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Irish Handcuffs (melodic) streaming track off new album “Comfort In Distraction”

German melodic punks Irish Handcuffs are streaming the track “Said and Done” off of their new album Comfort In Distraction. The album was released June 1st through Shield Recordings.

You can give the new song a listen below.

This is the first new music released by the German punks since the 2016 split with No Weather Talks.  

Irish Handcuffs announce European tour dates

German melodic punk band Irish Handcuffs have announced European tour dates with Dan Webb and the Spider and Resolutions.

You can view the tour dates and locations below.

The band’s latest album, …Hits Close to Home. was released in 2014.

Irish Handcuffs release video for “Grindstone”

German melodic punk band Irish Handcuffs has a new video out for “Grindstone,” and you can check it out below.

“Grindstone” appears on the band’s 2014 release, …Hits Close to Home.

Album Review: Irish Handcuffs – ‘…hits close to home’

There might be something in the water supply over in Germany. This might just be pure speculation, but it also might explain all of the great punk rock that’s been coming out of the country right now. Just listen to acts like Hell & Back, No Weather Talks, WeSay, or Drag Arm Staggin’ and you’ll see that the current German punk scene is doing a lot of things right. The relatively young (but still far from being newcomers) Irish Handcuffs sits at the top of this scene, cementing their place with their first full length album, …hits close to home.

Much like stubbs, the band’s 2012 EP, …hits close to home is an incredibly smooth listen. In a lot of ways, it’s kind of like an early 2000’s Fat Wreck album: the energy is high, the hooks are sharp, the lyrics strike a chord. In other words, it’s damn fun. Irish Handcuffs have always had a good sense of letting their influences run through their sounds without ever sounding like a carbon copy of their heroes, and …hits close to home gets as close to perfecting that balance as possible.

If there are any complaints about the record, it’s that it could stand to be one or two songs longer. Ten songs clocking in at just over a half hour is a fine ratio, but the album feels like it is over far too quickly, so getting a couple of extra tracks would have been a good way to round out the listening experience.

With its emulation of American skate and melodic punk rock of the past decade, …hits close to home certainly lives up to its name. However, it also showcases the strengths of a non-American punk scene that has been steadily cranking out excellent band after band. If you’ve been missing out on what Germany has to offer these days (and really, you don’t have an excuse in this day and age of Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and the Internet in general), Irish Handcuffs’ debut album is a great starting point.

4.5 / 5 – Listen below.

RIYL: Smoke or Fire, American Steel, No Weather Talks

Full Album Stream: Irish Handcuffs – ‘…Hits Close to Home’

German melodic punks Irish Handcuffs have released a full stream of their debut album …Hits Close to Home. You can check it out below. If you like what you hear, you can also purchase a digital copy of the album right here.

Irish Handcuffs will physically release …Hits Close to Home on November 21, 2014 via Fond Of Life Records and Shield Recordings.

Irish Handcuffs premiere two more new songs off of upcoming album

German melodic punks Irish Handcuffs are streaming two new tracks off of their upcoming album. These songs, titled “White Coat Syndrome” and “Skip The Season,” join “Should’ve Run,” which was released a couple weeks ago. Check them out below!

The band’s upcoming debut full-length album, “…Hits Close To Home,” will be released by Fond Of Life Records (in Germany) and Shield Recordings (in Netherlands) this November.

Irish Handcuffs last released a split with 7yearsbadluck in July 2013.

New Music: Irish Handcuffs stream “Should’ve Run” from upcoming album “…Hits Close To Home”

German melodic punks Irish Handcuffs are streaming a brand new track for your listening enjoyment. It’s called “Should’ve Run,” and you can check it out below.

“Should’ve Run” is the opening track from the band’s upcoming album, “…Hits Close To Home.” The album, which is Irish Handcuffs’ debut full-length, will be released by Fond Of Life Records (in Germany) and Shield Recordings (in Netherlands). Stay tuned for ordering info.

Irish Handcuffs details upcoming album “Hits Close To Home”

German melodic punks Irish Handcuffs have announced that they will release their debut full-lenght “…Hits Close To Home” on November through Fond Of Life Records (in Germany) and Shield Recordings (in Netherlands).  You can check out the track list below and the artwork above.

Irish Handcuffs last released a split with 7yearsbadluck on July 19th, 2013.

Irish Handcuffs to release debut album “…hits close to home” this fall, release music video for new song “Skip the Seasons”

German melodic punks Irish Handcuffs have released the music video for their new song “Skip the Seasons” off their upcoming debut album “…hits close to home.”

You can watch it below.

The album is due out this fall. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available. Irish Handcuffs last released a split with 7yearsbadluck on July 19th, 2013.

Irish Handcuffs (German punk) recording debut full-length

According to a recent post on their Facebook page, German melodic punks Irish Handcuffs have begun recording their debut full-length.

We don’t know anything else right now but we’ll keep you posted as more info surfaces. Irish Handcuffs last released a split with 7YearsBadLuck on July 19th, 2013.

Full EP Stream: Irish Handcuffs / 7YearsBadLuck Split

Well we’re a bit late on this one, but better late than never, right?! Germany’s Irish Handcuffs and Austria’s 7YearsBadLuck have both put up streams and pay-what-you-want downloads of their new songs off of their recently released split EP.

You can check out Irish Handcuffs’ “Neurotic” and 7YearsBadLuck’s “My Home Adventure” right here.

The Irish Handcuffs / 7YearsBadLuck split was released on July 19, 2013.

Irish Handcuffs announce summer Germany tour

Germany’s Irish Handcuffs (feat. former members of Red Tape Parade) have announced their plans for this summer to promote their recent split with Boston’s Dan Webb and the Spiders. The tour will see the band playing shows with the likes of Down by Law, Face to Face, Teenage Bottlerocket, and more.

Check out the tour dates here.

Irish Handcuffs released their split with Dan Webb and the Spiders this past March as a joint release through Safe Responsible Records, Gunner Records and Flix Records. You can read our review of it right here. They plan to release a split with 7Yearsbadluck from Austria before they start work on their first full length, aiming for a spring 2014 release.

Album Review: Dan Webb and the Spiders / Irish Handcuffs – Split

Dan Webb and the Spiders are a punk band from Massachusetts that evolved out of a one man band. Irish Handcuffs are a punk band from Germany that formed out of a love for Jawbreaker and (presumably) Smoke or Fire. Despite hailing from different continents, the two bands have teamed up together to display their song-writing talents in the form of a split EP. The result is a four track rush of snotty, yet melodious, punk rock.

Dan Webb and the Spiders start the split with “Quiet Houses”, showing that the band hasn’t lost its touch when it comes to their brand of garage-y punk rock. Webb’s vocals are slightly reminiscent of a young Lars Frederiksen, but don’t let that comparison pigeon-hole the band in any way as a Rancid-wannabe. “Quiet Houses” is full of aggressive musicianship, and a chorus that begs to be shouted along with. The lead guitar screeches through the song’s final moments, but it never sounds jarring. “Last Straw”, the Spiders’ other contribution to the split, is a bit of a catchier number, with less in-your-face instrumentals, and more reserved vocals. Webb’s vocals adopt more of a Shevchuk scratch to them, and it suits the song’s melodic approach, not unlike how the actual Shevchuk’s vocals suited LaGrecia. Much like its companion, “Last Straw” is full of vocal harmonies and is sure to be a fun sing-along.

Irish Handcuffs don’t miss a beat to keep the energy flow up high. The young band contributes two gruff, yet melodic punk rock tunes that pick up right where they left off with 2012’s stubbs. EP. “Derail” is upbeat, and the guitar work sounds almost like it could have been a song that got lost during the stubbs. sessions. As catchy as the chorus is though, it’s “Sunday’s Ghosts” where Irish Handcuffs really shine, with the four piece outfit really bringing their A-game to the three and a half minute track. The instruments conjure up a dark and gloomy atmosphere, and the raw emotion in the vocals delivers the band’s best studio performance to date. It’s almost bizarre to think that this is only Irish Handcuffs’ second studio release, as it plays as if the band has been around for a few years.

The best kinds of splits are the ones that showcase the talents of all the bands involved without one stealing the thunder away from the other; everyone gives it their all to show what they’re made of but holding back just enough so that the listener wants more. Dan Webb and the Spiders and Irish Handcuffs have accomplished exactly that with this split all too well, to the point that it might make you think that four songs just isn’t enough. This split acts as a very promising teaser for future releases, and cements both Dan Webb and the Spiders and Irish Handcuffs as forces to be reckoned with in the melodic punk scene.


Irish Handcuffs stream “Derail” and “Sunday’s Ghosts”

German melodic punk act Irish Handcuffs are streaming two brand new songs. The songs are titled “Derail” and “Sunday’s Ghosts” and will appear on the band’s upcoming split EP with Dan Webb and the Spiders.

You can listen to “Derail” and “Sunday’s Ghosts” right here.

The Dan Webb and the Spiders / Irish Handcuffs split is set to drop March 7th 2013 as a joint project with Safe Responsible Records, Gunner Records and Flix Records. The Dan Webb half of the split is available for streaming right here

Irish Handcuffs and Dan Webb & the Spiders to release split 7 inch

As Boston’s Dan Webb & the Spiders are gearing up for their third tour of Europe, they are also about to release a split 7inch with Germany’s Irish Handcuffs. The EP will feature two new tracks by each band and is set to drop March 7th 2013 as a joint project with Safe Responsible Records, Gunner Records and Flix Records.

Irish Handcuffs have just posted a video for their tune “Derail” – witness the greatness.  Honestly took my breath away within the first 12 seconds.  Read our review of their album “Stubbs” here.

You can listen to the Spiders’ songs from the EP online; take a listen!

Check out the tour dates here.