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Mean Jeans announce US tour dates, stream “Stuck In A Head” off upcoming album “Gigantic Sike”

On August 30th Fat Wreck Chords will be releasing “Giant Sike,” the new album from Portland, Oregon pop-punkers Mean Jeans. To make sure you’re properly psyched the band has premiered “Stuck In A Head,” a new single from the pending release. Check it out below along with the band’s forthcoming tour dates with Teenage Bottlerocket and Clowns.

Fat Wreck to release new Mean Jeans album “Gigantic Sike,” stream new song “Party Line”

Since their recent foray into the world of brand marketing, Mean Jeans have been living the life: chugging Mountain Dew, scarfing Totino’s, auditioning for the next Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure, and generally keeping it real.

Lucky for us, they found the time to bang out a new album, and according to their publicicst it’s a ripper! Mean Jean’s new full-length, Gigantic Sike, hits the streets on August 30th through Fat Wreck Chords. The first single, “Party Line,” is meant to be cranked up with the top down. Check it out below.

Here’s an endorsement from the party captain himself, Billy Jeans:

“Selling out to Mountain Dew wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so Mean Jeans are back with a straight-up stripped-down party punk record. It’s called Gigantic Sike. It was gonna be called something more reasonable and the songs were gonna be more marketable and I was gonna get a real job, but we put a big ‘ol sike on it instead. ‘Party Line’ is basically a jingle for the party hotline that nobody seems to be calling anymore. (My cell phone). Give it a try, I’m standing by.”

Mean Jeans announce “Jingles Collection”

Most concept albums are serious, but Portland pop-punks Mean Jeans aren’t the most serious bunch. Their version of a concept album features 23 jingles for iconic brands such as Mountain Dew, Hot Pockets, and Totino’s.

That’s what Jingles Collection will deliver when it’s released on February 18th through Fat Wreck Chords. You can listen to some of the tracks below, and pre-order the album here.

Mean Jeans announce tour dates with Dirty Fences

Portland pop-punks Mean Jeans have announced some January tour dates with Dirty Fences.

You can check out all the dates and locations below.

The band last released a tribute to Mountain Dew, called “Mountain Dew (I Need It).”  Their last full length album was Tight New Dimension, released April 2016 through Fat Wreck Chords.

Mean Jeans release Mountain Dew tribute song

Portland pop-punks Mean Jeans have released a new song that serves as a tribute to Mountain Dew, called “Mountain Dew (I Need It).”

You can give it a listen below.

The bands’ latest album, Tight New Dimension, was released in April 2016 through Fat Wreck Chords.

Bigwig, Mean Jeans & more added to Fest 16

Even more bands have just been added to the lineup for Fest 16. Today’s additions include Bigwig, Mean Jeans, Crime In Stereo, and a reunited Static Radio NJ, among others.

Check out the full list of new bands below.

More info on Fest 16 (October 27-29) and Pre-Fest 5 (October 25-26) is available on the festival’s official website. Stay tuned for more lineup announcements.

Pegboy, Mean Jeans added to Don’t Panic festival

Another round of bands have now been added to the lineup for the inaugural Don’t Panic festival, including Chicago punks Pegboy, Portland pop punks Mean Jeans, and Chad Price (Drag The River/ALL). Check out the updated festival poster below.

The festival is set for February 17th-18th in Denver. The shows were organized locally as a not-for-profit music festival to showcase the best of Colorado’s music scene, plus some national acts. Find more information, including how to get your tickets, right here.

Mean Jeans announce east coast tour

Portland pop-punks Mean Jeans have announced they will be touring the east coast with Melted this October. See if there’s a show near you below.

The band’s latest album Tight New Dimension was released in April through Fat Wreck Chords.

Mean Jeans release video for “Croozin'”

Portland based pop-punk group Mean Jeans have released a video for the song “Croozin'” and you can watch it, as well as check out some upcoming tour dates, below.

The song comes off of their most recent album “Tight New Dimension” which came out this past April via Fat Wreck Chords.

The video is crazy. It consists of rollerblades, spandex, and Surge wrapped in a total 90’s feel. Not only is the song good, but the video fits it perfectly.

The band’s previous release was a compilation album titled “Singles Collection” in March of 2015 through Dirtnap Records and the band’s last proper full-length album was 2012′s “On Mars”.

Album Review: Mean Jeans – “Tight New Dimension”

Mean Jeans, much like cheese, have only gotten better with age. Sure, to the untrained palette it might all sound like the same Ramones-y garage punk song over and over again, but the more experienced listener can easily tell just how far the Portland trio have come since they first hit the scene nearly a decade ago. On the surface the band’s third full length album, Tight New Dimension, might be more of the same, but as the prog rock inspired cover art hints at: it also finds the band in new territory.

At its core, it’s still a Mean Jeans album; the songs are catchy, rarely pass the two minute mark, and they place a high priority on keeping it loose. However, Tight New Dimension doesn’t pick up where the band last left off on 2012’s On Mars so much as it hops over the fence and journeys on the other side of the road. Unlike previous albums the band now has something new in their arsenal: experience. And it shows a lot: the songs might still be the same structurally and carry the same party vibe, but now they’re played by a band who has been at it for a few years and knows exactly what they’re doing.

Lyrically, Mean Jeans have never been a band to really cut deep and Tight New Dimension is no different. However, to go back to the cheese metaphor for a moment, just because you’ve experienced some fine grano padano doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy a plain American cheese sandwich as well. Mean Jeans may not offer in-depth political insights or offer catharsis for heartbreak, but they still bang out some witticisms (the 1-2 punch of “4 Coors Meal”/”Allergic to Success” is filled with plenty of one-liners) and ask some heavy hitting questions (“Are There Beers in Heaven?”). They even manage to drop some clever lines while paying tribute to the King of Pop. Seriously, who would’ve thought to rhyme “Michael Jackson was tight” with “I was so sad when he died”?

Mean Jeans might claim that they’re allergic to success, but if they’re going to keep on making records like this one, they’re going to want to carry some Claritin or Benadryl with them at all times.

4 / 5 – Listen below.

RIYL: The Jetty Boys, Ramones, The Marked Men

Defeater, Beach Slang, Mean Jeans, The Fall of Troy and more featured on tribute to Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’

The folks over at Robotic Empire records are at it again with their third Nirvana tribute album. Released on Record Store Day (which was April 16, 2016), the album Doused in Mud, Soaked in Bleach is a full tribute to Nirvana’s debut LP, Bleach. The compilation features contributions from acts such as Defeater, Beach Slang, Mean Jeans, The Fall of Troy, Basement, Daughters, and more. You can stream the whole compilation below.

Robotic Empire’s two other full Nirvana album tributes, In Utero, In Tribute, In Entirety, and Whatever, Nevermind, were released on Record Store Days 2014 and 2015 respectively. You can find them, along with other fine Robotic Empire releases, here.

Mean Jeans stream new album “Tight New Dimension”

Portland pop-punks Mean Jeans have made their new album Tight New Dimension available for streaming. You can listen to the entire thing below.

The LP releases this Friday, April 22nd through Fat Wreck Chords. Head over here to get your pre-orders in.

Mean Jeans posts new song ahead of April 22nd album release

Portland, Oregon pop-punks Mean Jeans have a new album called Tight New Dimension coming out on April 22nd, but you can preview one of the new songs today!  Give “Michael Jackson Was Tight” a listen here, and pre-order the new album from  Fat Wreck Chords here.

Mean Jeans last released a compilation album titled Singles Collection in March of 2015 through Dirtnap Records. The band’s last proper full-length album was 2012′s On Mars.


Single Review: Mean Jeans – “Nite Vision”

Mean Jeans have always been a consistent band. While their brand of pop punk has always sounded like it belongs in a garage, they’ve also made forward steps in their songwriting, slowly becoming more than just another “Ramones-core” band. The band recently even signed to Fat Wreck Chords, and if that isn’t a move in the right direction, I don’t know what is. The band will be releasing their third album, Tight New Dimension, this spring, but they released the album’s first single, “Nite Vision,” in March to give fans a little sneak peak.

“Nite Vision” is a bit darker than usual, almost as if they wrote a horror punk song. It shows a progression since 2012’s On Mars (or even any of their splits that they’ve released after that album), but still retaining the Mean Jeans party ethos. You just have to listen to understand. The two b-sides are more standard Mean Jeans fare- lighthearted pop songs with plenty of “woah-oh-ohs.” The first, “I Wanna Be Yr Dogg,” an obvious nod to The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” is a quick jam filled with just the right amount of garage and pop. The second, “69 Tears” (an obvious reference to both a garage rock standard and a sexual act) is an even quicker pop gem that’s over well before it should be.

The three songs that make up “Nite Vision” showcase both sides of Mean Jeans: the fun, party loving half, and the more serious, grown up half. However, if most of these are the ones that didn’t make the cut, then Tight New Dimension is going to be one hell of an album.

4 / 5 – Listen below.

RIYL: Direct Hit!, The Leftovers, Jetty Boys

Mean Jeans stream new EP “Nite Vision”

Portland pop-punks Mean Jeans are streaming their upcoming EP Nite Vision.  The EP contains 3 songs,  with the A-side coming from the bands upcoming Fat Wreck Chords full length debut, Tight New Dimension, as well as 2 exclusive B-sides.

Give it a listen here.

Nite Vision is set to be released on March 18th.  They last released a compilation album titled Singles Collection in March, 2015 through Dirtnap Records.