the end of an album cycle.  we just toured on the record, and now tour’s over and there’s other things to do. We’re (all) still cool.” Instead of diving in to a new tour or a new studio album, the individual Power Rangers will focus on their other projects before someday returning to initiate the Falcon Megazord again some day. Hause, for starters, has his third solo studio album in the bag, set for release this coming February. And Kelly? “The next thing I want to do is put out a Wandering Birds record,” he says, much to the delight of yours truly, who still finds I’d Rather Die Than Live Forever amongst his favorite albums of the last half-decade. He adds: “I think The Lawrence Arms needs to get back out on the road a little bit, to remind people that we exist.”

Still, in spite of the fact that the one door closing temporarily allows for the reopening of a few other awesome doors, there are those among us who A) really dig the resurgent Falcon and especially dig Gather Up The Chaps and B) who can envision this project existing as a regular thing going forward. While Kelly is quick to point out that a lot of people seem to agree that this album is something to be proud of and that the shows are a lot of fun, he also points out that “it’s important for us to keep it a little bit lean in order to keep it interesting,” perhaps mindful of making sure they don’t overstay their welcome. He explains: “It’s important to be cognizant of what you’re throwing out there. We’re not a young, hungry, up-and-coming band, like PUP or something where people see it and are like “oh my gosh! There’s this new band you’ve never heard of! You have to come!” With us, it’s like “oh, it’s those guys that you’ve seen in various incarnations for the last twenty years!”

The Falcon project, and the addition of Hause in particular, seems to have recharged Kelly a bit, opening his mind to new, or at least different, ways of working. “It’s easy to get surrounded,” says Kelly, particularly of his working relationship with Andriano, with whom he’s been working since their mid-teenage years in Slapstick, “in this echo chamber, where we all grew up doing things the same way, and now we come into this band, and it’s like “oh, you’re a meticulous, attention-to-detail kind of guy. You’re very precise!” Where meanwhile, I’m more improve, you know what I mean?  That tension is really cool, and it’s informed my worldview. I think it’s informed Dave’s worldview. I think we’ve learned a lot from each other. That’s kinda the coolest part about this journey so far, for me.”

For Kelly and his bandmates, and for many of us, it seems from Jump Street that the prospects of a Brendan Kelly-Dan Andriano-Neil Hennessy-Dave Hause supergroup taking the scene by storm seemed to be more than a little awe-inspiring. “Whenever you start doing something new, you get that kind of “new girlfriend syndrome,” where you think, like, “this is going to be the best ever!” There was a point where I think we all had pretty grandiose ideas about what was going to happen,” Kelly explains, his voice still full of excitement at the prospects. Did those things happen? No. But it’s been awesome. It’s been really, really fun. We’ve made great friends, we’ve played great shows, we’ve become closer as dudes. Those things are so much more invaluable than some sort of fleeting twenty minutes of playing the big stage at Reading or whatever. That shit is fleeting and comes and goes. The real building-blocks experiences out of this have been totally beyond my expectations.”

And so, it’s on to the next phase, and on to writing music under the umbrella of a Trump Presidency. But he’s also, got to get a real job. “My job kinda…ended. I was like a permanent freelancer at this ad agency, and they let go all the freelancers at once. And I had been there for four years. So…I mean it’s fine. But I’ve got to get a job.” That’s a bit more of a daunting task when you’re forty, and when you’ve only had to get a job once before. “The thing is, I never really had a job before. I’ve always done this. The band I was in in high school (Slapstick) was fortunate enough that, through whatever stroke of cosmic dumbassery, we became very popular and I haven’t had to have a real job since then. I’ve been lucky enough to stay on the road and keep making music. So this job that I was at for four years was the first job I ever had… before that…”drank beer in a van for twenty-five years!”

Something tells us that ol’ Beex will do just fine for himself. Head below to check out our full interview. We talk about more than just The Falcon, naturally. There’s the whole but about “punching babies in the face,” and a particularly interesting story about an encounter with a fan in Texas while on the tour as a seventeen-year-old that continues to influence the way that he writes music as a forty-year-old! And if you’re so inclined, check out our photo gallery from the aforementioned Providence show here.

Brendan Kelly strips down for Punks in Vegas, plays previously unreleased Wandering Birds song

Brendan Kelly of The Falcon, The Wandering Birds and Lawrence Arms recently unplugged for a Punks in Vegas Stripped Down Session. The singer/songwriter played three songs acoustic in the back of the Beauty Bar in Las Vegas before The Falcon’s tour kickoff show; “Dead Rose,” “Unicornography” and previously unreleased Wandering Birds song “Hugs.”

Check out the video along with Brendan’s upcoming tour dates below.

The Falcon released “Gather Up The Chaps” earlier this year via Red Scare Industries.

DS Exclusive: Brendan Kelly on the first Falcon record in a decade…and so, so much more

There are a few ways to handle the composition of an interview introduction. Generally speaking, I’ll spend 500-1000 words composing a rough sketch of a story, that does its best to highlight the noteworthy parts of a conversation. This is not most interviews.

Brendan Kelly has long been one of the more enigmatic personalities in this little scene of ours, whether in real life via bands like Slapstick and The Lawrence Arms and The Wandering Birds and The Falcon, or, more recently in the virtual world (is “virtual” still a word?) that is Twitter, where his personal and Nihilist Arbys accounts are must-follows. The latter of the above-mentioned bands, The Falcon has reformed, adding Dave Hause to the already vaunted lineup that included Kelly, his fellow Lawrence Arms bandmate Neil Hennessy, and, of course, Alkaline Trio’s Dan Andriano. On March 18th, the new lineup will release the band’s sophomore followup to their 2006 debut, Unicornography, which remains the largest-selling album in their label, Red Scare Industries, decade-long history. The new album, Gather Up The Chaps, which is a dozen tracks that are just as weird and twisted and awesome and dark and depraved as you’d hope for.

So there. There’s your intro to our interview, because this one stands alone. Without engaging in too much self-congratulatory ball washing, it’s smart, it’s funny, it’s a little strange, it takes some unexpected turns. We spend a lot of time talking about the origin, and rebirth, of The Falcon, the different elements that Andriano and Hause bring to the songwriting table, and Tyler The Creator…and Dostoevsky…and killing hookers and leaving them under the crawlspace. Because you’d expect nothing less.

Check out our interview below, and pre-order Gather Up The Chaps here.

Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms releases Nihilist Arby’s video

This might be the most bizarre story I’ve personally covered on Dying Scene.

Some of you may know about the twitter account @Nihilist_Arbys, which has existed for months, spewing darkly comedic nihilist rhetoric under the guise of Arby’s restaurant. The AV Club recently released a video sent to them, supposedly from the Twitter account, that shows Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms leading similar nihilist philosophies and eating Arby’s.

Check out the madness below.

Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms) announce winter tour dates

Brendan Kelly (of The Lawrence Arms/The Falcon) has announced a very short winter tour that he has humorously dubbed the “International Solo Tour.” Check out the dates below.

Brendan Kelly last released a split EP with Sam RussoSplit The Tip, this past May via Red Scare Industries, while the Lawrence Arms released their latest full-length Metropole, last February through Epitaph Records.