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Broadway Calls (pop punk) working on first album in six years!

Broadway Calls haven’t put out an album since ‘Confort/Distraction’ in 2013. That is finally going to change as the band have announced that they are going to release new material in 2020 via Red Scare. If you enjoyed big songs like ‘Back To Oregon’ and ‘Basement Royalty’ a few years back, keep an eye out for what is to come.

Red Scare will also be making their debut self-titled album from 2007 available on digital platforms on April 5th.

The band have also announced some tour dates that can be seen below.

Broadway Calls do acoustic Punks In Vegas session; embark on with Success

Broadway Calls‘ Ty Vaughn recently did session with Punks in Vegas, playing stripped down versions of “I Believe In UFOs” and “Open Letter.” In addition, they are going on tour with Seattle’s Success. You can check out the videos and dates below.

Broadway Calls last released “Comfort/Distraction” in 2013, while Success last released “Life On The Rocks” EP in 2014.

Awesome Fest announces full 2016 lineup

After months of bands being added in small increments, the lineup for the 10th annual Awesome Fest has been finalized. Red City Radio, The Capitalist Kids, Broadway Calls, Toys That Kill and many others will be playing the San Diego punk festival from September 2nd-4th.

Check out the full lineup for Awesome Fest X below, and buy grab 3-day passes for $50 here.

Success and Broadway Calls announce tour

Seattle punks Success and Portland pop-punk act Broadway Calls have announced a West Coast tour.

Check out all the dates and locations below.

Success last released Radio Recovery in March, 2015 on Red Scare Industries.  Broadway Calls’ latest release, Comfort/Distraction, came out February 5, 2013 on No Sleep Records.

Full schedule for Big Pre-Fest In Little Ybor 2 posted, Less Than Jake to play ‘Losing Streak’ in its entirety

The full schedule for the 2014 edition of The Fest’s little brother Big Pre-Fest In Little Ybor has been posted, and Less Than Jake have announced they will be playing Losing Streak front-to-back when they hit the stage on the 2nd night!!

A handful of other bands will be playing ‘special sets’ as well – A Wilhelm Scream will be playing nothing but songs requested via Twitter, Broadway Calls are gonna try to play ‘at least most of’ their 2008 self-titled album, ASTPAI will be playing their new album Burden Calls in its entirety, and Banquets will play their debut album Top Button, Bottom Shelf front-to-back.

The full schedule for Big Pre-Fest In Little Ybor 2 can be found over here, along with links to where you can buy tickets for the shows going on at each individual venue. The full schedule for The Fest 13 is apparently coming soon, so stay tuned for that!

New video: Ty Vaughn (Broadway Calls) solo acoustic performance

Broadway Calls frontman Ty Vaughn recently stopped by the No Sleep Records office to take part in the label’s “Acoustic Warehouse Series.”

Vaughn sat down in the warehouse to play acoustic versions of “Lucky Lighter” and “Son Of A Gun.” Check out the performance below.

You can check out other performances in the series on No Sleep’s YouTube page.

Broadway Calls’ latest release, Comfort/Distraction, came out February 5, 2013 on No Sleep Records.

DS Photo Gallery: The Menzingers, Off With Their Heads, and Broadway Calls in Canoga Park, CA (1/31/14)

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to catch The Menzingers, Off With Their Heads, and Broadway Calls in Canoga Park, CA (just north of LA). The show was held at the Cobalt Cafe – an all ages venue reminiscent of someone’s basement. The intimate nature of this show – with a stage only a few feet off the ground and no barricade – only heightened the awesomeness of the bands playing. If you are ever able to check out any of these bands live – take my advice and do it. Now.

After a few local openers, Broadway Calls kicked off the show with an energy that proved that the audience was in for a real treat that night. This was my first time seeing them live, and they proved that they are worth checking out. In between kicking ass song after song, they also found the time to banter with the audience (including the latecomer who insisted on requesting songs they had already played). They played a variety of songs as the crowd sang along – and that was only the beginning of the night.

Off With Their Heads took the stage next. I may be a bit biased, since OWTH are one of my favorite bands, but they always put on a great live show. I had seen them in smaller venues before, but nothing like this. The best way I can describe listening to OWTH is that their music makes me want to rip my heart out of my chest and throw it against the wall – and that’s a good thing. Frontman Ryan Young’s vocals are filled with a gritty, raw energy that comes alive on stage. The band tore through their setlist, which included numerous tracks from 2013’s Home (my favorite album of the year) and crowd favorites like “Jackie Lee” (from 2006‘s Hospitals) and “Clear the Air” (from 2010‘s In Desolation). My only complaint was the omission of “Hard to Admit,” but that’s just one of my personal favorites. OWTH’s set got the crowd moving and there was no turning back.

The Menzingers closed out the night. I had seen them open for The Bouncing Souls back in 2012, but was excited to finally see them headline. It was evident that the crowd was as excited as I was once The Menzingers took the stage (which included many members of the crowd jumping up on stage during “Obituaries” and singing along). The Menzingers’ drummer was sick, so Corey Ciresi from Lee Corey Oswald filled in after only learning the songs that night. The set mainly consisted of songs off of On The Impossible Past (my favorite album of 2012 – see a trend here?) and included a few acoustic versions in the middle. The band took time to explain some of the songs – for example, how “Male Call” (off of 2010’s Chamberlain Waits) was about growing up around strong women and how “Casey” grew out of the work of another songwriter whose genius they admired. Additionally, they mentioned that they are working on their (highly anticipated) new album and hope to have new music out soon.

It is great seeing great bands tour together and put on a cohesive show. I highly recommend checking out these bands – on this tour or any other (and OWTH’s will be their last for awhile) if you have the chance! Check out the photo gallery from the show below.

Live Video: The Menzingers @ Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco (Partial Set)

The folks over at Bay Area Punk Shows have posted a video of The Menzingers‘ full set from their show Monday night (Feb. 3rd) at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Check out the video below.

The band’s currently wrapping up a short tour with Off With Their Heads and Broadway Calls. You can find the remaining dates/locations below the video.

The Menzingers are currently working on their fourth studio album. It will be the follow up to 2012′s On the Impossible Past, which was released through Epitaph Records.

Live Video: Broadway Calls @ Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco (full set)

The folks over at Bay Area Punk Shows have posted a video of Broadway Calls‘ full set from their show Monday night (Feb. 3rd) at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Check out the video below.

The band’s currently wrapping up a short tour with Off With Their Heads and The Menzingers. You can find the remaining dates/locations below the video.

Broadway Calls’ last release Comfort/Distraction came out almost one year ago on No Sleep Records.

Free album download: Broadway Calls- “Comfort/Distraction”

Continuing with their “Free Bandcamp Days” series, No Sleep Records is currently offering “Comfort/Distraction” the most recent release by Broadway Calls for free download. Grab it for free here.

“Comfort/Distraction” was released February 5th No Sleep Records.

No Sleep Records streaming Fall 2013 sampler for free download

No Sleep Records has released a fall sampler on Bandcamp for streaming and free download.

Click here to listen to the 27-song compilation which includes tracks from Broadway Calls, Balance and Composure, Xerxes and Mixtapes. You should be especially interested in the Touché Amoré cover of “Unsatisfied,” by The Replacements.

No Sleep Records is run out of Huntington Beach, CA.

Free Benefit Compilation (Broadway Calls, Captain We’re Sinking, A Wilhelm Scream, etc.)

Coffee and Cigarettes Clothing Co. has released a new compilation to raise money for Action Against Hunger, an international organization aiming to help severely malnourished children and help make disadvantaged communities self-sufficient. The compilation features 25 tracks from such acts as Broadway CallsCaptain, We’re Sinking; A Wilhelm Scream; and Comadre.

You can name your own price to download the compilation here.  All downloads come with bonus artwork.

Free compilation: No Sleep Records Summer Sampler 2013 (Broadway Calls, Mixtapes, Swellers)

No Sleep Records have released their summer compilation, featuring great associated acts like Broadway Calls, Mixtapes, The Swellers, Into It. Over It., La Dispute, No Trigger, and more.

Stream or pay-what-you-want for it over here on Bandcamp.

Broadway Calls announce US/Canada tour dates

Pop punk trio Broadway Calls recently announced their full list of tour dates for their upcoming jaunt across Canada and the U.S.  Their kickoff show on April 5th in Spokane, WA concluding April 22nd in Colorado Springs, CO; check out the full list of dates to see when your city is the lucky one.

Broadway Calls just released their third studio effort “Comfort/Distraction” on No Sleep Records, available as a full stream here; read our review before heading out the door to grab your own copy.

Album Review: Broadway Calls – “Comfort/Distraction”

After a four year wait, a lineup change, and a few stopgap releases, Broadway Calls have finally returned with a brand new studio album. Comfort/Distraction is a lot of things for the band… it’s their debut full length for No Sleep Records. It’s also their third album overall. And it may very well be their finest disc to date.

As far as the music is concerned, it’s easy to make comparisons to early Green Day. Both groups excel at crafting three minute melodies, writing lyrics about alienation and love (or lack thereof), and the songs on Comfort/Distraction are no exception. But whereas the long running Bay Area trio initially made a name for themselves by painting themselves into the corner of boredom and apathy (at least initially), Broadway Calls has a more ambitious take on life (and in turn, a more ambitious take on lyrical approach). Right in the opening song, “Bring on the Storm”, the band boldly announces its desire to take on the world. The idea of moving on to bigger and better things continues throughout the album: “Zombie World” uses imagery of the undead to conjure up pictures of people mindlessly moving through life while wanting to break out of the same old boring routine; “Life Is Rhythm” is another declaration of “fuck you” to your 20’s; and closing track “Full of Hope” ends with the band declaring that they at least want to see the scores in life evened out ever so slightly.

Lyrical ambitions aside, Broadway Calls treats listeners to some of their most infectious arrangements yet throughout Comfort/Distraction’s eleven tracks. Although both 2007’s Broadway Calls and 2009’s Good Views, Bad News were solid albums, Comfort/Distraction is the first Broadway Calls album in which every single track has the potential to be a fan favorite. From the heavy-hitting “Open Letter”, to the hardcore influence of “Life Is Rhythm”, to the full band arrangement of “Stealing Sailboats” (the original, acoustic version appeared on 2011’s Toxic Kids EP), it’s clear that the band has tweaked their songwriting abilities. In the studio, the band has always treaded dangerous ground in regards to whether they played pop or punk from the very beginning and Comfort/Distraction is no exception thanks to the crisp work done courtesy producer Bill Stevenson (producer for tons of bands, but arguably best known as drummer for the Descendents).

Most notably different in the composition of the songs is the lack of a distinct second vocalist. While there are backup vocals a-plenty throughout Comfort/Distraction’s eleven tracks, they lack that back and forth style that Broadway Calls began to develop on Good Views, Bad News. Whether this was a conscious decision made by the band, or just how the songs happened to turn out, makes no difference, as Ty Vaughn’s vocals are strong enough to carry the album from start to finish. The band’s self-titled album had already shown off Vaughn’s abilities as a sole vocalist, but Comfort/Distraction really cements him into the role.

The long wait time for the album to drop aside, Comfort/Distraction is a more than welcome addition to not just the band’s discography, but to the pop punk genre as a whole. Taking cues from their predecessors who also tight-roped the thin line of pop vs punk, Comfort/Distraction sees Broadway Calls walking in the not-quite-ready-to-break-into-the-mainstream limelight. In a lot of ways, this is probably what Green Day would have sounded like if Billie Joe had been bitten by the ambition bug when he was 25, rather than later in life. But I digress. Comfort/Distraction is one of those albums that is peppy enough to please your thirteen year old sibling, but fueled by enough anger and rage at being in your 20’s that it will appease the jaded punks as well.


RIYL: Green Day (circa-1992), The Gamits, The Wonder Years