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Hüsker Dü launch official website, might be reuniting

Long defunct hardcore legends Hüsker Dü have launched their official website for the first time in their career. The website is an online merch store, and bassist Greg Norton told Star Tribune they have worked out a licensing agreement for their music and an official Facebook page should be coming soon. He also hinted at a possible reunion, saying, “There’s ongoing communication between the three of us now.”

Hüsker Dü released their final album Warehouse: Songs and Stories in 1987 and broke up in the following year.

Side Two: “Zen Arcade” by Hüsker Dü

Side Two is an ongoing column that engages the personal experience of listening to an album for the first time. It is less about the original intentions of the author(s) that created these aural invasions and more about the individual experience of engagement at the ground level. Take the album away from its point in punk rock history and what does it mean to you?

Check it out below

Drunken Sailor Records / Dead Broke Rekerds to release Hüsker Dü tribute 7-inch

Drunken Sailor Records have teamed up with Dead Broke Rekerds to co-release a Husker Du tribute 7-inch in late September. The 7-inch will feature covers by Crow Bait, Tenement, Unfun, Bent Outta Shape, The Dauntless Elite and Your Pest Band. It’ll be limited to a one-time pressing of 800 copies on green vinyl and red vinyl from Drunken Sailor and blue and orange from Dead Broke. There will also be four alternate pieces of tribute-driven cover art by Richard Heaven.

Pre-orders are available here from Drunken Sailor and here from Dead Broke.

Unfun stream cover of “The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill” from new Hüsker Dü tribute 7″

Vancouver, B.C. punk band Unfun are streaming their take on “The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill,” originally by Hüsker Dü

You can hear it by clicking here.

The song comes from a forthcoming Hüsker Dü tribute 7″ to be released on Dead Broke Rekerds/Drunken Sailor Records.

Sacred Cow Saturday: Husker Du- “Zen Arcade”

Punk rock has been around long enough  to hold within its musical boundaries a slew of albums considered both classic and essential. We here at Dying Scene love and appreciate these classic albums, but every once and a while we have the urge to challenge what the community has deemed sacred. Every Saturday, two Dying Scene writers will square off head-to-head and either attack or defend one of these so-called classics. Up for slaughter today is Husker Du‘s “Zen Arcade”. Does the 1984 classic hold up today? You be the judge. Jason Stone will be defending and Carson Winter will be attacking.

Let the battle begin!

Video Archive: SWA, Saccharine Trust, Meat Puppets, Minutemen and Hüsker Dü performing live in San Francisco in 1985

Since we’ve been covering news on Black Flag and their reunion(s) lately, I thought about sharing a video clip of SWA, Saccharine Trust, Meat Puppets, Minutemen and Hüsker Dü (pictured at left) performing live at The Stone in San Francisco, California on January 5, 1985. At the time of this performance, all those bands were on SST Records, a label owned by Black Flag founder and guitarist Greg Ginn.

Go here to watch the video of the show.

Download: Hüsker Dü’s entire performance from 1987

Hüsker Dü may have been defunct for more than 20 years, before our many of our readers were even born, and may never reunite, but the guys over at just offered an archival download of their performance at Zeche in Bochum, Germany on June 9, 1987. You can click here to download it.

Hüsker Dü released their final album Warehouse: Songs and Stories in 1987 and then broke up in the following year.