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Watch “Turn-On, Tune-In, Lookout!” DVD in full (The Queers, Mr. T Experience, Squirtgun)

Someone has uploaded the entire “Turn-On, Tune-In, Lookout” video compilation DVD. It features music videos from The Queers, Mr T ExperienceSquirtgun and more.

You can watch it below.

The Punk Rock Chilidog Challenge!

chilidogHoly hell it’s a slow news weekend.  In an effort to entertain you losers not outside enjoying your weekend I’m posting this video of 4 punk rockers, Mass Giorgini (Squirtgun), Phil Hill (Teen Idols), Pat McClimans (Root Hog) & Andy Vandal (Riptides), competing to see who can eat five footlong coney dogs in 10 minutes.

You’re welcome.  Just remember which site works hard over the WEEKEND to deliver you hard-hitting Punk News.