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Ramallah stream new song “The Truth…It’s Colder Than A Morgue Slab And Harder Than A Coffin Nail”

Boston hardcore act Ramallah have released a new song called “The Truth…It’s Colder Than A Morgue Slab And Harder Than A Coffin Nail.”

Give it a listen below.

No word yet on whether this will be part of a bigger release or not, but we’ll keep you updated.  Ramallah last released a split with Sinners & Saints on April 28th 2015.

DS Exclusive Interview: Rob Lind (Ramallah, Sinners & Saints) talks music, family, and more

On Friday, we brought you the first installment of our interview with Rob Lind (if you missed it, you can read it here).  If you read it, you now know where Rob has been for the past 8 years, and what led him to take such a long hiatus in the first place.

Now, find out where his music is taking him, as he talks about the brand new split between Ramallah and Sinners & SaintsBack from the Land of Nod, which was released this past month on State Line Records.  Read the full interview below.

Sinners & Saints will be playing their first club show in 11 years on Friday, May 29th, in Cambridge, MA.  You can find more info on that here.

DS Exclusive Interview: Rob Lind (Ramallah, Sinners & Saints) is back and has a whole lot to say

Many of you have heard the music of Rob Lind (Ramallah, Sinners & Saints, Blood For Blood), but the world has not heard from him for nearly a decade, as he withdrew from the scene to sort out his personal demons.  Now, Rob Lind is back, with a Ramallah/Sinners & Saints split EP and at least one show scheduled, and he wants to tell you where he’s been.

You can check out the first part Rob’s first U.S. interview in 8 years below, and stay tuned for Part 2, in which Rob will delve more into songwriting, the bands, and his creative process.

Rob’s hiatus will officially end when he takes the stage with Sinners & Saints on May 29th at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA with  The Old Edison, Nick and the Adversaries, and Death & Taxes.