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DS Exclusive: Harrington Saints debut title track from upcoming album, “1000 Pounds of Oi!”

Happy Friday, boys and girls! We’ve got a pretty cool debut to get you fired up for the weekend!

We’re stoked to bring you the new video from California street punks Harrington Saints. It’s for the track “1000 Pounds of Oi!” which also serves as the title track from their brand new full length, which is due out May 10th on Pirates Press. Here’s what the band’s frontman Darrel Wojick had to say about the song, and the video:

The song has to do with the early days when we first started playing shows, and then bigger shows. Many of the comments we like “they’re like as big as poison idea” or “Poison Idea plays Oi!” Also, we used to joke how the drummer could never see the crowd cause he said there was a wall of fuckers in front of him! That became thousand lbs. of motherfucker, then turned into thousand pounds of Oi!. We wanted to do a video with Forry’s 64 impala SS before he sold it. Thought it’d be fun driving it blasting the song with a Go-Pro. Luckily we all fit in it.

Check out the video below! You can pre-save 1000 Pounds of Oi! right here.

1000 Pounds of Oi! marks Harrington Saints’ first album since 2015’s Fish & Chips.

Harrington Saints and Control announce upcoming split, “Pick Your Poison”

California street punks Harrington Saints and UK oi! band Control have announced details of an upcoming split 7-inch. It’s called “Pick Your Poison,” and it features two new tracks from each band (that’s the cover art over at the left).

“Pick Your Poison” is due out this coming Friday (July 15th) via Pirates Press in the States and Randale across the pond. Check out pre-orders here (Europe/UK) — we can’t seem to locate US pre-orders, but we’ll keep you posted.

Harrington Saints stream new LP, “Fish & Chips”

California street punks Harrington Saints have just released a complete stream of their new LP “Fish & Chips”. The album consists of seven heavy thumping tracks, which you can check out below.

“Fish & Chips” is being released via Pirate Press Records, and marks the band’s first full release since “Pride and Tradition” back in 2012.

New Music: Harrington Saints – “Side By Side” off upcoming “Fish & Chips” 10″

California street punks Harrington Saints will be releasing their new 10″ titled “Fish & Chips” this Friday (September 11th) through Pirates Press Records. Additionally, the band has a European tour scheduled in October in support of the release.

The band recently unleashed one track from the new album available to stream entitled “Side By Side”, which you can have a listen to below.

While you’re there, you might as well check out “Stand Tall” and “Last Call (Skinheads Wake)” – equally amazing tracks from Deuce and co.

You can check out the tracklist for “Fish & Chips” and find more info on the band’s European tour here.

Harrington Saints last released a 2-song 7″ titled “Upright Citizen” in late 2014. It’s been 3 years since the band put out a full-length record, with 2012′s “Pride & Tradition” being their latest LP.


Harrington Saints announce “Fish & Chips” 10-inch, European tour

California street punks Harrington Saints have announced they will be releasing a new 10″ titled Fish & Chips on September 11th through Pirates Press Records. Additionally, the band will tour Europe in support of the release this October.

You can check out the tracklist for Fish & Chips and find more info on the band’s European tour below.

Harrington Saints last released a 2-song 7″ titled Upright Citizen in late 2014. It’s been 3 years since the band put out a full-length record, with 2012’s Pride & Tradition being their latest LP.

Music Video: Harrington Saints – “Let’s Go Rob A Bank”

SF Bay Area street punks Harrington Saints have just released a new live music video for their song “Let’s Go Rob A Bank”. The track appears as the B-side on the band’s latest 7-inch Upright Citizen, which was recently released through Pirates Press Records.

You can check it out below, and stream both tracks from the 7-inch over here.

Prior to releasing Upright Citizen, Harrington Saints released a compilation album titled Bettin’ On A Longshot (The Singles Collection) back in August 2013 through Pirates Press.

DS Photo Gallery: Harrington Saints, Argy Bargy, Reducers SF, Custom Fit kick off Pirates Press Records 10th Annivesary ‘Rock The Ship’ Pre-Party

This past weekend, San Francisco played host to many memorable events, the most important of course being the 10th anniversary parties for local record label Pirates Press. The weekend full of concerts began on Friday night with some local blood in the form of Harrington Saints, Reducers SF, and Custom Fit, with a little addition of some British blood in Argy Bargy.

Santa Cruz-based Custom Fit brings a bit of the old-school wherever they go, and I must say was a really proper start to the weekend’s festivities. As always, the first band to the stage typically finds difficulty getting the crowd moving, but Sabi and crew never seem to have this issue. The band rounded out their set by inviting Hannah McFaull on stage to help cover her dad’s “Teenage Heart”.

Next to the stage was San Francisco’s own Reducers SF. The Bay Area groups on stage that night were no strangers to each other, and it’s almost as if they were meant to play with each other. The band’s brand of classic street punk was a great follow-up to Custom Fit, and to top it off, Cock Sparrer frontman Colin McFaull joined the guys on stage to help out on vocals with their song “Last Train”. It was at about this point that I thought to myself, “if the rest of the weekend continues the same as these first two hours have, we are in for one hell of a trip!”

Harrington Saints are a band that I have been privileged to see many times, and the energy the band exudes is something you have to witness. Frontman Darrel gets very intimate with the crowd, often inviting fans to share the microphone with him. The band just released a new 7″, “Upright Citizen”, and played a few new songs for fans to sing along to. The night of local bands came to an end as Watford, Darryl, and crew rounded out the ‘pre-party’ with Argy Bargy.

Formed in 1992, Argy Bargy is no stranger to the international punk scene. After last seeing them in England, it was great to see them at my local venue Thee Parkside. Great end to a wonderful start to the weekend, and at this point recovery was on my mind for the long day ahead.

You can view all shots from Friday’s shows below, and stay tuned for more shots of the main “Rock The Ship” event featuring Cock Sparrer, Bouncing Souls, Street Dogs, and many more coming in the next few days.

Harrington Saints streaming new 7″ – “Upright Citizen”

California street punks Harrington Saints are now streaming their new 7-inch, Upright Citizen. Listen to both tracks below.

The 7-inch, featuring the title track and the song “Let’s Go Rob A Bank,” is out now on Pirates Press Records. You can order it on any/all of three colors of vinyl here.

Harrington Saints last released Bettin’ On A Longshot (The Singles Collection) back in August 2013 via Pirates Press.

DS Photo Gallery: Pirates Press Records 9th Anniversary Show – Lenny Lashley, Custom Fit, Sydney Ducks, Harrington Saints, Street Dogs 11/1/13

Over the Halloween weekend, San Francisco-based Pirates Press Records celebrated their 9th anniversary with a couple of shows. The guys at the label sure know how to put on a party, and enlisted the help of some of their friends in Street Dogs, Harrington Saints, The Interrupters, The Ratchets, Druglords of The Avenue, and many, many more. Street Dogs headlined Friday and Saturday, with FM359 taking over duties on Sunday. Over the anniversary shows, 11 bands performed, and not one of them sucked. In fact, I even found a new favorite band in the form of Bishops Green.

Unfortunately I was only able to attend Friday night, however I did make it for Street Dogs set on Saturday, and the last song (“The Fighter”) performed by FM359 on Sunday. Friday night began with a little acoustic set from Lenny Lashley and he definitely set the mood. There was just this positive, celebratory energy that seemed to be flowing through the club.

After Lenny was Santa Cruz-based, female-fronted Custom Fit. The band sounded great, very clean – a particular moment that stands out was their kick-ass cover of Cock Sparrer’s “Teenage Heart”. I’m always bad at show reviews because for me once the music gets playing and the crowd starts dancing, it’s all a blur of good times. The weekend was definitely a streetpunk/Oi! event, and all vibes were jubilant.

Sydney Ducks was next to take the stage. The band recently released their new album, “Death Toll”, through Pirates Press, and focused heavily on that material for their set. Really dance-able, groovy punk (if that even makes sense). The band hails from San Francisco, and you definitely get that vibe. Downtown Struts guitarist Ben (who was performing Saturday night) filled in to help the Ducks out, and you couldn’t tell that he literally had a day to learn the entire set. Bravo sir.

The Harrington Saints are a band that I have had the privilege to see several times, and they never cease to please me. The guys recently released their “Singles Collection” EP and just returned from a little UK tour.

To round out the night’s performances was Street Dogs. Not much needs to be said about these guys that they haven;t already shown. Tough, melodic, evocative, and real, the Street Dogs are always a pleasure to see live. This show was a little unique as it was on the heels of the Red Sox’s World Series win, adding to the celebratory mood. The band played the normal staples, “Toby’s Got a Drinkin’ Problem”, “In Defense of Dorchester”, “Back to the World”, etc, and really got everyone excited for the next two nights to come.

You can check out shots from each of the night’s sets by clicking on their name. Lenny Lashley. Custom Fit. Sydney Ducks. Harrington Saints. Street Dogs.

Black Hole Records announces Vol. 5 in their “Cashing In On Christmas” series (full stream)

Black Hole Records‘ has announced the latest installment of their “Cashing In On Christmas” series.  Like its predecessors, Volume 5 features (mostly) original Christmas songs from a handful of great Punk and Oi! bands.

The Double LP comes on red vinyl with a laser-etching on Side 4, and includes a bonus CD version of the album.

Cashing In On Christmas Volume 5 sports 19 tracks (plus two bonus tracks on the included CD version) from Angry Snowmans, Bishops Green, BOY, Chem D, Evil Conduct, Harrinton Saints (with a guest appearance by The Dwarves “He Who Cannot Be Named”), Hooligan (Dublin), Immoral Discipline, Lion’s Law, Maddog Surrender, Missile Toads, Monkish, On The Job, Prins Carl, Roadside Bombs, Sniper 66, Splodgenessabounds, Stranglehold, Suckered In and The Bad Engrish.

This year also features the return of cover artist Richard Stone, with a brilliant spoof of the Exploited’s “Troops of Tomorrow” album cover.

The compilation will be released in early December via Interpunk as well as through the bands, the label’s Facebook page, and the Black Hole website, but you can stream the entire thing right now, right here.

Pirates Press announces 9th Anniversary Weekend (Street Dogs, FM359, Harrington Saints, etc)

Pirates Press Records has announced their 9 year anniversary and they’re throwing a huge weekend party to celebrate. On November First, Second, and Third they will be taking over Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, and bringing Street Dogs, FM359 (Street Dogs side project), Harrington Saints, NOI!SE, The Ratchets, Custom Fit, Druglords of the Avenues, Downtown Struts, Sydney Ducks, Bishops Green, and Lenny Lashley’s Gange Of One all to one stage.

Check out all the details here.

Cover Art Battle Winner (August 20th): Harrington Saints

Congratulations are in order for Harrington Saints, whose new record “Bettin’ On A Longshot (The Singles Collection)” won last week’s Cover Art Battle, which featured new releases from Antillectual, Sworn In, Captives, Blessthefall, and Oathbreaker, with a whopping 46% of the vote!

Don’t forget to click here and get your vote in for this week’s Cover Art Battle, featuring new releases from Against Me!, Green Day, Reverse The Curse, Everything Went Black, and a couple others.

Congrats again to Harrington Saints!

Harrington Saints releases “Bettin’ On A Longshot – The Singles Collection”

East Bay Oi band Harrington Saints has released “Bettin’ On A Longshot – The Singles Collection” on Pirates Press Records today. The CD features 15 out of print tracks as well as two unreleased songs.

This band has previously released two full lengths entitled “Pride &  Tradition” and “Dead Broke In The USA”, both also released by Pirates Press Records.

You can snag the CD here.

Harrington Saints announce UK tour dates

East Bay, California, oi! punks Harrington Saints are taking their show on the road to the UK later this summer. The band have announced a handful of dates that’ll take them through Scotland, England and Wales next month; click here for details.

The Harrington Saints last release, “Pride & Tradition,” hit the streets in May 2012 via Pirates Press Records.

Music Video: The Harrington Saints – “The Kids Want More”

Street punk act Harrington Saints have premiered a music video for their new song “The Kids Want More” and you can check it out here.

“The Kids Want More” appears on the band’s latest album Pride & Tradition, which came out last May on Pirates Press Records.