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DS Photo Gallery: Civil War Rust, The Decline, Yankee Brutal at Night Lights, Oakland, CA (10.2.15)

The first Friday of October brought me to the streets of Oakland to check out Dying Scene favorites Yankee Brutal, Australia’s The Decline, and local heroes Civil War Rust at the intimate bar/venue Night Lights off Broadway. There was immense traffic due to the SF Giants game that night, so by the time I rolled up to the venue, local band/openers Drunk-Dial had just finished their set.

Sacramento’s Yankee Brutal is in the process of recording a new album, however the bulk of the band’s set was sourced from their highly-acclaimed debut album “The Everlasting Greed”. The band loves playing fast – like, as fast as they can. Sometimes this leads to some beat/rhythm problems, but the band always manages to quickly get back on point. The guys began their set with the opening track “Facedown”, and it was mayhem from the first chord. Some of my other favorites played include title track “Everlasting Greed”, “Revolt”, “Modern World”, “United Strangnant”, and more. It had been a couple years since I had seen these guys live, and it was really nice to see how they’ve progressed. The heat in the upstairs venue was now near reaching a boiling point, just in time for a set break and the opportunity for everyone to run downstairs and catch some fresh air before the Aussies took the stage.

Next up was Perth, Australia’s The Decline. This was my first time seeing these guys and it was a great performance. The band recently released their newest LP “Resister”, this past June through Pee Records, and their setlist was comprised mainly of the new tracks. “Giving Up Is A Gateway Drug”, “Camberwell Street”, and “Underworld Tour” are just some of the tracks which showcase the band’s grit yet melody. At times out of control, at times melodic and ‘poppy’, The Decline does well in blending several styles into a cohesive sound. The band even graced our eardrums with a little NOFX cover!

Civil War Rust were the headliners for the night, bringing the loud, fast-paced, energetic and sometimes frantic night of punk to an end. The fans were loving the set, and by the end of it were up on stage sharing the mic with the band. These guys represent the best things in modern punk – great breaks, ripping guitar riffs, driving bass lines, and gritty yet melodic vocals. Listen to a track like “Mayday”, and you’re convinced. The guys have a great stage presence too, not afraid to raise a guitar in the air or trash around on stage. I always appreciate bands that set the energy level for the fans. One of my highlights of the night was when the band covered one of my favorite Cock Sparrer songs “Take ‘Em All”. Colin & co. would be proud. Civil War Rust has a new album in the works, entitled “Help Wanted”. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

Have a look at all of the night’s photos below. Thanks to Wesley, and the boys in Decline, for a memorable night.


Free Skate Punk Comp: “Taking Over Our Lives” (Yankee Brutal, F.O.D., Straightline, etc)

Brazilian webzine We Live in Hell have released a killer compilation album titled “Taking Over Our Lives” and it features a grip of great international melodic and skate punk acts including none other than Dying Scene Records’ own Yankee Brutal!

All in all there are 30 bands from 15 countries and its a fantastic way to make at least a few great new band discoveries.  Give it a listen below and if you dig it you can download it on bandamp for free.

Yankee Brutal (Dying Scene Records) streams new song “Revolution” off upcoming “No Hope” EP

Sacramento based melodic hardcore act Yankee Brutal is streaming “Revolution”, the third and final song off their upcoming “No Hope” EP, due out tomorrow via the devilishly good looking folks at Dying Scene Records.

Give the tune a listen here.

The EP will be the band’s first release since their 2012 debut full-length, The Everlasting Greed.  If you haven’t heard that album yet, it’s time to pull your head out of your arse and stream it here.

Yankee Brutal (melodic hardcore) stream title track off upcoming “No Hope” EP

Sacramento based melodic hardcore act Yankee Brutal is streaming the title track off their upcoming “No Hope” EP.  It’s intense and you can listen to that bad boy here.

No Hope will be released on October 1st by the devilishly good looking folks at Dying Scene Records. The EP will be the band’s first release since their 2012 debut full-length, The Everlasting Greed.  If you haven’t heard that album yet, it’s time to pull your head out of your arse and stream it here.

New Song: Yankee Brutal – “Civil War”

Sacramento based melodic hardcore act Yankee Brutal has released a brand new song titled “Civil War”. The song comes off the band’s upcoming EP, No Hope.

Check it out here.

No Hope will be released on October 1st by the devilishly good looking folks at Dying Scene Records. The EP will be the band’s first release since their 2012 debut full-length, The Everlasting Greed.  If you haven’t heard that album yet, it’s time to pull your head out of your arse and stream it here.

Yankee Brutal (melodic hardcore) detail new EP “No Hope”

Bust out your party hats punk fans cuz we’ve got some fantastic news for you.  Sacramento based melodic hardcore act Yankee Brutal has finally announced the details around their new EP “No Hope.”  The release will contain 3 brand new blazingly fast, delightfully angsty tunes and its due out October 1st by the devilishly good looking folks at Dying Scene Records.

“No Hope” will be the band’s first release since their debut full-length “The Everlasting Greed” exploded onto the scene in 2012.  If you haven’t heard that album yet its time to pull your head out of your arse and stream it here.

Yankee Brutal (melodic hardcore) announce first leg of US tour

Melodic hardcore act Yankee Brutal have just announced the first leg of their epic “America Is Dead” tour that will span the US over the next couple months.  This leg kicks off in Denver on June 28th and will include a benefit show in Norman, Oklahoma where the band will donate 80% of the profits to the Red Cross.

Find the complete list of dates and locations right here.  Don’t fret if you’re town isn’t listed.  We’ll be announcing 3 more legs in the coming weeks!

Yankee Brutal will be supporting their debut full-length, “The Everlasting Greed”, released last November through our very own Dying Scene Records (stream the entire album here).

Yankee Brutal (melodic hardcore) recording new EP

I’m personally very excited about this story.  Melodic hardcore act Yankee Brutal are currently recording songs for a brand new EP which they hope to release early this summer.  More details to be released soon but for now I can tell you that I’ve heard a couple of the tracks and they definitely live up to the high standard set by the band’s previous release.

The EP will be a follow-up to the Yankee Brutal’s debut full-length “The Everlasting Greed” released last November through our very own Dying Scene Records (stream it here).

In Defense of Punk Rock: Yankee Brutal respond to recent “punk is dead” commentary

The punk rock ethos has taken quite a drubbing in the public sphere lately. First Bad Religion co-founder and Epitaph Records head Mr. Brett Gurewitz took to the pages of Rolling Stone to claim his band’s superiority in the scene, relegating followers to “Civil War reenactors” in the process. Then came John Roderick (of 90’s one-hit wonder Harvey Danger fame) and his now-infamous “punk rock is bullshit” diatribe in Seattle Weekly. Then, of course, there’s whatever this is.

Thankfully, somebody is sticking up for the punks. Bryan from our very own Yankee Brutal has posted a lengthy retaliation to all of the recent anti-scene chatter, and we think it’s damn good. An excerpt:

They assert that the meaning of punk is directly contradictory to its practice, that it accomplished nothing over its 30 somewhat year history, that the reunions of veteran bands somehow automatically makes them a heritage act, and that punk has slowly sizzled into irrelevance, or better yet, that it was always irrelevant. First off, let me say, and I mean this with love and respect, fuck you! Second – John Roderick, Brett Gurewitz, Jaded Punk, and countless others – you’re wrong.

Click here to check out the rest of what Bryan and the Yankee Brutal fellas had to say. It’s well worth the read. While you’re at it, leave your thoughts down below.


DS Records’ Yankee Brutal opens for Lagwagon and Pennywise at the Ace of Spades. Sacramento, CA (2/27/13)

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing Sacramento-based punks Yankee Brutal perform at the Ace of Spades in their hometown.

The band is signed to this website’s very own label, Dying Scene Records, and is promoting their debut album, “The Everlasting Greed”, which was released this past November. If you have not had a chance to check it out, I highly recommend you do so, right here.

Anyway, this mid-week show was nothing to scoff at. With a lineup including Stick To Your Guns, Lagwagon, and Pennywise to round it out, I knew I was in for one hell of a night.

Yankee Brutal got the blood flowing from their first chord, and kept it going throughout their entire set. Real gritty, yet melodic…a new favorite. The guys opened with their song “Revolt” (music video for which can be seen here), and continued with tracks from “The Everlasting Greed”, attempting to ingratiate their sounds into the ears of all who were listening.

Next came Stick To Your Guns. I swear, if I closed my eyes and listened, I could almost transplant myself into the East Coast hardcore scene circa mid-80s. Definite brutal force, energetic live set, this band seemed kind of misplaced playing before Lagwagon, but it was a treat nonetheless.

And what is there to say about Lagwagon that hasn’t already been said. This past year and a half, I have been privileged enough to see Lagwagon more times than I had in the entire rest of my life, and I am so thankful to be able to see one of those ‘formative’ bands of my youth.

I had seen Pennywise last year at PRB with Zoli at the reigns, but this would be my first time since 2006 to see Pennywise with Mr. Lindberg back in action. I was stoked. The guys opened with “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and followed with some of my favorites including “Can’t Believe It”, “Straight Ahead”, “Fuck Authority”, “Society”, and more. Really great setlist. And of course no Pennywise show is complete without a raucous performance of “Bro Hymn”.

Enough chatter, now to the photos.

Free Song Download: Yankee Brutal (melodic hardcore) – “Revolt”

Melodic hardcore act Yankee Brutal are offering a free download of their most recent single “Revolt” off their new album “The Everlasting Greed.”  Give it a listen and watch the music video for it here.  If you dig it, you can snag it on the band’s facebook page.

“The Everlasting Greed” was released last month through our very own Dying Scene Records.  You can stream the entire album here.

Yankee Brutal (Dying Scene Records) premiere music video for “Revolt”

Melodic hardcore act Yankee Brutal have premiered a music video for their hard hitting song “Revolt”.  It kicks some serious ass, if I do say so myself.  Watch it here, and if this doesn’t get you in the mood for a sweaty basement punk show I don’t know what will.

“Revolt” appears on the band’s new full-length “The Everlasting Greed” released a couple weeks ago through our very own Dying Scene Records.  You can stream the entire album here.

Album Review: Yankee Brutal – “The Everlasting Greed”

*Editor’s Note:  This review was turned in well before I even considered putting the album out on DS Records.  

Yankee Brutal, despite the silly name, is deadly serious in their debut release “The Everlasting Greed”. It is rare that one hears a debut of this focus, intensity, and quality from a band comprised of (former) members of unremarkable local acts. Sacramento, CA really seems to be a hotbed of new and excellent bands these days, and “Yankee Brutal” is a solid addition to the lineup.

When Dave gave this to me to review, I gave it a quick distracted listen and decided that I didn’t like it. This is good sign. Most records that I like right away get old right away as well. I wrote them off (as I did The Flatliners) as just another double-time Epifat punk band. It turns out I like this record better with each listen. There is plenty here to grab my attention, and plenty more to hold it. It is definitely one of the more memorable (in a good way) albums that I’ve heard this year.

The opener “America; The Unjust” is an “Exit English” blazer of an intro. Misuses of semicolons aside, it introduces the overall energy and intent of the record nicely and segues smoothly into the title track, a (slightly) more moderated tune along the lines of “Illusion of Safety” era Thrice. The whole record is somewhere between Strike Anywhere and early Thrice, with Nineties hardcore thrown in for spice. In other words, it’s right in my wheelhouse.

*Editor’s Note #2: The copy the reviewer received had a different track numbering than the finished product.

“Homesick” opens and closes with a crazy guitar lead that I’m not sure what exactly is going on, but sounds like a combination between slot machines and a Palm Desert methamphetamine addict. Somehow it works, as this is one of my favorite songs.

“The Everlasting Greed” balances seamlessly between screamy and singy, thrashy and melodic, technical and banging-on-chords. None of the songs overstay their welcome, which, coming from me [attention span], is high praise. Brevity is a sign of careful consideration of songcraft. I’m always excited to hear a band that realizes that anything over three minutes is just a waste of energy. Only ONE track exceeds the limit on this record, and only by two seconds – BRAVO!

Perhaps there are other places for this band to go – they’ve got strong lyrics, despite a couple of cringe-worthy clichés (“Fuck society!” in the track Modern World), strong choruses, and excellent arrangement sensibilities. Keep your eyes on these guys – if they keep releasing records like this and touring they could easily be on a lot of “favorite band” lists. Personally, I can’t wait to play a show with them.

You can stream the entire album here.

Yankee Brutal (melodic hardcore) stream new full-length “The Everlasting Greed”

Exciting day here at Dying Scene.  Today Yankee Brutal became the first band to release an album through our newly founded Dying Scene Records with their debut full-length “The Everlasting Greed.”

To commemorate the occasion we’ve got a stream of the entire album right here.  Check it out, especially if you’re a fan of bands like No Trigger, Strike Anywhere and older Thrice.  If you dig what you hear pick the album up for only $5.

Yankee Brutal stream title track from upcoming album “The Everlasting Greed”

Melodic hardcore group Yankee Brutal have launched a stream of the title track from their upcoming album, “The Everlasting Greed.” Check out the stream right here, and pre-order the new album right over here.

“The Everlasting Greed” is due out November 16th through our own Dying Scene Records.