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Full Album Stream: 16 Hundred Pound Pig – “Main St. Idle”

New Paltz, NY hardcore punks 16 Hundred Pound Pig are streaming their debut album, Main St. Idle, in full online.

Check it out here.

16 Hundred Pound Pig released Main St. Idle in May 2012.

Introducing old school hardcore band 16 Hundred Pound Pig

New Paltz, NY is a relatively quiet place that generally stays off the radar as far as punk music is concerned. That’s where 16 Hundred Pound Pig comes in. Taking cues from classic hardcore and punk bands such as Bad Brains, Black Flag, and the Germs (among others), 16 Hundred Pound Pig, or 16HPP as they sometimes like to call themselves, tear up the predominately hippie/jam scene with tunes fueled by rage, anger, and beer.

The band recently put out their debut album, “Main Street Idle”, which appears to only be available on CD and nowhere else. You can check out some live performances of the band, as well as a studio version of their song “FML” right here though.