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Pinhead Records offer free download of 2012 sampler (Sit On It, The Steakouts, Sloppy Job…)

Up-and-coming Tampa, Florida punk/ska label Pinhead Records has released a free sampler comp featuring songs from Sit On It, The Steakouts, Sloppy Job, After The Fact, Relationship Issues, High Five Go, and every other band that has released something on the label over the course of 2012. Here’s what the label had to say:

“This last year has been hectic, crazy, awesome, and rewarding all wrapped up into one tasty burrito of punk rock and skadoodles. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded a release (and an extra special thanks to those who donated some money to support my heroin addiction – I kid, I kid!!!) Really though, I (Dylan) have made so many new friends through running this label and playing shows as Plug all around the Tampa Bay area over this last year. 2012 was probably the most busy year of my entire life. Entertaining all of you and spreading the word on these awesome bands my friends are in has kept my on my toes, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of promoting, posting redundant facebook updates in which I talked about myself in third person, etc. etc. etc.

2013 will most-likely bring grand things similar to those of this past year: more compilations, more awesome punk/ska releases for your free downloading pleasure, more of the previously mentioned redundant facebook posts… YOU GET THE STORY! Anyway, thanks again to all of you awesome people. Look out for our first release of 2013: Relationship Issues – “Cumbersome Truthes” – It’s gonna be a good one.”

You can snag your free download here.

Free EP Download: The Steakouts (New York ska-punk) – “Gather ‘Round For Some Culture”

New York ska-punks, The Steakouts, are offering their new EP, “Gather ‘Round For Some Culture,” up for free download.

You can download it for free here.

“Gather ‘Round For Some Culture” was released today on Pinhead Records.

The Steakouts premier cover art for upcoming EP; announce dates for “No One Beats Our Meat” tour

New York ska-punks, The Steakouts, have premiered the cover art for their upcoming EP, “Gather ‘Round For Some Culture,” and announced the tour dates for their upcoming “No One Beats Our Meat” tour of the east coast.

You can check out the cover art and tour dates/locations here.

The band’s upcoming EP, “Gather ‘Round For Some Culture,” is set to be released sometime next month via Pinhead Records.

S.L.A.M.! Magazine streaming “New Music Riot” compilation (The Bastard Suns, The Steakouts…)

The guys from S.L.A.M.! Magazine were at this year’s Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas handing out download cards for their new compilation of songs (some old, some new) from awesome punk/ska bands like The Bastard Suns, The Steakouts, Sloppy Job, and Killing California, called “New Music Riot.”

Sadly, you can only download the compilation for free if you were given one of the download cards at PRB, but those who didn’t get one can still stream it here.

Free Compilation Download: “International Punk Rock Superstars Vol. 4” (Civil War Rust, The Steakouts & more)

Up-and-coming Florida punk/ska label Pinhead Records have released the 4th installment in their series of compilations, called “International Punk Rock Superstars.”

The tracklisting features songs (some old, some new) from Civil War Rust, The Scandals, The Steakouts, Sloppy Job, and many other independent bands.

Download the comp for free here.

The Steakouts sign to Pinhead Records; post teaser for upcoming EP “Gather ‘Round For Some Culture”

New York ska/punks, The Steakouts, have signed to Florida’s Pinhead Records, and announced they will be releasing their upcoming EP, “Gather ‘Round For Some Culture,” sometime this Spring.

You can check the EP’s tracklisting and a teaser (including 30 second clips of each song) the band has posted here.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on “Gather ‘Round For Some Culture” surface.