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DS Staff Picks: Jerry Baughn’s Top 10 Albums of 2016

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but 2016 has been a weird year.  But through it all, at least there’s always new bands to discover, new releases from old favorites, and of course plenty of shows to attend (FEST was amazing as usual.)  Here’s some of the music that helped get me through this year.

Music Video: White Lung – “Sister”

Vancouver punk act White Lung have released a new video for the song “Sister.” You can check it out below.

“Sister” comes from the band’s latest full length, “Paradise,” which was released on May 6th, 2016 via Domino Recording Company.

Music Video: White Lung – ‘Dead Weight”

Vancouver punk act White Lung have released a new video for the song “Dead Weight.”

Check it out below.

“Dead Weight” comes from the bands’ latest full length, Paradise, which was released on May 6th via Domino Recording Company.

Album Review: White Lung – “Paradise”

When you’re an artist that draws inspiration from all the bad things in life, (depression, anxiety, etc.) what do you do when you’re at a happy point in your life?  This was what Mish Barber-Way, lead singer of White Lung, was facing when writing for their 4th album Paradise.  Luckily, she has a day job as a journalist where she writes about some of the more despicable characters in the play that is human life.  So what a better dark source to draw from than the stories of these people.

Take the song “Sister.”  It is written from the point of view of a woman who, along with her husband, raped and killed her sister.  As you can imagine, the lyrics get pretty graphic: “You’ll burn a bit my little sister, he’ll drop and taste the best of you.  We will cement you into garbage, I swear I miss all of you.”  And while Barber-Way spins her demented tale, Kenneth William on guitar and Ann-Marie Vassilou on drums work to make sure the music is just as unhinged as the subject matter.  William’s guitar is at once driving and powerful, but also spacey and hypnotic.  He lays down heavy chord progressions to work through the verses, and then comes out with his signature reverb and echo heavy riffing throughout.  All the while, Vassilou attacks her drums like she is beating off the killers from the song.

Paradise is still as much of a haunting and aggressive punk record as any of White Lung’s previous material, but the band is comfortable enough to tweak the formula a bit.  And in this case, it definitely pays off.  After starting off with the “traditional White Lung style” track “Dead Weight,” the band goes into the jangly and manic “Narcoleptic.”  The opening riff to this one is like nothing the band has done before.  The tone is still the same, but the riff itself is very sharp and angular, and gives the whole song an interesting feel where you can tell this is White Lung doing what they do best, and pushing it to another level.  It doesn’t hurt that this song also has the catchiest verses on the whole album.

After “Narcoleptic,” White Lung challenges listeners even more with “Below.”  This is probably the slowest, and dare I say “poppiest” song in the bands’ history, but dammit if it’s not one of the best songs of the year.  What White Lung shows with “Below” is that even as they slow things down to a speed they have never even gotten close to before, their spacy, atmospheric tone and strong songwriting immediately take away any thought that the song is not good simply because it is different.  In actuality, the song comes off as the band saying, “look, here’s something new and different.  Now watch how awesome we make this sound.”  Their tone is perfect for songs of this speed, and Barber-Way’s emotional vocals really bring out the best in the somber lyrics.

Paradise continues with the rest of the songs mixing their classic fast and dark songwriting while also throwing in something new every now and then for good measure.  It all culminates in what I think is the best track on the whole thing, the title track “Paradise.”  This is probably the most driving song on the album, with straightforward fast drums and mostly straightforward power chord guitars.  The opening riff though, really grabs the listener right from the beginning of the song and pulls them along through the whole thing, popping up again in the ridiculously catchy choruses.  And just when they got you wanting to hear more, the album is over.

There really isn’t a bad song on Paradise.  This is an album made by a band who knows what they are doing.  They already have 3 albums done and released, they have perfected their unique tone, and they know they can write amazing albums.  So naturally, they are going to play around with the formula.  And rarely does a band so effortlessly accomplish the task of blending the old and the new as well as White Lung does here.  This is definitely my favorite album of the year so far.

5/5 Stars

White Lung stream new album, “Paradise”

Good news for White Lung fans. The Vancouver band are streaming their upcoming full-length, “Paradise,” in its entirety. You can check it out here.

“Paradise” is due out in a couple days (May 6th, to be exact) on Domino Recording Company. Pre-orders in digital, cassette, and LP format are available right here.

White Lung stream new song, announce tour dates

Vancouver’s White Lung are streaming a new song off their upcoming album Paradise.  In addition to the new song, the band has also announced some summer US and Canada tour dates.

Give a listen to “Kiss Me When I Bleed,” and get all the details on the bands’ upcoming tour below.

Paradise is set to be released on May 6th via Domino Recording Company.  It will serve as a follow up to 2014’s Deep Fantasy.

White Lung announce new album “Paradise” stream new song “Hungry”

Vancouver’s White Lung have announced the follow up to 2014’s much-loved “Deep Fantasy” in their upcoming release “Paradise.” It will be released on May 6th, but until then they have released a new song from it called “Hungry.”

You can stream “Hungry” below and pre-order the album at their bandcamp.

White Lung announce North American tour

Vancouver punks White Lung have announced the dates to their forthcoming tour, which takes the band through North American throughout May and June, with Refused and the Obliterations. Check out the dates below.

The band last released Deep Fantasy last summer through Domino Recording Co.

Music Video: White Lung – “In Your Home”

Vancouver punks White Lung have premiered a music video for their song “In Your Home” and you can check it out below.

The song is taken from the band’s most recent album Deep Fantasy which was released last month on Domino Records.

White Lung streaming album “Deep Fantasy”

Vancouver punks White Lung are streaming their forthcoming record Deep Fantasy. Head on over to Pitchfork to check it out.

The album is slated for release on Domino Records on June 17th.

White Lung posts video for “Face Down”

Vancouver punks White Lung just released a new video for “Face Down,” and you can check it out below.

The track will be featured on their newest album, Deep Fantasy, which is slated for release on Domino Records on June 17th.

Music video: White Lung – “Drown With The Monster”

Canadian punk band White Lung have released the video for their song “Drown With The Monster” which will be released April 29th via Domino Records.

You can watch the video below.

The band last released “Down With You”  November 5th by Deranged Records

Full Album Stream: Deranged Records 2013 Sampler (Youth Avoiders, Terrible Feelings, White Lung, more)

Canadian punk/hardcore record label Deranged Records has just released their 2013 compilation sampler.

The work features material from bands like Youth Avoiders, White Lung, Neo Cons, Terrible Feelings, and more.

You can listen to, and download the entire comp here.

White Lung stream new song “Down With You”

Canadian punk band, White Lung, are streaming a new song from their upcoming 7 inch, “Down With You”.

You can listen to the song below.

The record will be released on November 5th by Deranged Records, and be available digitally a week before that.

White Lung streams “Blow it South”

Canadian punkers, White Lung, are streaming a song from their upcoming 7 inch, “Blow it South”. The record will be released in physical form on November 5th, by Deranged Records, and be available digitally a week before that.

You can listen to it here.