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DS Photo Gallery: The Adicts, La Plebe, Screaming Bloody Marys at The Fillmore SF (1.24.16)

I wrapped up my string of shows last weekend in proper fashion, with performances by two of my favorite bands, The Adicts and La Plebe. Opening the night was local rock ‘n’ roll/punk band Screaming Bloody Marys.

I had never heard of the openers before, however they put on a pretty good set, with frontwoman Angelique X Stacy bellowing to the crowd. The stage presence was on point – energetic, intense, with a little tinge of burlseque (without all the risque).

The reason I was really here was for the next two bands. I am lucky enough to live in San Francisco and to be able to have an incredible number of extremely talented musicians living closeby. Indeed, I just saw Joey Cape having lunch by my house yesterday. But I digress. A band that I have grown to know and love over the years is La Plebe (who really needs no introduction). The guys are always on point with their songs, and never cease to draw huge numbers of crowds to their shows. It’s almost as if a bus of La Plebe fans gets dropped off right before their set, because as the boys take to the stage, the dancehall always fills up with eager and energetic Plebians, who dance and sing the whole night long. And with tracks like “Guerra Sucia”, “Jaulas”, “Campesino”, “Brazo en Brazo”, “Bella Ciao”, and so many more, it’s no wonder why. La Plebe is one of those bands of which I need no refresher. In fact, I’ve been privileged to see them five times in the last two months, and I would do another five if given the opportunity. New work is coming slowly for the quintet, but you can be sure that when it is, it will rock. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

Headliners for the night were The Adicts, another one of those bands that puts on an amazing live show. Costumes, confetti, and carnival-feelings define these guys, and Monkey’s outlandish ensembles always trump the last one he wore. This time would be no different, taking to the stage looking like a punk peacock of some sort. An Adicts show is truly a party, and it seems there is never a frown in the house, until the last song. “Chinese Takeaway”, “Steamroller”, “Smart Alex”, “Ode to Joy”, “Joker In The Pack”, and many more have become part of the staple Adicts’ set, but they never get old. With their latest material out nearly four years ago, The Adicts have kind of become that predictable band with predictable set – but in this case this is not a bad thing at all. You know what you’re getting into, so get on the floor and dance!

Have a look at photos from all three sets below.

Huge thanks to Mark and the guys for helping with entry, and everyone else who made this night epic.

DS Photo Gallery: Subhumans, La Plebe at Metro, Oakland (10.23.15)

Night two of the Subhumans in the Bay Area took place at the ol Metro Operahouse in Oakland. But don’t pay attention to the venue name – no opera here tonight, just pure punk rock (and a little horns). I would come to realize that night one paled in comparison to the second night, for many reasons – one being the amazing La Plebe de San Pancho (aka La Plebe).

First to the stage was Oakland-based Love Songs who play a classic style of punk rock with a blend of gang anthems, melodic vocals, ripping guitar, and a bit of the macabre. I had just arrived as the guys took to the stage, and made my rounds to say hi to all friends and acquaintances. Camera stayed in the bag for this set, in preparation for the debauchery of La Plebe. Love Songs has just finished recording a new album, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates as they become available. The band is also contributing tracks to the “Dookie Tribute Records”, which is set to be released in the following months.

I’ve seen La Plebe more times than I can count on my hands, however it still seems like not enough. I absolutely love these guys. From the first chord til the last trumpet blare, these guys deliver non-stop energy, fast-paced action, and leave fans sweaty, bruised, and out of breath. The band mixes traditional punk chords with cantina-style horns, switching from English and Spanish vocals, often times within the same song. “Guerra Sucia” is one of my all-time favorites which appeared on the setlist, as well as “Siempre Unidos”, “Pinches Fronteras”, and “Bella Ciao” which always gets the crowd going nuts. There literally is not a song from their discography that I don’t love.

I hadn’t dispensed all my energy quite yet, and was excited to enjoy the Subhumans in a much larger venue than Thee Parkside the night before. The band played much of the same set, but with a little more time on stage, the band mixed it up a little bit. “Internal Riot”, “Supermarket Forces”, “Peroxide”, “It’s Gonna Get Worse” saw the light of day alongside the classics “No”, “Religious Wars”, and more by which we have come to love the Subhumans. I wish there was more people that knew how to dance to this music, instead of just jumping and running around like little kids. Oh well, times have changed. One thing that has remained constant? – Dick Lucas’ amazing stage presence and quintessential vocals. I would love to see a final album from the Brits before they head into retirement.

Have a look at La Plebe and Subhumans’ photos below.

Thanks to Alberto, Mark, Jason, Vanessa, and all my local mates that made this an incredible show.

Photo Gallery: Punk Rock Bowling Day Two – The Objex, La Plebe, Masked Intruder, The Adicts, Descendents and more

photos and words by milhouse and Hopeless Romantic

Sunday at Punk Rock Bowling was to be a long, fun day for me with some of my favorite bands taking the stage including La Plebe, The Objex, The Adicts, and Descendents. That’s not to say that bands like Face To Face, SNFU, The Dwarves, and Masked Intruder don’t have special spots in my heart, because they most certainly do.

I began the morning (afternoon) with a little trip to The Plaza Hotel Pool Party, where Los Skarnales and Vic & Jesse (The Aggrolites) were performing under the 7th floor sun magnet that they call a pool deck. This year I was staying at The Plaza, on the 7th floor, so the pool parties were an easy stumble from my room. Brilliant. I couldn’t stay long though, as I had main stage dreams on my mind. Las Vegas friends The Objex were opening the fest, and I knew if I wasn’t there I would never hear the end of it.

If you’ve been to any PRBs in the past, you are most likely familiar (or have at least seen) Felonie Melonie. The Las Vegas native and The Objex frontwoman thrives in the festival environment – posing for pictures, handing out flyers and free merch, shooting unsuspecting photographers in the crotch with a water gun (Thanks Mel!), and being just a fun and belligerent friend. I was able to see the band in a more intimate club show the following night, which was a killer show (Thanks James!).

I had drank about a liter of booze and eaten nothing so far for the day, so I had to sacrifice seeing Lost In Society in exchange for a little food truck grub. It’s worth mentioning that each year the food selections become more and more diverse, and the healthy options keep increasing. This is a good sign that I would love to see continue (there’s only so many funnel cakes and turkey legs one can eat).

After a little nourishment in the form of a ‘Japanese Burrito’, I was ready for one of MY bands. La Plebe is one of those bands where I always try and get my photography work done as soon as possible, so I can drop my gear and get into the pit. The band played relatively early, leaving lots of space in the pit to go nuts, of which I took fully advantage. A photo of me on top of my mate Troll’s shoulders even made it to New Noise Magazine (Thanks Alan!)!

After La Plebe was Midwest pop-punk criminals Masked Intruder. The guys braved the extreme heat and performed on stage with their infamous ski masks – I can only imagine how hot it was for them. If you’re not familiar with the band, their live show will immediately make you a fan. Between the infectious songs, the running theme of how you should buy their new album (“M.I.” (review of which can be read here)) or they will rob you (“allegedly”), and the presence of Officer Bradford, they bring energy and fun from the first note to the final chord. During this performance, they also welcomed members of the audience to come dance with them on stage and then came out to take pictures with fans after their set. Well done.

I’ve never seen SNFU and they definitely lived up to the hype (my self-created hype). Frontman Ken “Mr. Chi Pig” Chinn shows no signs of slowing down (but shows a couple signs of aging), his energy and facial expressions really add to the whole experience. The band, by the way, is pretty much all in their 50s, but they dance and jump around better than some of the youths of today.

The Dwarves are a band that I’ve seen so many times, but every time I see them on a bill I get super excited. I know how the show is going to go down, almost to a T. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as I appreciate consistency. Word of wisdom to any fan who has yet to see Blag and crew – you will most likely see full frontal male nudity. This specific performance however, was a little bit more ‘kid-friendly’, as Blag is known to be. Looking forward to seeing them next month with The Queers and Atom Age.

Up next was one of my all-time favorites, The Adicts. Talk about organized chaos, or should I say confusion. This specific set was different to all other Adicts shows I’ve seen, in that the band was featuring a new violinist and a new bassist, whom I’d never previously seen. The obligatory “Ode To Joy” got off to a bit of a rocky start, but the strings quickly regained their composure, and the rest of the night was Adicts as usual. Confetti, decks of cards flying just as light as the crowd surfers, and glitz and glam were the name of the game, and the band succeeded (pretty much as always) in performing most of my favorites.

Face to Face is a great live band – and their set consisted of many fan favorites. They are the kind of band I forget how much I love until I see them – and find myself dancing and singing along.

Headliners for Sunday night were Descendents, who had not so long ago headlined the main stage on Sunday night of PRB 2011. Not only are they punk legends, but they are one of my favorite bands of all time. It is always amazing to see them play, and this festival was no exception. Their set was a high point of the weekend, as they ripped through fan favorites like “Clean Sheets”, “Hope”, “Silly Girl”, “Suburban Home”, and more. I can’t wait for the rumored new album and to continue see them play for years to come.

As the main stage night came to an end I received a text from my good friend Brian of Bum City Saints, who confirmed the rumored ‘surprise guest’ at Backstage Bar as Cock Sparrer. Another shot and I was off.

You can check out the entire photo gallery of the bands that performed at day two of Punk Rock Bowling below.

Fat Wreck Chords hints at next signing, can you guess who it is?

So Western Addiction is making their Punk Rock Bowling debut tonight at the Beauty Bar in Las Vegas where they’ll apparently be premiering a new song during their set.  To get you fired up, singer/guitarist Jason Hall put together a PRB Spotify playlist and this is where things get interesting.  According to Fat Wreck Chords, one of the bands on the playlist has been signed to the label but Fat has yet to announce it.

Naturally, being the journalistic super sleuths we are, we’d be remiss if we were to leave this mystery unsolved.  So, we’re donning our thinking caps, firing up Spotify, plugging in our headphones and hitting the web to tackle this quandary one possibility at a time.

Check out our analysis and see if you agree with our conclusion below.

DS Photo Gallery: La Plebe, Re-Volts, Ruleta Rusa, Bum City Saints at Bottom of The Hill. San Francisco, CA 10/31/13

Bum City Saints has recently become one of my favorite bands. Their energy, ripping chords, gang vocals, and attitude are invigorating to witness. The band has a a gritty edge but is very concise and clean with their drops, bridges, and solos. The guys released their newest EP “New Beginnings” a couple of months ago through Pirates Press Records, and was enlisted to roll-out the weekend of festivities on last Thursday night, the beginning of what was to be a ridiculous weekend at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.

Despite some technical difficulties, the band put on a great set, and definitely lit the fire in the crowd for the night to come. The guys played a lot from “New Beginnings” and also previewed an unreleased song off their upcoming 7″. After the Saints was a band that I had not before heard of, entitled Ruleta Rusa.

All bands on the bill for the evening hailed from San Francisco, however I had yet to come across this band in my travels. Think a little Krum Bums mixed with some Leftover Crack, and a lot of fog-machine. Being it a Halloween show, frontman Jose came out with fake blood to add to their style. While the fog machine was a bit much at times, the stage presence of the band made it worth it (as photos may attest). The Re-Volts were next to take the stage, after a much needed fresh-air break.

The Re-Volts are a supergroup of sorts with members of Swingin’ Utters, One Man Army, and US Bombs (just to name a few) sharing the stage. Frontman Spike Slawson lived up to his outlandish attire, this time in terrorist bomber garb. Gotta love the sight of a unabomber shaking a maraca.

To round out the night was another one of my favorite local (SF) bands, La Plebe. If you have yet to hear of them, go educate yourself right here.  The band can be best described as drunken cantina punk rock with horns, and sped the fuck up. People travel from far and wide to see these guys, and if you have ever had the chance, you would agree it is worth it. They get the crowd moving and thrashing, inviting them to share the spotlight with them, and they leave literally nothing on stage. The band had just released a new single days before – a ‘plugged-in’ version of “Been Drinkin’ Again”, with a B-side of “Silver & Gold” (Joe Strummer cover), both of which the guys delighted fans ears with.

I was of course camera-in-tow for the night’s events, so click here to check out shots from all four bands respectively – Bum City Saints. Ruleta Rusa. Re-Volts. La Plebe.

New Music: La Plebe stream title track “Been Drinkin’ Again” off new 7″

San Francisco cantina punks La Plebe never stops working. The band has just re-released a new version of their song, “Been Drinkin’ Again” for a little 7″ that dropped today through Pirates Press Records.

The song originally appears as the final track on the band’s 2011 album “Brazo en Brazo”, and is performed as a slow folky, drinking song. This new re-release has sped up the song and added a little more energy.

Check it out here.

DS Photo Gallery: La Plebe, Phenomenauts, Dirty Hand Family Band, The Bruises at Slim’s. San Francisco, CA (2/23/13)

I don’t think I will ever get tired of going to shows. It’s one of the best moments when you’re surrounded by people all gathered for the same goal, listening to some kick-ass music.

I especially enjoy when the opening bands don’t suck.

Such was the case for last weekend’s show at Slim’s in San Francisco. All four bands hail from San Francisco, and all four really brought it, rockin’ the stage and getting the crowds moving.

First to play was The Bruises, a female-fronted indie/pop-punk band. You can check out their most album, “Never Be The Same”, here, and shots from their live set here.

Moving on was a band I had never heard of before, but has now become a new favorite, The Dirty Hand Family Band. Thoughts reminiscent of Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band come to mind, as the band shares in the love of high-energy folk. The band most recently released their album, “Get In”, in 2011. Check out some shots from their set here.

Finally the moment arrived for the band I came to see, La Plebe. There are few bands that get me to put the camera down and head back into the pit like a younger version of myself, and La Plebe is one of those bands. It’s like a little fairy tale…”from the moment I first saw them, I fell in love.” But it’s true, their brand of ‘cantina punk’ is unique and reverberates through your mind for hours, even days, after listening. Check out shots from their live set here, and stay tuned for an important update from La Plebe.

I had never really gotten into The Phenomenauts, and I can’t say I know why. But their set last week did a lot to dissuade me from my nay-saying. Their style of punk is ‘out there’, but they really showcase a huge array of talent on stage. One thing is for certain – you can never say you didn’t have fun at a Phenomenauts show. Check out shots from their set here.

The night came to a close as all of the other bands joined The Phenomenauts on stage to bid farewell to the sweaty and danced-out crowd. Another successful punk show coming to a close.