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Members Gatorface, How Dare You, VRGNS, No Friends form Chemical Ache

Members of Orlando area punk acts New Mexican Disaster Squad, Gatorface, VRGNS, and How Dare You have formed yet another Orlando punk band called Chemical Ache. The fledgling band has just booked studio time at Gainesville, Florida’s Black Bear Studios (New Bruises, Averkiou, Grabass Charlestons) to record for their debut release expected sometime this fall.

No other details yet but we’ll keep you posted.

New Mexican Disaster squad reuniting for Rad Fest

new-mexican-disaster-squadNew Mexican Disaster Squad are reuniting to play the Rad Fest in North Carolina next year.  The band announced a year ago that they were playing their final show and the members all went on to play in other bands (No Friends, Gatorface).  This is supposedly just a one time thing so you old school fans don’t get excited for new music.  Here’s the official announcement from the band:

So maybe calling it a “hiatus” would probably have been a better move (as this will take place only a year and a half after our official last show), but the four of us have decided to play a one-off show at Rad Fest in Wilmington, North Carolina this coming May (14th and 15th). Don’t get us wrong, No Friends is our hardcore band now and Virgins and Gatorface are still going to be releasing shit and playing shows. However, we’re all still great friends and saw this festival as an excellent chance to dust-off and bash-out the songs that were such an important part of our lives for almost 10 years. Don’t expect any tours or new records. We’re not planning on doing any other one-off shows either. Basically if we feel like playing, we will, and we want to right now. This is going to be a really great punk festival in a cool city with a great lineup of bands and thats the main reason we are doing this. Now that all the technical mumbo jumbo is out of the way, we can’t wait to see all of your sweaty, smiling faces in Wilmington NC in May!

Members of New Mexican Disaster Squad and Municipal Waste form new band No Friends

no-idea-records-logo13 out of the four members of New Mexican Disaster Squad have joined forces with Municipal Waste front man Tony Foresta to form the new hardcore band No Friends.

Apparently the band recorded a self-titled 10 track full-length at the end of last year and are putting it out on No Idea Records.  The band doesn’t mention the official release date, but it is available for pre-order until August 31st, which I guess means it will be officially released on August 31st?